Memories of Indonesia: My Indonesian girls

Memories of my Indonesian girls

I’m chilling in my “casa”, it’s raining outside and the sun is shining at the same moment… The only rainbow I see is one in black and white. From the balcony I watch girls pass by in any shade of color from white, to tanned, to black.

I’m waiting for one of my girls to come over after her work, when I get a text message from Indah.

“Happy halloweens, I’m feel miss you”

I don’t know why, but I can appreciate a text message with bad spelling like that. Reminds me of the exoticness… She’s trying her best to write me in English even though it’s horrible. I think it’s cute.

I take a trip down memory lane as I remember some of my Indonesian girls.

FYI: these are obviously not their real names for privacy reasons.



In one word: hilarious

Indonesian girls: Inda (shore)I met her online, actually it’s the girl from this post. It’s a shore, so I don’t expect much loyalty from her, but I saw her a lot while I was living in Indonesia and I always had a great time with her.

She barely spoke any English but somehow that increased the fun. We’d watch a scary movie together and she’d ask: “Ghost?”

Yes, Indah. That’s a ghost.

She had no filter between “having a thought” and “acting it out”. So if I’d tell her she looked sexy in her tight dress, she’d jump on the bed and do a sexy dance, so hot.

After my trip to Bali I came back to Jakarta and I had bought her some Bali socks as a souvenir, she got so happy she ran around the room, stepped in my closet and jumped back out to hug me.

Actions like that say more then she could have ever told me in English.

I’m still in contact with her and she’ll send me some sexy nude pics from time to time.


– Great sex, medium drive, sexy ass
– Fun, crazy, hyperactive
– Barely any English



In one word: awesome

Indonesian girls: sexyBatari is the girl from “the letter” (this post). She may not seem that nice from that story, but once I got her of the pedestal she was a legit cool girl. Her english was perfect, she’s from a good family and she had her own car.

She’d pick me up to drive around. She showed me her university and I met some of her friends, I always had a lot of fun hanging out with her.

She was super sweet to me and bought ME a welcome back present after I went to Bali… so romantic. But the best gift she’d gave me came afterwards 🙂

I really like her and I actually promised her to come back after a month. That didn’t happen, I got side tracked in the Philippines. She stayed loyal to me for about 3 months, but then I lost her. Last I heard she has a boyfriend now.


– Great sex, amazing body, high drive
– Fun, witty, smart and cocky
– Perfect english


In one word: crazy

Indonesian girls: online gameThis was the second girl I met in Jakarta that I pipelined. We met at an Italian restaurant, I needed some real food after all the rice meals. She actually also came in with quite the attitude and a bunch of DHV (display high value) stories about how awesome she was.

She was wearing a short dress that showed off her legs and boobs. I could tell she was a wild girl. I had to use a very slow escalation process not to seem eager. She seemed like the girl that loved to reject guys to feel better about herself; I had to proceed with caution.

She had her own car so I had her drop me off at my place, where she joined me to “watch pictures on my laptop” and by then there was plenty of sexual tension and very little LMR.

I had a lot of fun with her and she showed me her place as well, which was pretty decent for a Jakarta girl. But she was a little to unstable, that became clear after a while. She’d get more demanding:

Cinta: “I want to see you now”
THC: I can’t sweetie, I’m busy for work (the best excuse in the world)
Cinta: “Fine! Then I don’t see you for a week!”
THC: Fine.

Little games like this got old fast.


– Great sex, high drive, good body
– Out of control, too demanding
– Very good english


Eva was a bit more introverted, shy girl, but actually that’s what I liked about her. She was the “good girl” and compared to the high confidence of my other Indonesian girls, her shyness was a great I loved having her in rotation.

She took me on a great tourism trip throughout Jakarta, where we visited the mosque, the old town, tried local foods, it was great.

It is still the best way to travel, especially if you’re alone. Get to know a cute local girl and have her show you around. You won’t be following a stupid guide book, or cross the city hidden behind a map. You’ll see it through the eyes of a “real” local and have some of the best experiences.

I’m still in contact with her, but nothing too exiting.


– Average sex, low drive
– Shy but sweet
– Okay english


In one word: model

Indonesian girls: charmingAnda was one of my best online experiences. She didn’t look that great at all on her profile picture and I almost closed her profile when I realized she looked a lot like my Thai girlfriend… That got me intrigued and I started chatting with her.

When she started sending me her other pictures, I was more then pleasantly surprised. She was looking really fine. I won’t post pictures from her professional pics for reasons of privacy, but she looks stunning.

Besides she had a very charming personality and she was well traveled, so it was easy talking to her about the places she had visited.

I’m still in contact with her. She messages me when she travels and sends me her pictures when she has a shoot. Hot!


– Great sex, sexy body, high drive
– Well traveled, smart
– Great english and other languages


NSFW digital memory picture, click below.

[expand title=”NSFW pictures CLICK HERE” tag=”h6″ trigclass=”swoop”] [wpsgallery][/expand]

Thinking back, Indosian girls are really warm and very sexual. They have surpisingly curvy bodies for Asia… It’s an undiscoverd treasure.

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13 Comments on “Memories of Indonesia: My Indonesian girls”

  1. Definitely some cuties in there. Indo girls have some great little bodies under the hijab, worth checking out.

    And their names are pretty funny here, they often take a “dating site” name if thats how you meet the. E.g. you have girls named “beautiful”, “love”, and “you” here.

    1. Yeah “Anda” is a name there 🙂 I liked their language. It’s easy to pick up some basics as they have nearly no grammer, you just need to learn the vocabulary.

  2. Damn thats awesome THC. Honestly unreal bodies for Asian girls. I thought you might of lucked out or something so I googled some Indo models and wow they have some great curves. Wish I would of made the way down there. How was the level of heat? I know Bkk was bad and then Kuala Lumpur was even worse, I could only imagine the sauna that is Jakarta.

    1. Yeah KDOG, I can definitely recommend you make a visit there next time. It does get pretty hot in Jakarta, but I was already used to heat after BKK, but the traffic in JKT will get to you especially.

    2. I’m in my 40s and pretty chubby. Can I still score hot babes like you did there? What’s your physique like, and how old are you?

    3. Good luck with that. If you’re over 40 you can pretty much forget about it. Of course I’m generalizing a little bit here, but to me, I found them incredibly unfriendly and stuck up. Ok, I’m about 10 years older than you, 6’2″ around 90 kilos in pretty good shape and in the three months I was there I hardly got a look in. And I’m definitely not ugly

      Oh, and I also speak passable Bahasa. To sum up in the local lingo, ‘Puas bagus’. The DR and certain parts of Africa would kill it if you’re looking for sexy curvy women. Just my 2 cents worth.

    4. The countries I’ve been where the age difference seems to matter the least are Colombia and Philippines. But no matter where you go, you can’t have 18 year old’s dropping at your feet forever, that’s why you enjoy it while you can.

    5. I wasn’t really expecting 18 year olds to drop at my feet. I’m talking 30’s and upwards. Like I said, it was just a generalisation. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. I was referring more about the ‘vibe’ I felt in comparison to places like the DR, Philippines, Africa ( mainly Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, South Africa etc.. ) Different strokes for different folks I guess. Cheers.

    6. I have lived and worked in PNG (Papua New Guinea – just north of Australia) on and off for 20 years and I can grab whatever I want – from 18 year olds and up. And I am 46. Age matters very litttle. You walk into a bar and you are the most desired man in there. I have the same luck today as I did 20 years ago. But – it’s an expensive country. And dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Not a backpacker friendly country (in terms of accommodation). No specialized internet dating websites – they just don’t internet date in PNG. Some shockingly ugly girls in the Highlands of the country however the coastals often have some Polynesian mixes and they can be nice. Some mixed white mixed Polynesian are stunning. I have been to the Philippines and PNG is actually easier to pick up girls! Accom is very pricey. Not suitable for backpackers. The cheaper hotels to stay at are not nice at all. So it’s best to go there if you already know someone staying there and can stay with them. (PS – I am one of those better behaved traveling Aussies not the ones occasionally written about in this blog LOL!! Been to 46 countries and PNG is the easiest in the world to pick up).

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  4. Nice post dude. What online dating website would you recommend to meet girls in Indo. Did you set up a profile and contact them before your trip or did you do it while there???

    1. The cupidmedia sites will work, but there are others.

      I’ve done both. Indo girls want to get a white guy in bed so they can have bragging rights with their friends. Works for me.

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