Are Romanian Girls as Stunning as They Say? Swooping Romania

Are Romanian Girls as Stunning as They Say? Swooping Romania
romanian girls

Bucharest, an ancient city and an ancient piece of…

I had just finished a month in Poland and I was ready for what I had heard would be in Romania: dark featured, beautiful women with exceptional bodies… I would see if Romanian girls were legit… or all hype.

I arrived by taxi and checked into my apartment. I waited for the landlord for a while outside of the apartment. When she arrived, we entered the apartment building and got into an elevator.

Normally, elevators are actually fun for me. I never worry about them at all, however, I’m pretty sure this elevator was made by the Romans. Going slowly upwards in the elevator, I half expected to see a bunch of guys pulling on a rope to make us ascend the building.

After surviving the elevator trip, I entered my room. The room was old and poorly maintained, but liveable. This is actually exactly how I would sum up the entire country. Ancient, with tons of history and historical buildings, but I have never been anywhere else where so many ancient buildings were not remodeled. I saw run down buildings on main streets and I noticed that Romanians like to wait until something breaks, until they replace it… including elevators.


romanian girls

Are Romanian girls as stunning as they say?

I got settled in and went for a walk around the city. Let’s see if Romanian girls deserve their reputation.

As I walked around the city, the thing that stood out to me the most was how Romanian girls cared very little about wearing revealing clothing. These girls also don’t like wearing bra’s. The best part is that the shirts that these girls usually decide to pair with their bra-less look… are see through shirts.

I walked around the city and felt like I was a peeping tom. As I went around the center I would see, basically, a topless girl every 5 minutes. I will not deny that my inner perv was quite happy about this. Especially since many Romanian girls can be particularly busty. I started to understand why Romania was the Cam Girl capital of the world.

I had been walking around for a while and had started to get an idea of how the girls looked. I was not disappointed. Romanian girls are hot. They have dark features and sometimes stunning eyes. To top it all off these girls bodies can be incredible. Curvy in all the right places and still thin.

One bad thing I noticed was that I got very little eye contact walking around in comparison to Poland. This was something I didn’t like to see. This could be because of a couple things:

  • The culture
  • The men are better looking and better dressed than in Poland
  • I am a dark featured white guy and I looked much more local in Romania than in Poland

In the next few weeks I saw a ton of Romanian girls. They are arguably some of the prettiest women in the world. No disappointment.


My first date with a hot Romanian girl

I had done some pipelining before arriving in Romania. This was, surprisingly, the best website to meet girls while I was there. As most of you guys know, when I need to do well with few options, I get the girl on webcam. I was able to do this with a smoking hot girl. She was barely interested before webcamming, but afterwards… she would message me all the time and couldn’t wait for my arrival. (In my book on online dating I talk about how I win girls over on webcam).

She wanted to meet me the day of my arrival and I let her. In person, she was just as hot as her pictures. This girl had a thin waist, legit ass and large breasts. It was a body type I didn’t see in Poland. I was a fan.

However, as I had learned from webcamming… this girl had one of the most depressing personalities I had ever encountered. It was by far the most depressing personality of a girl I had tried to seduce.

As she showed me around town, her depressing personality seemed like background noise as I stared at her beautiful face and imagined taking off her clothes to see that superb body.

I got to see more of  Bucharest. It’s actually pretty in particular parts, but overall I would still say it’s one of the ugliest cities I have ever seen. There is just no upkeep.

I got her back to my place. I went into autopilot. We started kissing. A bit later her shirt came off. Then her pants. Soon after her bra came off to expose a nice rack.

I was very horny at this point, but I couldn’t push any further. Even though we had spent a decent amount of time webcamming she still wasn’t going to give it up. I pushed again and again, but she wouldn’t budge. Another day I suppose.


Thinking about THE Romanian girls girl

I was in Romania, surrounded by hot women, but for some reason something was constantly on my mind… THE Polish girl. It had been just a week or so since I had taken her virginity and for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about her. The next few days passed quickly.

Something happened to me that hadn’t happened in a very long time. I had… no motivation to chase girls.

“What the fuck is this?”

“Who am I? I’m 20Nation… this shouldn’t be happening.”

Those thoughts about THE Polish girl turned into Facebook messages. Those Facebook messages turned into Facebook calls. The next thing I knew, I was spending at least 4 hours a day talking to THE Polish girl.

The craziest part, I was loving every minute of it. I had looked forward to going to Romania for so much time and now I was spending it talking to her. I would ask myself what I was doing, but it didn’t make a dent in my desire to talk to her.

I really had no more feelings to give to any other girls, this Polish girl was sucking them into her like a black hole. It made me particularly aloof with the super hot, super depressing girl. This, of course, only made her want me more.

“Let’s go for a walk.” She asked a few days later.

“I’m not in the mood right now.”


“Sorry, maybe some other time.” I responded.

“Well, let me come see you at least.”


Even with my feelings toward the Polish girl I couldn’t say no to this hot Romanian girl coming straight to my apartment.

When she arrived, it wasn’t like before… she was ready to please. 30 minutes later I was inside this smoking hot Romanian girl. Her form was stunning. Her skin was smooth, body was tight, tits were perky, as was big. Damn. Maybe I didn’t have anymore feelings to give, but I was still a man and we can very easily separate sex from emotions.

As sexy as this girl was, her personality was still difficult; depressing and complaining. I wasn’t “tender” enough she said. The sex was still great to me. But after that day, I had no desire to see her again. I would barely respond to her future messages.

“I wasn’t saying it was bad, I was just giving constructive criticism.”

Her messages fell on deaf ears. I just wasn’t interested, the black hole sucking in my feelings was very strong.


romanian girls

Hot beaches with hot… sand

The next few couple weeks flew by uneventfully. I met a couple friends. One from USA, like me, and the other from the UK. We decided to take a trip to the coast. It was summer and we had heard that everybody went to the Black Sea coast around that time.

The trip was a blast, but I didn’t do very well with women. The approaches I made were half assed and didn’t go anywhere. None of us had much luck. However, I have to say I loved the beach.

I know what you are thinking: “20, you have been all over the world and seen some of the best beaches in the world and you loved this beach on the Black Sea?” That’s right, I loved the beach because I loved the view… the view of the women that is.

As we walked down the beach I would see topless women everywhere. These topless women were not 40 and 50 year old women, they were 16 to 26 year old HOT women. My inner perv came out again as I would try not to get caught staring at the tits everywhere.

Even though nobody got laid in those couple of days, it was a fun trip with good guys.


romanian girls

Motivation to approach comes out of nowhere

We took the train ride back to Bucharest and as I was getting out of the train, I started up a conversation with an exchange student from Albania. She wasn’t super hot by any means, in fact she was barely bangable. Let’s call her a confidence approach. But everything went well and I got her number before we parted ways.

Then, as I was walking with the guy from UK with our suitcases, going to our apartments. I look to my left and see a HUGE rack on a nice looking body. Instinct took over and I asked her to help me find the closest Mcdonald’s. I made a couple jokes and she said she could show me where it is. As we walked to the Mcdonalds, I did my best not to stair at her boobs. Wow.

We arrived and I got her number without a problem. Finally, after over 2 weeks I finally had some action to report to you guys.


The date with Huge Tits

I messaged the girl with the huge rack and set up a date for the next day. Both the numbers I had gotten had seemed very excited to meet up again. I started to realize Romania is a day game country. I had little luck with online game (my comfort zone) and even less luck with night game. But day game seemed to be where it was at.

I met up with the girl with the huge rack the next day. Seeing her again, I was very happy. I hadn’t imagined that amazing rack. Unlike my first approach the day before, this girl was not at all just a confidence approach.

We went on a walk through the city. I found out she was one of the famed Romanian Cam Girls. It was surprising at first, but not after I thought about it for a minute. With a body like that and the culture to be naked all the time anyway, why wouldn’t she use what god gave her?

We went to a park and got in a peddle boat. Talked. I did my typical routine of teasing and stories of my adventures traveling the world. We spent the next few hours together before I was able to get her back to my place.

There was some LMR, but not too much. Taking off her bra and seeing her tits for the first time is a memory I remember VERY vividly and watching those huge tits bounce as she rode me, still sends my heart racing. What a rack. A good lay.

romanian cam girls tits

Her actual rack


The date with the Albanian girl

I had 1 day left in Romania before I would go to Ukraine. I honestly didn’t want to meet the Albanian girl, but I had had very little action to bring back to you guys here at STW and I felt like I needed another notch.

We met in the center of the city and 30 minutes later I got her back to my apartment. It was surprisingly easy. This girl seemed like she would do anything I asked.

I would give this girl’s face a 5/10. However, she was only 18 years old and had a nice looking body. Once she was in my apartment, my inner man took over and I kissed her.

She accepted my kiss, but something weird happened. Her kiss was strange. I recognized the response.

“Is this your first kiss?”

She blushed and nodded her head.

I looked at the girl again and I saw how innocent she really was.

She was in a place full of very attractive women, she was still very young and she had never had much attention from men.

She was very grateful for any bit of my attention. I saw how she looked at me, staring at me with eyes big and hopeful. This is a girl who is desperate for attention and wanting to fall in love.

To me, she was just a story for you guys. I couldn’t do it. I kissed her again and said that I’ll be leaving tomorrow, so she should be careful not to get feelings for me.

She had heard the news before and it didn’t affect her. She still wanted to kiss me. I started making out with her and my hands started wandering. As I ran my hands down her back, I started to realize the body that was on this girl. Passion came suddenly and my hands went to more sexual places.

I won’t go into more detail, but I’m about 95% sure I could have taken her virginity right there. And the truth… I wanted to, but I knew it would be a messed up thing to do. I fought off my desire and told her she should go, but that we would keep in contact.

She has now liked every single one of my photos on Facebook… and there are thousands. But I was happy… I did the right thing.


Romania was done, next stop Ukraine but one thing was still on my mind

In 3 weeks in Romania, I had only been with 2 girls. The 2 girls were very nice, but it was the worst I had ever done while traveling through dozens of countries. You may think that means Romania is not a good place to go for women, but it’s not true.

I had very little motivation, the lowest I ever remember having, while I was in Romania. Romanian women are hot. Some women have these dark features and bright green or blue eyes, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. There are plenty of legit stunners there and after day gaming I saw the potential of the country.

The problems with Romanian girls seem to be in their personalities. Romanians think their lives couldn’t be worse. I have never encountered more negative attitudes, anywhere else in the world. However, Romanians are still friendly and yes… stunningly beautiful.

This didn’t matter much. I spent the entire trip to Romania talking to THE Polish girl for at least 4 hours a day. I was getting one-itus and it felt good. I won’t lie, I had thoughts to stop my Eastern European tour, but I am still part of Swoop The World and I would continue swooping the world. Next stop Kiev, Ukraine.


Read about my time in Poland and THE Polish girl here.


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    1. You are right. Later on in the trip, I had to make a choice about that. I’ll write about it in a future article.

  1. hey 20,

    you brought up a good point about there being good looking men in this country (eg. harder competition).

    What country did you observe to have the least attractive men? (preferably euro countries but anywhere really) Coz those are the places I wanna go.

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Most of SEA (its a big reason foreigners do so well). But in Europe I would say probably Poland. Ukrainian men aren’t so good either, but Ukrainian women still are big fans of them (Having so many attractive women everywhere have given them an abundance mentality)

  2. Nice to hear about your Romanian trip and good luck in Ukraine! I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about THE Polish girl…

  3. That cam girl with the massive rack was like something out of a dream.

    I’d call the 8s and up from Romania that I’ve seen foxy due to the symmetrical faces, long silky feminine hair, sizeable breasts, great juicy yet athletic booties, and not being concentration camp thin but still more towards slender. “Foxy” is embodied in the girl in the 3rd pic down in this article who’s leaning back against the wall, with a yellow flag looking thing with her head turned to the left and her right hand cupping her left breast. I’m salivating at that girls face and body- definition of “foxy”.

    I still love blondes with blue or green eyes so based upon my description above of “foxy” which countries have you seen with many “foxy” blondes?

    1. Yes… she was.

      In my experience, that’s not a typical blonde body type. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to a place where the blondes are like that. In Scandinavian and baltic countries you will run into a couple like that, just not a high percentage.

    2. This blogs entertaining and most blondes are either tall amazon moose looking things or skinny with smaller tits. The blondes with a hot Brazilian type of body are the elite ones in the adult industry.

    3. Thanks Seth. And yeah, you are right. The typical blonde body type isn’t great. But there are the exceptions which are… exceptional 😉

  4. Hello, are you in Romania right now? I would love to meet up with you and a bunch of my friends. We can go partying and picking up bitches easily. Hit me up with a message if you’re still here.

  5. wow thats big of you not to ruin the innicent girl very admirable.
    better luck next time in romania an lookin forward to gear it.

    1. That was pretty cool how you handled that. It’s what many guys would think they could do but wouldn’t. Over all from this article I got the feeling you are now mixing up your travel a bit more and not feeling like you need to pressure yourself to get notches, and that seems pretty mature. It takes a certain confidence to not always feel the need to go for it and to simply do other worthwhile things as well… which keeps life more interesting.

    2. Yeah, as I mature I find myself doing that more and more. When I was younger it was about anything for the notch. Now it’s about the overall experience

    3. Every woman dreams of someone special for her first time, You didn’t do her any favor. She’ll still loose it so some young , broke yokkel, who wil get her pregnant and dump her.

  6. I have a couple questions. 🙂

    Out of the continents Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and North America which continent has the best looking girls on average? Can you rate the 5 continents from 1-5?
    Also, which country on each continent has the prettiest girls?

    I am Viet and I read what you wrote on us. Very interesting! 🙂

  7. I noticed that about Romanian girls also… they are often quite depressive. But there are plenty of dark haired lily white skinned cuties there, that’s for sure.

    Sometimes it’s good to slow things down and just enjoy the trip… and keep your mind on the special one.

  8. Aha this is very true about Romanian girls. I am one of them and yes our personalities are like that most of the time

    1. Why so depressed? And if even if the girls are morose, do they not respond to a more positive, fun-loving gringo from the West?

      However, I can let my Manic Depressive game swing to stronger D if girls respond more to men who are down, like they are.

  9. Dude are you sure about this article? I have seen thousands of romanian women in my life and they are average, in fact some of them are ugly.

    My friends have said that had a lot of success in Romania with women there.

    That polish girls took you a lot of energy it seems.

    1. Romanian girls are known to be fun and positive and strong (given the circumstances) probably met some bad examples. (Every country has them).but to put it as a general fact it’s not quite accurate.

  10. Dude are you sure about this article? I have seen thousands of romanian women in my life and they are average, in fact some of them are ugly.

    My friends have said that had a lot of success in Romania with women there.

    That polish girls took you a lot of energy it seems.

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  13. Great story about Romania! I found your post because I am headed there with my boyfriend. Wanted to see what we are getting ourselves in to… are Romanian girls friendly to other girls? Is there many bisexuals you think?

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