Memories of the Philippines: Pinay Girls (part 1)

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It’s productivity month: Writing, working out, learning Spanish and banging girls, new dates are only allowed after a productive day. As my Dominican girl is cleaning the kitchen and making me a sandwich, I look over my shoulder onto the apartment’s ocean’s view, the  sun is glistening over the water, the palm trees are swaying in the gentle breeze and a lone fisherman is patiently waiting for something to bite…

Time for a new “Memories of…”, this time I let my memories float back to my Pinay girls. For more in this series check out:

As always: these are obviously not their real names for privacy reasons.


One word: Angel

After Cagayan de Oro, 20Nation and I headed to Cebu City to meet up with Scotian. Cebu City is the oldest city of the Philippines and is considered the main center of commerce in the Visayas. We had randomly picked a cheap hotel from, turned out it was in a neighboring town called Lapu-Lapu. The whole town seemed like a ghetto; the roads were barely paved and there were goats and chickens running freely in the streets. Still, we had pipelined pretty well so we still each had girls welcome us in this shit hole and they came straight to our hotel.

Cebu Road

It was a great start and a telling sign of what was yet to come. Cagayan de Oro had been awesome but in Cebu we shifted gears and went all-in on slaying pussy (full month cunt hunt achieved). The staff of the hotels we were staying at raised their eyebrows as we’d walk in with new girls every single day.

A lot of these girls have faded from my memory since and if it hadn’t been from the digital memories I took, I would have forgotten all about them. But when I think about that time in Cebu, one girl really stands out and that’s Lisa.

I met Lisa on and we met at the local Jollibee for an ice cream. Jollibee is a very popular Philippine fast food chain; the food is horrible but it’s cheap and a perfect location to meet up with a girl. Just make clear WHICH Jollibee you’re meeting at, because there are so many of them.

Jollibee Cebu: Perfect place for a date

Jollibee: Perfect place for an ice cream date

Lisa was a cute and petite girl, 19 years old and very shy. I did my regular dating routine almost completely on auto-pilot, I’d been doing multiple dates a day for a while. I’d literally drift off in my thoughts while telling the same stories and asking the same questions as the day before. It’s kind of annoying but it’s just part of the dance we have to do. This time the girl was extremely shy so I had to do 90% of the talking.

We end up back at my hotel room and I realize why she had been so shy all along, she was very inexperienced with boys.

“Are you a virgin?”

“No, of course I’m not!” (her face turns bright red)

“Oh, god… Did you even kiss a boy before?”

“Yes! Of course I have!” (a little bit aggravated)

I make a bit fun of her being inexperienced. The LMR was intense but I was at the peak of my game, I’d been busting through LMR for a week straight. I had just come up with some new techniques on the spot before and they worked like magic. E.g. the “bold and the beautiful look away” where you play the emotional card: “I’m not a robot, I have feelings too” – I”ll elaborate on this another time 😉

Anyway, it was rough but: LMR conquered.

It was crappy virgin sex but that was well compensated with her super sweet personality, she was really a little angel. I spent a few days with her and we visited some touristic spots in the city and I enjoyed hanging out with her. Spending time with Lisa was a nice break from all the parties and hangovers. I really like her and it made me sad to leave her behind when we left for Manila.

We have stayed in contact until now… It’s almost a year ago since I met her and I noticed her personality has changed a lot since then. She has become much more assertive and open, I will definitely visit her next time I go back to the Philippines.

Beautiful view over Cebu City from Tops

Beautiful view over Cebu City from Tops. Nice place for some romance.


  • Sweet and innocent girl
  • Cute, petite and young
  • Angel of a girl


Mainee and Ann

In one word: Threesome

Mango Square

I had an emotional connection with Lisa, the two Pinay girls were almost the opposite. I had met Mainee on a crazy drunken night with 20Nation and Scotian. We all went to Mango Square which is THE party hub of Cebu City. There’s a bunch of bars and clubs gathered around the square and it’s banging every day of the week, it’s non-stop. Picking up girls here was very easy, but there are a lot of pro’s and semi pro’s so avoid them or put on your “shoring hat”.

In fact, picking up girls here was almost too easy. If you’re young and you dress well, you don’t need a lot of game to pick up girls here, the only game you need is knowing how to avoid the pro’s and not to be taken for a ride.

Mango Square Cebu City

When I met Mainee the interaction was extremely minimal, I was ordering a beer when she came dancing next to me; we danced for about a minute and then started making out. I took her her out “to buy water” and then straight to my hotel and smashed the shit out of her. She loved it. I don’t think Mainee was the sharpest tool in the shed and her English was pretty crappy which is rare for big cities in the Philippines; but it was part of her charm.

The party goes on

Red Horse Philippine beerThe next day Scotian and I went out again, back to Mango Square. As I’m enjoying an ice cold Red Horse (pretty decent stronger beer from the Philippines), someone taps on my shoulder: “Oh great… it’s Mainee” (fuck). It had fun with her the night before, but I was back to look for new pussy, I didn’t care about seeing her again.

So I try to find the right balance between being polite and cold at the same time, hoping she’d get the message; she only partially got it.

“Are you looking for another girl?”

Fuck it, I didn’t really care what she thought of me: “I like you sweetie, but I’m going to find a new girl today.”

“Oh… but…”

“You can help me find one.”

“But… I.. euhm….”

“The only way you’re with me tonight is when it’s with another girl.”

I take her by the hand and we all go back to the club. I dance with her a little bit and make out, then I tell her to wait for me as I go find another girl. I walk to the dance floor where I see Ann and her friends. I dance with her and not much later I’m making out with her too. I escalate the sexual tension to the point I feel she’s ready to go home with me.

After Cagayan de Oro and a week in Cebu, I was having as much sex with different girls as I wanted. And in this club finding new girls was so easy, I didn’t give a shit if I lost this girl, Mainee or five more. With this mentality I decided to see what would happen if I went for a threesome.

“Did you ever kiss a girl?”

“Hmmm… I did once…””, Ann said.

I tell her one girl is not enough for me, I need two. A crappy improvised approach but I was winging it half drunk on Red Horses.

“Well… you have to find another girl” she continues.

“I can have any girl I want in this club.”

I take her to Mainee, who was witnessing the interaction from the sideline, while still holding Ann’s hand I start making out with Mainee.

“Mainee, this is An, An this is Mainee. Let’s go.”

I don’t give them time to really think things over. I walk out the club arm in arm with both girls. I can’t believe this worked. The walk from the club to the taxi I’m playing Bee Gees song “Staying alive” in my mind, I felt like a king.


The ride to my hotel I focus on keeping a fun vibe and on not letting them switch back to their logical minds. I keep distracting them and make out with each of them turn by turn.

We stumble into my hotel room and I put them both on the bed. It’s still a critical moment, the fight is not over yet. Mainee started acting a little bit jealous. When Ann goes to the bathroom I set her straight and reassure her I think she’s much more sexy (she wasn’t).

Ann comes back and we make out some more and get undressed. I make them kiss each other and play with each other’s boobs. I had a feeling Ann was completely down for it but I got the feeling Mainee was only putting up with it because she wanted to be with me again. So the sizzling hot lesbian action I expected was not taking place. Damn it! It killed the romance a little bit but you have to make do with what you get, I had them suck my dick at the same time and then smashed both of them one after the other.

Awesome night. Oh Cebu City, why are you so crazy?


  • Mainee not really bright but in a fun and charming way.
  • Ann was cuter.
  • Threesome but not much lesbian action.



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  • 20Nation

    great,.. fucking… trip

  • Josh Bar

    good shit. How do you guys get to the Philippines. do yall fly san diego- Hawaii then Philippines? What’s the price of a plane ticket like?

    • I never flew directly from the states to Phils, the prices within Asia are pretty reasonable. >> is a great site to search for flights flexibly

    • atpcliff

      The cheapest is Phillipine Air. They fly direct from the west coast. When I was looking, it was a combo Delta/Phillipine Air ticket..that was the cheapest by far.

  • mattjay

    man that this trip inspires me to book a ticket to the philippines!! This has to be the easiest country in the world to get laid. I don’t think America comes close to this easiness!! Good stuff bro!

  • RioNomad

    I just scrolled through this whole story looking for naked photos, and I didn’t see any. Does this mean I have to go back and actually read it now to get off? I’ve got chicken I need to cook.

    • Chicken you need to choke? More naked pictures in the next memories.

  • gps

    THC, im planning on doing a trip to SE Asia this year. Wondering, do
    you know if its ok to visit the Phillipines since the disaster they had?
    If not, Thailand or Indonesia? Or both? I have 3 weeks.

    • The disaster was more in the Cebu area, Manila got spared. I checked with some girls from Cebu and they say the area’s fine, so I wouldn’t avoid it for that reason.

      I’m a big fan of both Thailand and Indonesia, 3 weeks is kind of short to squeeze in all 3 countries.

      It’s hard to recommend one over the other. But if you’ve never been to either, start out with Thailand. Jakarta can be tough to digest, the traffic is horrible and there are less things to do during the day compared to Bangkok. Also it will be easier for you to go to different places in Thailand compared to Indonesia.

  • I lived in mainland China five years; it was like fishing in a bucket. China doesn’t have the same “bar girl” setup like Thailand or the Phi. I generally met college age girls at swanky clubs or expat pubs where girls-in-the-know would go. A large number of expats hit up the hookers who plied their trade on the pedestrian bridges in the bar neighborhoods. The difference in Chinese hookers vs Thai is, they have no pimps to pay, no bar fee, and they send most of their money back to their families in the countryside. You wake up in the morning to sounds of cleaning and cooking–many of the younger “country girl” hookers feel obligated to clean your place and cook you breakfast!
    I very nearly got married twice! One was a professional fashion model/fit model and traveled all over the country. The other was a financial officer who dealt with foreign exchange at a major bank in the city. Lost them both by staying out late and partying like a rock star, picking up college girls, etc.
    Live and learn. Enjoy your articles by the way. I will move to the Phil. in early summer, 2015 with a retired Vietnam Vet friend. After I get him settled, I will probably bounce to Vietnam for a spell.

    • I’m checking out China mid 2015. College girls is the magic word 😉

  • keenan88

    Are you guys worried of or had any experiences with hiv and stds?

    • Look up the stats on how hard it is to get HIV from vaginal sex. Other stds are usually curable. When I was young I worried, but the reality is far better than what you imagine.

  • Ly

    You are filthy and I’m sure you are positive of HIV! You Edomite seed.

  • Ryan

    Dude you sound like a loser low life scumbag. You didn’t get any pussy at all in the states, or whoever you’re from, did you? What kind of scumbag would post shit like this. You swear like your a boss getting chicks that are all probably below average in looks. It’s not quantity necessarily it’s quality. I can tell they were lower quality because of how stupid and nieve they sound. With no self respect. In any case, I feel sorry for them. Im cringing the whole time reading this shit. And I bet you’re fucking ugly too..

  • Hans Brinker

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    If your serious about picking up girls, these guys know what’s the game