Recording of Filipina Girl Confessing She Uses Tinder Scams on Foreigners

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recording tinder scam
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recording tinder scam

Here is a genuine recording from a few weeks ago of a Filipina girl confessing she uses different Tinder scams on foreigners. You may notice my slurred words in the audio, well, I was slightly drunk. Some background, I checked this girl’s phone (after writing the Key Logger, I love seeing what type of crazy stuff that is secretly going on in girl’s lives). After doing this I saw she was saying I miss you to a guy and I asked her about it, this is the conversation that followed:

Her: I need to be sweet with him because we were using him.

Me: You need to be sweet with him for shoes.

Her: For money!

Using Tinder Scams for Money

Here, is where she admits to using Tinder scams to get money from him. Guys, there are all types of girls in the world and especially when you are in poorer countries you should never send money (or shoes) to girls. Popular Tinder scams include:

  • I need money for tuition
  • My grandma is sick
  • I am sick and can’t afford the hospital bills
  • If you buy me X then I will do Y
  • Can you pay for my taxi? (and she takes the bus or the actual taxi price is much cheaper)


Me: It was just about using him for money?

Her: Yeah, plus I really don’t like him.

So, he does all this for her, sends her all this money and these gifts and she is telling me that she doesn’t really like him. Poor guy, he should have read my book “Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You“, then he would know that money is only a small fraction of things that make a woman attracted to you.


Me: How do I know you weren’t using me for money?

Her: Did I ask for money?

Me: No, Never

She won’t do this to guys she really likes.


Her: He thinks that if he’s going to give me money then he will get me.

Me: So he wants to buy you.

The Only Real Defense Against Tinder Scams is Game

tinder scam seduction game

Reading romance novels is a great way to learn game.

She never asked me for money, nor hinted at anything like that. Why? Because I gamed her. She couldn’t care less about money, in fact she would bring me food and things for free. So, with some guys, she tries to extract money and with me, she just wanted to spend time with me. This is why all men should know game, money alone is not enough to win a girl over.


Me: So since he gave you money you must have had sex with him.

Her: Oh my god! I can’t have sex with him.

In this case, this guy sending her all this money wasn’t even enough for her to have sex with him. Just another reason why game trumps money:



Her: Do you know how awesome am I?

Me: How Awesome?

Her: So awesome that I am always using my mind… but now I am not using my mind.

Haha, just hilarious girl logic.


Her: Do you know the reason why we are using tinder?

Me: Why?

Her: Because of using other guys.

The Only Reason I Met Her Was Because of Her Tinder Scams

The whole reason she was still using Tinder was because of the money she was getting from guys. Which is surprising, because she was a young, hot and sweet girl. I never would have imagined that she would do this to girls, but as I say in my book The Key Logger, women are always less innocent than they appear.


Her: After that they changed my Tinder to 150 (she meant 15) kilometers. Why? Because 150 (15) if you change it here in Manila it will go through Makati which is where all the foreigners are.

She targeted the foreigners in another part of the city just for to be able to scam them on Tinder.


Her: Plus the Italian guy, he told me that he is going to pay for my tuition. Every time that we are going for drinks he is paying for my beers.

Me: But you had sex with him

Her: Oh no! Not the Italian guy. I had sex with the Spanish, the Danish and the Australian!

Again she says she didn’t sleep with one of the guys she was scamming. Then, she makes me think she is telling me the truth by going down a list of the guys she did actually sleep with. This poor Italian guy needs to find SwoopTheWorld ASAP.


Me: Wait you and the girlfriends, one or two or three?

Her: (Laugh) girlfriends, girlfriends when I say girlfriends, half of them are transgenders.

Me: Oh

Her: So you know what transgenders always do right?

Me: What?

Her: Oh my god! Asians transgenders they are into money, because they need like for their…

Me: For their surgeries?

Her: I know it’s funny, but Im telling you.

Me: So, wait you are doing this to guys and you split the money with them? The transgenders?

Her: (Laugh) Yeah, I’m really nice you know, perks of being friends with me.

These Tinder Scams Don’t Just Support Her, They Support Her Lady Boy Friend’s Operations

The worst part of all this was that these things were never originally her idea. And she doesn’t do them just for herself, she gives part of the money to her group of ladyboy friends who then use the money to get operations to make them more and more like an actual women. I know that’s not what I would want my money to be spent on.


tinder scams

After Reading This Makes Sure to Avoid Tinder Scams

Now that you have read this, you should know that you can’t trust what a girl says, especially one you meet online. You even have to take her confessions to me with a grain of salt because… women lie. You should never hand a girl money for an amount more than a taxi ride. There is simply no reason and it will actually make her like you less if she thinks you are trying to buy her. The only girls it will work on are gold diggers and, like this girl, she will simply be using you. Keep your money where it belongs (in your wallet) and your dick where it belongs (inside of her).


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  • Better investigative journalism than CNN! Good read, gonna listen to the recordinh pronto

    • Swoop, getting behind the scenes like nobody else! 😀

  • Tuxx

    20 thanks, you changed my mind & saved my money……I had already wasted some amount of money on girls,& most of them cheated & blocked me once they got money……….I wasted my money on them to get early sex chat,nude pics,nude videoes,cam chat……but now I don’t want to spend money on them for these things because of two reasons.
    1) Save money
    2)To get strong resistance from a woman to get something from her.By paying money their is no challenge & curiosity about what is going to happen.

    Bro I had one question why my thoughts (despite being very good) about game are not translating into action & good outputs ???

    Bro lots of love, well wishes to you & your loved ones from India

    • Yeah thats the right choice. because when you send money it makes them like you less unfortunately.

      It means you are doing something wrong. Try recording yourself, might catch some thinngs

      Thanks 😉

  • Tuxx

    Hey 20 ,I listened the recording and I have 2 questions
    1) You have a mesmerizing voice,it obviously helps in getting girls….I wanted to ask you is your voice,tone quality all god-given or you have developed it with time & practice???

    2)If you would have asked the same question to her aggressively & reacted aggressively on her answers would she still tell you the reality or would see lie,because I always have a big confusion in my mind about women & daily life situations that I should take a aggressive stand or calm stand or an unconcerned stand…. to know what I want to know and to deal with women & daily life situations Please answer

    • 1) i have worked on it. One of the ways is using whatsapp voice
      messages. i always use them to create attraction and after i send them i listen to them and try to fix things in my voice the next message

      2) if you want to know the truth, you have to be calm and act like you dont care. If you want
      to punish her you want to get more aggressive. I was doing this for science so instayed calm.

    • Tuxx

      Thanks a lot

    • no problem

  • GregLeGreg

    Her English is really good, as a French I can’t speak so fluently and with such a “neutral” accent as she does.

    Anyway, the rule is simple: do NOT just give away your money to someone you barely know, or even didn’t meet in real yet.
    Filipinas, as sweet as they can be, can happen to be gold diggers for sure. They will ask for “help” pretty quick if that’s all they are after. Or when they say “I like a guy who can take care of me” (lol, they mostly mean “a guy who can pay everything for me”) ¬_¬

    • Yeah many philippinas have excellent english. Its one of the great things about the philippines.

      Yeah, every guy should know this rule. but it seems theybdont.

      but part of that is just the traditional mindset. She would also be a stay at home mom, so she would take care of things at home. This type of girl i dont mind. its the ones with no intention for this thats the problem

  • Brianmark

    20Nation, how did you record this girl? Was she in the room with you or did you record her over your phone or computer.

    • She was in my room and i used my iphone to record her. A program called voice recorder pro. Would recommend it, awesome app. Yeah, its just surprising because because shes so sweet.

    • Brianmark

      20Nation, have you ever been to the provinces to one of these girl’s family’s houses? If you have please tell me what it was like. Also, what what this girl’s job or at least what did she tell you she did?

    • I did. The family was overly friendly, maybe hoping i would marry their daughter and help support them. The girl admitted she didnt work. It was still a cool experience

    • Brianmark

      Is this the home of your model Filipina? Was it nice? Many of the homes I visited had no running water. The average Filipino salary is $100 a month. A registered nurse in Manila makes < $300. They lie all the time to get money. They also shag foreigners they have no interest in except to get money or snag a husband. You are correct, they wanted you to marry her, because you are a rich foreigner.

    • No, the model’s family is wealthy. The one I visited wasn’t from a wealthy family. Just a normal province family.

  • Jody Dayton Peace

    Good topic for an article. 😉

    Asia is full of scams. It’s good for people to know that going in.

    • Thanks Jody, yeah Asia is incredible but you have to know how to navigate the scams.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      That what separates the novice from the master..! 😉

    • exactly 😉

  • King of the Bongo

    I always take care that I never buy a girl any presents or stuff like shoes or whatever, never pay for any activities she is doing without me and never give her money, not even for a taxi if she’s using it by herself. What I always do is paying for food, drinks, rides and activities we do or have together. I make sure that we always eat and drink where I want to, go where I want to go and do what I want to do when I pay. This all applies when I’m in a poor country.

    Anyway, I haven’t paid for something more expensive like a flight so far and in western countries I wouldn’t even pay for food, drinks and stuff like that. There I would handle it kind of 50/50. This time it’s me paying the dinner, next time it’s her.

    In countries like the Philippines many people just don’t have money to go out and eat or whatever, that’s why I pay everything as long, as the girls doesn’t want to pay. Sometimes they want to pay or bring ingredients for cooking or whatever.

    It’s not about the money, it’s about to be sure that she at least also likes to spend time with me besides that she also likes that I have more money then everyone around her.

    Would you say this is a good treatment to get the real gold diggers out of my life?

    I would be interested if anyone had experiences with a girl stealing stuff. It never happened to me but I really have a bad feeling when I put my smartphone or other valuables somewhere where she can see it. Even if I dated and fucked her several times. I often think that there are some girls especially on the dating portals which are not only interested in getting money out by lying and seducing a guy, but also by sleeping at his place and just trying to steal something. And even if she didn’t think about this at first, maybe it changes if she sees something valuable or you give her a reason not to like you anymore. Of course this happens easier if someone is poor.

    I had situations where a girl saw me hiding something when she came out the bathroom and thats just something that can kill the vibe… but at least the vibe was good enough to still have sex after the stiuation 😀

    Tell me how you handle it guys.

    • I think you are in the money with your standards. This is how it should be and it’s also what I have done (although I haven’t even bought a girl a flight).

      I’ve also never had a girl steal from me. And with hundreds and hundreds of lays, you would think it would happen by now. I don’t even worry about it anymore. It is my belief that as long as I game her and make her genuinely like me… it doesnt matter who she is, she won’t steal from me.

  • seekless

    Never buy her a drink, anyone that has traveled know that often the gals have hookups with the bartender to water down the drink and charge a fee that is 6 times more. they later split the take..yes you will pay. Don’t be a sucker.

    • Vendetta

      I think you’re hanging out in all the wrong places, Seekless….