Roosh Interview with 20Nation on Travel, Asia, Ukraine, Body Language and Internet Game

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Roosh Interview
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Roosh Interview with 20Nation on Travel, Asia, Ukraine, Body Language and Internet Game


My first ever video interview done by RooshV. I dropped a lot of knowledge on Eastern Europe and on Internet Game.

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I'm an American who has spent all of the last 6 years traveling the world and seducing women which has given me a level of expertise that can change your life. Check out my books: 1) The Key Logger 2) The Perfect Conversation 3) What Makes a Woman Want You 4) Elite Online Dating 5) Signs She Likes You 6) 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language 7) The Single Guy's Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia and more. Or get all 9 of my books for 60% off (only $31.99) Like getting 6 of 9 books free!

  • Johnny

    Your interview was good, you were calm, focused, intelligent. This blog is cool for me because it represents guys who are tired of feminism, entitled Americunts, and just want to have fun and be around positive, feminine women all while living fairly cheap-a win-win for sure.

    Do you feel like in International game you have to go through alot of 6s and 7s to get to the 8s and 9s?

    • 20Nation

      Thanks Johnny. I’m glad the blog is helping you out.

      International game can be whatever you want in terms of that. For me I will hook up with girls 6 to 10. Sometimes those 6’s and 7’s have amazing bodies or something very unique (like the bluest eyes I have ever seen). Also many times those 6’s and 7’s will fall into your lap with little to no work. But then you will all end up with 8’s 9’s and occasional 10’s just by going after hot girls. But if you wanted, you could only go for 8’s 9’s and 10’s and with game still do well. It’s more your personal preference

      The thing I am more selective about is age. Probably 90% of the girls I hook up with are in the 18-22 range.

    • Johnny

      What cities have you been to with the most 9s and 10s walking around?

    • 20Nation

      Maybe Odessa, Bucharest, Guadalajara and Medellin

    • Lukasz

      20 – Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria: if you could sort these countries by the easiness, which ones would be at the top? Cheers 🙂

    • 20Nation

      they are all different kinds of easy, but all easy. Also the easiness of each country depends on your look. (Never been to Bulgaria)

    • DrG

      “Also the easiness of each country depends on your look.” Can you expand more on this?

    • 20Nation

      There is a ton of info to say, but basically blonde hair blue eyes does good in some places. Dark features does well in other places. Certain races have advantages in certain countries. A short guy doesn’t seem short in some countries. There are many things that affect how women see you in different countries.

    • Johnny

      Roosh said it well- go to the Country where you look opposite of the locals. Id do bad in Spain and Italy (dont like those cranky brunette sun goddesses anyway) but good in Poland and Lithuania (mild mannered petite white girls are my fetish).

    • JackHammer Johnson

      Cool man, nice list here.

      you only do online and day game, right?

      What were you dropping/month to live in EE in USD?

    • 20Nation

      i do night game too, but yeah i’m most comfortable with online and day game.

      I have been spending around 1300$ a month.

    • Johnny

      Damn thats cheap.

      Thats like social security eating cat food budget man.

      I can figure food, booze (save big $$$ pre drinking before you go out and buying bottles of liquor), cell phones, but…
      how are you saving so much on rent (hostels, a roommate)?

      For dates Im guessing You must never take these chicks to Dinner but only meet for coffee, tea, ice cream, drinks, etc., go for walks, spit game and then lure them to your spot for a movie, to play guitar, listen to music, or to show them photos on your pc.

    • 20Nation

      I spend like 3$ a date on average. Very low. Even with the money, when you throw money at a girl, it somehow seems to make her more difficult to bed.

      You can save money by getting month rentals

    • Johnny

      As an analytical thinker I love to see numbers broken down-

      Is this assessment accurate?
      $500 (cheapest rent possible w/o sleeping on the floor in the projects, right? DO you usually have a room mate?)
      $30 cell phone
      $50 Gym
      $300 Food
      $100 Occasional Meal Out
      $150 Dates/Nightlife
      $50 Online Dating
      $100 Transportation (Public Transport Pass, Occasional Taxi)
      $100 Clothing/Style

      That would make a cool swoop post about cheap dates and what to say to these girls while on the date.

      Also, how to live on $1300/month in EE would be a great article. From groceries to negotiating with landlords and finding trustworthy room mates in EE.

  • YEAHHH! My two role models working together.

    • 20Nation


  • Where’s the vid gone? Says it’s ‘private’. It would be easier if I messaged Roosh probably, since it’s his account!

    • 20Nation

      He took the video down because our social circles are starting to run together. Safer that way

    • Ah. No problem dude, cheers.

  • Bandido

    I can’t watch the video from Spain. Could u remove the restriction?

    • Roosh and my social circle are getting close together and I don’t want to be found out at the moment so he took it down for a while.

  • Klaus

    Ah maaan, i really wanted to see this interview! will it be eventually open for the public to see? It says private right now

    • Yeah our social circles were starting to get really close so we decided to take it down. I would prefer not to have anybody like the girl I was dating know about this site 😉

  • Павлик Герман

    vide is private

    • roosh took it down because are social circles are close and i don’t want my identity known quite yet..

  • disqus_QUdVmt6BdB

    Why can’t I watch this video?

    • roosh took it down because are social circles are close and i don’t want my identity known quite yet.

    • disqus_QUdVmt6BdB

      I understand that. I’m sure feminists want nothing more than to make your life a fucking hell. If I ever decide to blog like you guys I would keep my identity hidden as well. You should do interviews with just your voice. Maybe like a podcast or a video just showing the surroundings and/or neck down. Just an idea

  • Bruno

    20, why do u like roosh man. I dont get it. U r a smart dude. He is a facist crasy racist fuck. I tried reading his blog i rlly did, but its mosy fanatic shite and all. Unless im missing something. But honestly is hard to think highly of a dude thay thinks globalization is a bad thing xD