My Top 10 Excuses to Get a Girl Back to Your Place

My Top 10 Excuses to Get a Girl Back to Your Place


As all men who have done a bit of gaming know, women want an excuse to sleep with you. If they don’t have an excuse, they will feel more like a slut. No girl wants her friends to think she’s a slut, wants her family to think she’s a slut or wants to feel like a slut. This is why giving her a good excuse to say it “just happened” is so important. Because, even after she wants to be with you, there is always the word “slut” in the back of her mind.

This is such an important part of game and that is why today’s article will be my top 10 excuses to get a girl back to your place. I have used these excuses probably close to 1000 times, so I can definitely say I’ve had plenty of practice. Here goes:


10. Just do it. No need for chit chat

At #10 we have the excuse that isn’t as much of an excuse as just acting. What you do is, after getting ice cream or drinks or whatever (strategically close to where you are staying), you leave where you are and you just start leading her to your apartment. It’s surprising how many times girls have not said anything and went with me. All you have to do is lead.

If she then asks you why the two of you are headed to your apartment, that’s when you turn to the next 9 excuses.


9. There is this song that will blow your mind

When I am going to use this excuse, I will strategically start talking about an amazing Youtube music video. I will usually say something along the lines of “this song will blow your mind.” This excuse works best on girls who have already made up their mind they really like you and would be open to sleeping with you.


8. I have to see this game!

This one I stumbled on accidentally. As a sports fan, there are certain games I really don’t want to miss. So when there is a great game on, but I also want to get laid, I decide to kill two birds with one stone.

After meeting up for your date (close to your place), tell her this:

“There is this big game going on right now, it’s almost over, do you mind if we just watch the last 15 minutes?”

If she’s a sweet girl, she will say yes. It doesn’t matter if the game is just beginning, half way through, or completely done because now she is at your place and the two of you are alone. Time to escalate.


7. It’s too hot, I mean too cold

Depending on what season it is or where you are living, climate is going to play a huge part in comfort. If it is really hot outside, it’s time to use the excuse that you need to get out of the heat for a bit. “Oh hey look at that! We are right outside my apartment and I have air conditioning.”

Another form of this is for the winter. Maybe it’s very cold outside or it’s raining. Time to use the excuse to go somewhere warm. “Oh look there’s my hotel!”

The final way I like to use this (and it’s the same excuse I used yesterday). “I’m cold, I should probably grab a jacket. Do you mind if we stop by my place for a moment just to pick it up.”


6. Netflix and chill

The infamous “Netflix and chill”. Of course I never actually say Netflix and chill because everybody knows what it means. What I do say is that I want to see a movie. It’s a classic and most girls will know what it means, but if she wants an excuse to sleep with you, she will eagerly accept it.


5. I can’t live without my smartphone!

Another excuse I like to use, is the “need to charge my phone” excuse. Nobody understands the pain of living a couple hours without a smartphone like women do. Suggesting you stop by your place for 20 minutes while it charges works like a charm.


4. Chef 20

My next excuse is one that uses the allure of a man who can cook (or at least tries.)

She may respond “No way. You can cook?.”

“Yes I can. Let me show you.”

Next thing you know you are back at your place and using her as your assistant. I like this one so much because sex is something that is meant to be enjoyed after taking care of the necessities… like eating and sleeping. Scientifically the point of life is to survive and reproduce, but survival comes first.

What I have found is that after a nice meal, not only am I hornier and not only is she hornier, but the sex is better. That’s why Chef 20 is used so often.

Variation being asking her to cook for me.


3. I’m thirsty

Now, for this excuse I need to give credit where credit is due. TravelHardCore (THC) came up with this excuse and I saw him absolutely destroy a nightclub with it.

Here’s what happened. THC and I were out one night and, after meeting a girl, he used the excuse that he is thirsty and if she wants to go get something to drink with him. He then crossed the street to a convenience store and bought a gallon jug of water. They sat and drank a bit of the water, but of course, they couldn’t finish it all.

“Let me just drop the water off at my place, it’s right over there.”

Just like that, two drink people are alone in a room together and the rest is history. He slept with 3 separate girls in one night with this same strategy… from the SAME club. Props.

It was funny because he used it so much that he actually had to start hiding all the gallon water jugs so the girls didn’t see how often he did it.


2. Have to use the bathroom

This is a favorite of mine because it is a necessity and you can use it in almost any situation. I got my Spanish flag by walking a girl to her home and then asking to use the bathroom. The second her front door closed I was kissing her and soon after, getting the flag.

You can also use this when you are close to your house.


1. Shopping time

Now… my all time favorite excuse to get a girl back to my place. Ready for it?

First we go for a walk. While we are on this walk I am guiding her and I towards a certain location… a supermarket (or any store really). I then see the super market and suddenly remember that I have no food at my apartment.

“Do you mind if I grab a few things from the super market so I’ll have something to eat tonight?” What kind of a girl could say no to that? I then do some shopping and afterwards… look at that, I have to drop my groceries off at my place.

The next thing you know we are alone in my apartment and you know exactly what comes next ;).

I am pretty sure it’s my favorite because I can be quite lazy at times and it’s nice when I can go on a date AND get my shopping done for the week, all at the same time. I have went through 3 month stretches where I never went shopping alone, because I would use this excuse so often.


Bonus excuse: Let’s keep the party going

Because I love you guys, I will throw in one more excuse. This is a complete classic and goes with night game. You simply say you want to keep the party going and you have drinks back at your place. If you and her have been drinking a bit, it is unlikely she will want to stop. Use that.



One last game tip for you guys

Something many guys don’t understand, is that it’s never a good idea to sexually escalate when you can’t close the deal. That means, that anytime you are not alone, it can be a bad idea to sexually escalate.

Sometimes it’s best to not even kiss the girl until you get her back to your place. This depends on the situation, but keep this in mind because sexually escalating when you aren’t alone can make you lose a lot of girls (unless it’s a slut).


How you can better understand women and seducing them

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36 Comments on “My Top 10 Excuses to Get a Girl Back to Your Place”

  1. This is good, guys! Especially the shopping one, and the gallon jug of water trick.. i picture all those in order, hahaha.

  2. The “let’s buy some water” closed the deal so many times. I’d get the girl back to my place and there’d still be like 4 gallons of water from the days before 😀

    1. well, because polish and finnish girls LOVE to drink. I usually went with the bonus line (let’s grab a drink at my place.)

    1. Especially the last bit about escalating too early. So many guys fuck this up. Its an epidemic lol

  3. “I am thirsty” and “it’s shopping time” are awesome.

    BUT I will “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” as they say.

    With probably 6+ notches which happened through “I need to charge my phone” which I read here, the last one being a 19 year old student in high heels the day before yesterday, which brought a hell of an afterglow, I will say this:

    Swoop The World, Jean-Batave salutes you

  4. Another little gem that I’ve read somewhere and has worked really well is to meet your date really close to your place (you need to make sure that it is located in an area with lots of nice bars and restaurants when on holiday – location really matters!) and then claim that you forgot your wallet in your flat and if she minds if to walk back to get it (if she doesn’t she basically accepts that she has to pay! Guess how many girls said no to this!!!)

    Then invite her upstairs, don’t escalate but give her the tour of your flat…so if the evening/night goes well she is much more likely to accept one of the excuses mentioned in the article to walk back with you, as she has already seen the place and knows what she comes back to – it really makes it a lot easier!

  5. Always wanted to ask you 20-
    how many cold approaches will you do/day in heavy day game sessions? What about the number of night game cold approaches in a good session?

    1. to be honest not a huge number. most of my day game approaches are done in my daily life. on the way to a date or going to buy something. i like it more so i can be more selective.
      but when it’s about improving your day game skills i think 7 approqches is a good number.

    2. Man those are low numbers/session-you must be at least an 8 in looks to do that low of an amount of approachs. Krauser and Roosh tear up the pavement wherever they go like 10-15/outing. I do try to do 10 myself-Im an introvert or Id do even more than that.

      Another inquiry burns in my mind-
      For each of the 3 regions of poosy paradise which style of approach is optimal ranked from 1(best)-3(worst) for most effectiveness-
      Latin America- 1-day game (most effective) 2-online game 3-night game(least effective in LA)
      SEA-1-Online game 2-Day game 3-Night game
      EE-1-night game 2-day game 3-online game

    3. the reason i have to do leas approaches come from body language and spending a lot of time working on it.

      everything is easy in sea. in latin america usually day and internet are easy.

    4. to be honest not a huge number. most of my day game approaches are done in my daily life. on the way to a date or going to buy something. i like it more so i can be more selective.
      but when it’s about improving your day game skills i think 7 approqches is a good number.

  6. Re: early escalation, there’s needs to be some mild kino and verbal sexual spikes to create some sexual tension but leave the heaving groping and tongue in the mouth for when she’s isolated.

    For example, touching her hands, light touches to the small of the back, talking about some crazy travel adventures you both had, etc.

    1. yeah exactly. but thats just basic kino. always important. it’s when guys start groping that they can get into trouble

  7. Football officially get me laid three times, I mean the real football, not american eggball :), so i always use this excuse, if possible

  8. Ok, with all due respect to THC and the “I’m thirsty” bit, do you just go get a gallon jug of warm water and drink it on the sidewalk with a girl? Who does that without looking homeless or like a big weirdo?

    1. I think you are overthinking this. You are just a man who has been dancing, drinking and is very thirsty. You buy the water and the fact that the two of you are sitting there with a huge bottle of water is why she would be so willing to drop it off at your place (very close by).

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