My First Day in Asia: Culture Shock Mixed with Heaven

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My First Day in Asia: Culture Shock Mixed with Heaven


The following is a sneak peak from the book I’m currently writing on my first real pussy paradise trip… my trip to South East Asia. The rough draft will be finished tomorrow. It has ended up being much longer than I ever expected, but so many interesting things happened on this trip, I couldn’t underwrite them.

If you guys see any mistakes or have any thoughts, encouraging or constructive, leave a comment below or write me at


Before reading this, read the first couple chapters here:

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An Unknown Future Awaits

I spent the next week online. I had started “pipelining” or using online dating to meet girls before actually arriving.

I had previously dabbled in online dating, but the responses I got in the Philippines were what I imagine only fame can get you in the states. After a couple days of chatting, I had more dates set up than I had time for.

I had started to get to know the girls better, going from dating website to messages to webcamming. The girls’ excitement at our eventual meeting seemed to grow every day.

One day, I started talking with a new girl from the online dating website. An hour later I did a video call with her on Skype. She answered the call and what I saw was almost rejected by my Mormon brain.

“Hi,” she said.

I could barely respond… this girl was lying in bed completely naked. You couldn’t quite see anything, but if she moved the camera even another inch it wouldn’t be the case.

“Hi,” I said, trying to shake off the shock at what I saw.

Hormones took over and I did my best to keep the conversation going. I waited for each moment that she would reposition her body and reveal a brief glimpse of her naked body.

After 15 minutes I was glimpsing nipples, after 45 minutes I was glimpsing her ass and after an hour and a half she was “accidently” showing me her completely naked body.

I only had a couple days left before my flight to Manila, but I could hardly stand it.



I planned more dates with more girls. So far I had a date with a very cute and tiny single mom, a busty(for an Asian) Chinese girl, a somewhat slutty seeming Philippina who had flashed me on webcam and about ten others.

The night of before my flight to South East Asia finally arrived I tried to sleep, but the excitement I felt kept my eyes from staying shut for more than a moment.

I imagined what it would be like to step foot on a completely new continent. I fantasized about the women and my future sexual conquests. Maybe, I would even find real love. The only thing I knew for sure, was that I’d never been anywhere like the countries I planned to visit.



I had taken the cheapest flight I could find which, of course, meant I would be spending a ridiculous amount of time in flights and airports. Thoughts of a new adventure and possibilities of sex made the 26 hour trip fly by, the sleeping pills I took probably didn’t hurt either. Before I knew it the plane had landed in the Philippines.

The moment I stepped out of the airplane the hot and humid air hit me. The wall of air hit me like reality, I was really here.

I went through immigration, picked up my bags and got money from the ATM. Mariel, the cute and tiny single mom, was supposed to be waiting for me outside the airport.

I stepped outside the doors of the airport searching for her.

“Can I help you sir?” one of the airport guards asked.

“I’m looking for the area where people wait for arrivals.”

“Right over there, sir.” He motioned to his left. “Maybe a little tip for help?” He held out his hand.

Never in my life had somebody asked for a tip for something like this. The moment and shock of visiting a new continent made me reach into my pocket. I gave him what I hoped was a dollar. I still didn’t know the currency conversion.

I walked over to the waiting area. People were standing in a group, watching the new arrivals come out the doors.

I searched the faces in the crowd. I never expected it to be this difficult to find her. I imagined a 5 foot nothing, 90 pound girl would stick out. That was before I saw this crowd filled with 5 foot nothing 90 pound girls. The guys were a bit bigger, maybe more around 5 foot 3.  I had never seen a collection of such tiny people.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a figure walking towards me. I turned and saw Mariel’s smiling face. I guess, I guess a 6’1” white guy didn’t quite blend in here like she did. She jumped into my arms and gave me a hug.

“How was your trip?!”

“It was good,” I said, feeling like I was drugged.

For the second time in my life, I was feeling culture shock. Everything in this country was different, even here in the airport.

The process of finding a taxi to my hotel felt like a dream, not a good dream or a bad dream, a dream where you don’t what to feel because you are in a place that doesn’t seem real.

We found a taxi and started the trip from the airport into the center of Manila.

Mariel and I sat in the back of the taxi. Her head was on my shoulder and her and in mind. I opened a currency app to see how much the ride would cost in USD. I was getting ripped off.

I looked at tiny Mariel. Why did she let the guy overcharge me? She noticed my gaze and took her head off my shoulder to look up at me. She met my eyes and smiled.

No, I can’t expect this girl to know these things. This is a girl who had never taken a flight her entire life.

“This is not the right price.” I confronted the taxi.

“Sorry sir, but this correct price.” What was up with everybody calling me sir?

He pulled out a laminated piece of paper with different prices on it. It was written in English. I wasn’t in the mood to try to argue about the price, but later learned that the prices written in English are almost always much more expensive than the normal fare. If you want to avoid being ripped off on the ride, you have  to avoid the drivers who come to you at the airport.

As we sat in the car, she did something that no sober woman had ever done in my entire life, she kissed me. Was I seducing this girl or was she seducing me?

At my hotel and she came up to my room with me. I unpacked some of the basics and took a shower.

Afterwards, I put on some shorts and joined her at the little table on the edge of the room. While we sat across from each other I studied of this girl I had only seen in pictures and webcam.

She had the slanted eyes that most people see when they think of Asians. Her beauty was strange and sexy at the same time; an exotic beauty. She had a small and perfect nose with freckles on each side. I never knew Asian girls could have freckles. It was sexy.

I was exhausted from the long trip, but it was drowned out by the desire I suddenly felt for this foreign girl.

I stood up and went over to her. I bent down and kissed her. My hands reached out as the kiss continued, grasping at her slender limbs. Then, I picked her up with little effort and carried her to the bed.

My lips and tongue began to explore her mouth as I climbed on top of her petite body.

The previous week I had spent fantasizing about this girl. I had imagined what it would be like to peel off her clothing and reveal what was hidden underneath.

Her shirt came off first, then her jeans and her bra. As I started sliding her panties down, her arm reached out and stopped me. For a moment, we both lay there frozen. She took hand away and I continued to remove her panties.

After her panties fell to the floor, I looked down at her naked body. The passion that had been sleeping  for so long back home was finally set free.

In those moments I was the purest and most ancient form of happy, a happiness made so powerful to ensure the existence of the human race.  All that desire I had built up back home, I unleashed on her. Her tiny body wriggling beneath me is a capture that is seared into my memories. It was a powerful moment and one I would never forget.

The satisfaction I gained from finally making this dream a reality was whole and complete. I had gotten exactly what I had wanted, consciously and subconsciously.

Mariel lay next to me, her chest rose and fell as she caught her breath. There was a light coating of sweat on her slightly tanned skin. She noticed my gaze and smiled at me.

The exhaustion that usually accompanies climax disappeared and again I wanted this tiny girl. She stared sweetly up at me as I slid inside of her and took her again.


My First Adventure

Mariel had to go home that night. I walked her to her bus stop and returned to my room.

Although it was night in the Philippines, my body still thought it was the middle of the day. The jet lag was strong, but my exhaustion was stronger. I slept.

I woke up a few hours later. It was the middle of the night. I turned on a movie and tried to sleep. Eventually I was able to get a couple more hours of sleep.

I awoke with an ache in my stomach. I was starving. In the excitement of my first day, I had forgotten to eat. My last meal had been on the flight to Manila.

I quickly dressed and asked the receptionist where I could find something to eat. She told me the directions to a mall about 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel. I wasted no time in setting out.

I was expecting a message from a girl who wanted to meet later that day, so I was going to pick up food and bring it back to the hotel where I had internet.

It was there, under the hot Philippine sun that the second wave of reality hit me. I was really here. Everything was different and now, I didn’t have little Mariel to distract me from it. I wasn’t enclosed in a car to hide the sounds and smells.

Now that I wasn’t seeing the city through a glass window, it all seemed more real. Things that shouldn’t be overwhelmed my brain. The buildings shouldn’t be like that. The smells, the people were, the language, the roads and a hundred other things were all so different from what I was used to on the other side of the planet.

I set out towards the mall the clerk had mentioned. I hadn’t walked fifty feet before three Philippine guys carried a large squealing pig to the road.  What was this?

Two of the men set the big hog down in the street and the third took out a huge machete. Right in front of me, he slit the pig’s throat. Blood ran down the gutters towards me.

I wasn’t in the country side, I wasn’t on a farm, I wasn’t even in a small city, I was in the capital of the Philippines. It was more different than I could have ever imagined.

The sight took my mind off my aching stomach for a moment. But the pain came back stronger than before. I barely noticed anything else on my walk to the mall. The only thing on my mind was food.

The first restaurant I found in the mall was a fast food restaurant called Jolly Bee’s. It’s like a Philippine version of Mcdonald’s.

After getting a hamburger meal from a cute cashier, I started walking back to the hotel. My stomach growled, I couldn’t wait any longer. I started eating the fries while dodging pedestrians in the street.

I was a block away from my hotel, bringing a French fry to my mouth, when a sound caught my attention.

“Hungry,” I heard a voice say.

I searched for the source of the voice and found a little girl dressed in street rags. She made an eating signal by bringing her hand to her open mouth.

I’m the type of guy who will walk past a homeless guy without a second thought. “He shouldn’t be asking for money, he should be asking for work,” is what I had always been taught. But this was a 6 year old girl and she was just asking for the food in my hands.

My stomach growled. The thought crossed my mind to ignore the little girl and satisfy my own hunger. A cute little girl like that, she could probably get any person who walked by to give up their food. Right?

It was my empty stomach talking, of course. I handed her the bag of food. She quickly opened the bag and started stuffing her face. She smiled at me through a mouth full of French fries.

I went to back to the same fast food restaurant at the mall. When I entered the cashier, who had helped me before, saw me then started giggling with her coworker.

I waited in line then ordered the same meal from her.

“Hello again sir,” she said.

“Hi,” I responded.

“You are a very hungry man,” she said trying to contain her smile and failing.

“A man’s gotta’ eat.” The girl looked to be about 18 years old and was attractive.

“Where are you from?” the cashier next to her asked.


“Ohhhhh.” The two girls giggled.

I said goodbye and took my food. The encounter had only given me a tiny glimpse of the power I had over women in the Philippines.



When I got back to my room, I devoured my food and checked my messages. The girl had replied and wanted to meet this afternoon. This was the girl who I had webcam’d and had briefly flashed me. Pixelated as the webcam feed was I couldn’t be sure, but it looked like this girl had a great rack.

In fact, if she hadn’t flashed me, I might have not even have met her. The meeting with tiny Mariel the night before had gone so well that I just wanted to see her.

I now had a full stomach and was ready to do some exploring before my date. I went back towards the mall I was at before, this time, taking in everything from my surroundings.

The roads were paved, but dusty, narrow with no real sidewalk. The buildings and streets seemed bunched together. I would take ten steps and pass by a store, take ten more and pass another.

I got back to the mall and, as I entered, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. A girl was holding her cell phone at a strange angle.

When I looked over I saw she was sneakily trying to snap a picture of me. When she saw my glance she abruptly took the camera down and started walking the other direction.

What the? I wouldn’t consider myself bad looking, but I was definitely not so good looking that strangers should be trying to secretly take pictures of me.

I had chosen this part of the city because it was close to where Mariel lived. I knew I was far from the where most foreigners stay, maybe that’s why Filipino eyes seemed to follow me wherever I went. Whatever I imagined Philippines to be like, I never imagined this.

I explored a bit more then headed back to my hotel. It was time to see if my second date in the Philippines would go as well as my first.



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  • “Maybe, I would even find real love.”
    HA !

    • It was exactly what I thought lol

    • Cecil J

      Have you hit up Cebu and Davao? Which ones better or is Manila the best spot in the Phils?

    • yeah I have, you’ll read a lot about all 3 of those places in the book. Its hard to say because they are so different

    “The wall of hair” is that supposed to be AIR?”
    The moment I stepped out of the airplane a wall of hot and humid air hit me. The reality of it all started to settle in, I was really here.

    • haha nice catch. That’s not a mistake that I want in the book 😉

    • “Wall of hair” sounds more like a story from Japan 😉

    • A story we will soon live!

  • FIRST BLOOD! Golden touchdown Flag Captured

  • BaroiKalimotxo

    Hi there dude.
    My suggestion would be to not overdo the description of actions in first person using the I + action sequence. It gets repetitive and linear, (like a diary would). It is ok just to capture the ideas as they flow, but the text requires further adjustments. In short, lose as many I’s as possible.
    My suggestion, using the last paragraphs:

    “When I got back to my room, I devoured my food and checked my messages. One reply from the that flashy webcam girl from before. She wants to meet up this afternoon. Pixelated as the webcam feed was I couldn’t be sure, but it looked like this girl had a great rack.

    In fact, if she hadn’t flashed me, I might have not even (have) met her. (EDIT: duplicate „have“) The meeting with tiny Mariel the night before had gone so well that kept wanting for more.

    Full stomach. Ready to do some pre-date field exploring. The mall I was at before was it. However, this time, taking in everything from my surroundings.

    As I walked on the paved and narrow dusty roads, with no real sidewalk, the buildings and streets seemed bunched together, passing by one store just to pass another then steps after.

    I reached the mall and, as I entered, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. A girl was holding her cell phone at a strange angle.
    What the…? Although I wouldn’t consider myself bad looking, definitely not as much for strangers playing Papparazzi on me in secret.

    I had chosen this part of the city because it was close to Mariel’s place. I knew I was far from the where most foreigners stay, maybe that’s why Filipino eyes seemed to follow me wherever I went. Whatever I imagined Philippines to be like, I never imagined this.
    After a little more exploration, it was time to go back to my hotel and see if my second date in the Philippines would go as well as my first. ”

    Of course, you may chose which of my suggested changes you like.
    Also, if you’re going to narrate your adventures, use as many idiomatic expressions, funny analogies (e.g.: as “lost” as Ricky Martin’s kids at a Mother’s day school celebration) and perhaps comic style descriptions (Full stomach. Ready to do some pre-date field exploring).

    The key is that your prose isn’t repetitive. So, my suggestion is to try to get it proofread by a ghost-writing expert and be very open for deep re-composing.

    Best of luck and keep it up!.

    • Hey, thanks for the advice as always. I hate being told I am not doing something perfect but I know the book will be better for it ;). A lot of the things you point out are things I wouldn’t have thought of. The editing process will be longer than i imagined. The book is already at 85,000 words and could hit 90.

    • BaroiKalimotxo

      No probs. I get you. As I mentioned, at work I must produce long pieces of texts and sometimes it isn’t easy to digest revisions from someone else. Thing is, when you write, you get so absorbed in the text, that you lose focus of the big picture. Your mind is just too drawn in it that you simply miss small details, that only an outside perspective can spot inconsistencies. Anyway, it’s part of the job and how it is. Cheers.

    • Thanks Baroi

  • Klaus

    Oh mannnn, this is SO GOOD, like as I read it seems as it just keeps making me addicted to the text, a lot like a feel when reading roosh’s stories, and it feels fucking dope ass. Can’t wait till the book comes out!

    • Thanks Claus. Your comment makes motivates me to get editing and get this book out asap.

  • schlep

    Another great article 20. This is one of my favorite pieces you have written. Everything you wrote was basically my experience on my first trip also. I’m a country boy. Taking my first trip abroad to a place like Manila was a complete shock to my body. Walking out of the airport into a foreign world and overcome with such nervous excitement. I have never felt so alive. All my senses on full alert. Then looking over and seeing a pretty little filipina with a big smile on her face. Getting my golden touchdown two hours later. Fucking priceless bro!!! I only have one person to thank for that. You man…

    • These are things I LOVE to hear! Awesome. Sounds like we had a similar experience in the Philippines. Writing this has made me miss SEA so much that I changed my travel plans and I’m returning this winter.

  • awa

    hey 20, great stuff, how old were u when u did that 1st trip and how many girls did u bang before going to asia ?

    take care

    • I was mid 20’s. I can’t remember exactly but I think it was around 30 in my life. After this trip… everything changed. Now I feel like a manwhore

    • Aya

      Haha that was i expected. Maybe you can mention it. I will follow ur way next year, leave my job, start a game blog and hit sea first . I already wanted to do it and after reading ur blog I feel like any man who dont do that miss his youth and can ruin his life. Now i feel i must do it. hope it will works, if you have some advice let me know.
      Ps . U should try france and african countrys soon, i m on mauritius right now and that s awesome.

    • awesome man. Gl in your future adventures. If you have any questions shoot me an email

  • Brianmark

    Enjoyed your description of the Philippines. I was just in the Philippines. Where were you staying that you saw a pig butchered in the street? I seen everything else in the streets though.

    Are you going to run a combination special on all your books when this one is released. I need to get them all.

    • I was in a part of Quezon City. Yeah I will, but it might be a week or two after this books release. But for sure I’ll get around to it.

  • Tom Crean

    When I landed in Philippines few years ago my reflections were absolutely positive. However I didn’t use it as much as I should probably. Next time I hope to be back there for longer…

  • Brianmark

    When’s the book coming out? Eagerly waiting.