Where is 20Nation going next and what stories are to come

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Where is 20Nation going next and what stories are to come

I’ve spent the last couple months in the Dominican Republic and I’m about to go back to Europe. I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know my future travel plans and also what articles you have to look forward to in the future.




I have one more article left to finish my first trip to Poland (Part 4, You can start reading at part 1 by clicking here). It should be the next article I publish.




I spent over 3 weeks in Romania and have a lot to report about the stunning women here.




Wow. What more can I say about Ukraine? Actually, a ton… and you will be able to read about it soon. The women…


Back to Poland

You will get to hear about my second trip to Poland.


Dominican Republic

You guys have read a lot about Dominican Republic. However, this trip I have been with younger and hotter women (pics will be included). This will be a fun time for the perverts out there ;).


Where I’m about to go

I don’t have the exact order yet, but my next trip to Europe will include the following countries




“Tu parles Francais? Je parle Francais.” Actually, my French is terrible, but hopefully it will be enough to get my French flag. Only time will tell.




Scandinavian blonde beauties. What more is there to say? I have been working on my body and I’m ready for this challenge.




Statistically this country is the blonde capital of the world. After spending the winter in Dominican Republic I am craving blonde girls like Catholic priests crave little boys.




Another very blonde country south of Finland, but the woman are a bit more attractive on average.




A Baltic country, like Estonia, that is full of blondes. Get ready for a lot of NSFW blonde girl pics.




The final Baltic country, like the others this country has many blondes and many tall, stunning beauties.




Budapest, a renowned party city. This European trip will be full of nights out, this city should provide some great stories. This country is also well known for having very busty white women.



As you guys know, I had an amazing time here and met a really special girl. I will be returning here.



As you guys will know, this country is fucking amazing for women. I will be going back and I will be investing in learning Russian “Ya hachu gavaritz parooski.”


Whats Next?

The winter is ending and so now is time for this trip back to Europe. I hope to be able to bring you entertaining stories of getting laid and just overall adventure. THC should be joining me a little bit on some of these adventures and when the two of us get together, magic can really happen. While on this trip, THC should be back to writing again, so you guys will have even more stories and articles to look forward to. Here’s to a great time in Europe.

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  • DrG

    Will you ever hit N. America, to challenge yourself? I’d love to read travel reports from notoriously tough cities for gaming like Miami, Washington, DC, or Toronto.

    • DrG

      Also, why no Russia on the list?

    • Hanging out with Roosh won me over on that. Ukraine is just a cheaper Russia with women who are easier. That being said, I will be going to Russia some time in the future, just most likely not this trip.

    • Heineken

      My 2 cents is Russians have bigger tits- do you notice this too 20?

      Ukraine is almost 1/2 the price and I think the UA girls although sporting mainly b cups have nice soft feminine faces on average- which means ALOT. They seem less ruthless than Russians too just like a Canadian will not be as ruthless as an American. The big countries continual political and economic upheavals/drama produces more aggressive and shrewd people IMO.

    • It seems like it. Yeah, I still have to go to Russia though. It’s a necessity, but a place I would like to once my Russian is better.

    • G Ron

      No man- America sucks bad enough. He should only go to good places like this-
      For brunettes-Montreal, Chico, CA (say thanks in advance for that one haha), Vegas, New Orleans,
      NYC, Miami
      For blondes- Minneapolis, Indianapolis, San Diego, Chicago, Nashville, and Austin

    • Yeah, USA isn’t terrible at all, it’s just personalities are a big problem. I have loved vegas

    • I have spent a lot of my life in difficult places. The problem is getting laid, the problem is the shit you have to put up with for an inferior product.

      I can go anywhere where average women are easy in the world. When I want a challenge (happens a lot) I just start approaching and looking for younger, hotter and richer women. The return on investment is 10x higher than just going to usa for girls that are just less attractive physically and personality wise as well. Girls who I don’t enjoy being around as much.

      I have a lot of American stories from when I was younger too, but this is more of a travel blog.

    • Once you know what your doing its not that tough, its just a lot more expensive. With $1500 a month you can live comfortably in D.R. try doing that in Miami or D.C.
      In the states some clubs cost $30 $40 just to get in. With the same $30 you can get vip bottle service in bogota Colombia . Good luck Trying getting bottle service in the states for under $100
      Again why pay more for less?

    • Jershawn Martel

      Exactly man. In America $1500 will let you live I. The hood in a happening place like Miami or LA. And don’t even go out to the club in Miami with less than $200 as covers are $20-40 and drinks are $6-20 and you’ll need to buy a few drinks for girls too. Also, young prime girls in America 18-24 often think older dudes are creepy (which is dumb as the little feminazi brainwashed idiots should know that an experoenced guy can give them the best time theyd ever have) where feminine regions of the World embrace older men.

    • It’s just wasting a ton more money for less the experience. Although there are exceptions. Overall traveling is where it’s at for me

  • I want to join

    • Hit me up if you are in the area josh bar

  • G Ron

    The Czech Republic is right up there too. No EE trip is complete w/o Prague man.

    • That might be some decent advice. I have heard decent things about it and it’s in the area. Also looks BEAUTIFUL, chasing girls aside.

  • JBPoqueliche

    Hey 20,

    I am in Poland at the moment, mindblowing as usual. A beer is in order if you come around. Any email where can I reach you, man?

    And I have a truckload of tips and ideas for your future raids in France, it seems that you are up for a challenge.

    Keep me posted,


    • Luke T

      What are the monthly living expenses in Poland?

      Is there a city that has good malls for day gaming well dressed women, college campuses, cafes with tons of foot traffic, and good clubs (house trance music)?

    • I don’t think Polish women dress well anywhere if i’m being completely honest. But there are a few cities that are university cities

    • Yeah you can reach me at swooptheworld@gmail.com

      Yeah, france should be fun, let me know

  • djanggo

    What about indonesia? … this is guiding tools for taking pleasure in indonesian capital http://crozmap.com/@jakartaspa see fashion hotel spa girls photo..

  • Cedric Roggins

    You ever been to a city as full of quality white blondes like the ones for the pic for this blog entry (all those girls in the street with blonde hair in pink)?

    What cities have those kind of girls in abundance?

    • No i haven’t, but that picture is from the blonde parade in Riga, Latvia i believe. After this trip I will have seen the most blonde countries in the world and I will be able to answer this question better.

  • GetItGoing

    This country is also well known for having very busty white women

    I didn’t know that. Hopefully I can find some pics or more information about the typical women there.

    • Yeah i’ve heard great things about the racks there.

  • anon1

    Just came back from budapest in hungary- 10/10 would recommend. price/people/city was fantastic. also check out the jewish quarter, a tucked away restaurant place called mazel tov. i’m not even remotely jewish but its amazing, its like hungarian jewish girls are victoria secret models. i dont know if it was a easter passover thing but it was the swankiest classiest place i’ve been too, the live music was amazing and the food was indescribable (in a good way), and the girls… oh the girls :).

    Also another place called szimpla. Dont even research it, just go find it when you’re there. I cant describe how it is, but imagine if hippies, and artists werent lazy and made a set of bars interconnected with each other up and down stairs and in and abandoned factory, you’d be approaching how incredible it is.

    • sounds fucking awesome anon1. Can’t wait to check it out 😉