(Podcast) Why World Travelers are So Much Happier than Everybody Else

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world traveler

Four years traveling the world without visiting home even once, now… back in USA. Now more than ever I can see why world travelers are so much happier than everybody else.

In the podcast you will hear:

  • My story of sleeping with a Mormon girl (missionary) in her apartment living room with her three roommates close by.
  • What I am currently doing and what it’s like being in USA after 4 years straight traveling.
  • The reasons why I was so much happier traveling.
  • Why THC and I are such great friends.

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I'm an American who has spent all of the last 6 years traveling the world and seducing women which has given me a level of expertise that can change your life. Check out my books: 1) The Key Logger 2) The Perfect Conversation 3) What Makes a Woman Want You 4) Elite Online Dating 5) Signs She Likes You 6) 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language 7) The Single Guy's Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia and more. Or get all 9 of my books for 60% off (only $31.99) Like getting 6 of 9 books free!

  • Edwards Johnson

    Man, very inspiring story! I plan to start traveling. I work online and remotely. I plan to do your travel consulting in the future.. LOVE THE PODCAST MATE!!!

    • Thanks. It will make your life so much better. Looking forward to the consult. I think i’ll do more podcasts, but maybe with another person next time. It feels strange just talking by myself.

  • ~3:30
    To be fair no one ever does any exploring when they’re in their home country (grass is always greener)
    What you mean about French? Not a fan of France? Or is it easy enough to get by with English?

    Anyway, cool podcast – look forward to future ones

    • No, not a fan of france. It’s a great place to visit, but what I saw I wasnt a fan as a place to live. If i would live there I would pick it up. If you speak spanish and English, french vocab is ridiculously easy. Advanced grammar… not so much. But getting conversational isnt difficult.

  • Bill

    How will you compete with the Indian and Chinese programmers that are more talented and willing to work harder for cheaper?

    • I asked the rich guy from silicon valley this same question. He said that they arent creative enough. They are just for certain kinds of jobs. He would know better than me.

  • Cecil J

    I thought you were in San Jose training. I was hoping you’d have a some insights for the red pill community on the Bay Area girls. The ones I’ve met werent ugly, it’s true they have more ugly girls than a place like Phoenix, LA, Miami, or Vegas but the girls from the decent areas of NorCal are good looking (if you like the sexy white girl next door look like the Utah girls I’ve met have had). After all your Intl’ Game experience- do you have other new insights on Utah girls (besides the Status boost from all the cool travel pics on dating apps) you’ve noticed?
    Where do you think the direction of game is going with all the new technology and cultural shifts? Some say feminism will die-I really don’t know. It would be nice if white girls in the West listened to reason and were more humble and chill like a Latin or Asian girl. Our society gives them everything and nobody really ever calls them out much on their shit so you have to have more tools in your bag and higher cultural awareness if you live in the West and like white girls.

    • Jade Milburn

      Seeing as you find yourself such an excellent judge of women’s looks, cast that eye over yourself. Are you amazing looking? Do you put others down to feel good about yourself?

    • It’s called being subjective. Sharing information. We all wish american girls were the best in the world. Being able to make money easily and dating the best women in the world would be great, but it’s simply not the case.

    • Yeah, I had a bunch of plan changes haha. Things just didnt go as I planned. Now i’ll end up in either arizona or utah. So can’t help there.

      My insights on Utah girls is that for whatever reason I get less attention there than like any other major city I have tried to test out (on Tinder). I get like 3x higher matches and response rates in Arizona for example. Possible reasons? I’m white, so is everybody else. A lot of guys have their shit together. A lot of guys have travelled and speak different languages (missions). So my world traveling profile isn’t as special in Utah. I don’t do bad, but I don’t have some girls throwing themselves at me like I have experienced a bit in Phoenix.

  • Edmaster

    Hey 20, could you do a podcast about picking up chicks in a specific country you’ve visited ?

    • Yeah, i’ll write it down for a future podcast

  • Jade Milburn

    No hate/ sexism on the internet. Try to feel power without tearing women down to feel powerful. What is lacking in yourself that you have to humiliate those physically weaker than you, in order to feel like a man?

    • I don’t see any hate here. It’s simply sharing data with people from different places. The word sexism itself is mostly used as propaganda. I don’t feel like I humiliate anybody. 99% of the people who read this are men. This is about them, not about you.

    • Jade Milburn

      20nation do you tell each of these women that you are a) taking pictures of them (some look like their backs are turned) and b) are posting their naked pictures on the internet ? This is humiliating. No it is not just about the men on here. It is about you realising that you personally are causing suffering to many women, and about having responsibility in not doing that. Why are you doing this? Lifestyle/ website ?

    • Jade Milburn

      And I’ll tell you why I’m here. This website has started to be circulated amongst women as an example of horrendous behaviour towards women on the internet. Grow up and accept responsibility.

    • This website isnt for women. And I should just marry the first girl I meet because you say this is horrendous behavior or stop having sex? Dating and sleeping with women whether I end up with them for a night or years is one of the most amazing parts of being human. And you think I will change up the life that makes me happy because some people disaprove and think it’s ‘horrendous behavior’ because I don’t live the slave life of getting married having kids and working in some cubicle for the rest of my life, because I live a life meeting new women all the time? I don’t treat women bad in any way. The only thing you could argue is that I dont always end up spending years with them, but can you really expect that of anybody in dating? I spend time with girls I have a connection with for as long as I have a connection with them.


      If u don’t like what u read get off the site Jade!

    • KiwiKrush

      Shot 20

    • anon1

      lol its best not to engage with the trolls like “jade” nearly always its a guy and as you can see on “her” disqus its only comments on manosphere stuff lol

    • They all know I am taking pictures. It’s also been years since I posted an actual naked picture. I stopped doing that a while ago. On top of that, never once has their been an identifying feature. Name one girl who suffered because of this? In the internet which is filled with hundreds of thousands of pictures of naked women (showing their face), you really think a manikin photo of a girl who cannot be identified has ever negatively affected her? Of course not. So explain to me, how exactly I am making women suffer.

  • Alex Fraser

    Hey 20 it’s good to hear your voice. I can’t criticize the content but I can the energy level. Not sure sure if your were tired or what was going on with you but I feel for the future if you wana push audio content (which I like more) work on sounding less flat.

    Keep it up and sorry hope you take as constructive criticism my man.


    • Thanks Alex. Yeah no worries. I’ll work on it next time. Constructive criticism is always good.

  • Comfortably off

    Hi 20. Have you made any money from the programming yet or are you still in the learning phase?

    • I’m still kind of in the learning phase. I had a job I turned down and I regret it now. I didn’t go to university for it and I didnt do an intensive code camp with a good reputation so I’m at a slight disadvantage. But mostly I just need to show I know what I”m doing and it takes some time.

  • Say no to racism.

    I personally dislike Americans but I have respect for you guys. You guys are inspiring

    • What dont you like about americans?

    • Say no to racism.

      Insincerity. Help a lot of them while traveling and other times. They make you feel that they are good pals but they aren’t.

    • Americans(at least where I’m from) have a very friendly culture where they will help almost anybody who breaks down on the side of the road. But maybe not become good friends. You know there are tons of different cultures in usa. Where are you from?

    • Say no to racism.

      Yes. Ofcourse offering to help is universal. It is very commendable but I am talking more about a genuine connection and pretending to show a genuine connection.
      I am from South India.

  • Chris

    Awesome man. Keep it up! I am totally buying your shit. More podcasts please!!!!

    • Thanks Chris I appreciate it. Seems like I got a great reaction so I will definitely be doing more podcasts.

  • Trinitario

    Hi 20 nation, i just bought “THE KEY LOGGER” it is a fascinating book in that it highlights the finest details of women behavior patterns that many men overlook, i had many bad experiences with women especially trying to establish a stable relationship before i discover this site, i managed to buy a hard copy of the mentioned book through E BAY and read through it, i was amazed at the details you pinpointed. Although i observed those traits, I overlooked them as harmless…
    However you made me open my eyes to the sorcery that women play on us as men, i hope to buy the other books and gain more knowledge along the way….and by the way, My preferred pussy paradise is the Dominican Republic and currently i am learning Spanish classed to top up my game

    Thank you 20 Nation and by extension Swoop the world…

    • Glad you are enjoying the book. It was a big moment for me when I realized most girls just aren’t loyal. Loyalty usually comes from you making her feel attraction and fall in love with you. Thats the only time you get complete loyalty. And of course just who she is.

      Yeah i’m with you on that. For just pure sex, nothing beats the DR for me either. The return on investment for learning spanish is huge. You won’t regret it.

  • Ricardo Nyak’s

    Love the podcast , please talk more about southeast asia , especially Philippines. By way i will be going to Cebu in December for 2 weeks this year.
    I just bought “The Key Logger” from ebay today.
    Good work, keep them coming.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Talked about it in the next podcast, hopefully it will answer some of your questions. Let me know if you enjoy it.

  • Jon

    I really liked the podcast and I hope you do them on a regular basis. Content wise I’d love to hear travel stories, thoughts on game, interviews with people learning game, the sessions you have with THC, infield audio would be great…I guess some info on just how life is going and how you’re adjusting would be great as well. Also anything you’re doing to prep for another trip…Thanks again for the great content!!

    • Thanks Jon. Lots of really great topic ideas, I’ll be using some of these.

  • Mofo

    listening to your podcast makes me think…you sound very melancholic
    Man i´m now 36 years old, it sucks! i used to travel a lot when i was younger, i loved it.
    i have so many memories, the first one that comes up to my mind is that hostel i slept in years ago in Amsterdam, which afterwards i learned it was 1 of the top 10 dirtiest in Europe, fucking shit

    Another time i was staying with a friend in the UK (Cardiff) and went to london for 3 nights, having booked only the 2nd night at a pension, to save money for better purposes, thinking i could party the first night, no sleep, enjoy the second day, sleep long hours the second night, and stay up the 3rd night. Leaving the door open for a possible one nite stand that would provide me with accomodation

    The problem was, the day before my trip i was so excited that i couldnt avoid to party with my friend and went to london the day after without having slept and still drunk, and fuck, we were supposed to be able to stay up for another 30 hours until we could check in!!! we took naps everywhere we could. It was a horrible experience but now i have to laugh when i think about it
    I fucked a girl in a park, and she didnt want to invite me to hers, she thought we didnt know each other enough…WTF?
    My sales pitch with girls wasnt the best, i was very shy, but i was a good looking guy, (now my six pack has disappeared) which resulted and a fair number of girls being banged
    I´ve done so many things, and met so many different people, fuck, i thought it would never end, those years were magical
    I was bullied at highschool, didnt make many friends back then, these last years were horrible. But when i turned 18 everything changed. I enrolled college and met tons of people, banged as many girls as i could and discovered my full potential, it was awesome
    Now i´m stuck in my daily rutine, working a work i hate to pay the morgage, but on the brighter side, i´m happily married and have an amazing child. The part i cant stand with is the obligation to work to stay in the system (rat wheel), and what i hate the most is the need to have a nice car and a nice house to show, brag about vacations…ok not that i do it, but the vast majority of the people in my age do it. in fact i bought the cheapest car possible to keep my money for better purposes, like a cushion to buy me the option to go to work tomorrow or not.

    Man i love what i have so much, but i cant help missing that feeling of freedom
    Some of my old mates are living the “Robinson Crusoe”life, my mouth waters when i hear their stories
    To all of the people in your community, i would advice, make the most of your time, without realizing, some day you will change your reality, it wont be drastically but gradually. It will start when you meet a lovely girl and decide to see her for the second time.
    I dont mean that you avoid falling in love, but make the most of your time while you can, travel and do stupid things, forget about job security, it doesnt exist, turn off your TV, time flies by at a rate that you cant imagine. I love my family more than anything on earth but i miss that feeling so much. I hope some day soon my pasive incomes will offset my overheads and i´ll take my family on a loooooooong trip

    Anyway, stay hungry, stay foolish