Which Country’s Women Have the Most Beautiful Faces? My Top 10

Which Country’s Women Have the Most Beautiful Faces? My Top 10

I’ve just updated my World Women Rankings application, which ranks the world of the women based on face, boobs, ass, body, style/hygiene, personality, femininity, sluttiness, foreigner value, loyalty and then gives them an overall rating based on these. I am going to share with you all today the Top 10 Most Beautiful faces from a section of the application.

The way I calculated the most beautiful faces was to take from my own experiences and that of many of the hundreds of others travelers who I am friends with or have met over the years. It is not an easy task because everybody has their own personal tastes, but I think I did a pretty good job overall. Hope you all enjoy.



10. Ethiopia

    Most Beautiful Faces Ethiopia

As the African country with the most stunning women, I would put Ethiopian girls at #10 for having the most beautiful faces. The mix of Middle Eastern and African blood make for some stunning faces.

9. Iran

 Most Beautiful Faces Iran

Persian women are renowned for their beauty and I haven’t found a Middle Eastern Country with more beautiful women.

8. Colombia

 Most Beautiful Faces Colombia

As most of you know, I have spent a lot of time in Colombia (check out all these articles). I can’t tell you how many times as I was sleeping with a girl, I would just stare at her beautiful face (in a somewhat creepy way). Sometimes those faces are just unrealisticly stunning.

7. Sweden

 Most Beautiful Faces Sweden

Sweden girls represent the most beautiful girls of Scandinavia and they do it well. These light featured beauties have some of the best faces in the world.

6. Romania

 Most Beautiful Faces Romania

The time I spent in Romania was short (just a few weeks) and my look wasn’t ideal for this county, but the impression that the girls made on me was strong. I would see this combination sometimes of dark feature beauties who were absolutely beautiful, but then… they would look at me with these bright green or blue eyes. I would melt every time. So stunning.

5. South Korea

 Most Beautiful Faces South Korea

Koreans (not North because I know very little about them) are, I would say, the prettiest Asians on the planet. Some would argue that this is because they are a plastic surgery capital (maybe it is), but in my experience the most unreal stunning Asians have been Korean.

4. Belarus

 Most Beautiful Faces Belarus

I haven’t been in this country yet, but I have been in many countries surrounding it and have met a lot of Belarussian girls. My thoughts? Very beautiful.

3. Russia

 Most Beautiful Faces Russia

Russian girls beauty is well known throughout the world. It would be a tragedy if these girls were not right around the top. Russia is home to some of the most beautiful faces on the planet without a doubt.

2. Argentina

 Most Beautiful Faces Argentina

Argentina holds the mantle of having the most attractive women in South America. This is especially true with their faces, many Argentinian faces are nearly flawless.

1. Ukraine

Most Beautiful Faces Ukraine

Now, I could be biased about this as a guy who loves Ukraine. But just so you understand, it takes a lot for a girl to literally take my breath away. In Poland I would see a girl who would do that once every couple months. In Ukraine, I would see a girl like that once every time I went out. Girls so hot they make you feel like you are 12 years old again and meeting a hot girl for the first time. Soon I’ll be back.



Bonus top 10 Best Overall Girls in the World from WWR

For a bonus I will share with you a part of my World Women Rankings overall best girls. This was calculated by giving all women a rating in 10 things:  1.Face 2.Boobs 3.Ass 4.Body 5.Style/Hygiene 6.Personality 7.Femininity 8.Sluttiness 9.Foreigner Value 10.Loyalty and Overall Rating. Then adding them all together. If you have a certain thing you really like (like ass) you can find the top ranked asses in the world. Here you go:

10.  Poland

9. Russia

8. Dominican Republic

7. Hungary


5. Brazil

4. Venezuela

3.  Get World Women Rankings to see for yourself!

2. Get World Women Rankings to see for yourself!

1. Get World Women Rankings to see for yourself!

Sorry guys, but if you want to know who the best overall girls in the world are based on my calculations you will have to get my application. Click here to get my World Women Rankings application for just 6 dollars.


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    1. In India an Ethiopian women would be stoned to death for her ugly face and because she is starving man’s bustard daughter and wants food from foreign men. The traveller here is moron. Sex is also to do with procreation and survival and who wants to feed an african kid. And most eastern European women disrespect men completely, have zero class. Yes they can be beautiful with their northern European colour and strong ethnic features but who wants to feed kids from those classless dogs.

    2. Starving to death. Inevitable they would behave like vixens. How else would they eat. Most of the women on this list are starving dogs. So men stay poor and your starving daughters will get husbands. What about places where men can feed their daughters

  2. Some other top 10 lists we wanna see-
    Top 10 Countries Where The Women Are The Best Lays On Average
    Top 10 countries where the women aren’t narcissistic Loud mouth annoying egomaniacs like Murica’
    Top 10 Countries where the women hit the wall the best (I bet Russia Poland and Ukraine will be ranked very low and Italy, Korea, Ethiopia, and Romania rank very high)

  3. Actually, there is this documentary about North Korean refugees doing a TV show that’s part variety show, part anti North Korea satire, and part drama. The women on that show are incredibly gorgeous. Makes me think what would have happened if the Kims had laid eyes upon these women.


  4. I don’t know, man. I think all girls’ faces look alike when painted with copious amounts of ball gravy. That’s when women look the best: after donning one of my custom-made kabuki masks.

  5. It irritates me to no end that the United States would have the most beautiful women on the planet if the majority of them would lose at least 50 pounds.

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