3 Things You Have to Do to Seduce a Girl Who Doesn’t Speak English

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3 Things You Have to Do to Seduce a Girl Who Doesn’t Speak English

seduce a girl who doesn't speak english

I have been in a place recently where very few people speak English. My Russian is getting decent, but I’m still at the level where I can’t really game because I’m too busy thinking how to construct a sentence. This has caused some problems with my sex life, but… it has now been fixed. I had to go back to my book on body language and to some old seductions around the world (when I didn’t speak any of their language), but I started using my 3 things you have to do to seduce a girl who doesn’t speak English.


1. Touching her

While trying to seduce a girl who doesn’t speak English, you are going to have to get creative. You can’t do any type of verbal communication, which is a huge handicap, but you can do something even more powerful… body language communication. This is much more powerful at creating attraction than words and can even make up for not being able to use any.

The first moments of the date begin, you touch her then pull her in close to kiss her cheek. As you walk, you lightly brush against her shoulder. As you sit on a bench you tease her and nudge her shoulder. Every… single… excuse… that you have to touch her… take it.

When two human beings make physical contact, the brain gets hormones that cause emotion. When a guy touches a girl, hormones explode and desire starts. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “Well this one girl I had sex with and I didn’t really touch her on the date, but it still worked so I don’t need to touch.” It’s wrong, sometimes Michael Jordan took bad shots and still won games. Or he played crappy teams and could have ass it… but he was Michael Jordan so instead of doing that he just always did it the right way and became the greatest basketball player of all time. Be like Mike.


2. Eye Contact

You look at her from across the room and your eyes meet. At this point, you better make sure not to be the one to look away first. If she holds your eye contact for a while, throw in #3. You have just spoken directly to her inner animal and have become more attractive than you were before holding eye contact.

As you speak and she asks you a question. You don’t have to answer the moment she finishes her sentence. Stare into her eyes for a second or two before answering. Basically, always make sure you are looking into her eyes more than feels natural, but less than a serial killer would (or who knows, with the tens of thousands of love letters serial killers get, it may not be a bad thing).

From what I have noticed, about 95% of men do not do this enough. For them it is uncomfortable. It’s true, staring into someones eyes is uncomfortable because of how many subconscious messages it sends. But… when you do it to a girl, these subconscious messages are that you are a high value man. This gets her panties more wet than almost anything you can do.


3. Cocky Smile

If you like to give one of those “say cheese” smiles, forget it. You instantly become less attractive to a girl when you use it. I know it goes against what we are taught growing up, but most of what we are taught is bullshit. When you smile, smile like you are a bad ass. It’s not even a smile as much as a smirk.

One of the funniest things to do when a girl says something not very smart is to not say anything. Just look at her with a cocky smirk. It’s powerful. After a few well placed cocky smiles I have had girls asking to have sex with me.

There are many types of attractive smiles and many types of unattractive ones. These are things worth looking into, check out this article to learn more about the different types of smiles.


Putting these 3 things together to seduce a girl who doesn’t speak English

There is a movie with Ryan Gosling called “Driver.” Girls rave about how sexy he is and he barely says five words the entire movie. All he does is stare and throw in couple smirks and smiles here and there. If a girl doesn’t speak English and you don’t speak her language you can’t depend on wit, so you have to depend on something even deeper. To seduce a girl who doesn’t  speak English you must go beyond words: touch, eye contact and cocky smile.

I have been using this recently and girls have been changing how they act around me. I only just started dating again, I was spending all my time writing my book these last couple of months, but my results are way better than before I started writing my book simply because I’m doing it the right way. Don’t be lazy and do it the wrong way, learn from 20’s mistakes and do it the right way.

You spend the date touching, looking at her and smiling, throw in a few teases and leading her back to your place by her hand and you’ve just pulled off what many men thought impossible; tried and true.


Become a master of body language

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Update on my book on South East Asia

My rough draft is finally finished! It is 95,000 words long (about 55,000 more than I expected). From here I will be going through it and fixing some parts. Then, I will send it off to some guys to proof read it. After all that is done, I’ll hire a professional to go and fix all the errors and… it will be available the next day!

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  • anon1

    Ah yes drive is awesome.

    I need to improve my eye contact again as it kind of got shit after a few years of living in the sticks.

    There was a cool set of videos by this cod pro gamer (yes I know, but he does actually keep very fit which probably helped him) that managed to start dating a super hot Mexican weather girl and model that pretty much everyone on the net is in love with (yanet garcia, Google her then thank me). What’s interesting is in the early vids of them together the mismatch in verbal language was so bad but their attraction bodily and non verbal was so good that it made up for that shortfall. Now they do a bit of spanglish but generally it is amazing to see how people can connect and even fall in love despite not sharing a proper common language.

    Goes to show the power of good body language and conveying content.

    • Yeah it’s one of those things you can’t just get good at then forget about. You have to always be paying attention or it will start to go away.

      Yeah, people make the mistake of thinking attraction is built by what we say when its 95% built with how we say it. Our body language is everything. Good example there

  • prepz

    Great post. Being a man, like a male lion, I can only rely on primitive sights sounds and smells to communicate with the opposite sex to induce her to present herself for my sex. As noble an endeavor as learning girl’s language may seem, I ain’t got time for that. Hell, I don’t even want to buy them drinks. So, why do I want to devote the kind of time it takes to learn a foreign language just so I an demonstrate that I still am not even close to the linguistic skills of the the lowest SMV dude in her country? I don’t. I won’t.

    I’m American and speak the linqua franca. I’m the man with the higher value. They can learn my language. I speak non-verbal sexy without any noticeable accent. Yeah that’s arrogant. But fuck it! For every girl that needs me to speak her language to drop her panties, I’m confident there is one more who speaks mine. If a girl want to roll with me she’s going to do the work to speak to me with her sexy. The onus is on her.

    • Yeah prepz I know what you mean. I visit so many countries that there is no way I could ever learn the local languages. That’s why it’s such an important skll to be able to seduce a girl using very few words.

      Non verbal sexy is the language that all women can appreciate