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Thick Asian girls
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I’m back in Bangkok and it’s been a hell of a week. I relived some of the epic party nights, like during my first trip. Half of my days felt like a scene from the Hangover 2. But those are stories for another time. Today’s post is about my quest for a thick Asian girl.

Ass vs. Tits

You have ass men and tits men. On the highly accurate scientific scale below (that I just made with MS Paint), I’m definitely deep into the blue. For me, nothing beats a curvy, big round booty.

That’s why I’ve been missing Latinas ever since I got back to Asia.

Don’t get me wrong, Asian girls have their qualities, they are very caring and loving and the petite body type is a nice change. But for big asses they just don’t stack up compared to Colombianas or Brazileiras.

While you can find fit Asian girls with big asses, but they are few are far between.

So far in Bangkok, the I met a girl on Tinder who was into powerlifting. She worked out daily and it showed. She was toned and had a firm little booty. Good shape, it just missed the volume.

Asian booty

Firm but not thick Asian ass

I was losing hope to find a true thick Asian girl but last week luck turned my way.

Hangover Workouts

I party hard in Bangkok. I sometimes have a lack of moderation but Bangkok always takes me to the next level. In this city you can have an epic time, every day of the week and almost around the clock.

But hungover or not, I force myself to the gym the next day.

This was one of those days. Still hungover, I was doing my weightlifting routine, when this fit Thai girl walked right passed me. I had to look twice to believe it. Was I in Thailand or Brazil?

This girl had the biggest, best shaped ass I had seen in weeks, if not months. Perfect hips-to-waist ratio.

When she took a barbell and started doing squats; I thought my head exploded.

need to tap that.

My dick was yelling “approach approach approach!” but my mind wasn’t cooperating. Still hungover, I got inside my head and started overcomplicating things in my thoughts. I started listening to the excuses in my head.

“You are too hungover”,
“This is not the right moment”,
“Approach her next time”,
“She’s wearing earphones, she doesn’t want to be disturbed”, etc.


I ended up not approaching. Fuck! On the way back I was beating myself up for not talking to her. For me, this feeling was worse than getting flat out rejected.

A second chance?

To let off some steam, I texted my powerlifting girl. She is a bit of a nympho. She came straight to my room, she locked the door behind her, she got naked and jumped me. It was great sex but somehow I was still fantasising about the girl from the gym.

That night I went to bed early. I needed a break from partying anyway. The next day I woke up at a reasonable hour and even made it to the gym in the morning.

As I was doing my warmup, I suddenly saw the fit Thai girl again. What a coincidence. I had another shot.

“If you don’t approach this time, you don’t deserve your balls”, my dick told me.

She was doing squats, so I strategically used the machine next to her. Between sets when we were both resting, we made eye contact. I smiled and I walked up to her.

I had no plan what to say but anything was better than nothing.


She took off her earphones.

Her: “Hi. How are you?”
THC: Good… I’m new here. You seem to be here all the time.
Her: “Oh, nice… Where are you from?”

It’s not as much what you say, but rather how you say it. I ran some of my Thai jokes and got her laughing. I kept the conversation short and got her number.


Cock Assisting Rain

We texted a bit and she asked me questions on what I was doing in Thailand etc. I told her I was working there, created more comfort, then invited her for drinks at my condo’s pool.

She showed up at my lobby, wearing skin tight yoga pants. She liked showing off her thick Asian ass. I was already fantasising about taking those off.

We went up to the pool to hang out, but the moment we sat down it started to rain. For once, the rain didn’t cock block me, but actually assisted me. We went to my condo to finish the drinks and talk. At first she acted a bit shy and she was bit hesitant to kiss but that was about the only LMR (last minute resistance) I got.

While I was making out with her I grabbed her thick Asian ass. For a moment I felt like I was back in Latin-America. Damn, I missed those booties. I took her to the bedroom, threw her on the bed and pulled down those tight leggings. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy completely shaven.

I flipped her over. She knew what to do. She arched her back, put her head down and her thick Asian ass up. What a glorious view. I smashed her a couple of times. Finally I got my big ass Asian girl!

The pic I snapped with my phone doesn’t do her justice.

I almost missed out my thick Asian girl

During pillow talk she told me she already noticed me the first day at the gym. I should have just approached the first time. This was a reminder not to let opportunities go by and to go for what you desire. Luckily I got a second chance to meet her.

A simple “Hi” can mean the difference between fantasy and reality.


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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • Edwards Johnson

    Big fan of your stories THC. That ass is something. We have a lot of those were I am from but they got faces below 2 and 4’s.

    • A perfect round ass can buy a girl some margin for her face but not thàt much

  • E

    “A simple “Hi” can mean the difference between fantasy and reality.” A good reminder.

    • We regret most of all the risks we didn’t take

    • Zed

      May I ask what your physical characteristics are? When youre out and about in foreign countries how much of an edge do you think you have because of your skin color, (im presuming you are white) or your height (how tall are you) or your looks (are you considered good looking or average).

    • Zeff

      I have met him before. he is 5’4, pale as a worm and below average in looks

    • lol as a guy who has traveled all over the world with him i can tell you it’s not close to true. He’s 6′ 200 lbs. Looks will always help and there is a way every guy can maximize their own personal look (and they should). At the end of the day, we are men, not women and just going for it and gaming women is what will ultimately get you the girl.

    • Nytrox Nikko

      he who hesitates, masturbates.

  • Fernando

    Would you say her ass was big because she worked out a whole bunch? Sometimes if its big because of the gym its too firm and looses it jiggle when doing the dirty.

    • Partly yes; she was religious about her workouts. It wasn’t too firm though; it had the perfect amount of jiggle and grip.

    • blztw

      perfect! I was depressed after moving back to asia (being an ass man) but instagram has been a boon. Seems like all the big booty asians are on there. checkout “jessicababyfat” on instagram. A big booty taiwanese girl

    • Ass for days. Taiwan, on my way :’D

  • bismarck ebiweh

    THC I need some serious advice. So I’m a junior in college in the state of Louisiana in the U.S. I used to play sports for my school and with studying Engineering, I was always tremendously busy. I stopped playing sports last semester and truly had the chance to start living the college life. I banged the most girls last semester in my college career, 6. Which in itself isn’t that impressive. I have acreated that I’m a Red pill man so relationships are not a question. Online game in my city almost non-existent, Tinder is filled with attention seeking sluts and even girls on instagram have ego’s through the roof. Night game is not much different with girls primary going out to land free drinks . Day game which I prefer the most is sooo frustrating , being that girls in my city want me to take them on fancy dates when it’s much easier to invite them over to my place. Most girls try to avoid coming over to my place which makes no sense because our school’s town is literally a 5mile it’s alotime easier to hangout but most college girls want to text for weeks before doing anything and that shit isn’t flying with me. I understand game expectations but what do I do, my goal was to double this semester and score 12 lays but I have 0 so far. Sorry for the super long message

    • Shawn

      You are in college! The one place you have to go to is crawling with girls and parties every weekend. ..think about that for a min. Ok one great trick I know ill share with you that only works in a classroom or seminar that I still use and it works EVERY time. Find the hottest girl and sit right next to her. Write her a note (just like grade school) that says “are you ready for this?” fold it over and draw an arrow that implying her to open it up. On the inside have a tick tac toe board drawn. Every time I get a giggle and she plays along. Don’t let her win or if she does blame her for cheating. Then just keep passing the note back and fourth till you get her #. You create a bubble just you and her and you don’t have to say shit. TRY IT, thank me later

    • Shawn

      I forgot to add this and it is pretty important. Wait until the last few min of class to number close. Make it seem that the number is just for logistics (oh shit class is over. We are having fun and I want to keep this going). You build attraction (fun guy) comfort (she hasn’t done this since she was little) and she gets to know about you. Makes the first call or meetup easy. You are now on a date with the hottest girl in class. Any cute girls behind you sees you having fun with the hot girl. Im no longer in school but I use it if I go to work related seminars. Still works at age 36 Lol.

    • bizzy

      Thanks for the advice man, much love

  • manonfire

    Guys I’ve been internationally traveling since the late 80s and have more experiences then I care to remember. All these type things are nothing new. You young guys will eventually realize pussy will wear you out before it, and your body does record your abuse and lets you know later on in life. You don’t really start living until your about 35 (I’m 50, retired military). Try being yourself and learning the native language so you can truly engage in the culture, your experience will be much richer. A handful of meaningless experiences gets old. You’ll find if you simply just talk to women genuiwinely and be a gentleman you’ll walk out of various venues with a lady in hand. All with little or no alcohol. And will most likely stay long term friends. I know young women, but many older women that will put young women to shame. They actually are real women that know how to please a man without the mental hiccups of youth. And last, if your visiting a country on a small budget, hostels, scraping by your not really able to enjoy any country. In my opinion you need at least a $5000 cushion at all times. You never know what situation you may end up in and need to get out of dodge.

    • Cecil J

      When you say talk genuinely- what’s a how to book on that because I have a really hard time being myself and doing that very thing?

      It seems like much of game theory is about hitting the right psychological triggers in a woman to get that quick experience as opposed to being totally real about everything because a lot of people are afraid to be real.

    • I’m doing exactly what I like to do right now. I speak 5 languages fluently and meet plenty of girls I stay in contact with for years; not every girl you meet is worth that, nor should that be an expectation. Alcohol and drugs are for fun, not to get laid. I’m sure I’ll enjoy different things too when I’m 20 years older. Everybody has his own age only once, so enjoy what you like doing and don’t try to be what you’re not.

    • I’m not really sure what you are trying to say here. You know that sex drive goes down with age, so younger guys will just want sex more because of biological reasons. THC (author of this article) speaks 4 or 5 languages and I speak 3. We do learn the languages and we do make connections and have real relationships. But it’s not all we do. You say doing it that one way is the way to go and I think that doing it both ways. As far as money goes (we rarely stay in hostels), you shouldn’t wait to live because you don’t have 5000$ cushion. Younger guys just arent in those positions.

    • bizzy

      The truth

    • blztw

      Just a house dog barking from behind his fence at the wolves. Come out here buddy and you won’t get to eat.

  • Say no to racism.

    I like reading your blog but I feel as 5ft 6in Indian guy with good looks and a fit (not muscular) body, I am at a super disadvantage when it comes to pick up.
    Any tips? I would love to go around the work and explore it with my skill.

    • Nytrox Nikko

      Muscles are mandatory if you’re short. Period. Yes, its difficult for us but if you can become an expert in India then you can game almost every where.

    • Say no to racism.

      Thank you very much. A brief and honest answer is the best.

    • Say no to racism.