Tallinn, Estonia Like Being in a Medieval Film Filled with Hot Blonde Women

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Tallinn, Estonia Like Being in a Medieval Film Filled with Hot Women



The Drunk

There I was on the ferry ride from Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn, Estonia. I sat on the big boat and watched out the window as the waves passed by. Then, somebody tried to catch my eye. I looked over and it was an older looking guy. He smelled a bit like alcohol and he offered me shots.

I spent the next hour with this older guy. I couldn’t understand a word he said. He was an Estonian (I think) and he kept pouring me shots of a liquor I wasn’t familiar with. The only thing I do know is that it tasted like shit and had a very high alcohol percentage. We nearly arrived in Tallinn and I said goodbye and went to another part of the ship. I was relieved to leave the guy because he did not give up on trying to communicate even though we didn’t have a language in common.

I walked around the boat and it was surprising how many people on this boat were drunk. Ahhh Finnish people ;).


Tallinn, Estonia: A new adventure

My first impressions of Tallinn were positive, possibly made even more positive by my drunken state. The city looks like it’s from an old medieval movie. I couldn’t help, but get that special travel feeling as I walked through the streets. I was staying for a month and had an apartment in the center of the city (I really don’t like staying in hotels after traveling for so long).

I had been up to my neck in pussy in my month in Finland and I hadn’t pipelined at all. But now I wanted to focus on some other things. I immediately found a gym close by and made sure to get the right food to help me put on the bulk I wanted. It was time I focus on my body. I was about 180 lbs (6’1″) and I wanted to put on another 15 lbs of muscle. Time to get started.

While I was in the gym I started talking with the biggest guy in the gym, who happened to be American like myself. He was with the Marines and after traveling for the past couple years it was really nice to talk with a fellow American for a bit (most my close friends I travel with aren’t American).

I asked about night life and we exchanged contact information. I won’t go into details, but this was one of the most fun parts of Estonia for me. I ended up meeting a bunch of his military friends and doing a lot of partying and just having fun. We even found a place where they had beer pong tournaments. It was good to hang out with American guys again. I had a lot of drunk nights with these guys that ended up being a blast.

I also kept very disciplined about going to the gym 3 times a week and eating plenty of protein. I put on muscle very quickly over the next month. (Really helps with women).


My not so amazing Estonian flag

A few days after arrival I knew I had to get my flag soon. So I scheduled a date with a girl from Tinder. She seemed pretty hot in her pictures with big green eyes. I met her in person and I won’t deny that she looked quite a bit worse . In fact, she was probably a 5.

However, I hadn’t been laid since Finland and I really wanted the flag. I decided I would truck through it as long as she made it easy on me. We had a drink or two at the bar we met at and immediately after I made an excuse to go to my apartment which was close by.

She came with me and 5 minutes after entering my apartment, her panties hit the floor. I got my Estonian flag. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it wasn’t good. She was the least attractive girl I had slept with in a while, but at least she made it easy on me ;).


The super hot blonde flight attendant

Over the next couple weeks I went on a few dates with a flight attendant I met on Tinder. She Had very blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Basically, she was very sexy and was exactly my type at the time (I was going crazy for blondes and Finland and Estonia are like heaven for this). We went on a few dates and the dates were usually quite fun. However, she was not at all easy to get back to my apartment.

On the third date, after drinking quite a bit and smoking hookah for a while, I got her to at least walk past my apartment. Even getting her to this point was not easy, but with some luck/skill I pulled it off. Then, as we stood at the gates to my apartment, I tried to get her to come with me inside.

Her response to my pushing was something I had never in my life encountered (after being with A LOT of girls).  The following is from a previous article 12 Funny and Interesting Stories from My Last Trip to Europe:

“Ok. I will go, but only if you beat me in rock, paper, scizzors.”

“Ummm what?” I responded.

“If you beat me in rock, paper, scizzors I will go home with you.”

I was confused, but I agreed. This was definitely a first for me and that doesn’t happen often.

Little did she know, I have an unexplainable knack for winning in rock paper scizzors. I seriously win like 90% of the time.

“Best two out of 3.” I said.

I won the first one, then started the second.

“Rock, paper scizzors”. I looked at her hand. Rock. And mine? Paper.

30 minutes later she was mine and the sex was excellent.

Another thing she did that was very strange, was during LMR she would say “If you fuck me, we will never meet again. It’s your choice.” I played the game back, turning her on, but not entering her and saying “Are you sure about that?”

The sex was fucking amazing. The situation made it very interesting. She messaged me a couple of times to come to her apartment, but I was always with a girl or busy. So it ended up being true that I didn’t get to see her again. But I will always remember my favorite rock, paper scissors game of all time.


A way to get quality girls from the internet

Ok, so the problem with girls you meet on dating websites/apps is that these apps damage the girls or attract damaged type girls. However, there is a way to meet girls who have not been damaged online and it is through Facebook. The next two girls I met this way.


Half Ukrainian girl from Facebook on her period. Problem?

I was able to get a date without much work. When she showed up to the date she looked just like her pictures. She was tall, thin and sexy. She was about 20 years old and her Dad was from Ukraine.

She showed up to the date in a tight and low shirt without a bra. Her nipples poked through the fabric and made me horny during the entire date.

After a few drinks I was able to bounce her back to my apartment pretty easily. However, when I started taking off her clothes she let me know that she was on her period. Oh fuck.

I will admit that I’m not usually an anal guy, but in that moment I really wanted it. I pushed her onto her stomach, pulled down her panties and did anal for the first time in quite a while. It was pretty sexy feeling like I was dominating this girl.

I ended up seeing her one more time and fucked her when she was off her period. She was a slut and I saw it from the moment I met her until our last moments in bed together. Porn style sex, no complaints.


Date with a super hot Russian girl

Another solid lead I got from my Facebook gaming was a super hot Russian girl. She was 19 years old with blonde hair and green eyes. Her face was absolutely stunning.

I scheduled a date with her at a mall. She didn’t want to drink and we ended up getting food and going for a walk. By the end of this date, I was very into this girl. She was beautiful and very feminine. She had this innocence that was intoxicating and I could stare at her face all day long without getting bored.

While going for a walk, I moved in for the kiss. When our lips touched, I felt only ecstasy. I went home without the lay, but feeling great.

I wish this story had a happy ending, but unfortunately it didn’t. She had to go back to Russia the next day for a week or two. When she got back, she told me she didn’t want to meet again. She said she liked me, but it was disrespectful to be so aggressive with her that I would kiss her on the first date like that. This was the first time I had come in contact with conservative Russian girls. I am not a fan… but damn she was hot.

She liked me, but I’m sure she went home and talked to her conservative family about the American guy she went on a date with and they told her something to ruin my chances. I am guessing this because her responses to me at first were so positive, but later… they became the opposite. Still, this girl got me excited about returning to Ukraine in a couple weeks.


The busty Estonian girl

Many of you guys already know this, but I am naturally a boob man. So, when I showed up to a date with a girl from Tinder and saw that she had a natural DD rack, I was one happy man (and she had hid those tits in her photos on Tinder).

She gave me a tour of the old town of Tallinn (very beautiful) and a few hours later I kissed her in a romantic spot on a caste wall. It was great. After a 6 hour date, we ended  up in my apartment and I was able to see those huge tits.

It was a great experience, hooking up with a busty local Estonian girl. Great lay. Saw her a couple more times before I left.


Girl visits me from Finland

One of my favorite girls from Finland was quite innocent (only had sex 30 seconds before me). As most of you know, I’m a sucker for innocent girls. I wanted to see her again and we planned spend a few days together. She had naturally blonde hair, the real blonde hair (almost white); I loved it, she also had this naturally big ass. She was a dancer and this carved out a body any man would enjoy. It was a great weekend filled with exploring the city together and lots of sex. I taught this innocent girl many great things in bed that trip.


Estonian Virgin

Now you will see another example of my love for innocent girls (maybe it’s my Mormon upbringing). I accept the fact that a very strong bond is made when you take a girls virginity. So, even though to me it’s soooo sexy, I had been trying very hard not to take any more girls virginity’s (unless I REALLY liked her). I have already taken close to 20 girls virginity’s and that is waaaaaay too much for one man to take. Would I be strong? Let’s find out.

I met her online and we met at an outdoor bar. She was cute and like 99% of Estonians, she had light colored eyes. She was 20 years old and had reddish brown hair. The date went well and I pushed to get her back to my apartment. It was then I learned she was a virgin.

She told me different stories about why she was still a virgin.

“You know, I’m only here for another week, so maybe this won’t work out.” I told her.

“No. I want to lose it and I’m very attracted to you. I’m just not ready now.”

Fuck. I didn’t need much more convincing. I still pushed for sex that night, but only got to second base.

She came straight to my apartment on the next date and I did what I have done way too many times… I took another girls virginity. Again it was a very sexy experience. I had become very experienced with it so I like to think the virgins have as positive of an experience as possible with the sex. For me as always it was amazing.

Over the next couple weeks she blew up my phone with messages and I made another commitment in my mind to not taking more girls virginity’s anymore. I hope this time it lasts longer.


Tallinn, Estonia Overview

Overall, this is a great city and country. It’s a place I could live quite easily. However, I didn’t do near as well with women as I did in Finland. But the women were more attractive in Estonia. The biggest problem would be that there are so many tourists in a country where there are so few locals. But don’t let this scare you away. This is the most non-religious country in Europe and girls are really DTF.


How you can get the girl you want

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  • Good Review. Sounds like a solid place.
    Whats the bank roll to stay for a month?
    Is night life expensive?

    • i would say 1500$ night life is notmal grom usa. although it felt so cheap compared to finland

  • Bahlza Dragon

    Sounds like you were able to swing more meat than Oscar Meyer. Good job.

    • somethin like that ;). but even more so in Finland. ill have a future detailed post on my time there.

  • Cecil J

    20 I enjoyed reading that and I admit I have a Major hardcore blonde fetish so this post inspired several thoughts-
    Does direct caveman work in Tallinn or are the girls turned off by it?

    Should dudes over 35 or 40 forget about getting the hot young (18-24) stacked blondes in Finland and Estonia or is it doable if you’re in shape and have game?

    What kind of dates and style of conversation did the Scandinavian and Baltics girls tend to like the most?

    Your mentioning of the blonde Baltic 5 having a great Pussy made me wonder-
    In your experience on the looks scale of 1-10 which number rank of chicks (i.e. 7s in looks) tend to have level 10/best pussys?

    • the age gap seemed harder to infiltrate in finland than estonia.

      for date style, humour and alwas going to a bar. especially in finland.

      in terms of pussy i feel like it seemed normal for a white girl.

  • Bones Jones

    20 Nation, i love this blog; read it with much passion and excitement, and strive to do the same things myself some day.

    I have a couple a questions for ya though, and would highly appreciate the input.

    Due to some poor life choices earlier, i will most likely only be able to start my swooping around the age of 30+-. I am turning 25 this summer, but also want to secure myself a good position in life, vis a vis college, work and funds in later life.

    Would you consider 30 being to old, or a prime time for doing this type of thing? How old are you yourself, if i may ask.

    Otherwise keep up the good work, you give me motivation to reach my goals to swoop it up soon enough!

    • hey i’m glad you are enjoying the blog. no way os 30 too old to swoop the world, but i would make sure to always be trying to improve your game with women. that way when you do start traveling you will get the most out of it.

    • Bones Jones

      I hear ya, my game is pretty smooth in western europe, notch count at 20 with 2 LTR of 3 years each, one legit 9 whom i had to always have tight game for against the competition, So not to worried. Thnx man.

      Just wondering if earlier would be smoother for other backpackers, but fuck it, ill just swoop South America and get all them QT Latina’s. Much love for this stuff you’re doing here bro.

    • Thanks bones. Youth is an advantage, I won’t deny it. But it’s just one of tons of advantages. Money will be a big advantage as well. Do what you gotta do

  • JBPoqueliche

    20, would you say that the style of game that you used and was succesful in Estonia was the less cocky, EE adapted game or the all-out cocky ad teasing style more adapted to Scandinavia?

    I felt the first one was more succesful for me there, but it was… bloody hell, almost ten years ago!

    • i think it has changed a lot. you need more western style game. its so different from say romania or ukraine.

    • JBPoqueliche

      Duely noted. Even if I don’t like using too much cocky game, we have to play with the hand we are being dealt

    • Yeah. Whenever I go back to the states i have to change my style. It works but i dont enjoy it so much.

    • JBPoqueliche

      Truth. here in EE, I have to constantly adapt to the particular girl I am gaming.
      Slutty/Western vibe – cocky teasing game , Homely/Eastern vibe, horny, confident nice guy.

    • i agree 100%

    • Cecil J

      Why does the needed game differ so much in the West vs. Poosy Paradise regions (SEA, EE, LA)?

      Why are the prime age (18-23) American girls so silly/retarded in general?

    • part of the reason is because western girls true boyfriends are the state. it will always catch them. so they arent looking for a provider the way women have since the beginning of time.

      however in other countries where girls actually have consequences, they need more of a provider. it changes how their brain works with attraction and men.

  • DerWeltenbummler!

    Dear 20Nation,

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I think it is great. As I am a keen traveller myself and am working hard to acquire financial independence so that I wouldn’t have to work anymore necessarily, I have got the following questions for you:

    Do you have any cities/countries where you could really consider living mid-long-term (apart from the States)? Any Spanish-speaking countries that you particularly like (my Spanish is pretty decent and I thoroughly enjoyed your Colombian adventure stories).

    Do you think that you’ll ever marry? (considering your findings in the Key logger)

    A jealous follower, who admires your lifestyle.

    • Thanks
      I would say Colombia is my favorite Latin American country. There are many great cities, higher crime etc is annoying but they are still great countries. But for longer term europe is more comfortable for me.

      I think I will. Maybe it’s my religious upbringing, but eventually i want to have a family. I will only marry a girl after screening her very well and probably only after knocking her up.

  • E

    20 you mention meeting girls in Estonia on Facebook .. how do you find these girls in a new area? I do not see a way to browse women nearby on Facebook….

    • you search for a first name and the city

  • wtf

    how exactly the “quite innocent” girl had sex 30sec before you? captain please!

    • i worded it wrong. she only had sex one time before me and only for 30 seconds because she is so tight.

  • Andy

    from perusing your site i see that all of your lays are good in bed. which is great! 🙂
    but it cant always be true. ive had super hot girls who were bad in bed.. conservative/proper. especially the 18-22yr demographic.. less experience.
    any tips for finding more talented girls? thanks