Start Your Own Travel or Game Blog in 20 Minutes

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start your own travel or game blog

Start Your Own Travel or Game Blog in 20 Minutes

The 20 in front of my name means a lot of things to me, but another thing it represents is how fast you can start your own blog and start changing your life and taking the right steps towards making a location independent income.

Here at SwoopTheWorld, we absolutely support our readers starting their own blogs. Swoop The World is a big reason why I am able to travel the world and, with time, your blog could become your primary source of income. These days you don’t need to be a tech genius or have a lot of money to blow, you just have to be willing to pay $3.95 a month.

I won’t lie… I enjoy that every move I make on my trips are read by thousands of people. It gives me motivation on my trips and I also have this feeling that you guys are right there along side me. Blogging is a very rewarding way to live and make money and I think more people should be doing it, so that’s why I am showing you how to start your own travel or game blog in 4 easy steps.

Follow these steps now and start your own blog!


4 simple steps to get your blog up and running in just 20 minutes

  • 1. Choose your domain name
  • 2. Getting Hosting
  • 3. Install WordPress
  • 4. Choose your theme
  • Now you are ready to start blogging!


Step 1: Choosing your domain name

The first thing you have to do is choose a domain name. You can check to see if the domain is available in the screen below by the same hosting company from this guide.

The name is important, but honestly… if you look at the most successful bloggers, you will notice that their names aren’t that great. What sets these guys apart is their content and consistent posts. In blogging, content is king.

So go and try for a domain that you like. is good because it’s memorable and describes us.

start your own travel or game blog


Step 2: Getting Hosting

The next thing you need to do to start your own travel or game blog is get hosting. I recommend to use BlueHost; they are an affiliate of Swoop and they have the cheapest prices around at $3.95 a month. I will be using BlueHost in the photo examples as I go through this step by step guide.

I would suggest the starter plan. It’s honestly all you will need. It is also paid all at once instead of monthly. This will save you quiet a bit of money and, most importantly, you are not just making a half ass try at starting an independent income, you are literally investing in this idea.

I remember reading a study a while back that in college sports, two players of the same ability were treated completely different. Why? Because one is a walk-on and the other was given a scholarship by the coach. When having to choose a starting spot between two players of similar skill, the coaches choose the scholarship athlete 99% of the time because they made an investment in him.

Investing is a deeply rooted psychological behavior and you can actually use it to help you achieve your goals. If you are serious about wanting an independent income, the starter will be the best choice.


As most of you know, we at SwoopTheWorld prefer to remain anonymous. To help that out, a good idea is to purchase WhoIS domain privacy protection so people can’t look up your name and address.


Step 3: Installing WordPress

Once you are finished getting the hosting, it’s time to get your blogging software.

The first thing you must do is login to BlueHost and find the Website Builders section.

Select the first option: WordPress. It’s what we use here at Swoop and it’s the best and most professional looking out there that’s not called “hiring a professional to program it from scratch.” It’s also very simple to install and use.zz-bluehost3


On the next page click Install in the “Do it yourself (FREE)” section.


Click the “Check Domain” button.


Check the terms and conditions box and then click the “Install Now” button.



You will get a message saying “Your install is complete!”. From there you should click on the “View Credentials” button and write down your Admin URL, Username, and Password. Later you can change these to something easy to remember, but for now you will need them to log in.


Next find your Admin URL and copy and paste it into your web browser. A login screen will pop up. Enter your username and password that you saved from before.


Step 4: Choosing your theme

You now officially have your own blog! All you have to do now is choose the right theme. At SwoopTheWorld we are using a paid theme, but there are thousands of options and you can choose one that looks perfect for how you imagined your blog.  It will take you to a screen where you can see all the different themes in detail and you can just choose the one you like.

Bam! You now have your own travel or game blog and it’s time to start writing.


Let us know about your website!

Once you get your blog going and have some decent content, let us know. We don’t mind helping new promising bloggers get traffic and letting them do guest posts. If you are a supporter of SwoopTheWorld, we are a supporter of you. We just ask that your blog has something to do with adventure, game, women or The Manosphere and that the writing is decent.

You can contact us at


Get started on your website now!

It’s time to take control of your life and start an independent income. Click here to get started and read again to follow the step by step process to get you your blog in just 20 minutes.


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  • Cedric Roggins

    Intelligent and smooth as usual but most guys don’t have the writing or communication levels like a Roosh or 20 man. I’d love to make 2k/month from the Internet as where I live in th South sucks so bad Id rather camp out on a beach and pan handle for food in Bali.

    Btw- is it doable for a disillusioned Westerner to sleep on the beach in SEA or Colombia or even EE coastal areas like Romania or will you starve to death with no $ or likely be put in jail for being a vagrant?

    • Thanks cedric. Honestly though there are a lot of things you can do if you can’t write. Like make videos. These days that might even be a better way to go. A video blog will always do well.

      I don’t think it’s a good idea to not have any money in these poor countries. These are the type of places that are amazing if you have some money, but are terrible if you need to make money.

    • Cedric Roggins

      Yeah some $$$ is really a prerequisite for any kind of game.

      20 you are an intelligent dude man- my guess is you grew up Mormon as its hard to find a dummy in their cohort.

      Dude I’m surprised you haven’t locked yourself away in an affordable to live commerce hub like Chaing Mai and went balls to walls on gettin that paper like Dan Kennedy, John Reese, Frank Kern, Tony Robbins etc.

    • haha it’s a good guess. I don’t want to have to lock myself away though, I just love going to new places. It keeps my life interesting and exciti9ng.

    • Invictus8


      While the mechanics of setting up a blog are simple enough, how do you put up stuff people want to see? You start traveling and gaming, then writing about your experience wherever you’ve gone? Then, how do you monetize this, with affiliate links?

  • Most important part – have VALUE to write about.

  • I’m trying LOL.
    shit happens and I let life get in the way etc.. blah blah.
    I’m making it a habit to write daily and create content. I’ll get the blog rolling again LOL.

    • Yeah have to keep the habit going

  • Will

    20 N
    It would be cool to see one on good sex position techniques, how to maximize your techniques in the bed room (best moves for differen sizes and lengths), and even cunnilingus moves and better foreplay ideas.

    And by race which countries have had women who are better lays (ie best sex with Latinas in Colombia, white girls its Poland, best Asian girls Indonesia etc)?

    • I have actually thought about a post like that and will probably be doing something in the future.

      And I have not noticed anything by race. Because basically it comes down to experience. I will say, maybe countries where the women are better dancers end up being better in bed.

  • Tarleton Dewe

    even I want to do something like this for my country India but first I have to learn the game.Do you think brown man whose avg height is 5.7 has any chances in EE countries??

    • of course has a chance. There are easier places though. But if you want white women it’s your best chance

  • Brad

    Hey 20 this is a short report I wrote. Would this sort of report be welcome in your Travel seduction subreddit?

  • Skeelo

    Hola 20! Since being anonymous is an important factor, which type of paypal account do you use for consulting to stay anonymous? I think the only option is having a business account where only the business name is shown instead of your real name. Thank you for any input in advance!

    • All you have to do is use a fake name.