The Ultimate List of Movies and TV Series with Alpha Male and Charming Characters

The Ultimate List of Movies and TV Series with Alpha Male and Charming Characters


You may have heard the saying “You are your closest 5 friends.” It goes off the idea that you take in the personalities of those around you. This goes just the same with the TV and Movies that you watch. If you are watching nerdy shows all the time, you won’t be able to help but act more nerdy, but… if you are always watching alpha movies and alpha male characters… you can’t help but become more alpha and charming. And, as we all know, that’s what the ladies want. That is why I have put together this film and television show list.


Article Updated 2/15/2017

 Alpha Male Movie Scenes Playlist (16 clips)


Alpha male and charming characters from TV shows

  • Californication – Hank. Good body language and the right type of humor 
  • Spartacus – Nearly every gladiator. Very alpha body language
  • Vikings – Most of the vikings but mostly main characters who are brothers
  • Sons of Anarchy – Main character
  • Craig Ferguson – more for humor, has spent hundreds of hours teasing and talking with many attractive celebrities
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air- Will Smith
  • White Collar – Main character. Has excellent facial body language and oozes charm
  • Mad Men – Don draper. Completely alpha
  • Lost – Jack and Sawyer. Sawyer has better, more bad body body language
  • True Blood – Bill, Jason and Eric. They all have their own styles of attractive body language, but all good
  • Vampire Diaries – Damon. Excellent bad body body language
  • Heroes – Peter
  • Two and a half men – Charlie Sheen. Aloof and relaxed with women
  • Prison Break – Two main characters movies
  • Seinfield – Roosh’s recommendation for what to watch to put you in the mood to joke around with women


Alpha and charming characters from movies – alpha male movies

  • 007 – Every James Bond in nearly every movie
  • Top Gun – Tom Cruise. Alpha and charming. A masterpiece of body language
  • Alfie – Jude Law
  • Van Wilder – Ryan Reynolds. Knows how to make situations fun
  • Wedding Crashers – Two main characters. Good at keeping interactions fun
  • Roger Dodger – The uncle. Cool movie about a nerdy kid who goes to his player uncle for advice on getting girls
  • Cruel Intentions – Main character. A suave rich kid with excellent body language
  • Crazy Stupid Love – Ryan Gosling shows a recently divorced guy how to pick up chicks
  • Tengo ganas de ti and tres metros sobre el cielo – The main character has amazing body language. Most of Latin America had a crush on him. A great way to practice Spanish as well
  • Thor – Chris Hemsworth. Amazing body language
  • Rush – Chris Hemsworth. Amazing body language
  • A river runs through it – Brad Pitt
  • Fight Club – Brad Pitt
  • Oceans 11,12,13 – George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon. Masters of Body language
  • Limitless – Bradley Cooper
  • Fast and the Furious movies – Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are always alpha with good body language
  • Bad Boys – Will Smith
  • Al Pacino – Scarface. Alfa
  • Indiana Jones – Harison Ford. Charming, arrogant with good body language… all the things the ladies like
  • Captain America – Main character after transformation. It’s interesting to see how much better his body language becomes and how it affects how you see him
  • Troy – Brad Pitt. Excellent body language as always from Brad Pitt
  • American Gangster – Denzel Washington. There’s a reason so many girls love Denzel Washington. Excellent natural body language
  • Training Day – Denzel Washington
  • Titanic – Leonardo Dicaprio. Half the women fell in love with Leo after this movie for a reason. Body language
  • Mission Impossible movies – Tom Cruise. Not many 5’7 guys can become sex idols, but Tom did and it was all because of his body language
  • Cocktail – Tom Cruise
  • Collateral – Tom Cruise
  • Swingers – Vince Vaugn. Get to see him out picking up chicks
  • The One – Jet Li (asian alpha male)
  • American History X – Derek. Total alpha
  • Zorro – Antonio Banderas. Oozes charm, suave and excellent body language
  • 3:10 to Yuma – Russel Crowe
  • Men in Black – Will Smith
  • School for Scoundrels – Billy Bob Thorton
  • The Notebook – Ryan Gosling
  • The Transporter – Jason Statham
  • The Rock – in about every movie is as alpha as they come
  • The Departed – Leonardo Dicaprio and more
  • XXX – Vin Diesel. Always alpha
  • Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick – Vin Diesel
  • Clark Gable in most his movies. The most famous being Gone with the Wind
  • Running Scared – Paul Walker
  • How to lose a guy in 10 days – Mathew Mcconaheigh
  • Australia – Hugh Jackman
  • The X-men Movies – Hugh Jackman
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Spanish Guy. The type of guy every boyfriend should fear. Excellent body language
  • American Psycho – Christian Bale. Dark Triad type game
  • Don Juan Demarco – Johnny Depp
  • Meet Joe Black – Brad Pitt
  • Tomb Stone – nearly every guy. Cowboys were usually especially alpha
  • 300 – Main character. All alpha male
  • Gladiator – Russel Crowe
  • The thomas crown affair – Pierce Brosnan. Excellent body language and charm baby
  • Nine 1/2 weeks – Mickey Rourke
  • Lawless – Tom Hardy
  • Mr and Mrs. Smith – Brad Pitt
  • This Means War – Chris Pine and Tom Hardy
  • Star Trek – Chris Pine
  • Interstellar -Matthew McConaughey
  • Never Back Down – Ryan
  • Driver – Ryan Gosling
  • The Wolf on Wall Street – Leonardo Dicaprio

Heartiste bad boy film recommendations

  • The Breakfast Club – John Bender
  • The Wild One – Marlon Brando
  • Rebel Without A Cause – James Dean
  • As good as it gets – Jack Nicholson

Alpha male actors – actors who are generally alpha and charming

  • Brad Pitt
  • George Clooney
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • All James Bond actors


Reader additions:


  • • ROME (That period in history alone has a lot of alpha traits in the series)
  • Archer – Sure, he’s got some problems stemming from mommy issues, but his unapologetic brand of narcissism and incredible frame control are impressive. I learned a few things from the show, plus it’s hilarious.


  • • A Bronx Tale (Chazz Palminteri character is great in this)
  • • Rush Hour 1 (Chris Tucker shows some great alpha like qualities when talking to his female partner who he doesn’t like working with etc)
  • Terminator – Arnold
  • Steven Segal movies
  • Clint Eastwood movies
  • Daniel day-lewis movies
  • Liam Neeson movies
  • Da Vinci’s Demons: Tom Riley (The Genius)
  • Black Sails: Zach McGowan (The Pirate)
  • Penny Dreadful: Josh Hartnett (The Cowboy)
  • Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch (The Detective)
  • Outlander: Sam Heughan (The Freedom Fighter)
  • Peaky Blinders: Cillian Murphy (The Gangster)
  • The Blacklist: James Spader as Raymond Reddington


What to pay attention to for while watching these

Ideally you want to be paying close attention to the alpha characters. What helps the most psychologically is to look up to the character in the same way a son would look up to his father or a little brother will look up to his big brother. This will help you to adopt the body language much more quickly.

You should also know what attractive body language is, so you can pay attention to what’s important. I have written a book about this called The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language. You can also check out our Body Language section.


You Can Contribute

If there are any movies or TV shows that I missed, be sure to add them in the comments section and, if I agree, I will add them to the list later.

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28 Comments on “The Ultimate List of Movies and TV Series with Alpha Male and Charming Characters”

  1. Great List man thats a good collection 🙂

    I would also add too

    ROME (That period in history alone has a lot of alpha traits in the series)

    A Bronx Tale (Chazz Palminteri character is great in this)
    Rush Hour 1 (Chris Tucker shows some great alpha like qualities when talking to his female partner who he doesn’t like working with etc)

    1. Lee Marvin, island hoping marine in ww2, And come on Steve McQueen, real life bad ass

  2. What about the Terminator- when Arnold is all jacked and gets off his Harley and starts shooting goons in the face.

    Arnold’s and Steven Seagal are more alpha than most of those guys on the list but a dude like Clooney has a fractionating way of being soft yet hard (to the girls- to me him and Brad Pitt are wimps-I’m way bigger and meaner than they are physically. I’m close to 6’4 and a brute they’re 5’10 inna good day and metrosexuals). Don’t get me wrong Inknow they have a universal appeal but in raw primal size and animalistic aggression does anyone think they could hang with big mean dudes like Arnold or Steven Seagal? The metrosexuals like Cloney and Pitt are smooth and polished and show strong charisma, leadership, social savvy etc a lot of the bigger dudes don’t do that as well it seems- why though?

    1. I think they are good ideas. I was actually thinking about Arnold earlier today in Conan the Barbarian.

      I think size is respectable and gives you an edgge, but you can’t get too brutish or it works against you. Think about guys like Tom Brady. Huge guy. Football player, but he has charm as well. I think that’s the ideal that women like. You can see that in his super model wife. Still, being a brutish guy will get you much more women than your typical scrawny metrosexual.

      I agree that those guys are alfa though. I will add them.

    2. Also I think the instinctual reason for this is that when a guy has very masculine features he will have handsome sons but ugly daughters. But the guys like George Clooney, Brad Pitt who are more in the middle will have attractive sons and daughters. And we all know how hard the world is for an ugly girl. I think thats why the guys who do the best are like that. It goes for personality as well, not just genetics

    3. Stallone (my favorite of all these dudes-Inlike that NY Italian attitude)
      Dolph Lundgten
      Charles Bronson (he really was a combat vet)
      Clint Eastwood
      Val Kilmer
      Robert Deniro

  3. What’s your thoughts on Archer?

    Sure, he’s got some problems stemming from mommy issues, but his unapologetic brand of narcissism and incredible frame control are impressive. I learned a few things from the show, plus it’s hilarious.

    1. His aloof and uncaring frame is great with girls, especially American ones. Aside from his huge mommy issues, he does things the right way. One of my favorites, even though it’s animated.

  4. I read a thread where you mentioned Californiacation and watch the entire series. I know I’m a better man because of it. Thanks 20

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  6. This is my list of favorite tv shows with the most alpha characters:

    1) Da Vinci’s Demons: Tom Riley (The Genius)

    2) Black Sails: Zach McGowan (The Pirate)

    3) Penny Dreadful: Josh Hartnett (The Cowboy)

    4) Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch (The Detective)

    5) Outlander: Sam Heughan (The Freedom Fighter)

    6) Peaky Blinders: Cillian Murphy (The Gangster)

  7. steve mcqueen movies [bullit, great escape, just literally everything he’s done]

    oldboy the original korean version.- this is more part stoic part unbridled rage- oh dae su’s character played my choi min sik.

    Almost all japanese beat takeshi movies, he usually plays the yakuza don and the moment you see his face you can tell he has power.

    bruce lee movies- people don’t think about it, but every movie he’s done he’s been a badass, rare to smile, only there to kick ass or elucidate through pain.

    jean claude van damme early movies- again this is a mixed bag you have to find the right ones.

    michael corleone in godfather part 2 [played by al pacino]

    vito corleone in godfather part 2 [played by robert de niro]

    ice cube in straight outta compton [played by his son o’shea]

    basically all paul newman movies, and robert redford movies. The sting is good, as is cool hand luke [holy shit this one], the hustler, butch cassidy and the sundance kid, road to perdition, i could go on and on.

    There’s more but these are some good ones

  8. Alain delon (is clintwood style),
    humphrey bogaert,
    erroll flynn,
    sean connery,
    frank sinatra,
    yul brynner,
    elvis presley,
    even john wayne being a small guy though (check the stagecoach),
    james spader,

    all alpha as fuck

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  10. I would add almost every Clint Eastwood movie. Very old school man of few words type of alpha. Sets the standard for not to be fucked with.

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