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WhiteKnightRises is a guy I met in the Philippines. He’s legit and a cool guy. We still keep in touch. Today he’s written a guest article about why Southeast Asia is the easiest place to get laid in the world and how you can use this information to your advantage with girls and life. Enjoy.



Towards the end of 2015, I went to Thailand for the first time. I didn’t really know what to expect – I had only been to a few 3rd world countries before that (Cuba, Mexico, and Nicaragua) and it was going to be my first time in Southeast Asia. To be honest, the only real images of Thailand I had were Hangover 2 (I think I watched it right before going) and Zyzz dying in a Thai sauna.

When I got there, I couldn’t believe how I was received by the female population. I more or less felt like an instant celebrity. While I did know that it was supposed to be easy to get laid in Thailand, it was even easier than I had thought. I had random girls coming up to me, waitresses hitting on me, and so on (granted, I’m not ugly-looking and I’m also a light-skinned Asian – Korean – but those are topics for another time).

As an Asian who grew up in the United States (Asians generally don’t get much love in the US), the attention I got (and the bangs I got) were pretty mind-blowing to say the least. However, why is Southeast Asia the easiest place to get laid in the world?

Lack of Competition

One thing that really stuck out to me during my time in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam was that there was really no competition from the local guys. Coming from the NYC area and even Korea, where I was living at the time when I took my first Thailand trip, it was interesting to see how no guys approached at the club in Thailand. Not to mention the fact that many “guys” were either gay or ladyboys.

Guys can attribute their success with the ladies in Southeast Asia to “game”*, but really, the lack of competition is what makes Southeast Asia the easiest place in the world to get laid. Unless you are gay, a ladyboy, or live in a shack, you will probably do much better with girls in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries if you are coming from a country like the United States.

* I’ve heard of PUA/Manosphere bloggers that have written books on how to get laid in the Philippines. I’d be more surprised if someone was able to write a book on how to NOT get laid in the Philippines (pretty much impossible – you have serious issues if you can’t get laid in the Philippines or in Southeast Asia in general).

Even to this day, I get messages out of nowhere from girls I haven’t talked to in close to a year:

I really didn’t do anything special except have sex with this girl ~2-3 times.

Yes, I actually banged.

Another example – while this girl wasn’t super hot or anything, I can’t remember an instance where a random girl in the US sent me an unsolicited, half-naked picture.

I doubt that things like that would happen if I had more competition in countries like Thailand. Instead, a lot of girls will fuck foreign guys since there aren’t really a lot of guys to choose from in Southeast Asia.

Lots of Competition – The West, a Contrasting Example

The same way that it’s easy to get laid in Southeast Asia because there’s no competition, it’s harder to get laid in Western countries like the USA because there is a lot of competition. Of course, there are a myriad of other factors involved, but this is the main one.

In Southeast Asia, you are competing with gays and ladyboys (aka no competition). In a place like New York City, you are competing with models, frat stars, rich guys (finance, tech, CEOs, trust fund babies, etc.), famous promoters, famous DJs, and so on… and of course, guys who actually approach girls!

This competition is made even more fierce thanks to the fact that most people in the United States are fat or even obese.

In Southeast Asia, male competition is effectively eliminated because a lot of guys are gay or ladyboys, which makes it easier for you to have sex with girls. In the US, female supply (bangable girls) is effectively eliminated by the obesity epidemic, which, along with increased male competition for the few bangable girls that remain, makes it harder for you to have sex with girls unless you like fat girls.

One night after a music festival, I jumped on an Asian dating app because I wanted some easy pussy (Asian girls in the US that go for Asian guys love me – less Asian male competition since most Asians in America are “beta”). I started messaging girls and this girl, who wouldn’t get much attention in Asia (not attractive by most Asians’ standards), asked me how tall I was, which I thought was funny because she had “standards” as a below-average girl (not trying to be mean – you would honestly never see that in Asia). I attribute this to the dynamic we are talking about – increased male competition in the US as well as less bangable girls due to obesity, both of which contribute to a “buyer’s market” for females in America.

The girl

This is what below-average girls in other countries (more female supply since there isn’t obesity and less male competition because guys aren’t as thirsty or competitive in terms of looks, money, status, and so on) are like:

I was trying to practice my Spanish with people through a language exchange site and this girl invited me to stay with her, telling me that she wouldn’t charge me for my stay, that she lived alone, and that we could sleep in the same room (aka we could fuck).

If you’re one of those people that has never left the US and still don’t believe what I’m saying, set your Tinder to some place in Southeast Asia like Bangkok, Thailand; Manila, Philippines; or Jakarta, Indonesia and watch the matches and messages flood your inbox (assuming that you’re at least average in looks and your pictures aren’t terrible). Personally, when compared to using Tinder in the USA (with the same pics), I have messages out the ass when I’m swiping in Southeast Asia. In fact, I almost feel like a hot girl – it’s hard to keep up with messages and keep track of who’s who. If I wanted to respond to everyone who messaged me since my last logon, it would probably take me a good 15-20 minutes (or more) each time.

“Getting laid is like a job. You put in work and get paid in pussy. In
Southeast Asia, you get paid well; in the USA, it’s like working at McDonald’s”. –

Note: if you don’t want to pay for Tinder Plus to change your location, check out this trick to get Tinder for free (works on Android).

How to Use This Information to Your Advantage

Now that you know why Southeast Asia is the easiest place in the world to get laid (maybe it was already obvious) and why places like the United States (in comparison) are more difficult to get laid, here’s how to use that information to your advantage for banging girls and making money as well as connections.

For Girls

For girls, you can take advantage of the fact that it’s easy to get laid in Southeast Asia because of a lack of competition in many ways.

For example, if you are struggling with the ladies wherever you are, you can obviously take a trip to Southeast Asia and get a lot of pussy. I guarantee that doing so will be a much better use of your time and money than doing something like taking a PUA bootcamp (and probably not getting any pussy).

Other than the obvious benefit of getting a lot of pussy that you might not be used to getting, taking a trip to Southeast Asia (and getting laid as an inexperienced or struggling guy when it comes to girls) will spillover into your sex life back home.

20Nation said this when he and I were talking about this topic and I agree – there is a sort of confidence that you get when you’ve banged a lot of girls. This confidence will help you bang more girls and do other things in life as sex isn’t something you put on a pedestal anymore once you’ve had a decent amount of it and know that you can easily get some in the future (what PUAs might call “abundance mentality”).

In fact, my trip to Thailand in late 2015 set me up for a huge 2016 in terms of girls. Even though I probably went out once a week on average in 2016 and had no sex life during the week (lived far from the city where there were girls), I ended up banging 38 girls, which was a lot for someone who had only banged 8 girls or so before 2016.

Moreover, the Thailand trip and then having a big 2016 for girls let me focus on other things. While I obviously still like banging girls, it’s not my #1 priority anymore because I want to focus on things like making money now. I’ve said that to myself in the past but really focusing on other goals wasn’t possible until I got “banging girls” (or most of it) out of my system and knew that I had the potential to meet and bang girls easily (“game”).

Before going to Thailand, I used to think getting laid was some herculean task, but getting laid super easily made me realize otherwise. When you start getting laid in a place like Thailand, realize that it’s easy, and ACT like it’s easy (like you’re the man and get pussy on the regular), and then bring that same attitude back to wherever you came from – you’ll realize that getting pussy isn’t some huge ordeal and easier than you thought.

For Life and Making Money

Lack of competition in places like Southeast Asia also applies to other aspects of life that aren’t necessarily banging random chicks.

For example, a friend of mine, an Asian-American like myself, spent a few months in Latin America and due to the lack of competition where he was living, he stood out much more as an English-speaking, Asian guy who grew up in America (whereas people like that are a dime a dozen in the NYC area).

My friend isn’t a bullshitter – while you could do the things he did in Latin America in NYC, it would be a lot harder because you are competing with tons of people that are on your level or above.

Personally, when I was living in Korea, I had an easy job teaching English – the work, while not my ideal job, wasn’t demanding and afforded me a much better lifestyle than that of a recent graduate in America (minus finance and tech graduates). One day, someone I knew introduced me to someone who was looking for a Korean-American (or Korean who spoke English) to work on a special project. While there are a lot of Koreans who speak some English, there are very few that speak perfect English like yours truly and have experience in corporate America. Due to “lack of competition” (and maybe some good interviewing), I got offered a job that paid double what I was making as a teacher but ultimately turned it down knowing that Korean work culture is crazy and that I would have had no life.

As you can see, lack of competition in other parts of the world can not only get you more pussy, but also potentially make you more money and allow you to meet interesting people. In Korea, there are a lot of Korean-Americans who basically just bring over some idea from the US or wherever then get bought out by huge companies like Samsung for millions of dollars.

The same goes for India (a developing market with opportunities yet lower competition). Source


So while your favorite BS PUA guy might be based out of Southeast Asia (lots of guys like this in Bangkok and Manila) and bragging about his “game”, it’s really the lack of competition and not his “game” that makes it super easy to get laid there and sell you the dream (while you live in the West) of “improving your game” to get more pussy.

I hope I saved you the thousands of dollars you would’ve spent on bootcamps, eBooks, and seminars by telling you that lack of competition is the real reason why Southeast Asia is the easiest place in the world to get laid. The opposite – more competition (along with less bangable females) is what makes places like the US hard for guys to get laid.

You can use this information to your advantage by going to Southeast Asia and getting laid a lot, doing what I just said and riding the momentum and residual confidence when you get back home to get laid more, or setting yourself up for more promising business and life opportunities abroad.

Who knows, maybe in 10-15 years, as Asia continues to develop economically and Southeast Asian guys stop living in shacks and become tougher competition, guys will have to go to Africa or some other place to find their next “pussy paradise”. It’s very possible – older Korean-Americans have told me that Korea, a place that is probably known as the hardest place in Asia to get laid by most accounts, used to be super easy for him to get laid in because the competition was a joke back in the early 2000s. Nowadays, guys over there all take care of themselves, dress to the nines, and so on. That same phenomenon could happen in Southeast Asia – you never know. Enjoy it while it lasts.

If you want to see more stuff like this come over to https://www.whiteknightrises.com/

Until next time,


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  • allesandroMZT

    Hi, i think you mention that you are learning to code,how is it going?i learning myself too so i can travel.

    • Yeah its going well. I’m learning Javascript and getting decent (react and react native). Ive got some job offers but they want me to stay in usa for years with them and its just not an option. Too much to see. Too much to do

    • allesandroMZT

      That’s cool that you have some job offers,yeah i would like to work remotely too,i’m learning html & css.You don’t mind to give me an email or something to ask you some questions?

    • Being honest, I know (from going through learning what you are learning) that you will have a lot of questions. And i don’t have much free time as it is. I actually hired a filipino on freelancer.com to answer all my questions like that. I would do that. It will save you a ton of money compared to going to a code camp (sometimes like 14,000$) where they will answer those kinds of questions.

    • Greg Oroni

      Thats a great piece of information….as i was thinking of forking the 10K over for a boot-camp. I want a remote job badly…need to get out of the us

    • anon1

      damn you got job offers already? i’m thinking to pick up learning ruby on rails actually. but i have no idea how to market myself

    • Yeah, the market wasn’t as great as I thought. but if I have 2 years of experience, I can find 6 figure jobs.

  • TehPancaekMouse

    Great post. The “competition theory” of location game isn’t talked about enough. When people talk about location game, they usually bring up things like White God theory/status, or the fact that girls are easier, etc. but in my experience, just as much of the easiness of a particular locale is due to lack of male competition.

    I live full-time in San Francisco but I was recently living in a third-tier US for the summer. In contrast to SF, during my summer Tinder experience I routinely:

    – matched with girls 1-2 points more attractive than San Francisco

    – got half as many girls flaking/ghosting

    – Had 50% more girls respond to my openers

    – Was able to invite above-average looking girls directly to my house (in SF I would have to take them out)

    All of this is because I could say I was from California, I dress well, I have an interesting job, and the guys in the city I was in were mostly lower-class with nothing going on.

    I do disagree with this part, though:

    “When you start getting laid in a place like Thailand, realize that it’s
    easy, and ACT like it’s easy (like you’re the man and get pussy on the
    regular), and then bring that same attitude back to wherever you came
    from – you’ll realize that getting pussy isn’t some huge ordeal and
    easier than you thought.”

    Every time I return to SF from a place where it’s easy to get laid, I get more and more frustrated, because the flakes start to mount, I lose my abundance, and what I do to get laid in these other places no longer works in one of the toughest cities in the US.

    • You bring back the confidence, but you have to actually game. Then, you realize the return on investment is much lower. After my first trip to SEA, it made me better with girls because of that confidence (and tons of LMR practice). What you have to realize is that the ROI in USA is terrible in comparison, thats the hardest part to get over (ie the flakes you have to go through for average girls).

    • Maybe I worded it poorly but 20 basically said what I was trying to say (directed more towards guys without lots of sexual experience)

      The confidence you get from banging a lot of girls will seep into your sex life and you’ll act more confident around girls you meet in the future (at least for a little while) – more “entitled” about sex, etc.

      And with regards to what 20 said about LMR practice, maybe I should have said something about that, too – guys who are inexperienced will seal the deal a lot more times in SEA, then bring back that experience to USA or wherever, which will (hopefully) result in more bangs since they’ve been in more situations involving sex (opening, talking, closing, LMR, etc.)

    • TehPancaekMouse

      Very good point. For me, simply shooting for lower quality local helped at first. Banged a couple 4s and 5s in the US and learned through that. But of course, a lot of guys won’t want to stoop that low, so traveling helps.

    • That’s a good way of going about it, too

      Inexperienced guys just gotta get rid of the ego first haha

    • Jade Milburn

      Those 4 and 5’s have personalities, lives and dreams. Not just a rating on your curmudgeonly scale. I wonder what you think of all the sexual harrassment stories in the media lately?

    • I think it shows the messed up side of hollywood.

    • TehPancaekMouse

      You can’t have sex with personalities, lives, and dreams, Jade.

      Believe me, I’ve tried.

      By the way, trying to equate rating someone on a 1-10 scale with sexual harassment is laughable.

    • Jade Milburn

      I am hoping that the sexual harrasment stories all over the news latley, (men saying inappropriate sexual terms to women) resulting in many women being upset, may get the men on here to see that using such terms as ‘get pussy’, and ‘get paid in pussy’ are incredibly offensive. I hope one day all men will see women as living, sentient beings with the exact same thoughts, opinions, and feelings as men. Maybe one day we will get there.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Jade, don’t fall for the establishment effort to divert attention away from Hollywood by generalizing it until it sinks beneath the waves which separate true abuse from normal flirtation. Hollywood needs to be exposed as it is anti-American and anti all good things.

    • GetItGoing

      No one cares. I find it ironic how poorly women in America regard men but heaven forbid you should criticize those delicate snowflakes.

      Take the male-shaming bullshit somewhere else. It won’t work here or anywhere else men with confidence gather.

      And FYI, American women are the biggest promoters of sexual promiscuity and women being regard as “sex objects”, for the record.


      Maybe if you women stop behave like whores and sluts than you will get respect, so shut up better and better now suck my big cock !!!

    • Veni Vidi Vici

      Comedian Chris Rock said it best: “You might not be a whore but your wearing a whore’$ uniform.

    • Splooge

      Well worth noting gaming in rural areas in western countries are better then cities….oddly enough other way around outside the west.

      Instead of hoping on the subway to downtown to party n night game….take the train to get away from the city. Day or night girls will be more receptive.

  • William Adams

    I do largely agree about the competition theory, especially when obesity rates are taken into account, but game and hustling can really magnify results. Especially if you have an apartment in a large Southeast Asian city, use both online game, night game and day game, and look good and have confidence and persistence. In Seoul it is even more important to have game, as a side note, something which both 20Nation and this author have stressed.

    • Yeah I think its good for men to go to easy places, but also challenge themselves in the hard places. For me though what starts to grind on me in some of these other places is going from a great place (ROI high) to a terrible place (ROI low). But its great for your game to do it.

  • anon1

    i miss picture posts. really loved this guest post, and most definitely south east asia is on my list

    • Thinking about doing one on the DR soon. I do notice they bring the article to life

  • Steven Johnson

    Your competition is other foreigners. The more main stream this information becomes
    the harder it will be to get laid. In Thailand 35 million foreign tourists
    visit per year in a country with a local population of 65 million. Most of
    these are male tourists coming to get laid.
    What will happen when there are 100 million male tourists coming to
    Thailand to get laid in a country with only 65 million people? The more people heard about this the harder
    it will be to get laid. You should keep
    it quiet. The more tourists there are the worse it will be to get laid.

    • Yeah 35 million foreign tourists and Thailand is still a great place to get laid. Even if 100 million people do go. So what? Go to a different country. Indonesia is an island, its not as easy to get to it also has 240 million people. The philippines is the same. Another thing, I don’t know if you noticed but the world is getting sluttier and English is becoming more widely spoken. Even though people travel more, getting laid isn’t getting harder.

      And to your other point. You are saying all this because you want to keep it how it is and you are only thinking about you. Sounds like you’ve already enjoyed it. Had a great time. What about the poor guy in USA who slept with 5 average chicks in his life and is on the verge of committing suicide (ive gotten emails about guys who were like this before finding this website). Is a country getting a little bit harder so terrible for you that you would hide places like this from guys like that?

    • Steven Johnson

      I see your point. It would be interesting to try to figure out why it
      is so difficult for men to get laid in America and other western countries so
      much so that men are wanting to commit suicide.
      This would be a
      topic that I would welcome to see in the mass media. But no one cares about men. Your site does
      provide hope for these men which is important and I commend you for that. I just find it odd and bizarre that
      American women are so bad for sexual relationships and foreign women who live in the USA soon become like American women quickly. This would be a good topic to cover.

      What I am saying is that once this sex travel information is main stream and in the mass media I believe these Asia countries will become like America. I know this because Japan and South Korea used to be like the Philippines from what I am told by older ex-pats and I myself have noticed a change in Thailand. Having some foreign tourists is not bad it is when there is a lot of tourists and mass tourism like what is happening in Thailand. Also laws are made to clean up the tourist cities, and discourage single males from visiting since the government receives complaints from the other tourists like families, female tourists, feminists and the media. Like media articles describing it as a sex trafficking hub, sex tourist rapists and sin city, etc. This makes the government have laws against single male tourists looking to get laid because they don’t want bad press. It is possible that some governments may restrict entry and visas to single males they believe are coming to get laid under pressure from the United States to clean up the “horrible male sex tourists” in their words. The USA already is making new passports for men convicted of sex crimes which states that they are sex criminals on their passports. While this may be a good thing how long will it be for them to make a passport for men trying to travel get laid in general? The U.S government believes that ALL men who travel to get laid with willing adult women are sex criminals also. – Welcome to the anti-sex, anti-male America.

    • Steven Johnson

      For your information I think you have a great site and I appreciate your articles. as long as it is a small site for men that can be helped – great!. I just hope the mass media doesn’t start talking about your site. If it does there will be problems.

    • Yeah, this isn’t so much about money for me anymore(i’m a developer now). Just about sharing the lifestyle I love with guys who will/do also love it.

    • Ah yeah I understand. But The reasons you are saying are why I don’t think my site will ever go main stream. Because families, females and feminists dont like this lifestyle.

      If the usa ever adds that to passports it would be a huge problem. All you can do is fight against it politically. But no way they could ever know that a guy is traveling just to get laid. First of all for me traveling is about 40% getting laid 60% other stuff. I have already found some pretty amazing spots, so if it were just about girls I would only stay in those places.

      One good thing about the feminism movement is that they are all about sleeping with random dudes, so they can’t really hate on us for being that random dude. It makes the hate on these types of websites less.

      I’ve even noticed that over the years we get less hate comments than we used to from women.


      Fuck and rape all feminist cunts !

    • Splooge

      World is getting sluttier. Though redpill could easily afcect girs whom want ltr. But totally hit city girls from upper class backgrounds.

      However competition is another. No one flocks to usa in droves like thailand for puss. Ya nyc midwest miami la has hotties but youll need to work.

      Had an Indonesian friend from wealthy background from bali where n her friends would party alot hang in kuta beach but kinda look down on many westerners cuz its so easy to get money from em. Like numerpus bfs from straya giving them money n attention.
      She said only poor girls chase em….ironically she does too….probably more picky.

      I have to agree well be competing with each other for local girls since we are getting quite common.
      Like tokyo aint like what it was in the 90s.
      Pussy paradises shift. Just watvh where male sex tourists go n avoid female sex tourist destinations.

      For the betas suffering at home. They wont find fulfillment at the bottom of third world puss. Plus that region is notch heaven full of 5s n 6s. Its not ukraine quality. Hell probably. Get short boost of confidence then feel bad that he had to move to succeed based on what he is not who is n what he can do….like buying a hoe.


      Steven Johnson – Thats true, that why i much more like Philipines than Thailand, coz Philipines not much tourist, especialy in some safe parts of Mindanao you are as white men total king ! becouse there is rare any white foreigner.

  • Easy Pussy yumm


    You sound like jealous and angry pinay rejected by rich foreigner 🙂


    Philippines number one easiest hands down !
    That why is Philippines my favourite holiday destination 🙂


    You just admit what i said lol.