Bangkok update

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Rama 9 bridge in Bangkok

Ok the last two days; (computer not busted as thought) I met up with Rio for some dinner and beers at this food market near the Onnut BTS. I noticed several cute girls making it a point to walk by … Read More

BKK Invasion so far

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Ok, so it’s like this; When I stepped off the plane I was exhausted. The almost 7 hours trip from Narita Japan was awful. I had to fly standby and it was actually sold out. I don’t know how I … Read More

My Trick to Approaching Hot Girls

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My Trick to Approaching Hot Girls Without a doubt approaching hot girls is the #1 thing that will improve anybodies success with women. It is by far the most important thing you can do. It is also the scariest, and … Read More

The Correct Outlook

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A quote comes to mind from a movie I watched many times growing up; “Don’t take life too seriously, you will never get out alive” – Tara Reid from American Pie This is the kind of carefree outlook that you … Read More

Quantity achievements

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Going on an adventurous world wide trip will bring you the lifestyle that allows to increase your notch count astronomically. In order to quantify these achievements the following names were inventented for achieving high quantities of notches over a short … Read More