What is the perfect male body type according to women?

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perfect body type
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perfect male body type


What is the perfect male body type according to women?

I’ve recently just hit 200 lbs (about 90 kgs). I’m starting to get quite bulky and the strangest thing of all is that the women in my life are telling me not to get any bigger. This was confusing to me, until I really looked more into it. See, I was trying to look like the body on the right of the image above. To me, it was the perfect body type, however, only 1% of women preferred that image to the other 5.


The perfect male body type

Now, some of you may say “it doesn’t matter what women like, lifting weights is done for yourself.” and they’d be right, to a point. They are (and I was) getting bigger for themselves, not for women. However, if you are looking at the perfect male body type, it can only be judged by what women find most attractive. We can’t be like the overweight women who say “to me I’m beautiful so I don’t need to change” or even the body builder type women who make themselves significantly less attractive.

To find out what the perfect male body type is, this study is excellent.

You will notice that women prefer a guy without too much muscle, but looks naturally muscled with a lower body fat percentage.


So how much muscle and body fat % should you shoot for?

I watched a YouTube video (far from scientific), but in the video girls from different parts of the world were asked whether they wanted to date particular men based only on a picture of them. After all the pictures were shown, there was one guy who had the most enthusiastic response; this guy:

perfect male body type

He has the bad boy image and good looks, but most importantly… I would say he has the perfect male body. It’s muscular but not bulky. He also has a low body fat percentage and you can see it in his abs. If you want to shoot for anything (from an attraction standpoint) this should be it.

 Ideal male body according to females


What part of your body should you focus on?

This is another important question and again I will treat women’s instincts as the overall authority on the subject. I checked out another study that asked what the most attractive male body feature is. The results were very interesting.  I imagined, height would be by far the most important… not even close. Penis size? Nope. What women overwhelmingly liked the most, was the broad shoulders, narrow waist shoulder to hip ratio. In other words, the V shaped torso and back.

It wasn’t just an overall preference… women overwhelmingly voted for this. So, in the gym your priority should be broadening your shoulders, narrowing your waist and working on your back. But don’t forget the other body parts or you will start to look very strange.


So bodybuilder is not the perfect body type?

It’s naturally in men to respect size, so for me as well it seems like it is what I should go for. However, one quote comes to mind

“If you’re arms looked like a stuffed sausage, it’s not attractive”

This girl is talking about the huge arms of a body builder. Men’s obsession with being bigger and bigger is natural, just as it is natural for women to be attracted to a more “natural” look.

I’m not saying body builders should give it up because of women. If it makes you happy, fuck what women think. It’s still way better than being scrawny. Even more, the confidence that goes with it will end up helping you with women a ton.


Now that we know the perfect male body type according to females

Now that I will know it, I will push more towards it. However, I don’t want to lose much muscle mass because I like the feeling of being bigger than most guys. I will find a nice compromise (Brad Pitt was 155 lbs in the picture that women loved at the top). I want to always look strong, but I will work on a natural look with a lower body fat. Ideally I will look just like the guy in the motorcycle pic. Use this information how you want, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you think something is attractive in men, that women think the same thing.


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  • asylum1968

    Shoulders, traps and ab’s

    With due credit to Jamie Lewis over at Chaos and Pain, here’s a great article and workout program for exactly this body type:


  • JonadabTheRecobite

    According to women, a bank account with lots of comas is the most attractive shape of all.

    • logically yes, illogically no. Being in countries where women use foreign men for money all the time, I watch as they do it while being in love with a local. They don’t see this foreign man as attractive at all. He thinks he can come to a country and only have money to offer and girls will like him. They may get with him, but it doesn’t mean they actually like him or are “attracted”

    • splooge

      I was saying this for a while. Most girls tend to perfer the local guy. They usually chase white western men for money status or the perception of lower standards and an easy life that she sees on tv. Like she can be older, have no hymen, domestic skills and still get married as oppose to the local guy whom wont consider her.

    • many times yes, but if you come in with game in with value (game looks) (looks money) (game money) you can make them fall in love with you. You have to have value to get high value girls to fall in love with you, it’s just the way it is. You can’t expect one thing only to make you attractive

    • mclovin89

      make sense solid adivce, Im just alil skeptical of girls from the 2nd and 3rd world since girls grow up quick when they grow up or around poverty. I see them as smarter then girls in the first world and better actresses.
      known and heard of guys getting screwed over by brides from iran,russia,india and even philipines.

    • you are smart to be skeptical. but just because they grew up in a country like this doesn’t mean they dont have 100% good intentions. But you will find a much higher percent in these countries that have hidden motives.

    • mclovin89

      it comes from experiance, I live in a high immigrant area and descended from them.
      Agreed, its like you gotta play shit tests or some cold war chess match to figure them out. But if you win the reward is better though lot harder. Freash migrants I think are best or those from devolped nations like japan,argentina,chile or korea

  • Johnny

    20 have you done Belgrade and Zagreb yet?

    • I haven’t. But ive heard a bit about it

  • Corey Graham

    You have to take these studies as a grain of salt though, because as the saying goes, “Pay attention to what women do, not what they say.”

    This is especially true considering that women’s preferences vary according to their menstrual cycle.

    • But women go crazy for guys with an athletic body, not bulky. Sexiest man competitions, high value women, a body builder is not the ideal guy to go after. The guys with huge followings from women have one typical body type.
      Maybe girls prefer more bulky guys 3 days out of the month.

    • Johnny

      Youre right guys with that lean swimmers build with 10-20lbs of cut mass are what sells best-everyone should think the guys w/ no shirts on the big ads covering the walls in the Hollister or Abercrombie type stores in USSA malls. Guys like a young lean Channing Tatum or the Sons of Anarchy blonde star guy.

    • exactly

  • Guest

    Were all the women involved in the study hot?

    • I’m sure some were and still hardly any chose the one on the right.

  • 199Flags

    Great stuff, I think a light bulb just went off for me of why I can get girls way easier than meatheads. I would say in America that 1% above is a much higher number. Also, American women have by far the loosest pussies in the world. I’m 150, low body fat and toned. Work out everyday, but body weight exercises are my favorite. My close friend that was a state championship wrestler in NC taught me everything I know about fitness. He once beat Ric Flair’s son for the title and Ric Flair himself got all worked up. He actually looks like Brad Pitt from True Romance haha. I’m heading up to Barranquilla in less than week. I wish Badoo still worked, it’s a ghost town now. The girls seem friendly up there, girls I don’t even know are finding apartments for me, inviting me to getting discounts and showing me where to surf. I’m considering getting a teaching job up there until my business takes off if that ever happens chuckle. It’s going to be hard to leave some women behind in Bogota. I’m praying to meet this girl who looks like a suicide girl before I leave. When done tastefully those girls are top shelf.

    • yeah meathead is just not the ideal look. But muscular still is in my opinion. Have fun in Quilla, i really love it there

  • rex_sez

    I disagree. Remember Gents : You should not care what a woman says, only to what she reacts to. The “1%” body type MOST women will react very favorably to, which is of the Greek sculptures who Frank Zane, Serge Nubret and Arnold Schwarzenegger emodied at their physical peak. The “1%” is NOT the modern day bulked up freaks (ie – Chirs Piano, Kai Green, etc.). Broad Chest, Rounded Shoulders, tapered waist, abs – Looks great in a suit, jeans and t-shirt, or a naked threesome. Showing them pics and asking women what they like is useless, see how they react when that body type (clothed or unclothed) approaches.

    • Constipated Canuck

      That’s just not true. Good Looking Loser has discussed this. He was a big ass bodybuilder but he’s cut out that bullshit for a lean athletic look because he realized that women actually don’t go for monsters, contrary to what most guys think.

    • rex

      You are correct, Good Looking Loser WAS ” a big ass bodybuilder”, but 1% is not. GLL next to 1% would make 1% (Frank Zane) look small. Muscle you see, in a sense is an illusion, all you see IS definition of the muscles , which separates the old school from the new – Hell, even Arnold had a 28″ waist, that is not something most people think about. Small waist gives the “illusion” of a wider back, although yes he was big, but he could not compete in Freak size of the 90’s-2015 pros.Those old school guys could wear pants and look normal, Youtube some videos, with them in normal clothes, even those tight as* 70’s pants. Try that with Kai Greene, or look at GLL how he used to look in shirts – not the old school.

    • Many times a girl might try to hook up with one of these guys because it’s rare to see, not because of any natural attraction (the same way I hook up with a girl with something rare, just to see what it’s like). It is too unnatural

    • rex

      A more rounded explanation of my point is this: The 72% (Brad Pitt/Fight Club) and 1% (pretty sure is Frank Zane) are not all that much apart, simply 1% has more quality muscle and definition and would not be considered a “meathead”. Frank Zane was 5’9″ and weighed 185 lbs! How is that huge?! It’s not. How many men on this forum can top that simple weight/height — all of us. In regular clothes these types look very fit, not humongous (ala today’s BBer). In terms of Abercrombie and Fitch, they purposely use non “men” but “pubsecent” boy types, which 72%(Brad Pitt/Fight Club) is not. Women – ALL women want a male to look like a Man, not a boy — Again looking at what they REACT to. Shoulders, tapered Waist, Bi/Tri, Nice size legs, good calves — and keep that bodyfat to 9%-11%.

    • 5’9 is not tall and he was 185 at a VERY low body fat%. For a normal wbody fat its well over 200 lbs. It’s too bulky. I’m not saying get as small as brad pitt was in fight club (its the type of thing that looks better in pictures than in person). I’m saying getting muscular but not too muscular is what women find most attractive.

  • Constipated Canuck

    I learned this about a year ago. The bodybuilder thing is pure projection. We think it looks good so women must as well. I was a jacked 5’8″ 170 but ive been getting way more ass at 155. 15 lbs less muscle is a lot. Look at young johnny depp or david beckham. These guys are far from jacked but chicks love them.

    I would say crossfit is ideal for this body shape. The focus is on athletiscim not becoming a monster.

    • Constipated Canuck

      To add to that, quads and ass are more important than upper body. This was counterintuitive to me as well.

      Check out Sergio Ramos. That’s what I’m going for.

    • I agree with this a lot, but I still think some size is important.

    • mclovin89

      could it be that you were more outgoing whne you were lighter or more ripped
      I reversed seracjed that pic of Parker Hurley, hes 170 at 6 ft tall.
      im guessing taking the body fat out hes about 153-158lbs. Looks like hes 7-10% body fat percentage

    • also people have to look at their frame. Also head size. It can look really funny when a guy has a small head and huge muscles or a huge head and small muscles

    • mclovin89

      I just recalled something. When it comes to Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Charlie Sheen, they are just skinny fat around 150 at around 5’10. But their facial features are really good, defined jawline and good cheekbones. Even all the drugs didnt ruin Sheen. Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds in a survey, girls werent big on their physiques but were commonly called the sexiest guys. Well they got defined facial features. But on body alone they couldnt beat Bratt pitts in Fight club.

      Think girls care about the face the most. Like a hot face on any fit physique works. But if Depp, Bloom and Sheen got the fight club body, theyd have the whole package.

  • Two thirds of american are obese or overweight. A recent article states that there are now more obese people than overweight. http://www.sciencealert.com/there-are-now-more-obese-americans-than-overweight-americans
    What I’m getting at is that as long as your have a decent healthy body your already Waaay ahead of the competition.

    • Josh Bar it’s spot on. There is no doubt that just getting in the gym will make you more attractive, but now that I’m getting the body I want, I’m trying to figure out the perfect place to be

  • splooge

    Bruce Lee cant be Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arnold cant be Bruce.

    Whether you are large frame or small, its best to maximize your gains NATURALLY for your frame. And to roll with what your genetics makes you good at. Dont chase a mirage. You can take men of different builds but same height and build the same v shape dimension but different weight. Like a large frame man can look anorexic at 160 while the twiggy guy will look buff. I say maximize your gains and be lean as possible at that weight and just see, if its a problem then maybe lose the meat, but I doubt itll hinder you.

    wrists less then 6.5 inches is small,6.5-7.5 inches is medium and 7.5+ is large.

    Casey Butt’s book “the weight trainer” which you can download, is filled with equations to figure out muscle potential in detail, also a calculator of what greeks and women think is attractive at 8%-12% body fat….must read. Or look at a “muscular potential calculator” but you wont get details of it, safe to take 10% off the weight.

    Boxers use wrist size to calculate wrist size to figure out weight class after weight cut as well.

    Honestly the 2 calculators resulting weight is similar.


    I think with Zanes body girls are intimidated by keeping with his training or not seeing enough of him. But Im sure theyll be quick to sleep with him. When you roid itll look bad, which he might have did..perhaps for the cut down.

    So whats your stats? height weight wrist?

    • nice post, i agree. I don’t know my wrist size, but I would say slightly smaller than average. My height is 6′ without shoes on and weight is 200 lbs.

  • splooge

    that picture, think its the tattoo and bike that sold the image, not like youll be walking around like that 24/7, those clothed guys coulda done the same shirtless pose by a bike too. They are all fit and look good, except the roid guy but that image just took it. If they all did the same thing maybe a different guy would win or if they all wore a shirt. Didnt seem fair or even. Females are less visual then we are, think they put more emphasis on the vibe it seems.

    • I agree that the other things helped sell the image. But I still stand by what I say that it’s the ideal body type. That guy is not thin at all. That guy is muscular, low body fat without being too muscular.

  • Mercuryg

    There is one major flaw here, if you think you can ask women what their preferred male body type is and expect their answer to be 100% reliable you are naive.

    Listening to what women say about their selection of mates, and taking it as truth (watch what they do, not what they say) is not wise. By now if there is anything i’ve learned is that there is absolutely zero guarantee that you can trust _anything_ a woman says about her sexual strategy. I’m not saying women are necessarily lying all the time, i’m saying they might not be telling the truth and are not even aware of it.

    That study doesn’t reveal anything IMO, women are simply not capable of accurately gauging their own attraction levels to different body types simply by looking at pictures and answering the question. Some of them might even recognize that pic from fight club and know that it’s Brad Pitt (unlikely i know but possible), his preselection is through the roof which overrides all logic in a womans head and makes their answer biased (maybe even subconsciously) and suddenly any data you could gather from her answer is now unreliable.

    Only in a real life setting can you observe how well women respond to a body type, their answer to this question has zero significance because it’s just what they _think_ they would be more attracted to. My guess is all the 72.5% that answered right pic guy would not be quicker to bang the left pic guy than they would be to bang the right pic guy, actually they would all bang the right pic guy in a heartbeat and then hamster the cognitive dissonance away after the fact.

    I still believe the bigger and leaner the muscles, the more attracted a woman will be, and you gotta get very big (bigger than right pic guy) before you reach a point where the attraction starts diminishing.

    Also, i’m not big, i’m tall and lean but not bodybuilder big by any measure, so this isn’t my own hamstering.

    • I think it’s easy to say that, and sometimes it’s true that girls won’t say what they really like. It’s easy to say “i know what women like better than they do.” But its not so simple. What do girls say they want in a man, the 2 most common things: confidence and a sense of humor. 2 of the biggest parts of game. Girls aren’t retarded, they know what makes them crazy.

      Also look at the guys who women go crazy for in Hollywood. Is it ever the meatheads? There are some The Rock fans, but compared to so many others, the craziness is like nothing.

      It ‘s so easy to project what we as men think is attractive onto a woman. But i think it’s just not the case.

      That being said I just want to make it clear that I’m not saying not to get muscular, I’m just saying not to get huge. 200 lbs for me I look like I have plenty of muscle, but pushing much bigger will become too bulky.

    • Mercuryg

      I’ll agree that girls know for the most part (and are honest about) what makes them crazy, but i don’t think that applies as much to body type as it does to personality traits like humor and confidence.

      You have a point but using Hollywood to draw conclusions here is a little sketchy because the preselection is so high that women go crazy over guys simply by seeing other women go crazy over them. Their body type has very little to do with these things IMO.

      A muscly guy like 1% guy is too rare among the general public, Hollywood execs wouldn’t try to turn an actor like that into a heart-throb (by putting him in the right characters and portraying him a certain way) because it simply would not work. The heart-throb must be good looking but still look attainable.

      I guess all i’m saying is take the study with a grain of salt, and even though 72.5% of women said they preferred left pic guy, that doesn’t say anything about how they would actually react if they were ever approached by 1% guy. We all know women *love* the idea of fucking an elite guy, and you could liken this to for example fucking a millionaire. All women would fuck a millionaire in a heartbeat, in the same way i think all women would fuck that 1% guy in a heartbeat (given he’s got at least a modicum of humor and confidence.) The attraction would come primarily from the fact that he’s so rare, not just because his muscles are big.

      Food for thought.

    • i don’t see how body builders aren’t attainable. They are everywhere if you are a gym goer. I would say the heart throbs are 1000x more unattainable because many are ridiculously good looking. So I don’t understand that point.

      I do understand your point though, that you can’t trust women, its just I think it’s easy to project our own views and say we know better. I do think women sometimes will easily fuck a guy like Frank Z but I think it’s more out of novelty than natural attraction.

  • 20, I completely get what you’re saying and wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been 205 at six foot. I’ve also been slaying ass at 175. I prefer to be around 190-195, as it’s healthier for me and I feel better. However, this post needs a few clarifications…

    First, the bigger muscles you get the easier you’ll get laid – with some girls. This isn’t even a question. If some claim this to be false, I find it as a form of “game denialism”. Some girls love size and will put out quicker just because you’re big. If you’re in a huge Western city then you’ll have no issue finding these chicks. Plus, girls love size while ovulating – so ONS become easier.

    Second, I’m not talking about “freaks” on steroids who look retarded. However, a lot of guys are lazy and don’t want to put in work. I think by telling men “this” is the preferred body type of what women like – they may avoid getting bigger. Most men don’t have the genetic potential to come close to looking “too big” so they should shoot for the “1%” photo and if they are lucky then they’ll come out looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club minus the bird chest.

    Just my two cents…

    PS: I also thought height would be number one. From what I’ve viewed in the real world – it is.

    • 99% agree with everything you said. Nice post. The last part i used to think as well, but since I have been watching for it, I’m seeing that it’s actually true how much women prefer that shoulder to waist ratio over almost anything.

  • mclovin89

    just noticed that the slavic girls didnt like tattoos until the badboy came in.
    the latin girl and japanese girl didnt like it either but picked the more nice guy beta orovider look.
    so whats the balance with the tattoo, did just look good despite the bad boy image or did it help enhance it.
    Gets me wondering about tats now with eastern women cuz we all know western women like em…yay or neh?

    • Constipated Canuck

      I have a band tattoo on my forearm. Just finished boning 15-20 ukrainians over the past 4 months. They always asked about it. Thumbs up.

    • mclovin89

      like in their homeland or here that are westernized.
      props either way but if you got those trafional ones dam thats impressive

    • Constipated Canuck

      In ukraine. I spent 5 months in kiev. Ya some conservative and some less so. Biology is biology. Does a nerdy dude still get excited over big jugs? Well conservative girls still get wet for masculine men. Might take a bit more time and effort to penetrate them though.

    • I think Tattoos aren’t good on women, but on men they can be a plus. I think it depends on your look and personality as well.

    • mclovin89

      agreed. Dont know why women get tats, its ugly on them.
      Agreed if youre a legit bad boy or tough guy then it works otherwise dont fake it and get it.

  • Sébastien Rearden

    Hello, i’m curious, how could looking would you say you are between 0 and 10 ? i was it because i know you are a great seducor, but i Wonder if i can really get a beautifull girl like you with my ugly face (i love asians).

    • Sébastien Rearden

      sorry i mean “i ask it”

    • Hmmm I would say 8/10. But that has went up a lot since I started really focusing on self improvement. Going to gym, dressing well, having decent body language, etc.

  • O’Flaherty Sean

    I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with girls about that matter recently. I’ve just come back from a 2 months rotation in Iraq, with nothing to do but read and go to the gym. It’s still summer time here in Marseille (South of France), I’m wearing sleeveless tank tops, etc…
    Two days ago I smashed a cute, French theater actor / author in her 4* hotel room.
    Post sex she said I was a bit too muscular for women, and that I rather looked like the perfect gay fantasy ! (LOL).
    I’ve been on the local Tinder and I don’t get many results…. my profile picture is a funny one, but with me barechest. Many chicks clearly say it in their intro : “if you’re the kind of guy who advertises himself with pics of your chest and abs, forget about me….”
    I noticed in the past, women consider parts of your body that you would never think about : ass (although this is getting well known) but also forearms (!!), calfs (much more than you would imagine !), plus the whole current tendency of having a dad bod rather than a perfect six pack.
    Last but not least…. you Americans are pretty depressing in your attractiveness criteria. Height. Height. Height. Six foot tall. Six foot tall. That seems to be the only thing in the world ! I’m 5’6, there’s nothing I can do to change it, my only LTR so far was taller than me (French). I’ve had a Colombian girl taller than me by a whole head litterally “applying to join the club of my lovers” (her words). The chick I banged two days ago told me, “if you have other qualities such as a good body, good face or good talk, girls will happily forget about your height”. Some dating coaches also say, that for an ONS, the girl won’t be as picky as for chosing a long term partner, so you can have ONS’s despite not matching her wishlist 100%. I have swinger friends in Paris, the guy likes to watch me fucking his wife, and she’s 6 ft tall (six foot tall !!! six foot tall !!!). I have a British colleague who receives dozens of messages everyday by women he meets on POF, and 90% of them are taller than him (5’8, slightly balding, slightly fat, but a helluva great guy, naturally present).
    I’ll be in New York in October, taking a seduction course. I chose the USA, just to get out of my comfort zone, and to really know how I, a short guy, really performs in the six-foot-tall-obsessed ‘Murica. I have to admit I am rather confident, it will be interesting.
    Just my two cents, I hope it helps….

    • Very nice comment. I love hearing about personal experiences and how you were personally affected. I have found similar things.

    • TC

      “I’m 5’6, there’s nothing I can do to change it”
      you could do a surgical leg-extension but its like 100k€

  • max

    Zyzz had the most ideal body for generating attraction in women. It was created with steroid usage but it wasn’t body builder big. “Aesthetics brah.” You ‘mirin?

  • Billy Bombs

    be careful with these studies. many women will not admit to liking something out of their reach. many women will say they do not prefer super rich men, but in reality they do. many women will say they do not prefer highly muscular men, when in reality they would be all over a man with a body like the one in the far right image. of course I am not saying you need to be super muscular but women definitely like that body type, but honestly as long as you dont have much fat on your stomach and face and you are probably good to go

  • Matt

    Shit I weigh 250 and am around 6’1 and I honestly get plenty of pussy. I don’t have a defined jaw or anything like that but I do have a chubby/ baby fat face that girls find adorable. The beard helps quite a bit. I would like to drop down to around 200-210 so if you have any tips please let me know.

  • Pipper Stake

    First of all, I think we can all agree on one thing: Women have no idea what they want.

    Second of all, when someone says “bodybuilder”, the picture that comes to your mind is the mr olympia physique, which is not attainable naturally, even if you were a genetic freak. There’s actually a formula to find how much muscle is attainable naturally, it’s called the fat-free mass index (FFMI).

    Third of all, in general men respect biggermore muscularstronger men, and when men respect you more, your confidence increases, and your woman can feel it.

    Personal story: I have been through all stages; scrawny stage, fat stage, fat and muscular stage, lean and muscular stage. and let me tell you, being muscular makes all the difference no matter if you’re fat or lean, but for me personally I prefer to be lean at 10% body fat.

  • lakerguy

    The funny thing is, the hardest look to get is the least sought after by the ladies. I personally have always had girls say listen stop gyming i prefer you a little less built and i’m really not exaggerated in the least, but i never listen cause i do it for myself and like the writer my goal is to be like the far right. But barring steroid use most gym goers like myself end up looking somewhere in between brad pitt in fight club and the far right which is pretty close to the guy in the photo on the bike. The main thing for gym guys to keep in mind is to keep body fat as low as possible to get the shredded look that’s what really does it.

  • David

    It’s also worth pointing out that the one on the right is also in black and white so that might have messed with the results.

  • Garland

    In case of women feeling attracted to males is not as simple as body type. a guy who looks like Brad Pitt will not be considered hot if he lacks the glamour that women see on men based on their interaction, therefore confidence, strength, assertiveness and so forth are attractive traits that if not present reduce the dude’s chances of being considered hot to nearly zero.
    That’s why douche bags who can fake it (being confident and self assured ) will get more points weather or not the guy is handsome, muscular etc.
    Many concepts of personal self esteem that women want in men in order to find them attractive are unrealistic, just as women are insecure about their bodies and life expectations, so are men, but us men are forced to suck it up and pretend we have everything under control so women may find us attractive.

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  • MD Abdullah Bin Khaleel

    Girls don’t like muscular guys..
    But I wanna get big becoz it is my pride and I don’t care…