What are your new year resolutions for 2018

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It’s the last day of 2017, tomorrow we’ll all be in 2018. Time flies by and doesn’t slow down. That’s why it’s a good moment to take a step back, make some your resolutions for the new year. To make them actually count for something, you should actually write them down and even publish them here. I will share mine below and I encourage you to write yours in the comment section below.

THC New Year Resolution

I divided them up in to four sections.


Not improving or accepting the status quo is a losing strategy. Don’t be complacent and continue to improve your game always. Do more approaches, date better quality girls, get out your comfort zone. For me personally, I’m going to take a break from online game. I’ve met some amazing girls through online game, but they are far between.

For 2018 I will focus most of my efforts on day game and higher quality girls. I’ll expand on this in the coming post.


Living this traveling life, surrounded by exotic women and great new friends, I would never want to trade it back for the 9-to-5 cubicle of boredom to death. This blog and other ventures are getting me by for now but I will improve them and grow my online businesses to ensure future shenanigans are funded and taken to the next level.


This year I’ve only been working out at maintenance level. Work caused me to stop other sports. Boxing and running dropped from the routine. So besides the gym I’m going to find the way to add in another proper sport.

I’ve always suffered from insomnia.  But since I’ve they sell over the counter sleeping pills in Colombia, I’ve been relying on those too much. It’s impacts my overall mood and I have built up a pretty strong tolerance. Which could come in handy one day when another girl tries to drug me 😉 nonetheless, I’m going to go cold turkey on them. I feel a lot more natural motivation when I’m not using them.


Every man should always work on getting new skills. I will learn a new dance and new language.

This year I will learn how to dance Salsa. I’ve been living in Latin America on and off for quite a while and while you can get by without knowing any dancing, it’s really a skill that pays off here.

It’s always good to know a new language. I’ve started studying Russian and it’s an excellent challenge. 20Nation can speak it and it can open some doors when you’re conversational. Since Ukraine and Russia are on my travel list, it seems like a good choice.


I think that’s a good list to start the new year.

What are your plans for improving your life in 2018? Your travel plans? Let’s destroy it 2018!



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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • Trinitario

    Hi Swoop,

    Firstly let me wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope whatever your endeavors are, you make it grand…. Next i must say this is a great article to start for this new year, It is very exciting to me a i am looking forward to travelling to the Dominican Republic for the first time, i have one my theory homework and it is time for me to be on the actual ground to experience my own personal adventures, i have also grabbed the opportunity to learn Spanish which will give me the edge along with frame control, body language and among other things. However i need to improve my conversation ( espaniol ) with the latinas, although i have engaged them in convo when i met them at strip clubs down here (Trinidad and Tobago). Swoop, i have read your articles, did personal research, i even chat with some of the Dominicans here and i am now ready to go out there and experience what i have been missing out years ago…

    Thanks again Swoop

  • Dibben Nandakishor

    HI Swoop,

    Happy new year to u all the readers. May I ask how do sustain ur lifestyle not working from 9-5 cubicle work.

  • Jade Milburn

    TravelHardcore a good new year’s resolution for you would be to stop and take a look at yourself.
    Do you see that your website promotes hate of women. As an intelligent man, surely you can see that speaking to men aggressively on here, and promoting women as faceless emotionless valueless objects, will encourage many men to treat women terribly. Your website will personally be responsible for causing many men to think that this is normal, and it will cause many women to suffer.
    Is it any different to racism? Imagine if you talked about going after black people, said they had a last minute defence, you smashed through it, haha you are the king of the world. How can you not see that the way you talk about women is just as awful? I don’t know why I am saying this to you, as the people doing these things never seem to care, never seem able to comprehend the hurt and pain they cause others.
    But I am beseeching to other men on here. Women are suffering and in pain. There is another way for men to be.
    I have personally suffered much in my life from being a woman, and I ask you to change your way of thinking. Think of the footprint that you are leaving.please

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Jade, make a new years resolution to give up stalking… despite your fascination. The study of logic would help you too.

    • OpenMinded1

      Well, Jade Milburn thanks for sharing with the world why you have such a messed up perspective… Guys want to fuck girls, & the are promoting hate against women? Huh? Guys like fucking black girls & they are racists? You got some serious unresolved issues. Why couldn’t you just get drunk enough to want to have sex, like other girls, & perhaps you could have enjoyed jrhaving sex with a stranger? Violently raped eh? I suspect this is being used as a descriptive term, that there was actually no ‘violence’ involved. Hey, you’re judging us, were judging (& assuming things). Sorry about your bad sexual experience, I’ve had a few myself, but I ain’t gonna let the actions of others affect who I am today or tomorrow. God bless.

  • Jade Milburn

    The last post that I will write on this:
    I was violently sexually assaulted at a party.
    The guy used all the pretences you have said on here to trick me into seeing his room. Sex was the farthest thing from my mind.
    He wanted to have sex, I said no, and went to leave, he pinned me down while I struggled and said no, and violently sexually assaulted me.
    I am sure he probably perused pages like this, that ‘no’ from a woman is just a game, other men tell him so online, last minute resistance is to be smashed through.
    I lost myself for a long, long time after that :attempted suicide. It took very specific counselling from an expert to get out of the depression. I still don’t enjoy sex, that lovely natural human thing, to this day. I always feel fear. I feel it is robbed from me. Please be careful of what you put on the internet. You could save a woman from being treated the same way, and you could also save men from going down this aggressive route. I have suffered as have many women. Why have men got so seperated from us. We are the very same as you.

  • Asado Independiente

    what do you think about the impact of virtual reality porn and sex robots on the future ? some experts predict, that more people will have sex with robots than with humans in say 10-20 years, does that concern you ? i heard in japan there are men who not only have sex but even relations with more life like dolls LOL, that might be the case for women then too, to have robots