It’s Official, I’m a Dad and What To Do if A Girl Says She is Pregnant

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It’s Official, I’m a Dad and What You Should Do if A Girl Says She is Pregnant


The other day I arrived at the DNA lab to view the results.

99.999997% chance of paternity.

So there’s still a chance he’s not mine… just kidding ;).

But seriously, I thought I would share with all the Swoop readers out there a big part of my current life. There is a lot for other traveler’s to learn from my experiences in this and I could give you information that could save you tens of thousands of dollars. Here’s what you should know about girls saying you have a kid in the Dominican Republic (applies to many countries around the world).

Around 2 and a half years ago, I visited the Dominican Republic for the first time. I felt like a kid in a candy store and I got laid more in my first month here than I did at any other point in my life. You may have checked out my article How I Banged 31 Dominican Girls in 25 Days.

While I was plowing through more pussy than any one man should plow, I ended up messing up and cumming inside of a girl. A month later, she was saying she was pregnant.  (No, none of the nude pics in the above article are of her, only of girls who would let me snap a pic right after sleeping with them.)

I wasn’t sure if the baby was mine, I had no way of keeping track of all these girls and didn’t have the slightest clue whether or not I was the only guy they had been with. I opened up her phone and Facebook, with her right there and combed through her messages, checking to see if she had recently slept with a different guy. Nothing appeared, but it still didn’t mean anything was sure.

She was a sweet girl, so I really gave the relationship a chance. I lived with her for a month and tried to see if it was possible. It wasn’t. I left Dominican Republic and said I would be back the next year.

The next 8 months I sent her money monthly and got constant updates on the state of the baby. The fact I sent money is something I want you to remember, because it’s something we will talk about later.

When the baby was born, he looked very similar to me. This was pretty interesting because he is a mixed race baby and I am 100% white. To be honest I couldn’t help, but start to love this miniature, brown me.

This new found fatherly love forced me to give it another shot with his mother. Another month together and I just wasn’t happy. This was the end of my attempts at a relationship with her. My Christian upbringing made me try, but I don’t think these things can be forced.

The next year I came back and I while I was talking to the owner of a paternity testing lab, I learned something very interesting.


In 91% of the Dominican/foreigner couples, the foreigner is not the father.

You did not misread that. 91% of the couples who came into this guy’s DNA testing lab in the last 10 years, the foreigner “father” was not actually the father. These Dominican girls who had “not slept with another guy” would angrily say there was a mistake. But nope, there was never a mistake.

But looking at the big picture you can understand why these Dominican girls do what they do.


Why Dominican Girls lie and say a foreigner is the father

  • The hope for a better life for her and her child. She is hoping her and her child can grow up in a better country.
  • Dominican guys are the biggest players I have ever seen in my life. The problem is that not only are they players, but very few of them will take responsibility for their child. This makes claiming that the baby is a foreigners a good way to at least get the pregnancy bills paid for.
  • They were with many different guys and they are just hoping it’s the foreign guy. She could just be hoping it’s not one of the Dominican’s.
  • Dominican guys have a ton of game and charisma, but no ambition. I have spent a lot of time here and now that I can understand what they are really saying, these guys have game. They don’t spend their time working, they spend their time flirting with chicks. As most of you know, women love these types of guys for sex, not so much for being a supporter.
  • Dominican women are just simply promiscuous. Before people get offended and talk about their personal Dominican Angel, let me just say… there are always exceptions. That being said, the chance of your girl in DR being an angel is lower than in 95% of the countries in the world (statistics from the bureau of 20Nation’s brain.)
  • Cheating is almost secretly accepted in DR. You guys might remember this article I wrote a while back about how I was able to keep a harem of girls who would come see me whenever I wanted. I even told them I was seeing other girls. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was so easily done because cheating is almost expected here.
  • Here’s another statistics from the same owner of the paternity tests “51% of Dominican couples who came in, the guy was not the father of the child.” Yeah, again… you read that correctly. Over half of the guys thinking they were a father, were not. So they are not only unfaithful to foreign guys.


Back to my story

So I talk to this guy and I look at pictures of my kid and doubts start to sink in. “If 9 out 10 foreign guys who come to this guy leave realizing they have been duped. Why hadn’t I taken the test yet?”

He looked so much like me, but I knew I had to get him tested which brings us back to the beginning of this article.

99.999997% chance of paternity.

Yeah, he was mine. It was a relief because of all the time, money and feelings I had invested in him.


My “other kids”

What I haven’t mentioned up until now, is that the reason I was talking to the owner of this DNA testing center was because I was getting another little Dominican baby tested. This time, a girl had claimed I was the father of the baby. I had checked her Facebook nine months earlier and saw she had been with another guy around the same time. So basically I was very skeptical.

During the whole pregnancy her and her family pushed for me to help her out financially. But after she lied to me about being with another guy, I knew I wasn’t sending her a penny until I got a paternity test. All sorts of tantrums ensued via Whatsapp from her, her aunt and her mom.

When I got the paternity test back and looked at the results.

0.0000000% chance of paternity.

“There must be a mistake.” the girl said and her mom demanded I take another paternity test. I told her I would if she paid back all my expenses thus far (like 300$, mostly just the paternity test). Of course she would never do it. And that was that.

This is not the only time a girl has said she was pregnant by me. Luckily, I have a ton of experience with women and I can tell when something is shady.

I’ve had a girl claim to be pregnant even though we wore a condom and I never actually came. Lol. That ridiculous lie didn’t hold out long, as I simply didn’t believe her.

Basically I think I have learned from experience what foreigners should watch out for, and here I will use that experience to give you guys a little guide about what to do if a girl says she is pregnant.


What you should do if a girl says she is pregnant

Now, I would say when you are dealing with European women and some other types of women, you shouldn’t treat it the same way, but with a girl from a country like Dominican Republic, you should make sure you go down this list:

  • Check her social media. If a girl tells you she is pregnant, don’t be shy. Ask her if she has been with another guy who could also be the father (if she has she will most likely lie). Tell her to open up her phone that minute or she will never hear from you again. You don’t have to do what I did in my book “The Key Logger”, you just have to look  from that moment until a couple weeks before she met you. You should comb through all her messages to see if it seems she slept with another guy during the same time.
  • If you didn’t cum inside of her, don’t believe her until you get the results of the DNA test. I know it’s possible, but I’m telling you from my personal experiences that it is VERY difficult to get a girl pregnant if you don’t cum inside of her. With these types of girls, you just have to tell them they have to take care of things until you can get a paternity test. Make sure she knows that if it’s yours that you will take responsibility. PS. Treat half cumming inside of her as cumming inside of her.
  • Look at the character of the girl. Anybody who thinks that just because a girl is from a poor country that she is not a very good person, hasn’t spent a lot of time in that country. You think that just because we are from Western countries we are automatically better people? No. There are legitimately good girls who would never cheat or lie to you. I was lucky and got a girl who was very honest with me. You can’t say all girls will be like this, but you can look at her character in a variety of ways. Decide from there if you want to risk sending money before the paternity test.
  • No matter what, do the test. She would never lie to you? Maybe you’re right,but do the test. He looks just like you? Maybe he is your son, but do the test. Unless you married a virgin, I would say you always need to do the test, just to be sure. 91% is not a number you can argue with.
  • “If it’s mine, I’ll take responsibility”  This is the only line you really need to remember. She is probably very scared at this moment and needs to be reassured, but she also needs to know that she has to be able to last on her own until you know for sure the baby is yours.


So 20Nation, you’re a dad. How does it feel?

If you guys have read the blog, you have known how crazy awesome the last half decade of my life has been. Having this kid has kind of calmed me. I’m not the ideal father, but I do support him and I will visit him every year. The feeling I get just looking at him is something I have never experienced and I always have a desire to send pictures of him to friends and family. Any chance I get to brag about him, I want to do it. I feel just like the the annoying dad’s I have on my Facebook ;).

So yeah, it was an accident and it was with a girl I had no long term future with, but overall it has been a great experience. It has made me think that I will get married and have a stable family one day. Something I thought for a long time…. would never be possible.

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  • 20 !!! Remember all the times I asked you if went in RAW? Lol
    Congrats to having baby !

    • Lol I remember. After this I was much more careful though. Thanks Josh Bar 😉

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  • Chance Boudreaux

    Some solid advice and the flipside to “the lifestyle” that wannabe players don’t heed.

    • yeah no path we choose in life is simple.

  • JBPoqueliche

    Awesome advice, 20. Never believe an angelic face if there is no proof.

    • yesss. women always want to appear more innocent than they really are.

  • Bahlza Dragon

    Well, you’ve given your kid a great advantage: he’s a US citizen, so in 17 years or so, he can leave that hovel and say, “suck it, bitches” to all of the other kids in his neighborhood and go on to a life with decent prospects.

    • haha exactly. and I will make sure he speaks fluent English. He will have way more advantages than all the other Dominican kids ;).

  • Brownballa72

    Is it possible to bring the kid to the U.S.? I ask because if this were to happen to me, I’d rather raise my kid in the U.S. than to have him/her grow up in a 3rd world country.

    • Yeah it’s possible, but his mom has no interest in going to usa and it’s not good to separate her from him. He will spend some summer in the usa and maybe when he’s older he will move there. Since I’m american and his dad he is a citizen of USA so the travel part is no problem. But Yeah, I would prefer as well he doesn’t grow up in DR.

    • splooge

      congrats, honestly thought this piece was gonna be about how to avoid child support lol(interested to know anyways).

      But hes still young, its best that you push to bring him in and raise him yourself. Shell eventually let up. Not just cuz shell be free again and not struggle for money, but shrll know he can have everything he wants, can move up, be adjusted to the culture, plus better nutritent and health care from the get go.

      like kids in usa are bigger and stronger then their motherland counterparts.

      guess this is the end of your travels. But hey thats ok you lived life and had more women for several lifetimes.. Now you can raise him to be like you. Otherwise if hes with his mom could make him beta.

      but best of luck and raise him well

    • well I told her once I will take him. But the mom has no interest in going to usa and is in love with him. I wont’ be taking him any time soon. She is mentioning she wants me to when he is 6 or 7. But she’s so obsessed with him I don’t know if she will be able to let him go.

      It’s fine though. I will bring him to usa for summers and he will get that side of an upbringing as well. But I will say that i’m not done yet.

  • JJ Roberts

    This post is sad

    Not sad as in pathetic but sad as in I think it’s sad that another kid is going to basically grow up without a father who has a relationship with the mother

    Kudos for a least giving it a crack and trying with the mother. A lot of men would not even do that especially in DR (I lived in DR back in 2007 so I know) but still…

    As for the rest of the article, really no need to insist that she open up her phone and allow you to go through it.

    DNA test is all you need.

    “Dominican guys have a ton of game and charisma? ”

    Nope they really don’t. Average Dominican dude doesn’t even have Spanish language skills and are not intelligent enough to be charismatic.

    “Dominican women are just simply promiscuous?”

    Erm didn’t you just link an article about how you banged 31 girls in 25 days?

    “Cheating is almost secretly accepted in DR. I was able to keep a harem of girls who would come see me whenever I wanted. I even told them I was seeing other girls”

    If you told them you were seeing other girls then your weren’t cheating.

    The only necessary component of cheating is deception.

    If you told them and they were fine with it then you had an honest unfenced relationship. Bearing in mind your desire for sexual variety (which is both normal and natural for men and nothing to be ashamed of) getting good at doing this is something that I would encourage and honesty is the best starting point.

    “51% of Dominican couples who came in, the guy was not the father of the child.” Yeah, again… you read that correctly. Over half of the guys thinking they were a father, were not. So they are not only unfaithful to foreign guys.”

    This stat, like the earlier 91% stats are not the cuck stats. If you are at a DNA test clinic and demanding a test then that means you are a dude that has your serious doubts which tends to skew the stats. The global cuckolded percentage is around 20% on average. A figure that would be reduced to 0% if only men were smart enough to insist on DNA tests every time.

    “Check her social media”

    Irrelevant, get a DNA test every time

    “Look at the character of the girl”

    Irrelevant, get a DNA test every time

    “No matter what, do the test”

    Yes. A thousand times yes.

    “If it’s mine, I’ll take responsibility”

    This is also the only line to take. Kudos for that.

    “It has made me think that I will get married and have a stable family one day”

    This is flat out delusional. Marriage does not lead to a stable family.

    12 reasons not to get married

    Any dude like you (or me for that matter) who enjoys sexual variety will never be content breeding in captivity.

    • Lol. As always JJ you have very interesting views which i do not agree with, but as long as you are respectful in your responses you can share them here.

    • Now, for the rest of your points.
      -Yes, you should open up her phone because even before the baby is born (and can do the test) there are tons of doctor bills etc. You would let an honest and sweet girl deal with all that on her own when she has been completely honest with you?

      -Yes, Dominican guys do have game. Saying they don’t have the language skills of their own country is ridiculous. Maybe they don’t have Argentinian language skills, but it doesnt matter… because it’s Dominican Republic. It is the accepted language. and about them being unintelligent, I don’t even think so, I think it’s more laziness. But lets pretend they are. When have you seen a real correlation between intelligence and game? Many times the most intelligent guys are the ones who have the biggest problems with girls. Some of the guys getting women the easiest are the least intelligent guys. I have seen all types of game all over the world and Dominican men are above the men of many countries. Dominican game = fearless approaches, humor, irrational confidence and abundance mentality. This is what they naturally have. None of that requires them to be specifically intelligent.

      -They are promiscuous. Yes… I linked it and it supports my argument.

      – I know you believe in this ideal of open relationships. And I think that with some types of girls it is possible, but with most it is not. Why? Because different races have adopted many survival strategies. Europeans for example have traditionally had less kids but gave more support. Africans have had more kids, but less support. The survival strategies are different. european and east asian women would look more for men who would support them and help raise children. The other reason this ideal is unrealistic is because of the upbringing of women today. When a girl is told all her life she is supposed to marry one guy and have a family and be loyal, you can’t just tell her that’s not how relationships work. It is grilled into her head. On top of that, even if she does start to believe it, her friends and family will constantly be telling her how messed up it is. Maybe I can see your point of it being an ideal, but with a traditional girl (my preference) it’s just not realistic.
      – Yeah there are cons to getting married. I think nobody would agree you are giving up your sex life. But when you get married I think you accept that there are more important things than having a very exciting and colorful sex life. You are saying that the more important than your sexual urges are that your children grow up with a stable family where you have complete control over their well being. You don’t have to worry about them living with an abusive or pedophile step father or boyfriend. You don’t have to worry about what another man is teaching your children. This is what makes marriage (with the right traditional girl) seem like something i will eventually want.

    • JJ Roberts

      Except marriage is not traditional

      We ain’t done it as a species for more than 95% of the time. Did you watch that video?

      So what you are alluding to is not a “traditional” girl but a conventional 2.0 girl.

      And yes, pretty much 100% of my current GFs were 2.0 when I met them and, yes, I am expert at reversing their 2.0 brainwashing and offering them something better.

      If don’t offer women “open” relationships as you mistakenly referred to them nor do I just tell them that I am seeing other people as you did in the DR.

      Sex 3.0 is a SOLUTION FRAMEWORK, it’s designed to solve every single problem created by the conventional model of relationships which is 2.0

      One of the things you get access to when you are 3.0 is ULTRAs – unfenced long term relationships.

      As for you comments about DR girls being “promiscuous”. That word just means “you are having sex with more people than I approve of”, it’s part of your 2.0 programming and the sooner you lose it, the happier you will be in life.

      As for the closing comment in your post about considering marriage. You would be COMPLETELY miserable in a 2.0 marriage once the first 4 or 5 year honeymoon / NRE period wears off.

      Don’t do it dude.

    • Brownballa72

      That’s interesting stuff. Where did you get all that? Sex 3.0, etc. Did you just make that up or did you read it somewhere?

    • JJ Roberts

      Erm well I made it up and then I wrote about it (I am the author of the book Sex 3.0) and then other people read about it.

    • Brownballa72

      Cool. I’ll have to check out your book.

    • Jonathan Wise

      Enjoying the video. Thanks

  • darius

    I hope your kid never reads the article: how I banged 31 girls in 25 days.
    Are you happy with the girl with who it happened? Compared to the others?

    • me too lol. I have a lot of years until i have to worry about that ;). Yeah I’m happy because he’s a really cute kid and she’s really honest and she is just happy that I am coming to see him and help with money.

  • Congrats 20, I was in DR in August and all most went in raw on this girl. She was sexually my match. She’s in my top 10 list when it come to sex partners. But lucky for me her baby started crying in the next room. Snap me out of it.

    • lol yeah the fantasy and the reality of raising a kid are two very different things.

  • splooge

    I agree witht he article, on there are good girls in those countries, Id say they are a minority if they are out dating foreign men from the west. Sincr the goody good ones tend to marry or hang with their own.
    think its safer to chase girls from devolped countries where money is abundant, like europe japan korea argentina etc…basically bang the 1sr world only

    • yeah it’s safer. But they come with their own set of problems.

    • splooge

      true true. theres no utopia. but best to have familair problems or easier or fewer.
      like lets face it people in third world esp women are master con artists ours are just dumber.

  • Damn 20, congratulations.

  • anon1

    Reading this was a bit of a rollercoaster 20!

    hope you’re doing okay and the kid grows to become a fine young man.

    also important is that while you did the right thing (tried to make a go of it), after a month you realised well enough that being together with the mom solely for the sake of the kid is the number 1 way to ruin all 3 people’s lives.

    Better that your child sees you all happy around each other than you frustrated because you had to settle with someone you’re not in love with.

    Speaking of which i think many months back i remember you saying you were thinking of settling with a polish girl you met, wondering what had come of that

    Anyway, while any man reading this pretty instinctively went “oh dear lord my top fear” you’re handling it very sensibly.

    Remember, making sacrifices for the kid may be okay, but sacrificing your entire life/relationships to be with someone just for stabilities sake, is not a good idea. The kid can sense this. He will need some kind of strong male model as well, but hopefully that can be provided by a father or uncle while you’re stateside.

    Skype is always an option as well.

    So whats to become of swoop the world then, will y’all be continuing with it?

    I gotta say this site gave me a lot of hope and inspiration actually for life, so i would hope you didnt take it down.

    Kudos to you on writing the article as well man, must have been a difficult one.

    as with all pregnancy scares: trust, but verify


    • Yeah I think all this is great advice. And yeah, when he’s a bit older I will try to skype with him a lot. I’ll try to be there for him as much as i can. But while he is still so young, he needs more his mother at this point so swoop will go on. Not only that, but THC will be back in a couple weeks from his time off and swoop will be more active then ever. He has a really intense travel itinerary .
      Thanks for all the advice anon1

  • At least you had a good run. GG.

    • It’s not over yet. It’s just changed a bit.

  • Klaus

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! hahah oh my god, i cant believe this! I dont know if i feel happy for you or if i ask you how the fuck you let this happen, i guess ill go with the latter since you feel happy about it. But damn man, how are you gonna lead life from now on? Will you take him to the us to live with you? He would have a much better future there. Shit and what about THE polish girl? Do you think its possible that you might marry her now? Do you plan to bring your son to your future marriage? Haha oh my god i have so many questions! Dont you feel scared being a parent now? Man, this was some breaking news right now haha seriously, i can barely believe this is true. Dude when you come inside a girl there are pills for that that prevent pregnancy didnt you know about them? Here in Brazil we call them “the next day pill”. 20 i wish you all the best man, i hope that you becoming a father doesnt mean the end of your epic blog stories xD peace

    • haha you are right so many questions. and i will answer 😉

      Be happy for me for real. Luckily its in a place where kids are lucky that fathers stick around at all let alone help support them. I’ll be here for the kid but let me tell you, my adventures arent over. He will spend some summers in USA and i’ll be with him then, but still a long time before i’m done with this life. Because I FUCKING LOVE IT.

      I also just saw my kid. He’s so cute and i love him too. It’s not bad. THE polish girl has known about him for a while and I think his cuteness won her over pretty easily. It wouldn’t affect anything.

      As far as bringing him to my future marriage I have no idea. If his mom (she’s a great mom) thinks its better for him to live with me, then its fine. But right now she’s way too attached to let him go. And a kid his age needs his mom.

      Yeah as far as getting other girls pregnant, since this I have been much more careful. Next kids I have will be with a girl I’m in love with.

      But don’t worry you can expect many articles to come. Swoop will be getting very active here very soon as well.

  • Jody Dayton Peace

    Because I like you and because I’ve read your blog almost from the beginning I’ll lay out some truths for you that others won’t.

    The correct way to deal with the situation would have been to walk away and make sure the woman couldn’t find you or ever contact you. Then forget it ever happened and chalk it up to experience. That would be the classic ‘big game hunter’, ‘sailor adventurer’ way of handling it.

    You need to do some fact checking on race and intelligence, or more specifically IQ. The child is almost certainly going to be a low IQ individual. Furthermore, you should check up on mixed race children, as they usually identify with the non-European race and develop mental problems because of identity confusion. The kid is a ticking time bomb that is going to bring problems galore, and the mother will be the same. Helping them into the USA would be very bad news, and not only for you. That kid is going to grow up with a chip on his shoulder and want to take it out on innocent ‘white’ people, and you will only be one of those people who suffer. The US is already full of similar stories… which is the main reason the US sucks these days.

    This will probably doom any chance you had of marrying the Polish girl, unless you lie to her, which will be found out sooner or later and destroy the relationship (if you play it the way you have up to now). Only walking away and never telling anybody about it ever will fix things. You’re at a crossroads now where life will either improve or eventually unravel. I hope you choose wisely. You owe the mother and child nothing as you’ve already bestowed genetics they wouldn’t normally have gotten… and that is the greatest thing of all in existence.

    Genetics is THE meaning of life. Look around at the other life forms. The examples are all around to be seen. Only animals living in a dysfunctional unnatural way breed without consideration to improving their genetics.

    Sure, we may be positive people who appreciate the good things other cultures and peoples have to offer, but we cannot allow ourselves to be blinded to the obvious by political correctness and throw away everything.

    • I remember you from the beginning. I have enjoyed your responses over the years. So that is why I will answer you clearly and tell you why I think you are wrong (about many things not all).

      While i agree with you that the average white person is more intelligent than the average black person, it doesn’t mean that there arent intelligent black people (ie Ben Carson). Also, my son’s mom is like 75% black (my guess). Which makes him probably like 37% black and the rest white. I come from a very intelligent family of doctors. (My uncle scored the second highest in the country on his mcats and is now world renowned). My son will have no problems with intelligence.

      Your next point is about mixed race kids. I’m assuming you are thinking of mixed race kids you have probably ran into your life. If it’s half black let me tell you the chances of his mother being a really slutty white girl are high.
      You say that it’s because he’s mixed race that he will have problems, but no, it’s because most stable mothers don’t date outside their race. It doesn’t matter what race you are, if you grow up being raised by a slut and seeing guy after guy go through your life (maybe doing fucked up things to you) you will have problems. It has nothing to do with race or “identity”. My best friend growing up was half black (i grew up in a place where people are 95% white). His mom is a great mom who actually fell in love with a black guy. Not a slut. She raised him right and he is a golden child. He gives back to society way more than he took. What went right was his upbringing. And my son has a mom who is in love with him and is not slutty at all (luckily). He also has my family who he will be visiting in summers. The main thing I don’t like is the dominican upbringing.

      I can at least see your argument though on these things i Just told you but on the next part i cant. You are saying that the main reason usa is fucked up is because of mixed race kids? It’s not feminism? It’s not millions of illegal immigrants (a high percentage are criminals in their own countries which is why they have no problem coming illegally). It’s not the “ghetto culture” that most black people live which promotes violence and overall just fucking up society? There is no way that the few mixed raced kids has done even a small part of the damage.

      I have seen articles on why it’s not good to “mix” races. But just like anything else they are biased. As far as health goes, there is no big downside. Genetically some whites are very different, but usa is made up of white people like this mixing. It doesn’t cause a problem, just like it doesn’t cause problems in dogs or pretty much anything else in science.

      I believe that reproduction is the meaning of life. If you are saying breed to improve genetics, it’s very difficult to say what is improvement. Is it inteligence? is it beauty? is it athleticism? (Steph Curry is an example of a mixed race kid with a great upbringing who is a stand up guy). Is it simply white skin? There are white skinned asians who are intelligent and beautiful. I just don’t see how that has anything to do with improving your genetics. It depends on what is important to you. Not very many people would argue that black people have a natural advantage in most american sports. So my son will have that advantage growing up (and I was a pretty big athlete back in the day).

      Also there is the situation. I have a kid in a 3rd world country, not a first world country. This means his mom doesn’t have me by the balls. This makes this entire experience much better for me.
      There is exactly why i don’t agree with you on this Jody.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      I expected that you wouldn’t agree fully, because you have already formed a viewpoint, and I would think your religious background influences you strongly to do what you think is ‘the right thing’ (even though it’s not the right thing).

      In the end, you are going to do what you will, and that is as it should be. You’ll find out what happens, or not, depending on the course you take.

      It’s good to see you have an open mind about these issues, unlike most bloggers who worry about censorship etc. But I do think a lot of your views are formed by political correctness on this issue, because they don’t really stack up. At the same time, a big part of this blog has always been unpolitically correct, so I see you question the status quo readily.

      To address your points one by one:

      Of course there are always exceptions. But as it is said, “the exception proves the rule”. It’s the ‘in general’ tendencies that are important here. The likelihood is that 37% black genetic is going to mean a big decrease in potential cognitive/reasoning ability. The average sub-Saharan African IQ is 70, as reported by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen in their book IQ and the Wealth of Nations, and as backed up by countless other studies. That is borderline retardation level.

      As for the nature vs. nurture argument you are using about statistics showing that mixed race kids have higher incidence of identity confusion and resultant anti-social behavioral issues; clearly bad parenting can contribute, but black people do have low impulse control and races/stable genetic populations do have behavioral tendencies which are inherent and that don’t mix well. Some of our instincts are inherited. A lot of things are inherited. Sometimes there can be an internal conflict there. The differences between peoples of similar genetics make it less likely to have such occurrences. Even Ben Carson admitted to having tried to stab a friend in school when he got mad once.

      For sure the US is going downhill because of race mixing, mainly. Look at the USA when it was 90% European, before the open immigration laws were passed in 1962. The immigrants who have come in since that time are almost all mixed race. The decay in the social fabric of the country, and the same is true in Western Europe, has directly mirrored the changing population demographic. I know you’ve traveled widely, like myself, and surely you’ve noticed how all non-European lands suffer from certain problems. Even Asia has a lot more problems than majority European countries. I’ve been living in South East Asia for the last five years and the inescapable conclusion of race affecting behavior is solid. Virtually all long term ex-pats see it the same way. And don’t forget, these are people who love the positive aspects of Asian culture and choose to be there for those reasons. But they still see the inborn negatives. Interestingly, even Asians admit the same stuff I’m saying here is true. Maybe it’s easier for them as they don’t have such a low IQ in general, like black Africans do, so they can laugh off their inherent chaotic behavioral differences to some degree without getting hung up on the ego side of it, while still seeing that it’s a problem for them.

      Culture is an expression of race. Ghetto culture is blacks being blacks. Everywhere in the world you see they live in a similar way. I’ve known some very nice black people along the way, but they always had that chaotic black side to them. They have a lot of positive attributes too, but there is always that tendency of emotional instability… usually dangerously so.

      Health wise there are many reasons, besides intelligence and emotional stability, as if they aren’t enough, why it’s a bad move to race mix. You can look at any species and see that random mixing practically always results in what we call a ‘mutt’. I don’t have the info at hand, sorry about that, but if you look into it more there are a lot of health concerns. As a side note, a lot of the latest medicines are race focused.

      You spoke of some sources having a bias, and sure they all do, but remember that the establishment is HEAVILY promoting race mixing… the same establishment that heavily promotes feminism. Its all a part of the same system of control of weakening the family and any group identity that can be used to from resistance, and by extension; humanity. I could go into that a lot more, but it’s not really necessary here.

      Feminism is only one aspect of political correctness, which stems from, and is a tool of, cultural Marxism.

      Actually, you said it doesn’t cause problems in dogs, but we all know different breeds have different temperaments, and breeders say not to breed certain breeds, such as Dobermanns with powerful breeds that have wider skull shapes as they say those mixes act irrationally aggressive most likely due to the resulting skull shape putting pressure on the brain. Clearly mutts or any animals not breed selectively are less talented and less desired as a result. Europeans, Asians, and Africans have quite different skull shape also. For example, you can lay an Asian skull face down on a table top and it won’t fall to one side as the nasal cavity is recessed and the cheek bones are very elevated (the combination of which gives the classic flat faced Asian look). They also tend to have no curve at the back of the skull, but rather a straight line from the neck to the rear top of the skull. I heard that Sth East Asians have smaller heads, and I see that it is true every day here. I tried on about 40 hats in a number of shops, traditional Asian muslim ones, and they were all far too small for me. They don’t have oval shaped skulls (as seen from above) – they have round ones. Africans have their own peculiarities. These differences are significant and affect brain capacity and shape, and no doubt function too. Creativity is a big difference I have noted, in the types of expression different races display. Travel has always been mainly about culture and learning for me. Women are just one part of that. So I’m acutely focused on differences, which is what makes travel so interesting.

      Of course the meaning of life is to improve genetics, and of course we all know what improving genetics means instinctively, even though we are constantly bombarded with media messages to the opposite.

      Looking at dating websites, we see that their stats show that ALL women prefer intelligent, handsome, strong European men. Those are the most important traits because these are the things that make genetically superior children. With game we try to focus things on how we want to frame them by highlight our best traits, as well as activating the females traits in the right way.

      If we can, we want to improve all of those traits listed above, in our next generation.

      Our individual body is not who we really are. The body is only a temporary vehicle to carry us, our DNA, forward to our next generation. It’s our prime motive to improve. That is what evolution is all about. Life wants to live, and to get stronger by improving. We are our ancestors… literally, because the exact same life energy they had is in us and it was passed to us and has lived since our first ancestor lived… it never died. We carry a responsibility from them to our descendants. Race mixing sets evolution back by perhaps as much as hundreds of thousands of years.

      The difference in genetic material between a human and a goldfish is only a few percent. So we should be mindful of the power of even the slightest bit of genetic difference and act wisely or risk undoing the efforts of countless generations who struggled to survive so that we may exist.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Also, it’s important to realize that any random child of European parents is more related to you than that child is.

    • it’s not true. Black people have the most varied dna. There is a good chance you have closer dna to a black guy in africa than another white guy from europe. It’s why the most athletic guy in the world is black, but most likely the least athletic guy as well.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      20 brother, if you think that you really need to study up.

      Think about it, black Africans don’t even have Neanderthal DNA, Europeans and Asians do. Asians also have Denisovian and some even have Florensis DNA. There are many types of DNA Europeans have that black Africans don’t have at all.

      Blacks having more varied DNA actually means they also have DNA types Europeans don’t have. A recent BBC News article mentioned that experts now believe that there were a number of humanoid species in Africa that interbred with the locals there. That would account for a lot of their other, more varied, DNA.

      Like I think I mentioned, I’m no expert on the subject, but I am very friendly with several people who are. One of them is very partial to the Asian ladies too, so he certainly speaks from an unbiased viewpoint, and he’s a geneticist. I know for a fact that he is because I met him through a family member who is involved in the health field.

      The difference in DNA between a goldfish and a human is only a few percent, so a little makes a massive difference.

      The IQ of your child will most likely fall between that of yours, and of the mother’s. I’d base that view on the fact that mixed race blacks in the USA have an IQ about midway between average European IQ and native black African IQ. If the mother is already mixed then it would be a few clicks higher.

      It’s hard enough getting tangled up like that with a European woman who’s first language isn’t English and has a different culture, but throwing a different racial mix really is going to make a challenging future for you – if you aren’t careful.

      Play it smooth now and you can start with a clean slate, or otherwise you’ll be throwing your cards into the wind. I just know you are gonna be in for some seriously messed up crazy stuff that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy if you play your hand the wrong way here… and I’d hate to see a good man go down like that…

    • We came from Africa. Most likely east africa. And we are similar in a lot of ways to some Africans (not all)

      But yeah. I know it won’t be easy. But i’m still happy about the situation. Not in a country where the mom has me by the balls.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      The Out of Africa theory is a theory. It has only been the dominant theory for a few decades. It’s not the only theory. The creatures they say are the ancestors of Europeans and Asians that supposedly came out of Africa were not what you and I would recognize as modern humans… they were very much ape-like in certain respects. Europeans and Asians became what they are today over a long period of evolution OUTSIDE of Africa. Therefore the Out of Africa theory is intentionally misleading and politically correct in that it tries to push the establishment lie that ‘we are all the same’. If we were all the same then nobody would bother to talk about these things… and yet the media mainly focuses on this issue. When it suits them ‘the white man is bad’, and when it doesn’t suit them ‘we are all the same and there’s no such thing as race – there’s just the human race’.

      There are talented people of all races, but in general we are different in striking ways. That has positives and negatives.

      At least the scorned female in question, if (ok, when) she decides to stick the knife in, being black she may at least be too lazy to follow through effectively. 😉
      (a little sexist and racist joke commentary there)

    • Cici Vu

      Jody : do you even listen to your own voice ? It’s horrendous . Here we have a man who loves his kid and want to do the best he can to provide whatever the kid needs . Who are you to decide what’s right and wrong in someone life ? Taken you are smart ( not too sure about being intelligent ) you don’t really have enough attributes to be a decent human . Taken your points are correct ( it’s only theory , nothing is absolutely accurate ) are u saying you shouldn’t love your child simply because it’s IQ is low n may have some issue later on down the track ? It’s more life then just calculating how much advantage you can get and pretty sure if your parents love you enough as a kid you wouldn’t grow up with this mentality . How many people out there still look after deformed children or any other disorders they are unfortunately have . Anyway I can’t change your point of view on things but find it’s difficult to believe people like you are actually alive .

      20: hat off to you man , You got my totally respect 🙂

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Cici, as a female you make decisions based on emotional response, most likely, as that is what most females do. Males aren’t wired that way. We make decisions based on logic, usually.

      You can’t hear my voice, you read my words. You seem offended by reality, but most people are. I’m glad I’m not like most people. I would say that most of the people who read this site are exceptional people who can handle reality without taking it as a personal offense.

      20 made his own decision, and that is entirely up to him, but there’s nothing wrong with weighing things up when his own life is at stake. I would never throw my own life away unless it was worth it in the grand scheme of things. I would say for sure I’d love any child of mine… but sometimes it is for the best to walk away.

      Personally I don’t agree with letting deformed babies live (another topic you touched on), but obviously people have various viewpoints on that. There is no denying the vast benefit that would result for humanity if eugenics were practiced. In a sense we all practice eugenics at a basic level anyway by employing natural selection in who we mate with. It’s just that these days with so much politically correct media exposure people are ready to mate with those they never would have considered otherwise. This is going to be costly for humanity in the long-run if it continues this way. You may speak of suffering now for some but as always the liberal way sows FAR more suffering in the future as it tries to put a band-aid on the suffering of the present. There will be a world of far more deformity and mental deficiency in the coming decades. DNA is real… it doesn’t lie.

    • Cici Vu

      Jody : weighing things up isn’t applicable in this case . 20 already made up his mind on the child before it was born otherwise he would ask the mother to terminate the pregnancy , taking DNA test is just to be sure as he said !

      I’m very glad to see someone who is as young as him can act like a gentleman step out and be responsible which isn’t always the case for most males . This shows apart from his brain works well , his heart is cordinating just as much !

      Going back to your reply , I see so many faults and would love to have my say on it . Being an assistance for a very repeatable plastic surgeon in the past , I have a bit of knowledge on human race plus skull and skeleton structure . Partially agreed on low level of IQ in some African regions , it’s not true to apply for all over continent. On the other hand, they tend to have advantage in sport n music due to their athletete physics and different strength in their vocal cords ( you can see for yourself ) hence we have many half black talents from sport men to entertainment performers as well as in modelling industry . Each race has their pros and cons and Each to their own , you can’t actually comepare them together !

      As being an Asian , I’m well aware of my disadvantage in term of physical attracitiveness ( long torso , short legs , head is on the large size for the body , black of 3D dimension for my skull and so on ect…) I still have really good run in life because God has given me something else :my intellectual part . It does means ,Just because of lacking one thing or two doesn’t mean you aren’t deserved of happiness .

      Revolution only works so well to a certain degrees but not crucial to human race . What if people were happier in the ancient times and didn’t need civilisation ? Your knowledge only can reach so far and sometimes it can be deceiving what you see for yourself 🙂

    • Rob

      Jody, just wanted to say I agree with you on this race issue, and also it seems like the author of the article is trying to rationalize a bad decision, some of his answers are downright absurd, but at least good for him for recognizing the kid as his. Another thing, the woman that replied sounds like a parody of the typical over emotional, non logical woman.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      We can’t let emotions rule us, as that’s not what men do.

      But at the same time every man has to make his own choices about such stuff. 20 is a good guy. I’ve played the field as much as anyone, but I’ve learned to balance risks carefully and weigh things up looking at the big picture. Life can be unforgiving at the best of times.

    • Ikillgames

      Wow, based off the advise you gave me about being black in eastern europe a few months back I had actually begun to respect you a bit. But its clear to see now that you’re a typical run-of-the-mill race baiter and white supremacist.
      You were trying to talk a guy into abandoning a child that he sired because the kid is biracial?
      Granted, women from the third world can be a pain but what you’re trying justify is ridiculous and says much about you.
      You look maybe 40 in your picture but you seem very immature to not only harbour such malicious thoughts but to openly try to justify them.
      I only recently turned 20 and yet to truly experience the world but even I know that any man worth his salt wouldn’t turn his back on a child he fathered just because the kid isn’t the “ideal” race. Hell, even my 16 year old brother knows better than that!
      You keep referencing the fact that africans have lower IQ’s than europeans but firstly, the kids mom could have only a very small percentage of african blood and secondly,you’re talking purely based on averages. Im quite certain that if a similar study were to be undertaken in arkansas, mississipi or Virginia or anywhere considered “hillbilly heaven” or “redneck land” then the results wouldn’t be what you’d expect and you’d find thay the white people there aren’t exactly in the top 99th percentile of human intelligence
      My parents are from sub saharan africa but I graduated cum laude in economics from howard. Im pretty sure that wouldn’t be possible with an iq<70.
      While I do concede that the average white person is more intelligent than the average african you should understand that its all due to evolution. In the african continent the humans required more physical attributes and less intellectual attributes to survive the harsh climate and predators. On the flipside, ethnic europeans required more intellectual attributes to survive and thrive in the generally more forgiving geography.
      Something similar can be seen in places like the balkans which have experienced war after war. What this did was drastically speed up evolution in these parts through natural selection, the bigger more physically imposing balkan men were able to survive the wars and pass their genes and thus is the major reason why most serbians and balkan men in general are taller and bigger than average men but not so much smarter, no?
      You seem to have a personal issue with colored people in particular. Perhaps you had an unfortunate incident during your childhood? I see no other reason for you to develop such radical ideals.
      For you to imply that biracial kids are America's problem is laughable at best, infuriating at worst.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      I’d give you the same advice too. The point is about stable genetic offspring, plus maximizing the chances of getting the best genetic results.

      Do you think you would be most likely to get a good resulting offspring by mating with a girl who was extremely different from you genetically and who is not too bright upstairs?

      It’s like playing roulette that way.

      Clearly if you mated with a girl with similar genetics that is very intelligent then you are far more likely to do well in terms of offspring. It also helps if you didn’t score the girl via online dating and gaming as most of those types of girls are too easy and will be likely to stray (and some of that may be due to genetic reasons also).

      Maybe now you get my points a bit more clearly.

      It’s just a fact about IQ, in general. It is what it is. I respect and admire many blacks and I could write a list of things blacks are high achievers at, but my point is about getting a likely good result from breeding and also in regard to problems from the mothers involved, not in making lists of strengths and weaknesses in comparing the various races.

      There’s also a cultural element that comes into the picture as well n regard to problems with the mother involved when you cross cultures.

    • WJ88

      I came across this by chance. You really can’t raise a mixed-race, half black kid with the mentality that white people are more intelligent than black people. that is going to do a lot of damage to the kid down the line. Just so you know. Best of luck.

    • Jonathan Wise

      20, i don’t say this often, but I’ve been in a similar position as you, and I can only say that you completely spoke calm and rational truthiness in your response to Mr Jody about race and upbringing. Well spoken, sir.

  • Yeah, really!

    Wow. I thought you young guys got the memo, “Get Snipped’.

    There’s no compelling reason for a man to leave his swimmers in the pool. Get that vasectomy! If you’re set on having kids in the future, technology allows you to put them little buggers on ice until you’re ready procreate. It’s also possible to reverse the V in some cases.

    But then as an old fucker I say leave your mark on the world by making millions, donating the money to build a hospital or university wing or start a NPO and have your name plastered all over that sucker. It’s a much safer play than having kids who may turn out to smear your name rather than honor it with their behviour.

    Now, don’t go telling any girl you’re shooting blanks. When she hits you up with the pregnancy allegation you can respond as this guy did….

    • no man. It didn’t go as planned, but I would say it’s still a good thing. Life is about living and this is just another way to do it.

  • Mark Zolo

    Oh snap, man. I’m just seeing this now. It could be worse… at least in DR you can have fun and raising a kid is inexpensive. Plus, your child will be bilingual. Good luck to you.

    • Yeah man I’m happy about it. Her not being from the west is a life saver. Hope all is going well with you and getting outed in real life.

  • jack jones

    Question chaps. I have the opportunity to go to mexico – Cancun and coast down or Dom republic for 10 days. I am mid 30s well travlled in asia but a little shy/introverted. I look respectable – kinda guy who gets asked for directions a lot ect…

    Not sure which to choose; tempted by mexico as I can’t speak any Spanish at a (thanks UK education system) and I suspect english will be better understood in Cancun coast.

    After more of a relax from work than a stint of hard travel.

  • Ikillgames

    I find that my repect for you keeps growing with every article I read dude.
    Congrats 20.Big ups to you for making the right choice.not every man would be able to do it like you. I would probably insist on an abortion if I found myself in a similar position.
    Things like this are the reason why I dont rawdogg girls PERIOD.
    Lucky kid, he’ll hopefully have a better life than most kids from DR and game is already hardwired into his DNA. Btw you better find a way to erase all evidence of STW before he learns how to use the internet lol