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swedish girls
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William Adams is a world traveller, game and culture writer from Sweden. Naturally he would be the perfect guy to write an article on Swedish girls and what they are like. Enjoy.
Much has been said about Sweden and its girls. On Return of Kings writers tend to focus more on feminism, multiculturalism and that things overall are heading in the wrong direction in the Nordic country in question.

Since I have lived in Sweden my entire life – apart from manifold trips and stays in almost 50 other countries – and see the girls in Stockholm every day, I can give a fairly broad and nuanced answer to the question how the Swedish girls are. I can also say something about the most appropriate methods to pick up girls in Scandinavia’s largest country, both population-wise and geographically.

The broad beauty bell curve
People might have heard about the bell curve, often linked to statistics on IQ scores. White males in particular tend to have a very broad bell curve: really unintelligent and intelligent men (80-130). White women are more clustered in the middle (90-115), although they have their super-smart fractions as well. A bell curve can also be used to explain the level of beauty within a particular country.

Some countries have a more narrow distribution of female beauty. For instance, most women in Sri Lanka are clustered somewhere between 2-6 points for looks. There are a few 7s and 8s but then I mean really few, whereas in Sweden there are of course not many 9s and 10s but you can at least find some of those, and there are a lot of 6s, 7s and 8s.

Sweden has a very large and wide variation – from the lowest to the highest and everything in between. So expect a lot of ugly and average girls, some of which are fat, pretty much everywhere, including towns and really small cities, but the largest share of the really good-looking ones are clustered in Stockholm, specifically around Östermalm and at the more competitive universities and institions like Uppsala, Lund, Karolinska institutet and Handelshögskolan. I am not saying that all girls are pretty there – far from it – just that they tend to show up at those relatively high-status locations. You could also try Gotland or Båstad during particular summer weeks (Stockholmsveckan or Tennisveckan), but expect fierce male competition. Pretty low ROI.

swedish girls

swedish girls


How mass immigration and multiculturalism affect the sexual marketplace
Like many may have heard of, Sweden has accepted a lot of economic migrants refugees from all around the world, especially South America, Africa and the Middle East. Too bad many of these are males – numbers show that for every 100,000 females there are 125,000 males. This number is largely driven by economic migrants from Africa and so-called unaccompanied refugee children from Afghanistan that have come during the least years.

Sure many of these guys are no competition, since they have poor private economy, low education, and do not look good at all, but some exotic guys are really handsome and girls might sometimes prefer them for whatever reason. Since there are so many different nationalities there is no novelty factor whatsoever any longer: girls have seen it all, at least in cities like Stockholm, Göteborg, and Malmö, but also in smaller places.



swedish girls

As for girls there are a lot of variation and you may find many who look typically Nordic, but also Latinas, Arabs, Africans, East Asians, as well as those who originate from other parts of Europe (Poland, Russia, Finland, Balkan, etc).

That is a good thing and over the years I have dated girls from pretty much all of these regions. Of course Scandinavian-looking such dominate, but if you are open for different types of females you could find many foreign ones as well. Likely some of them are a bit more traditional and feminine, or have not at least internalized contemporary feminism to the same extent.

Game and fruitful locations
Like I have stressed before, being open for different types of game are almost always to a guy’s advantage. Hence use all main kinds of game.

However, be aware of that night game does not really exist in smaller places (or they do only have one bar or club to go to), and there are much less options when it comes to online game. In that regard the bigger places like Stockholm and Göteborg are definitely preferable. Unfortunately I am afraid that dating websites and apps are becoming worse; still an app like Maybe might work, and there is always Tinder, but don’t expect high-quality girls meeting you. Between 2011-2016 I used a website called Happy Pancake, which was far from perfect was for free and a decent number of attractive single girls, but it has become much worse. Match is more for “serious” dating, but expect at lesst 10 thirsty betas for every average or good-looking gal.

Therefore I think that as far as smaller towns/cities are options, look out for specific events like Dansbandsveckan in Malung. Or go visit a medium-sized city like Karlstad, Gävle or Sundsvall in summer, since local girls tend to be more responsive to non-local guys (and well, guys in general) during the warmer months, June-August. June is generally a great month in both Stockholm and smaller places. Many are looking for a bang flirt or two, whether through social circle game, online game or night game.

Regarding social circle game, one should notice that it is hard to penetrate social circles at many places around the world. Sweden is no different. Thus try to find circles that are more easily penetrated – both literally and metaphoricallly speaking – since they are linked to universities or other more international contexts.

One of the best ways to go is to be involved in the bar and dinners events at a specific University, regardless of geographic location (Uppsala, Lund, Linköping, Karlstad, Örebro, Umeå, Dalarna etc). Obviously that is easier if you are a student there, but often you can just show up and be involved. Try to find a course to study if you are not a real full-time student and sign up for to work at some event. Try to climb the social ladder as far and fast as possible, since that will give you easier access to a large pool both native and non-native girls.

swedish women

For instance, a friend of mine from Iran, scored over 100 girls (mostly international students) in one year, but he looked good and had strong social and verbal abilities. Looks, condidence, and social skills are always good to have, but once you have a little bit of that other things matter more. But to just be an unprofessional bartender is better than nothing.

A second option would be to visit some language café/course at a university. In that regard Stockholm is almost as good as those universities which are located in smaller cities.

In summary
Sweden and its women has pros and cons, but given that you look at least okay and have normal social skills – if you know where to go and use appropriate methods you may find many girls to sleep with, both of native and non-native origin.


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My pen name is William Adams. I have just registrered on the forum. Please refer/link to http://www.returnofkings.com/author/williamadams and my website https://syncreticpolitics.wordpress.com/

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  • pabo

    The “bell curve” is academic nonsense when applied to vague concepts such as “intelligence” or “beauty”.

    It is a product of so-called “social scientists” and economists trying to make their theories sound more rational and scientific.

    Universities have taught us to see bell curves everywhere but they only apply to situations that have a set of specific results such as the roll of a dice or the flip of a coin.

    • Daniel

      I completely agree. Beauty and intelligence are so subjective putting the on a bell curve ignores the fact that 10 guys might not agree who who is the most beautiful woman and a guy with a high iq might not be able to figure out how to change a tire or may struggle with basic math. Bell curves are better reserved for things that are fairly objectively measured like a test which can only be scored 0-100 no matter who takes it.

      FWIW I think how we view beauty tends to be heavily slanted towards what we see on tv, cultural norms and who gives us the most attention. For example, I’m pretty sure if you take 3 good looking filipinas and line them up next to 3 average looking white chicks, you’ll have no shortage of nice looking filipinas who rank the white women higher for no other reason than media and cultural influences.

    • pabo

      Yeah, that is really strange to me. The same thing in Latin America where not-so-good-looking women get extra points just for skin color, hair color, and eye color.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Wrong. The Bell Curve he is referencing is a very famous book about IQ studies, and is spot on accurate on that topic. The writer was saying we could also make bell curves in regards to looks, and we can because standards of beauty are generally agreed upon world-wide. There is no “subjectivity” involved… that is cuck beta talk. Man up and up your game instead of making excuses by hiding behind exceptions to rules.

    • pabo

      Wrong. The Bell Curve is a famous book written by Bachelor of Arts degree holders and because of that book we now have articles like this that talk about bell curves where none exist…not just in academic journals.

      Perhaps there is some merit to the concepts in that book, however, it does NOT change the fact the authors are finding bell curves where none exist…like their fellow Bachelor of Arts degree holders are wont to do.

      In order to make their theories sound more rational and scientific, social “scientists” like the authors of “The Bell Curve” incorporate concepts into their theories such as normal distributions (bell curves) where those concepts do not apply. These academics also write complicated formulas into their theories as if human behavior could described by an equation.

      It’s like trying to find triangles in nature.
      Bell curves (normal distributions) ONLY apply to situations with a specific set of determinable results.

      We need to man up and stop accepting and parroting everything academics tell us.

    • William Adams

      The Bell Curve is written by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein, which both have doctoral degrees. I agree that they the social sciences incorporate such concepts much less rigorously than in STEM. However, this concerns numbers and statistics, and in that regard one may identify different distributions among the two sexes and populations

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Lies. You even mixed up the fact that the book ‘The Bell Curve’ is about IQ, not beauty standards.

    • pabo

      Non sequitur. Normal distributions (bell curves) never apply to IQ test results, intelligence, or beauty…despite what Bachelor of Arts/Ph.D academics claim.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Lol..! It’s funny when people try to sounds smart but they don’t realize they are talking to truly smart people.

    • pabo

      “beauty standards are generally agreed upon world-wide.”

      Yes, “generally” but not precisely…therefore normal distributions (bell curves) do not apply.

      “There is no “subjectively” involved”

      No subjectivity? Really? In determining “beauty” there is a large amount of “subjectivity” involved among different cultures and individual life experiences. It is very subjective.

      Your “10” could very well be my “7”.

    • William Adams

      Beauty ideals and standards are neither entirely objective nor subjective, but somewhere in between. Men prefer a 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio and symmetrical facial features. Both are good signs of health and fertility. Women prefer taller, athletic men with tighter waists, broad shoulders, and symmetrical facial features. Later studies indicate that women also look at men’s hair.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Your comment holds no logic. They are called ‘standards’ because they are standard. You are talking nonsense.

    • pabo

      Your comment “holds” circular logic.
      Standards are subjective.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      You are just trying to justify the fact that you can’t get decent looking females. Be honest. You take what ever you can get and try to fool yourself into thinking they look decent. Everybody reading these comments knows it too. There have been a great many studies on what is beautiful, for example, and the results were show to be the same across all groups where ever they were from. The preferences regarding who is attracted to whom have been shown is data leaked from dating websites too. There is nothing subjective about it.

    • pabo

      Ha ha… Nice ad hominem attack.

  • splooge

    ya its wide varietions there from bums to bombs.
    ya sri lanka is the cleaniest nation in south asia and probably has best talent in the region which is pretty weak….
    Well for the refugees they are just foreign men like us ready to have fun.B ut is anyone here really surprised that only men were strong enough to cross deserts jungles,scale mountains, survive bandits guerilla fighters and terrorists only to cross the sea to make it? Like women,children and seniors cant do that . Hell the typical soy boy here would die even crossing.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      “survive bandits guerilla fighters and terrorists” It takes one to survive one…

  • Theres like 3 must see places for women i havent seen. This is one of them. Nice post

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      It’s over-rated in terms of bang for buck… lol… it takes a lot of work…

  • Colombia has the best sexy one