Watch Brad Pitt Pick Up A girl with Flawless Body Language

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brad pitt body language
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brad pitt body language

Watch Brad Pitt Pick Up A girl with Flawless Body Language

Yesterday I was doing a consult/coaching (shout out) and we were working on improving his body language. To help him understand we watched a Youtube clip together. This clip was from the movie “Meet Joe Black” and it was Brad Pitt picking up an attractive girl in a coffee shop. It is surprising how bad the dialogue is (written by a guy with no game no doubt) and how amazing the body language is (done naturally by Brad Pitt). I think it’s a clip that hammers home the point that if your body language is good enough, it doesn’t matter what you say… you will still get the girl.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time studying attractive body language in men (including reading tons of romance novels… very difficult, tons of body language books, studying the most attractive men in the world, etc.) and Brad Pitt is not the most famous sex icon on the planet because of his natural good looks (although it plays a part), it’s because he has world class body language.

Let’s watch the clip and break it down together.

0:00 – Take a look at how relaxed Brad Pitt looks. He just met this girl and he’s about as laid back as possible. He is also not being foreign and laughing (attractively at things that aren’t funny). On top of all of that he is using whatever excuse he can to use that smile that he has spent hundreds of hours in front of the mirror perfecting.

0:05 – Listen to the sound of his voice. It’s deep, but not try hard deep. His rate of speech is slow and completely relaxed.

0:14 – Brad Pitt uses the excuse “better car” to use a cocky smile in the interaction. Money.

0:25 – She comments on something Brad Pitt says and he doesn’t rush to respond to her. He takes his time, thinks it over and responds.

0:34 – Writers put in this shitty dialogue about Brad Pitt saying if he were married how he would treat her. Brad Pitt takes that terrible dialogue, mixes in perfect body language and knocks it out of the park. “Just an example” he uses that opportunity to show he is not even saying it for her, but to make himself laugh. He throws in his well practiced laughing smile at just the right time.

0:50 –Brad Pitt says “Shoot you think so.” and throws in the ultimate face… the model eyes. He finds the right point in the conversation to do it. That is a big part of body language… timing. You want to see that exact face he did in a photo? Just go to Google and type “male model” and look at the eyes of nearly every single picture you will see. They will look just like that. Why? Because it’s the most attractive a man can make himself.


From here on: Brad Pitt goes into more needy dialogue, written by a writer who is terrible with women no doubt, but continues his world class body language. Everything he does and says is slow and relaxed. His voice is deep. It’s money, he even makes the retarded mistake of not getting this girls number after she literally says “I like you so much.”

Keep watching the clip and see if you can pick out any of the other things yourself, because this clip is full of perfect body language. If you try to pick up a girl using body language like this, you can say anything you want and you will get the girl.


You can get this type of body language

As I have mentioned earlier, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time studying body language. If you want to improve your body language, you should check out my book: The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language. Also keep in mind that I’m still selling all my books for 60% off, here.

Improving your attractive body language is something that can AT LEAST double the attraction that women feel towards you. More than anything else in game, it’s something that is worth the time and effort trying to improve.

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  • dc

    His body language was smooth, but somehow he literally made the situation to fly away.

    • yeah he just needed to get the number. And what he was saying wasn’t so good. Most hollywood writers are not good with women. They have no idea what to say in that situation. And it ended up fitting into the rest of the movie

    • dc

      Actually I was referring to the final scene haha

    • haha oh yeah

  • CoffeeCrazed

    I agree the dialog sucked, but it seemed they did know each other. Some kind of doctor/patient relationship? I haven’t seen the movie.

    • They had no relationship before meeting in the coffee shop. the clip starts a little after they both enter

  • A6

    Very cool post. I’d say Pitts successful because of
    His style. IMO almost anyone can raise their SMV 1-2 points by dressing right. I think FSU girls look better than American girls because most of them have excellent style and are not obese. Their vibe is better too because their energetic field is not poisoned with feminazi main stream media brainwashing like Americans.

    • absolutely style ups any tuy up in attraction. but u can have great style and be terrible with women, i dont know if you can have great body language and be terrible with women

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  • I would venture his biggest mistake was spending too much time in the middle of a busy street looking back at the ladieee………and then what happens….. the dangers of the forlorn look back at the woman…DONT DO IT!!!!

    • hahaha and all that because he didn’t number close. Could have lived

  • Jody Dayton Peace

    The body language was on point.

    The stand out part I noticed was the way he flashed his eyes when he said “lighting strikes”. Check that.

    The flips at the end were pretty well done too… and if the girl had been watching I’m sure he would have scored her. 😉

    • Yeah that eye flash is high level stuff though. It’s something you have to use at exactly the right time (like he did). Using that at the wrong time or too often will make you come off as weird.

      And yeah, that girl was in his pocket. As would be nearly any girl

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Yes indeed… I agree completely. It’d look funny if most people tried that eye tech on somebody as they’d probably come across as suddenly going all goggle-eyed like they were spazzing out. It is high end stuff, and it would take most people a long time to master that to the point where it becomes natural. Yeah, the timing was spot on, at exactly the point when the girl needed to have something that she could believe in and needed an emotional connect…

    • agreed 😉

  • ShlomoShunn

    I’m sure a short 300-lb guy would have worked “eye” wonders, too.

    Keerist: it’s a M-O-V-I-E !

    It’s scripted.

    Pitt is a handsomee guy.

    The female is pretty and PAID to respond to him the way she does.

    They are acting. We don’t see the outtakes.

    Geesh. PUAs would minutely examine a fart being emitted, then promise guys they’d get the same result by mentally trying to control every autonomic response.


    Telling a nervous guy to “relax” and “kick back” and be confident will have the opposite effect. The only way he’s really going to do that is to try and fail and learn…over and over.

    Telling guys there are “secret” things to memorize will put them in their heads and keep them from taking risks.

    Mystery was basically handsome and tall. He’d attract some women no matter what. But he chose to be a freak, and even began Strauss’ book by having a nervous breakdown. Some role model.

    David “Double Your Dating” DeAngelo promised men he had “killer” pickup techniques GUARANTEED to work if you sent him money. In real life he is Eben Pagan, a cyber-shill who apparently rented hookers and had few actual girlfriends. He finally married a woman who looks like a man. He might be bi, too, from his pictures (he’s on the far left, wifey on the far right).

    PUAdom makes men self-conscious. Just get out there and learn by doing. Don’t hang with guys who critique your every move. You’ll relax when you experience rejection and don’t die. Keep trying new things until you find what works for YOU.

    • If a girl with an ugly face had a PERFECT rack, would you bang her? Maybe yes, maybe no, but you would be a hell of a lot closer to banging her than if she didn’t have it. Body language simply makes you much more attractive. It’s not some magic pill.

      And body language isn’t something that some guy just made up. It is accepted by the planet as science. Even look at how monkeys act and you see it all the time. If you really think all your communication is verbal then you should open your eyes.

  • Banks Run America

    It amazes me how you travel so much and live so cheap dude.

    In America living on $40-60/day would be virtually being homeless- then you have the bitchy women and big brother culture to add to that. America sucks.

    • Yeah, I have mastered the art of budget travel. I don’t mind it. I don’t need a huge budget to live well. But also a lot of these countries are just a lot cheaper to live in than usa.