Why Donald Trump is Not a Racist. Trump’s Worst Quotes

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why donald trump is not a racist
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Why Donald Trump is Not a Racist. Trump’s Worst Quotes

why donald trump is not a racist

I have never written a political post on Swoop The World. Swoop is not a political website so this will be my first and last political article. But I feel like I have an obligation as a proud American to share my views on how to make my country as great as possible. This is a very important topic for me because, as most of you know, I have a two year old son who is half black. I plan on taking him to USA in the future and a racist president would be the worst thing in the world for him. Here are the reasons why Donald Trump is not a racist and his worst quotes (taken from anti-trump articles).


Travel Has Helped Me See the Good and the Bad of the World

These last 5 years traveling the world have given me great perspective on the weaknesses and strengths of many of the countries of the world. I have spent time in countries that are amazing, but because of a violent culture I would never be able to raise a family there. I have been in safe countries with policies that make locals unhappy. Seeing these problems in other cultures with my own eyes have shaped my political stance. My views have not been fed to me by the media, but have developed based on my personal experiences living in different cultures.


Is Donald Trump Racist Against Mexicans?

First of all, Mexican is not a race, it’s a nationality. But let’s pretend when people say Mexicans they actually mean Latinos.

When you read about how racist Donald Trump is, you must consider the source. Here I will give you an example of the absolute worst thing Donald Trump has said about Mexicans. I will use the exact quote and context to show you why he’s not being racist at all.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” – Donald Trump

Most of you have read about my adventures in Mexico. I lived in Mexico for 6 months. I speak fluent Spanish, so I was able to really get to know a lot of Mexican people. Mexico is actually my favorite Latin American culture. The food is great and the people are so friendly.

When Trump made this quote, he was talking about people crossing the border illegally. Most normal Mexicans would never illegally swim across a border and became an illegal in another country. Most normal Mexicans are not law breakers.

Usually the Mexicans who are desperate enough to get out of a country that is richer than 75% of the planet (somewhere around there), are the lower class. Many lower class Mexicans are genuinely good people. But after living in Mexico, I learned that it has one of the most violent cultures on the planet. Fortunately for them, that violent culture only exists among the drug cartels, criminals and lower class. Unfortunately for us, that’s a large number of people crossing into USA illegally.

Stepping foot in any number of poor areas in Mexico can mean a death sentence. The murder rates in those areas are through the roof. So, when we take these people who are coming to USA illegally, we are taking people who have grown up around a dangerous and violent culture, whether it be lower class or criminals.

Criminals have no moral qualms about crossing the border illegally. Coming to USA means more money for them. Donald Trump, in this statement is saying Mexico is doing nothing to stop this exodus of Mexicans because it is getting rid of a lot of the worst ones.

Most illegal immigrants are genuinely good people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of the wrong types mixed in with these immigrants and this affects the Latin culture in USA in a very negative way.

Donald Trump is actually very pro-immigration. Including immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries. He wants to make it easier for good people to come to USA legally.


Is Donald Trump Racist Against Blacks?

After some searching leftist websites, the following is the very worst quote I could find Donald Trump ever saying about black people and he said it 25 years ago.

“Laziness is a trait in blacks.”

Even though famous people are under a spotlight their entire lives and in 25 years of speaking whatever pops into your head you are eventually going to misspeak, I will go into my personal experiences on the subject.

My best friend for about 7 years of my life was half black. His dad was black and had a rough childhood. His mom was white and was born and raised in Idaho. She had a great upbringing.

My best friend was hardworking, more than me actually. He was well respected among our nearly all white community. Why? It’s so simple and it’s exactly what Donald Trump was saying 25 years ago. Laziness is a trait in black culture and my friend was not raised in that type of culture.

I don’t want my black son leach from the government, I want him to work for his own money. The problem in USA with African American violence has nothing to do with the color of their skin and everything to do with the culture in the black ghettos. I hope that America can work on this culture. White racists need to change the way they think and black cultures need to stop promoting violence and unemployment. If we can do this, my son and children through the USA, will be able to grow up in a much better environment.


Is Donald Trump Racist Against Muslims?

Again, this makes no sense because Islam is not a race, but a religion. It also doesn’t make very much sense because Donald Trump’s son in law is Jewish. Jewish people, as most people know, come from the same part of the world as most Muslims.

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,”- Donald Trump Campaign Release

In my travels I’ve met a lot of Muslim people. All of them were good people. The media paints this as Donald Trump being racist, when really he is just saying that we can’t endanger our own people so that people from the other side of the world can live in our country. Even if 0.1% of Muslims have bad intentions and we let in 100,000 Muslims, that means 100 of them could be trying to murder innocent people. If you’ve watch the news lately, you understand how much damage even one person can do, imagine another hundred.

Donald Trump is not saying to send back Muslim Americans because USA is their country too. He’s saying living in USA is a right only for American Citizens and it’s a privilege for the rest of the world. We shouldn’t take in another people if there is a significant culture from that country that wishes harm to Americans.

Donald Trump is putting American’s first, with this quote. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with acknowledging that we are at war with ISIS and their ideas and that we simply can’t always tell the difference between normal Muslims and ISIS Muslims.

We understand that the middle east has problems, but so does most of the world. Watch this video to put into perspective how many people in the world are actually living in poverty:

We can help with the problems in the Middle East much more effectively by helping them in their own lands. Not only will we do more good for them, but we will help keep our own people safe.


Donald Trump is About Improving American Life and Protecting American People Above All Else

Every one of his policies seem to be aimed at improving quality of life in USA and protecting American people. If you are not American, I can understand why you wouldn’t like Trump because he always put America first. But if you are American and you want to work and make America a better place for your children, then I would say he’s the obvious candidate.


Donald Trump’s Weaknesses are Also His Strengths

Donald Trump retaliates verbally too often. His greatest weakness, speaking exactly what is on his mind, is actually also his greatest strength. He is not feeding you a speech written by people controlling him, he’s telling you exactly what he believes.

He is verbally impulsive, but his actions tell a very different story. He’s never even taken a drink of alcohol, his business decisions are all logically weighed and I am 100% sure that the safety and future of our country are in better hands with Donald Trump than any of the alternatives. That’s why I’ll be voting for Donald Trump on November 8th.

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  • BornUnder

    “Black culture needs to stop promoting violence and unemployment”. For such a worldly young man, this statement alone astounds me. 20, I appreciate the entertaining articles and respect your positions; but you’ve got to know that your AA and latino audiences (I, am bot 20) will disagree whole-heartedly with your stance.

    To so ignorantly classify the lower-class African American populations as lazy and perpetrators of welfare reliance, is to ignore the vast (read- greater) portions of the communities with which you have so broadly categorized, who don’t condone such matters and to be completely oblivious to the reasons behind the hardships in said communities in the first place. But, I won’t provide a history lesson, it’s there in the books for reference.

    The facts of the matter include:

    The Justice Dept sueing Trump’s company twice for not renting to black people.

    Where would you like us to live, besides our own neighborhoods sir?

    Clearly not next door to you, right Mr. Trump?

    His jersey casino was fined 200K for removal of black card dealers…with black workers being ordered off the floor when Trump arrived.

    Where would you like us to work sir?

    Probably not with you, huh Mr. Trump?

    The following are noted quotes from your favorite candidate. If you can consciously tell me that these are the words of an individual, that you would wish to cast your vote for, then so be it. I, for one, would not feel comfortable with the leader of my country titling me (or my son) as such:

    “I have a great relationship with ‘the blacks'”.

    “I’ll take back jobs from China, I’ll take back jobs from Japan. The Hispanics are going to get those jobs, and they’re going to love Trump.”

    He infamously tweeted, “Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best tacos are made in Trump Tower. I love Hispanics!”

    “And it’s funny. I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

    But perhaps you’re right, maybe he’s not racist towards any one individual group, but moreso an ‘equal opportunity-type” bigot. These statements would lend at least partial creedence to that, would they not?

    Listen, I don’t deny that Trump has intentions to back up his claim to “make America great” again. Unfortunately, for us minorities, this “Great American” envisioned by him, ever so obviously doesn’t include us.

    Truth of the matter is, economically, we are not all equal. Opportunity-wise, we are not the same. The historical advantage- goes to you Mr. Trump. Let’s continue keeping the lower class (disproportionately numbered with African Americans and latinos) down in their place, while the elite ride to glory. After all, that is the American way right?

    At any rate, keep up the good story-telling and hit me up if you’re ever in Atlanta brother; I’ll show you a great time within the other side of your welfare arguments and a deeper space somewhere between the violence-condoning epitaths, to show you a community and a CULTURE that is proud of their traditions, far from lazy and simply wants more than a leader who provides one-sided treatment solely for the ruling elite. I can’t offer this same educational opportunity to Donald.

    Peace & Blessings

    • Those quotes you brought up are hardly racist. Some of them, like the “I love Hispanics” are so un-racist as for me to find it difficult to even see the connection. Are you saying he is racist for using the word “Hispanics”?

      As for a few of the others: Well, man, it’s fucking banter.

      As for him not hiring blacks or renting to them: Well, it is his business and he can choose to do business with whomever he wants. Maybe he has had bad experience with black folks ruining his flats or whatever. Or not paying on time. Who knows.

      Whether this makes him a worse president … I don’t know.

    • BornUnder

      Are these individual clauses “racist” perhaps not, perhaps so. Are these statements and the way in which they’re laid out highly offensive? Absolutely.

      Would one, perhaps, view these statements as very “tongue-in-cheek”…probably so. Appropriate? No.

      While a man has a right to run “his business” as he sees fit, there are laws protecting such discrimination (see fair housing and equal opportunity rights). None-the-less, as a businessman, one could respect a preference.

      However, if past performance is an indicator of future performance, then I’m not at all comfortable having said individual with the stated past, run my country/”business”. If you don’t see why brother, I can’t make you, but we will agree to disagree.

    • I can see why his past performance would make you anxious about how we would lead the country. But maybe – who knows for sure – he is wise enough to recognize that the country is not the same as his own business.

      As for appropriate … I could care less. I despise politeness and superficial appearances.

    • Yeah exactly. I guarantee Trumps people are always telling him “be careful what you say”, but it’s just who he is. He speaks his mind. He’s not pc and he calls it how he sees it.

    • YeaH it’s just how he talks. He talks about everybody like that. “I love the people here in North Carolina, just love em. I have some businesses here and a lot of employees. I pay them too much, but thats ok. Great people” (paraphrasing a video i just watched)

      It’s just how the man talks. It doesn’t matter who he’s talking to.

    • I want you know to know that I don’t at all think that because somebody is raised in the ghetto that they are lazy or is going to be a criminal. But I will say that it’s much higher. And this effects black people who are not living in ghettos as well because they start to identify with the culture. That culture has some really cool parts about it as well. The same way Colombia does (even though its a very violent country).

      I 100% believe that black culture in usa has work to do. I know it can offend you, but I mean no offense. I’ve seen a lot of places and trust me every culture has something it needs to work on. I will back up my beliefs with facts.:

      40% of people on welfare are white, 40% of people on welfare are black, 20% other. That looks fine right? But it’s not because only 12% of usa are african american. That means blacks are 5 to 6 times more likely to be on welfare than a white person. It doesn’t have to do with race, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, it’s culture.

      percent of adult males incarcerated in the united states
      blacks: 4.7%
      latinos: 1.8%
      white: 0.7%
      Against blacks are 6.7x more likely to be incarcerated. This is a culture problem.

      SAT test scores by race.
      I have seen over and over from personal experience that this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture. Asians kill it on test scores. Why? They have the hardest working culture.

      I have been in the ghetto. I have some friends who were raised in a couple thanks to being a decent baller. There are really good parts to black culture ie. sky high confidence. But there are huge problems as well.

      Trump is not PC. He sees these things and he doesnt think about feelings, he doesn’t think about backlash, he just speaks his mind. This is an obvious culture problem that doesn’t always exist in black communities outside of usa.

      I want more than anybody that americans are not divided by race. But it won’t happen until black people work on their culture and white racists drop their elitist attitudes.

    • BornUnder

      No offense taken at all 20! We are all allowed our opinions and the opportunity to share them is a blessing!

      Much of what you speak is truth; my challenge is getting around to the source and origin of the problem.

      Rather than hang the indictment that one’s culture (I think we’re actually referencing the term ‘environment’) being to blame for the stated issues, I would likely argue that perhaps it is the system that is failing said individuals.

      Take a look at the following excerpt for consideration (reference quickly via Google):

      1. The Bureau of Justice Statistics has found that one in three black men will go to prison in their lifetimes. African American men have an unequal number of happenstances with law enforcement officials, specifying that racial profiling continues to be a problem. The Department of Justice recently released a study stating that blacks and Hispanic individuals were approximately three times more likely to be searched at a traffic stop than a white person. The same study concluded that African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and nearly four times as likely to experience the use of force from law enforcement at the same traffic stop.

      2. The Department of Education has recently released data showing that African American students in the United States are arrested significantly more than white classmates. This data revealed that out of 242,000 students referred to law enforcement by schools during the 2009-10 school year black and Hispanic students made up more than 70 percent of these students.

      3. African Americans make up 30 percent of the United States population and 60 percent of the imprisoned population. The increasing incarceration rate in the U.S. disproportionately impacts African Americans. Only 1 in every 106 white men are incarcerated, in comparison to 1 in every 15 African Americans.

      4. The United States war on drugs has been conducted predominantly in communities of color. Human Rights Watch has found that people of color are not any more likely to use or sell drugs than white people, and yet they have a significantly higher rate of arrests. African American citizens encompass 14 percent of regular drug users but are 37 percent of those who are arrested for drug crimes. Between the years 1980 and 2007 one in every three of the 25 million U.S. adult citizens arrested for drug offenses were African Americans.

      5. The African American youth population in the United States has much higher rates of juvenile imprisonment and is also more likely to be sentenced to adult prison. The Sentencing Project has discovered that while African American juveniles are approximately 16 percent of the United States youth population, 37 percent of their cases are transferred to criminal court and 58 percent of the United States colored youth are sent to adult prisons.

      The government literally funding, sanctioning, flying in the product and beginning the crack epidemic, within the black community, is akin to the social cleansing going on in several Latin American countries…with their homeless populations. It’s difficult enough, when one doesn’t have ‘the seats in the house to impart change…a whole ‘nother thing, when they come to your home with intent to destroy you”.

      But look, we could argue, “what came first, the chicken or the egg”, all day; but we will not be able to argue that there is responsibility on behalf of the advantaged (read- leadership), to provide proper judicial practices, unbiased law enforcement and equal opportunity, as best able, to those without. Is that no longer the American way, are we no longer afforded the same rights per the Constitution? The numbers certainly appear to say so…

      I don’t want the tears and the apologies, we’re all Americans, making us a melting pot of individuals from all different places. I don’t want an advantage. I believe in hard work and bustin ass, when you are at a disadvantage, to catch up. But, I am concerned with a member of leadership, who would lump all individuals who look like me into such convenient categories and reference us (as a whole), the way he has. Were he black and the roles reversed, I wouldn’t feel comfortable casting my vote for that either…I don’t give him ‘a pass’ to say what he wants, because he’s The Donald. If he wants to be our leader, he has to be more socially responsible than that.

      At the same token, one thing that I can agree, however, that I like about Trump, like you, is that he does indeed speak his mind…that’s rare in life, even rarer still in politics. A man does this, whether he’s agreed with or not. However, the things that have come out, make me question whether or not, this “better America” that is being promised, is really going to service me and those in the same genre or will it continue to remain an unbalanced scale, with the opportunity remaining tipped towards the elitists with which he seems to have aligned himself? And via these words, which he has previously stated, I don’t believe he has the minorities best interest in mind. But perhaps this exact ideal works for and is what makes him a popular candidate to certain portions of the majority…

      All that being said, I wish not for reparations brother, but education (for those that haven’t lived-it) so that we can all have a common understanding from where each individual is coming from. I believe that to be the key to a more equalized society…as unfortunately, no matter how you or I may feel, it is not that yet.

      Anyways, keep up the great work fam! And I’ll let some other guys jump on the thread.

    • I know that there is still too much profiling and racism out there. It needs to be taken care of. But also you have to look at things from a police officers point of view.

      They don’t profile asians and indians. Why? Because culturally they don’t commit much crime. These stereotypes stem from truth (as usual). It doesn’t make it ok because you should not be assumed a criminal because somebody else with the same color of skin is. But it’s really just how psychology works.

      The other thing I have seen with my own eyes is that if you want to be treated better by police and employers, all a black guy has to do is dress well and speak well. That means good grammar and dressing professionally. I’ve never witnessed this type of biased behavior when I have hung out with black guys who are like this.

      i know it shouldnt be like this, but because of the violence and crime in ghetto culture, employers are worried about problems (theft etc) and police are worried about safety.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Hippies get profiled too… I know… I was one back in the day. And yes… it was for good reason… lol… as much as I resented it…

    • I_Dont_Want_A_Name

      saying i have been to the ghetto is far different from living there and making it out.

      – from a no good drug dealing, gang-repping black guy who is now pursuing a degree in chemistry and math.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      I’ve lived in a few ghettos… 20 is right…

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Come on bro… you can’t deny that in general there is a lot of glorifying of thug life that goes on in the black community by certain segments. By denying that you are contradicting yourself. Many blacks have stated these problems…

  • That’s a great article. Loved the part about your experience in Mexico. I myself am considering living in such a place, because I am just tired of Germany’s PC and politeness culture. Just to get an impression: Last year, I insulted a few cops and now I am supposed to pay 5.940 EUR for it. Damn crybabies. I’d rather live in a less wealthy, but also less arrogant place with people who are authentic.

    If your interpretation of Trump is correct, he is a great man, I guess. But I think that while he is not a bad dude, many people – and you may be included – are a bit too idealistic about him. Nobody is perfect and neither is Trump. He does seem to have quite a big ego to me and while that is perfectly fine, it also potentially makes him a liability. Obviously, Trump is more interested in himself being a president than serving the people. That may be a win-win, but let’s not fool ourselves that Trump is a selfless hero.

    Have you seen the interview with Donald Trump’s ghostwriter?

    What do you think of it?

    • Yeah I am optimistic about him, but it’s because there are a lot of problems in America and he’s the first one to promise to do all he can to fix him.

      He is not a perfect candidate. But this is American politics, we usually have to pick between two crooks. I am excited about him because he is honest about who he is. He doesn’t claim to be a saint. He has his issues, but I feel like the positive outweighs the negative.

    • Yep, exactly. He is authentic. He may be something of an asshole, but at least he doesn’t pretend to be a saint, as you say. I mean, look at Hillary’s speeches. So many empty words and appeals to emotion, it makes me sick. If I had to choose, I would choose to have no leader, but with the choice that you guys have in the States, he is obviously the No. 1.

      By the way, are you aware of any kind of long interview where he is present in person? I could not find anything good. Only one where he speaks to the interviewer by telephone and one where he is with his little dog (that campaigner guy of his).

    • I think the most recent interview he did was with 60 minutes. They also interviewed Hilary Clinton. It’s funny to see how differently they treated the two candidates.

    • Thx, gonna check it out.

    • he’s with his vice president though

    • he’s so cocky lol. I won’t deny it

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      nobody is perfect… but most are better than Hillary… lol…

  • Jae Kim

    Interesting from Korean Canadian’s point of view….to 20Nation and THC, i am going through a breakup i was wondering if you could publish how to move on from a break up

    • I’ll write it down as a future article idea. I can’t promise it will be soon, but it is an excellent idea and I’m 90% sure I’ll use it.

      For a bit of quick advice I would say get out there and date. The best way to get over a girl is 10 more ;). Also don’t fall into the trap of thinking these girls you date have to be prettier or more interesting than your ex. Just date girls. Eventually you’ll find a great girl and the pain you feel will be a memory.

    • Interesting topic, I’ll put it in the pipeline.

  • jayteeniftb

    “The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.”―Abraham Lincoln
    Replace country with planet there. Donald Trump is a man of the past and therefore not the solution.
    In case anyone was sleeping, Globalization is REAL. Nobody wants to be boxed up based on nationality anymore. Every individual wants to choose which group they belong to for themselves. Of course, governments (based in control) won’t get this. We need to think anew to solve these problems.

    • I don’t know what level of globalization you are suggesting but if we create extreme globalization right now, everybody becomes poor. watch the video from the article. Also globalization has been the theme in the european union and now they are having a terrorist attack a day.

      Also trying something that has never worked in the history of mankind and betting countless lives on it, does not sound like the wisest thing in the world.

      One of the things that makes the world so amazing to travel is because cultures are so different. Everything is so different in different places. Losing that would make the world much less interesting.

    • jayteeniftb

      Things always get worse before they get better. At least it’s now out in the open to be dealt with. Hate stab you in the back culture.
      Very true but somewhat glad that not everyone thinks like that.
      Well standardisation (everybody following the same) is definitely the biggest risk but equally customisation (everybody learning a little from everyone) is the biggest reward.
      Lets see how it pans out.

    • Well, things also get worse before they get even worse.

      I think travel and communication is very important. And yeah I think everybody living from everybody is also a good thing. But I still dont think complete globalization is a good idea.

    • Crys

      I agree .. unfettered globalzsation is not a good thing .. much like forcing democracy on a region that is not ready for it is not a good thing.

      One of the amazing things traveling Europe 20 years ago was the ability to take a short border trip and being in a completely different and rich culture. It would be a shame to lose that.

    • agreed

    • Jim

      How are you defining globalization? We already have it, and overall the world is a better place for it. Look at the hundreds of millions in China who no longer live in poverty. In the US, look at the millions of people who have a better life thanks to lower costs for products. Are people willing to pay double or triple the price for products, just so they can be domestically produced?

      Comparative advantage. There’s a reason we’re not all farmers — it would be inefficient for someone who is skilled at being a doctor to take up farming instead. So the doctor outsources food production to a farmer, and probably one in an area where the lands are more fertile and climate more conducive to higher yields. Does it matter if that happens to be Nebraska or Canada or Vietnam?

    • I really don’t see how lives are better now than they were 20 years ago. Workers in china are still making 50 cents an hour in many parts.

      But there are farmers in USA. USA was built on farmers. But now they can’t farm because they can’t compete with vietnam. Now they can’t do what they want so that somebody in Vietnam can. Vietnam they earn much less, partly because the cost of living is less. An American farmer with 40 acres just can’t compete. I don’t see how that’s fair.

    • Jim

      But that’s just it – people in China no longer make 50 cents an hour (the legal minimum wage is higher than that anyway). Wages are up considerably and now they outsource basic production to cheaper countries like Vietnam. By any objective measure, the number of Chinese who are now middle class has grown tremendously. I visit China yearly for business and people I talk to complain how computer programmers now command wages of $20-30k/year in Beijing, which is a huge sum by Chinese standards.

      As for US farmers, they have and do face competition from abroad. My Vietnam example wasn’t great since we import little food-wise from Vietnam, but a more realistic example would be importing limes and avocados from Mexico. What did US farmers do? They switched to more profitable crops or improved efficiency (and yield per acre) using automation and advanced farming techniques. Farmers in the US have GPS-equipped self-driving tractors that are more efficient and less costly labor-wise than what farmers use in Mexico.

      Isn’t that how life works anyway? If you’re faced with competition, do you run away or do you innovate so you can compete better?

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      We have limited globalism now… if you need a definition. We don’t want total globalism. Islamists want total globalism… but it won’t be what you would like.

    • anon1

      Absolutely agree

      i think the problem is that many of the ‘normal well meaning economically uneducated liberal’ people for globalization continue to confuse a neoliberal economic doctrine for equality or diversity of countries and cultures and stuff.

      So they think globalization is a positive thing because the media makes them think that.

      Globalization has fucked over the poor way more than anything else. Domestic industries in African countries in order to qualify for debt relief have to acquiesce to free trade agreements which irrevocably fuck up their home industries. You see so many major grain producing countries actually importing grain as a result of globalisation.

      On the western civilisation end you have multinationals with no ties to the countries that helped foster nurture and create them, turn their back and outsource entire infrastructure to poorer countries while taking advantage of beneficial tax breaks at the same time and having their ceos enjoy a high standard of living in the west while domestic workforces are given the axe.

      Then you have small businesses struggling through such a fuckload of bureaucratic red tape just to start up their own companies, while the super elites have an army of tax accountants and the like to sort this shit out easy.

      And i havent even got onto the point of Automation and close progress to developing AI yet.

      Globalisation is a terrible thing, homogenisation is terrible too. I love Europe. fucking love Europe, everything about it is amazing. But you can’t have German laws about British fisheries being debated by Belgian bureaucrats. It doesn’t make sense to be such a broad union, there is no unifying force like there is with the united states and its federalised union.

      The problem is, the media has coopted a lot of useful idiots [which i call the well meaning left] into campaigning or fighting for things that actively harm them.

    • Some really good points Anon. Yeah visiting Western Europe now is nothing like it used to be. It’s a shame.

  • anon1

    Liking this article!

    Also how your travels informed your opinions and views. Very wise and balanced thinking 🙂

    Good to keep the political articles a rarity though generally.

    Wish more people stopped listening to talking and heads and just went and visited these places or talked to people to learn what bits reported are truth, and what bits are exaageration or outright lies.

    I said over at dangerandplay that the dnc leaks have finally made me realise the obvious which is that all media [and even popular alternative media] unless it be first hand guerilla style periscoping/twitter videos/ or just going out there yourself, is basically prepackaged bullshit.

    you can trust local news to the extent that it remains unfiltered, but reading the news about another country is just extremely silly. i’m based in the UK, the British newspapers are only going to have repeated American MSM talking points if they talk about the US. So why bother reading say the bbc or the telegraph for info on the states?

    Its this thinking that’s helped me a lot.

    I don’t think Trump will be the saviour of everything, but i do think that he’ll help highlight how broken the system is, and that in turn will lead to progress away from whatever the establishment wants people to be doing, bickering and fighting about.

    Great stuff 🙂

    • Yeah the media is just brain washing people. My time in Ukraine has really showed me that without a doubt. The USA vs. Russia thing is very interesting. It’s all propaganda.

      Russia tells it’s people ridiculous things about USA and USA tells it’s people ridiculous things about Russia. The truth is both sides are looking out for the good of their own people. Exactly how it’s always been and how it should be. But media helps win wars and influence people. It’s a governments most important part of the military.

      I’ve got to the point that I only believe what I have seen with my own eyes. When I hear about the DNC emails I read the actual emails, not some right wing website. When I hear about something Donald Trump said, I go directly to the video, not some left wing website where they leave out the context.

  • “You know, it really doesn`t matter what [the media] write as long as you`ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass”.
    “All of the women on ‘The Apprentice’ flirted with me—consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”
    “I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful.” – Donald Trump

  • R

    Love your posts bro. Please, from fellow world traveler to another;

    I’m half Italian-Brazilian, grew-up in both continents, and while I’m checking the election as I’ll move to US soon, I really don’t get what’s happening to the brothers from the US/Western-anglophone society. As soon as feminism and PC became popular themes; roughly 90% of men became “betas” “nice guys” accepting all that society and women tells them, and 10% became total opposite “masculinists”, bearded buffs (generalizing). Question is, why?!?
    I’d say both are the reason why US is now 3rd country in the world that has least sex:(

    My view; Feminism/PC/equal-right etc (=Politics, Society) are totally different topics than Gender Roles (Human Nature), but feels like no one got that. And now some want to vote for Trump because they’re tired of the “Pussy Society”(cute title by Clint Eastwood). It’s not Trump, politicians, or politics who will be able to change that image, it’s the men there themselves!

  • Jody Dayton Peace

    You are spot on with your assessment because you listen and have really thought about it instead of just listening to the establishment narrative.

    All Trump is saying is let’s keep America as America… not let it become a Third World country with Third World problems. It’s a simple choice. Do people want to keep America as it is… or a little better even? Or do they want it to become totally Third World..?

    The facts you mention logically show that Trump isn’t against any groups and is only about keeping America decent. The haters can go live in a Third World country if they prefer that way. I love Third World countries, but I prefer to be able to visit them for excitement and then get back to more reasonable places that have a culture I find more relaxing. If Trump was the way the establishment media says he would be calling to deport ALL non-Europeans. He has made no comments even slightly in that direction.