(Podcast) with Dash – Best Country in Asia to get laid? City? Food? Tourism? Budget? And more.

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best country in asia to get laid


Because you guys seemed to really like the last podcast, here is another. This time I bring Dash from the forum on to talk about Asia. We both share our opinions on different things like what the best country in Asia is to get laid. Hope you guys enjoy. Here are some of the things we will talk about in the podcast:

Dash and I give our opinions on the following questions:

  • The best country in Asia to get laid
  • The best city in Asia to get girls
  • The best country for over all travel experience
  • The Philippines vs. Thailand girls, nightlife etc.

Dash shares his experiences on living in:

  • South Korea
  • Vietnam


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If you guys enjoyed the podcast let us know. We are still in the experimental stage, so it’s good to know what you guys like. Also I want more ideas for future topics in podcasts, so leave any of those in the comments as well.


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  • Dash

    Enjoy the podcast man. Have to get another one in sometime. Fuck never noticed I say “like” a lot before listening to some of this. I am going to attribute it to doing a lot of comparisons and explanations

    • Yeah my speach wasn’t pretty either. Just something to work on. I think you gave great content though.

  • Edmaster

    Wow ! Really great podcast guys. Plenty ofvalue in it.
    I will be in south east Asia (Thaïlande, Cambodge, Vietnam and probably Philippines too) during november if some of you guys are there and want to meet up for a beer and chatting some local chicks. Do you have some venue (street for day game), bars & clubs you recommand in particular for Cebu for instance (i’ve heard good thing about J-Ave) ?

    20s keep going man ! Your work is great and really helpful 😉

    • Well, I loved J-ave but I heard its become a really big hooker area. One of the most important things for nightgame is getting a hotel as close by as possible. Thats what made my j ave experience so great.

      Thanks Edmaster, if you guys like it, i’ll do it.

    • Dash

      I would advise other clubs besides the ones at Mango. There use to be a good on upstairs at Mango called club Holic. Had almost no foreigners and tons of young normal pinays. I havent been to Cebu in years so you need to do some research online and by asking girls there. There are some clubs out by SM Mall (M16) and another place I like is called MO2. Also got clubs at IT Park. Another area if I remember correctly is by some Universities.

    • Edmaster

      Thanks for the infos Dash.
      I will check those and update infos on the forum if needed.

  • Dibben Nandakishor

    What you guys think about Singapore and Malaysia?

    • Not near as good as some of the other places mentioned. I got laid twice in 3 days in Malaysia, with Singapore I went with a latina so I cant say much. But Malaysia vs. Indonesia, Indonesia wins pretty easily.

  • SearsboyAlpha

    Hey 20, you said that some countries the wealthy, upperclass women want to be married to western men, what countries might those be?

    • well one surprisingly was India. Indonesia another. I’m not sure they want to be married, but they definitely want sex

  • Cecil J

    Man don’t be a hater. They sounded fine to me. Why do you think there is a “right way” to talk? That’s subjective aka there ISN’T. If you can do “better”, make your own podcast and lead by example.

    • Oscar Meyer

      Do you guys not know older people have nothing but contempt for you and your mentality? We have no guilt leaving nothing but debt and a third world nation to you. Shape up and start acting like grown men!

    • Cecil J

      No you boomers were fucked over and tricked by Fabian socialists/Marxists and instead of organizing and doing something like your parents and grandparents would’ve done (because they actually had principles) you guys just ate cookies and cakes as the first era of spoiled suburbia brats and as young adults tripped on acid, had love ins, listened to psyop ran rock groups, and put in Commie shit everywhere in every institution aka you guys were the beginning of the end so thanks for NOTHING.

      How old are you anyway?

    • Oscar Meyer

      No our parents and grandparents were the Silent Generation or the so-called Greatest Generation, both worthless and were in power to allow the civil rights movement to grow when it should have been met with deadly force.

    • Cecil J

      They were good people but very ignorant because they lacked information like we have today. If they had had internet they would have challenged the status quo elitist controlled establishment bs in some way (voting blocks, boycotts, referendums, Constituional convention, or maybe even what you’re saying). During their era people like Henry Ford, Nesta Webster, Charles Lindbergh, Huey Long, Fr. Coghlin, Joe McCarthy, and Ezra Pound tried to warn the masses but they were mostly asleep. Im sure they enjoyed the material comforts and being able to provide for their families in the comfort of the suburbs as oppossed to rural bare subsistence living like most of them had known. The Rockefellers decided it was time to reinvent women via feminism and to create a two income tax base/household to pay tribute to their central bank and war industry Ponzi scheme. I think those generations before you boomers were totally deceived by the elites (my great grandparents were gullible Pollyannas who knew no better IMO) who run banking/media/politics like every generation has been and people wonder why Henry Ford published the Deadborn Independent back then.

    • Oscar Meyer

      Exactly. We’re watching an empire fall in real time.

    • I don’t care about criticism as long as its respectful. I didn’t ban you because you’re right, it wasn’t pretty. But if you are going to say shit like that, there are 1000 ways to say it without sounding like a dick. If you want to be a dick, i’ll just ban you and not have to think about it anymore.

    • Oscar Meyer

      You are showing the idiotic mentality I’m talking about. “Don’t be a hater”. What kind of cuck would say that? Yes, judge, and judge harshly. I’m trying to help them not sound like losers.

  • Cecil J

    20, THC, & Swoop Fam-
    What’s your favorite Latin American and Eastern European Country?

    • i’ll have to think about it, maybe i’ll do a future podcast on it.

  • Chris

    Awesome podcast, gents.

  • Moma Licious

    What are you guys using to record yourselves as well as users who call in?

    • A program called call note.

    • GetItGoing

      Is there an RSS feed so I can listen in my podcast app? Or only via Soundcloud?

  • Steven Johnson

    The more main stream this information becomes
    the harder it will be to get laid. In Thailand 35 million foreign tourists
    visit per year in a country with a local population of 65 million. Most of
    these are male tourists coming to get laid.
    What will happen when there are 100 million male tourists coming to
    Thailand to get laid in a country with only 65 million people? The more people hear about this the harder
    it will be to get laid. The more tourists there are the worse it will be to get laid. I believe this is why there are so many lady boys in Thailand. There is not enough women to go around. The gays see the supply and demand.

    and take advantage of it to make money and trick men into thinking they are women.

    • Yeah 35 million foreign tourists and Thailand is still a great place to get laid. Even if 100 million people do go. So what? Go to a different country. Indonesia is an island, its not as easy to get to it also has 240 million people. The philippines is the same. Another thing, I don’t know if you noticed but the world is getting sluttier and English is becoming more widely spoken. Even though people travel more, getting laid isn’t getting harder.

      And to your other point. You are saying all this because you want to keep it how it is and you are only thinking about you. Sounds like you’ve already enjoyed it. Had a great time. What about the poor guy in USA who slept with 5 average chicks in his life and is on the verge of committing suicide (ive gotten emails about guys who were like this before finding this website). Is a country getting a little bit harder so terrible for you that you would hide places like this from guys like that?

  • Splooge

    Well u had the real rich upper class girls…..very different from the typical

  • what a great blog here

  • Slimefest3000 .

    Hey 20Nation….. I wanna go somewhere awesome to surf and was thinking Indonesia…. Can you recommend somewhere on the South Coast of Java that has a large number of girls? A lot of these places are in the middle of nowhere so something semi-close to a city would work great.