When to kiss her? The foolproof kiss test.

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You’re on a date and things are going well. But when to kiss a girl, what’s the perfect moment? How do you know she’s ready to be kissed? You’re not eating spaghetti in a back alley so there’s not going to be a lady and the tramp moment, but there’s a trick you can use: The kiss test.

I wrote this article a couple of years ago but it’s still very relevant today, so I want to bring it up to our new readers. The kiss test works like magic. I have used it hundreds (if not 1000) of times since and it’s golden.  You won’t always need to do this test, but for it’s a great tool to have in game toolbox for certain situations.

When to kiss a girl?

When to kiss a girl – The kiss test

You use the kiss test when you are one-on-one with a girl; either a date, or you’ve isolated her. It’s just you and her and you’ve had the opportunity and time to build attraction and comfort and you have progressed with kino. You should be very comfortable touching her, holding her hand, etc. Now it is time to escalate things sexually, and kiss her. But sometimes she’s insecure/shy and there is no “magic moment” that just screams out “KISS NOW”.

What I will do in that case, is to make a comment about her hair.

“I really like the way your hair looks” and I TOUCH their hair. “It feels so soft.” 

If a girl is comfortable with you running your fingers through her hair, she is ready to be kissed by you. I either go directly for the kiss right after or I’d say something like “Hmm, let me smell your perfume” and smell their neck (slowly) “Hmmmmm” and move to the kiss from there.


This test IS foolproof. But if she still pulls her head back after you try to kiss her, it’s important you remain completely unfazed by it. This is just an act. It happens occasionally. She does want to kiss you, but she’s just throwing another hurdle. You have two options.

1) You just smile. Talk some more with increased kino and try again a little bit later.

2) My preferred way, you alpha-kiss her. The pulling away is an act. You say “Hey hey hey!”, you grab her head with your two hands and force her to face you and you kiss her anyway. This will work because she is already attracted to you. Even if you just get a peck on the lips, it is progress. You make fun of her, e.g. “Worst first kiss ever: 3 out of 10”. Remain unfazed, keep cool and just try again later till she gives in.


You have to read the body language of women carefully before applying this alpha / caveman type game. If she’s attracted to you, forcing a kiss like this will even increase her attraction for you. Because you act on what she really wants.

You have to be congruent. If you’ve been acting beta/submissive/not leading; all throughout the date (probably you won’t arrive in this situation anyway), then suddenly switching to this kind of move will NOT work and could potentially backfire.


Original posts was published in Jun 2013, check our archives for more content like this!
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  • Fisto

    Absolutely. The caveman game takes balls. If she acts offended I laugh and tell her there’s more where that came from. She’ll stay right there acting huffy but she’s also not leaving. Don’t fall into her frame.

  • TravelHardcore

    Yeah, this falls in line with agree and amplify. “You think that’s bad? Wait till I…” and then lick her ear or something silly. Your frame is controlled.

  • DVY

    The best part is when you see the girl melt from your aggression.

    I’ve also had girls freeze up and just kind of shut-down during “cave-man” mode. They pretend like it never happened, but smile. Thoughts?

  • TravelHardcore

    It’s best judged case by case and built up gradually. Some women respond to it better then others. But in general, a big key is congruency. You need a strong inner game and frame, if not, women will sense you’re not being congruent and you will run into adverse effects.

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  • amigo

    I like the alpha move but I feel it should be stated that it’s never best to go all the way in for the kiss (unless you’re both hammered drunk). This has been hashed out by you guys and others to some degree or another in different ways. The best way to do it, I feel, is to grab her with one hand by the back of the neck and go almost all the way in to where your lips are almost touching. Then let her close the distance herself, or, pull her head towards you with your hand. Or just say fuck it and hold that spot like you’re amused by her games and then smile and pull out like Brad Cooper does with that hot chick in the A-Team. Either way, it subtly makes her the chaser and you the no fucks given, dominant alpha at the same time. Revel in that moment right before the kiss fellas. There’s no need to rush that shit. The anticipation is where her lust resides.

  • Stiigen

    Nice trick, gotta try it! Recently been dating a girl that just does`nt look me in the eyes; makes it very difficult to create any sexual tension. I still did`nt kiss her because of this.
    I find that if a girl is willing to hold my hand she is always ready for the kiss, so I usually comment on some ring or something to hold it, but obviously would be more alfa to just grab it!