STW Future Plans: Middle East, Asia, My Book, Pod Cast, Member’s Area and Forum

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STW Future Plans: Middle East, Asia, My Book, Pod Cast, Member’s Area and Forum


THC and I are planning an exciting future for Swoop the World. We are looking at more real content that can help our readers live through us even more. I’m in Ukraine at the moment with little time for some of the hottest women on the planet because I want to make SwoopTheWorld better. I want you, the reader, to give feedback so we know exactly what you want. But first an update on my book.


My Book on South East Asia

I  had originally planned to publish the book on September first. However, the book is already nearly twice as long as I originally planned. It didn’t feel right to rush my stories, so the publication date will probably be another two weeks. I’m at the final two weeks of the trip, but I also have to do a final chapter and a lot of editing. I would say the publication date should be around September 15th.


My first time in the Middle East

This fall, I’ll be taking my first trip to the middle east. I’m going to visit Turkey and Egypt. I have no idea what the women will be like, but it will be fun to find out. I also can’t wait for the tourism aspect and being immersed in a new culture.


Back to Asia

Writing this book has made it impossible for me not to miss Asia. So, after my time in the Middle East I’ll be meeting up with THC and traveling all over Asia. We’ll be going to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. It will be an epic trip and afterwards I’m planning to go to Dubai and Italy, before returning to my son in Dominican Republic.




THC and I have been thinking about doing a some podcasts together. We would discuss Swoop The World topics over a drink. If that’s something you guys are interested in, let us know by emailing us at or leaving a comment below.


Member’s Area

The member’s area is completely finished, but we are still looking into the legal aspects. We would like to be able to include nudity, but we have to make sure we won’t be breaking any laws in the process. It will go up as soon as we get all that figured out.


A Possible Forum

We are also thinking about starting a Swoop The World forum. We have had quite a few requests for it. The problem with a forum is that it requires a lot of upkeep and active members. We would also have to make sure it doesn’t go from having tons of valuable to information to a fictional writing forum.

In the forum we could do data sheet that would let readers know: what part of the city to stay in, what the best nightlife options are, what the best day game spots are, what websites are best for online dating, what the women are like, how to seduce them, etc.

We would also have a section where you could plan trips and meetup with other SwoopTheWorld readers.

If this is something you want Swoop to do, let us know by emailing us at or leaving a comment below.

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  • 10 Nation

    20, Turkey is Europe and Egypt is North Africa so none of them are actually Middle East. Never mind though.
    Definitely interested in a forum where we can hook up with travel partners to make the game more interesting.
    I’m sure a huge chunk of your audience is gonna be Asian men including Indian like I am. So any tips for Indian men on how to score well. I bet brown people have a lot harder time than the white guys.

    • Middle East
      Also called Mideast. (loosely) the area from Libya E to Afghanistan, usually including Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the other countries of the Arabian peninsula

      Taken from and Turkey is a Eurasian country. Only 3% of the country is actually in Europe.

      Sometimes I make mistakes, but this is not one of those times.

      But thanks for the input on the other things.

    • Asado Independiente

      Yeah you didnt make any mistake, Turkey is not a European country. Although they play football in the UEFA, but so does Israel. So what, Same with Egypt Middle East.

  • splooge

    sorry couldn’t find the one with polish girls in egypt getting gigalos.

    Roosh was down in Turkey,being foreign actually works against you. When they thought he was turkish the game was going better, till they find out hes american. Worth noting the men will cockblock hard there, even violently. Like one guy got stabbed.

    And naughytnomad said the egyptian girls arent good looking since fat girls are the preference there. Like I heard for every fat guy there theres like 2 or 3 fat girls there.
    Really its better to game for other tourists….Honestly going to a hard game environment, argentina woulda been better.

    honestly go balls out till they cramp in south east asia and just do something else there.

    • That video is pretty gross. But pretty sure they are the lowest class of British society.

      Roosh went to the tourist islands. I’m not going to turkey to stay at some resort, i’ll be in the real part of the country. I’m not sure it will make a difference, but traveling anywhere, if you go to a tourist area, then being a tourist works against you.

      Egypt… yeah. I don’t have high hopes for women there, but I’ve wanted to see the pyramids since i was 5 years old.

      Women or not, they will be cool trips I think.

  • Wes

    Hi 20, it is my pleasure to hear that you re coming to Turkey, to my country. I am living in Istanbul and a loyal reader of your posts since long time. I will be glad to guide you in any possible way you would need to. Please text me in private.

    • Yeah it would be cool to meet up. I’ll let you know when I arrive.

  • jazz

    Forum would be great. From experience I can recommend to not to waste too much time on seducing local muslim women, they are too traditional and not open to mix with foreigners. Rather enjoy the other things those countries have to offer

    • Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot. But it kind of makes me want to try harder, just because of the repuation. If I can get laid even once in each country, it will feel like a success. If not… well that’s life 😉

    • jazz

      Also the fact that many unmarried women are virgins, so they don’t have much experience in kissing or sex. But of course, you should try, to feel it out. It’s not impossible, but very low ROI. But Egypt is a way more traditional than for example Tunisia or Libanon.

    • it will be an adventure either way. part of what makes adventures fun is failing sometimes. 😉

    • splooge

      if youre hell bent on getting a flag think hitting up a liberal college will do the trick

    • yeah I tindered the location and it seems there are some liberal girls. I think it’s a small percentage, but if I focus on them i might be good

  • Cecil J

    I suspect Shenzen (just right outside of Hong Kong) is good for talent looking at the Chinese women’s profiles on

    No one ever talks about Chinese women but I think they’re feminine and have big tits and age well.

    Forums can turn into bitch and criticize fests. I’d say make it its culture like your writing style vibe- open, intelligent, straigh forward, respectful, and civil.

    Don’t rush the book- if you don’t think it’s ready, it’s not ready.

    I’d be curious to know what’s the oldest age of guys you’ve seen pulling on their own (not p4p) of good looking girls in EE, LA, and SEA.

    • Cecil… you had me at big tits ;). I may have to look into spending some time in Shenzen.

      Good advice on the forums. So you think it would be worth it?

      In my book I write about a 65 year old guy with a 20 year old girlfriend i met. She was from a small village, she may have depended on him for support, but she wasn’t a prostitute.

    • Cecil J

      No doubt man. Big tits are my no.1 fetish. Check out some of those profiles on love those Shenzen chicks are bad ass. I even looked at the p4p scene online in Hong Kong out of curious organs was impressed with the big rack girls there. No one ever talks about China in the red pill/game World either.

      Forums can or can not suck ass-mainly because of petty drama. I think you guys will run a good one though.

      Id guess that 60yo guy was in the Phils but what about Latine America and EE?

      As much as I hate today’s spoiled, militant, feminist American women-I’ll be at this till I’m old. I just wanted to hear some positive street level examples in the Latin and Slavic World.

    • A fellow member of the boob man brotherhood ;). The only thing is i’m not planning on seeing china this trip. it’s like a 300$ visa i believe. I see that the city is right next to hongkong do you know if it’s possible to pipeline and get them to come to hong kong?

      he was phil. I’ve seen some in LA and EE. but in my experience the ones in EE were getting played much more often than anywhere else.

      I could be in the same boat. with the exception of a few girls in the hundreds of hundreds i’ve been with… just not girls I could spend a lot of time with.

    • Asado Independiente

      You can go to several big cities in China Visa free for about 72 hours, if you have an onward ticket. Or you can cross from Hongkong for 5 days to Shenzhen by land transport (not sure though if Americans can) Shanghai now even has 144 hours free transit stay. For pipelining use Wechat, it is a must for China.

    • If americans could pass 5 days visa free it would be perfect. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks

    • Brianmark

      Cecil, loveme and the P4P sites are using models. Most Chinese chicks have small boobs and are not attractive. Sorry.

      Older guys can get younger girls if they look young and look good. A thick wallet helps too.

  • Irish

    Being based in Singapore and having traveled a fair bit around SEA, I am particularly interested in reading your book on SE Asia to see how your thoughts compare on the region

    Hopefully, if we get the chance, it would be good to meet up for a beer whenever you guys are back over in these parts

    • Yeah, it would be cool to get a beer some time and get your thoughts on SEA as well. Should be there around January

  • ml

    Hi 20
    i’m so stocked you can travel that much. can u explain where the money’s from, I understand you sell ebooks, but is it the only origin?

    awesome blog by the way, cheers from France

    • From the books and the website, but i don’t make enough to cover all of it. I’m also currently living in Ukraine, which is one of the cheapest places in the world to live decently. So i’m basically in save mode. I also am smart with money. I try to spend it on the most important things.

      All that being said, unless my book blows up, I’ll probably have to return to usa and work after this trip.

      Thanks ml

    • ml

      Ok, sounds more realistic !

      can u explain brievly what you mean like “from the website” please ?
      I ask cuz I’d like to make that kind of blog next year…there are a lot of travel&game blogs in english but not in french I feel

      Another note about STW : I don’t find some articles about your game to get that high ratio (fuck close/1st date) , can u figured out ?

      last question : in your opinion, what are the countries in Europe and SEA where travelling and gaming are not interesting so we can skip them ?

      thanks 20 , enjoy your trips

    • the info about the website is pretty valuable and it’s actually part of how I make money, teaching it to guys who want to learn on a skype consult.

      most of it has to do with the content written in my game books

      I don’t know if there is a country you should specificaly skip. Because its so easy to bounce around, maybe the girls wont be great in a specific place but the country will most likely have some awesome things about it. Europe is a cool place.

  • Phong Bá

    Hi from SEA
    We are all welcomed for you guys to come back, especially Vietnam, my motherland and Hanoi, my home city.
    Btw, it would be more than happy for me to get information about the way you earn, manage money and save it up to travel that much! in a book, podcast or newsletter.
    Good to hear from you

    • Thanks Phong. That info though is part of how we make more money. It’s valuable information and I usually teach it in consultations.

  • Jon

    A couple of years ago I asked someone if I could get into much trouble for posting naked pictures of women in forums. The answer was that it largely depends on the woman and where she’s from. The guy told me that I could be sued but she would have to prove that the image being online did some damage to her and possibly counter any claims I made about getting permission to post the image. The guy said that for most chicks you’re fine as long as you blur tattoos and black out the eyes (which I think looks creepy). He told me he largely does what he wants but mainly because of the caliber of women he was dealing with.

    IIRC, if you can get a girl on video to say she’s cool with you showing it to the world or if you film in public you’re good to do whatever with the footage. The only caveat was countries and states that have laws giving people a certain right to have their image broadcast just because they were in public.

    FWIW I don’t really see much value in posting nudes of women you’ve been with. Most chicks post enough pictures on facebook and instagram these days that you’re probably better off pointing people towards those or just posting some pg-13 shots. On the topic of a forum I personally don’t think I’d get much value out of it since a lot of times forums turn into massive arguments. I think it would be cool if you guys let members vote on topics for articles or maybe selected random members to coach publicly.

    • Hmmm some really good advice here. Yeah we have always covered faces and tatoos. Even necklesses etc. We have also talked about only using pg13 like you are saying. Girls in panties etc. No real nudity but you can basically see their bodies etc.

      thanks for the reply

    • prepz

      Here’s my experience as a very short-lived fetish porn producer. If you’re dealing with nude pics on sites here you’re going to have to deal with the 2257 compliance issues, aka the Tracy Lords law. If you’ve ever visited a porn site, which I dough (cough, cough), then you’ve seen a 2257 notice somewhere on the webpages of the site. Covering faces to protect the “innocent,” (cough, cough, cough), isn’t going to protect you if some state or federal prosecutor decides to make an issue of your nudie pics because some SJW protests the misogynistic content on STW.

      If the pics are considered covered content under the law, then you must keep records of models in pics with a custodian at a published address for inspection upon request. It’s advertised intent is to protect underage kids. But, like many other laws, it’s become a tool of control.

      You really should consult with an attorney with your plans and make sure you’re not running afoul of any US laws. Now, if your servers and content of offshore, then you may be more concerned with that country’s laws and need to consult with an attorney there.

      Lemme know if you need a US contact. My attorney has represented some big players in the biz for many years.

    • Klaus

      Naaaw, cmon man, haha as strong as an argument as that may be, i still dont think that pg 13 pics will ever substitute nudes, I guess maybe you could post both these kinds of pictures, but nudes should definitely have the upper hand here, hence the member only area, this factor is probably the biggest advantage of paying for a membership, but thats just me.

    • I would really like to, but I also don’t want to be breaking any laws.

  • Klaus

    I would love to have a forum! It would be amazing specially since you have have visited like half the world, it would be fantastic for data sheets for example. Also about the members area I dont think you would have any major problems as long as you dont let any women become members, actually it would be a good idea to forbid women all together, it would be a great way to avoid feminist BS and possible lawsuits. Again how much do you plan to charge for the members area? To be honest for me I would prefer to be able to buy a lifetime membership instead of having a monthly fee, it would be amazing if you could make that possible! About podcasts… I think its a good idea but i dont see many people really willing to just hear audio these days… I think maybe if you could make videos on chat format then maybe it would be much better, since you would be able to put up photos of what youre talking about in the video as well, it would be a great multimedia possibility, and would make it much more interesting. FUCKKK I WANT THE MEMBERS AREAAA ahahahah. Oh by the way, I’m living in Curitiba in Brazil, I could help as well with data sheets if needed be 🙂
    Hope to have helped with my opinions here!

    • yeah we will get this stuff going. Right now I am still working on my book, but right when it’s done I’m thinking I will add the forum. I want to add it when I can help to get it active. I would appreciate any data sheets you could add.

  • Baimu

    Guys, you really have to give a try at Taiwan as well. That’s probably the best north east Asian country to score hard. Online game alone gave me plenty of action. If you add night game and Line collecting by day, I think you can hit some records. It’s stilll a hidden gem for now 😉

    • I have heard good things about Taiwan too. Maybe I’ll have to look for a way to add it into my plans. Thanks for the advice

  • Asado Independiente

    Will you be going to Africa someday ? I am into black ladies and will go there in the next years. Kenya, Ghana dont know yet, there isnt much info on the net.

    • We have been disussing a trip to africa. On the newsletter I asked where people wanted me to travel and the most common response was Africa. I’ll have to get serious about the trip.

  • Asado Independiente

    I dont know why Bob Dylan got the Literature nobel prize this year, he is as SINGER not a writer, thats a slap in the face of every writer, I think swooptheworld deserved it more to win the prize

  • Alex Fraser

    Make a podcast. Id listen to it