I like American women. Here’s why.

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Many articles have been written on why American women suck.

I don’t agree with any of them. American Women are exotic to me, a “cut above”.

Not so many articles have been written on why Western European beutches suck.

I won’t write such an article either, even though I agree wholeheartedly.

Here’s why.


Every man who travels abroad doesn’t like the women in his own country

I have met many men who went overseas in search for greener pastures. Many of them were willing to admit it had something to do with the women they could and couldn’t date in their home country. Almost all of them complained at some point about how boring, ugly or ill-behaved the women in their own country were.

Spanish men were disgusted by the disrespectful Spanish girls. Eastern European men didn’t appreciate the apparent coldness of their women.

American men wrote whole books about how political movements changed the American women on their continent into a selfish, loveless cunt who solely existed to extract wealth and semen (in that order) from men. After which they would promptly divorce them, take their kids and take the moral high ground.

On the other hand, I used to make fun of the women in my mother country. I used to say they kinda look like dinosaurs, with their tallness, wide frames and low voices. I used to critique their style of dress, which is similar to the wardrobe of the homeless in New York City.

I would say it in a funny way, as to lightheartedly make fun of the women back home.

But not really.

In reality, I have been unfulfilled by the women in my life when I still lived in my mother country. I had to watch many of my friends get the attention I craved. They married and settled down, while I had to get by with the occasional one night stand with women who just wanted asdfk’s big dick and not to be bothered in the morning.

Yet that’s not what I say when someone asks. I give my high and mighty narrative about how women from my country are big-boned dinosaurs with a voice of a thousand cigarette packs and undistllled whiskey. Even though I feauqued quite a few of them, most of the time with great delight and enthusiasm.

Other men in my situation mostly didn’t care about the low social status that would severely limit their life prospects. They accepted what was thrown at them, and didn’t see it as a big deal.

Not me.

Here’s a lesson in Western European culture for you.


There’s this strong narrative, in my native country’s culture. A man who doesn’t get female attention, is a loser. He will never contribute anything meaningful to society.

When both men and women see how a woman disrespects you, they assume you have never done anything meaningful in your life, and never will. The idea is that women are a judge of character, and can tell early on if a man is going somewhere.

I always questioned this narrative. Not so long ago, I discovered a pattern that proves it’s outright wrong.

Many rich, strong and powerful men in my country are known to be virgins, celibate or married to unfeaqable monsters. The more successful they are, the more likely they are to have a shitty sex life.

Statistically speaking, in Western Europe you are better off being very mediocre in every single way then a man who has or chases wealth, power or genius. Mister Mediocre gets better beutches.

I wanted to date hot girls, but I didn’t want to avoid developing my potential just so I would fit to a standard that is halting human progress.

If even the most powerful politicians in my country are accused of being gay simply because they are never seen with a woman, I think it’s time for a change.

A change involving American women, who are after men with status.


American women like men who make something of themselves, and don’t make excuses for it.

They want a man with cash in his wallet. That he earned by doing something that he thinks is worthwhile. Wether it is because he wants to serve the world, or just serve himself.

They want a man who is unapologetic about his ambitions. Someone who earned the independence to pursue those ambitions, and can afford to please himself. Not some wimp who walks in line with the corporate world or the nanny state, but who’s qualities get rewarded with freedom, respect and cashflow.

American women are in that regard the opposite from Western European women, who see male ambition as the root of all evil. My culture hammers this into your head from the moment you are born, especially through the educational system. Male ambition is being blamed for every war, economic crisis and even some natural disasters.

For a long time, my ambition was all I had. Therefore, the American values are more consistent with my own then the values of the country I was born in.


Many foreigners love the women in my home country.

When I tell American expats I like their women, they scoff. Like I would when someone compliments women from Western Europe. I don’t want to accept some men might like the Western European womans preference for mediocre, supplicating men over the men who lead and feed them.

Like those American expats are not comfortable with me liking the directness, hyperactive sexuality and barely concealed hunger for status that American girls seem to have.

I’ve come to see those moments as a sign that tastes are shaped by adverse experiences, rather then by positive experiences. If someone (including me) tells you why he doesn’t like something, a valid question would be: “What happened to you that you don’t like it anymore?”

In my case: I was born in a country where women select men not on the positive effects they can have on society as a whole, but rather for their conformity to said society.

Change is bad, pleasing the nanny state is good.

Power is seen as evil, dependence seen as goodness.

I’d rather facefeauque myself with a bazooka then adopt those values.


i like american women cooking grilling

Feaque the women you find exotic, despite what others might say. 

If you are American and want to stick your dique in the broad-shouldered, organic eating Big Birds that are Western European women: go ahead. But don’t expect to change the world anytime soon, or do anything worthwhile in general.

They won’t allow you.

In the meantime, Imma plow my way through an army of old-fashioned, scantily clad American sloots.

Peace out,


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  • jaunty_khan

    This article is incomplete without the author disclosing where his home country is… But an otherwise unique perspective.

    • asdfk

      Western Europe. That narrows it down.

    • Brianmark

      I’m guessing your from Denmark or other Scandinavian country or maybe Netherlands. Sounds like a real hell hole full of SJWs. I’ll pass.
      American women are about the money. They want the money first, but are happy to earn it themselves. They don’t need your ass. Many cougars are happy to make there own money and shag a guy 20 years their junior one in a while.
      I can promise you American chicks are not so good. Just come here and live and see how special you find them.. Until you’ve lived here you really don’t know American women. They like beta boys they can control.

    • Matthew Daraei

      My friend’s wife was American, and she sucked the blood out of his body. Now she left him with 3 children. He is on the verge of suicide.

      I have heard lots of bad stories about American girls.

    • GetItGoing

      Hey my friend! Funny seeing you here. I met you at the 2015 Roosh meet-up.

      I agree, came here to say the same thing.

      Also, I don’t know how he can stand American women. They’re often an incredible pain in the ass, entitled, and flaking is extremely likely/at an all time high. I’m getting burned out on them, seriously.

    • prepped

      For sure. You can learn to work with these short comings and have a great time. Just don’t invest too much time or energy, or especially money, into getting what you want from American women.

      I constantly remind myself of the endless cost/benefit analyses I’ve performed on gaming, dating and banging American women. Once I had a lock on that, I found I was naturally gravitating to Latinas, and they to me — foreign born and raised, not farm raised here in the US.

    • GetItGoing

      Great comment – totally agree!

      I’m very partial to latinas, too. 🙂 And I do mean “real” latinas, not the watered-down Americanized ones. Totally different.

  • prepped

    Whhhhaaaaa? Almost incomprehensible.

    • GetItGoing

      Definitely not up to the standards set here by the other guys.

      I appreciate him writing it but, I don’t think I found it very useful or meaningful. Not disclosing his home country was a mistake, too.

  • For me, being American, I have no love for american girls in general. Although there are exceptions. Some of the most honest and sweetest girls in the world are mormon girls (where I’m from). But I have heard other western europeans, especially british say the same as asdfk. Foreigners get a lot of exotic value to american women.

    • Splooge

      True but keep in mind american girl will love u when your broke as long as your personality or game is good. Eastern culture puts a dollar sign on you.
      Despite the obesity crisis. When american girls are slim or fit dam they look good…hit or miss.

    • agreed 100%

    • asdfk


      In Western Europe, they judge you by your political correctness and ability to blend in.
      If you think whoredom is bad in the US, go live in Western Europe for a couple of years.

      But as I wrote in the article, almost every man is more likely to prefer women from another continent, if he didn’t have satisfactory results with the women back home.

    • Splooge

      About that its hard to say. Obesity aside its lack of ltr material in the west that sucks. If they started acting like say filipinas or colombian or russian. Guys would stay in the west hell guys the east will come here like its ukraine or thailand.

      Guys from asia an latin america hate western girls when they come cuz quality is better back home. Double for slavs.

      But when i meet indian or arab men they think poosey paradise cuz better looking gurls here then back home. Basically they see west as our brazil or phillipinez.

      Once you had steak u cant eat mcdonalds….or for our indian n mena friends. Mcdonalds is better then hunger lol

    • asdfk

      I have a secret bar stool theory that Western European girls love Middle-East and Arab cock more then their own men. You should see how they interact with them.

      It’s definitely true that Western girls are less feminine overall then their Asian, Latina or Russian counterparts. If you want a quiet, obedient girl who likes to treat her man well, Asia will be your thing.

    • Splooge

      Care to elaborate on your secret stool theory. Could be interesting observation

    • asdfk

      This is purely observation…. But teenage girls are known to be drawn to Arab guys. They see them as more manly then the locals, which is true. Arab boys hit puberty earlier and were brought up with Middle Eastern manners.

      Some Arab friends of mine told me stories about how they would get laid. It was pretty amazing to me, and nothing I had ever heard from white guys. I have seen it happen with my own eyes too. I think exoticness plays a role, but again, it’s all speculation.

    • Splooge

      Interesting like say with western blacks or latinos. Usually assertive. But i find some arabs have hard tim when not dominate or good looking. But ya when they got it they kill.

      But can you break down theur game style an how they do it…its worth studying.

    • Brianmark

      I agree 100% with what you said Splooge. Most people come to America to make money. I’ve met hundreds or foreign girls in America and none of them came to meet an American man. They came to make money.

    • Splooge

      Very true a huge chunk are like that. Most perfer their own country men since they have values.
      Western men dont.
      The only masculine ones here are horndog puas so many avoid us.
      The west is just money n fun. Were the vegas in terms of culture while rest is family friendly

    • Rayhan Malik


    • anon1

      if you’re talking about political correctness and western europe you must be talking about denmark, or scandinavia lol.

    • Cecil J

      You’re right-Mormons are a solid group of people in general (and I’m not Mormon). The American girls love the Europeans accent and more cultured ways (with the caveat that exceptions exist for every stereotype).

    • Angel grace

      Yes it’s true. I love Mormon girls from any nation.

  • Jody Dayton Peace

    Some valid points raised about the grass always looking greener on the other side, and other stuff too in regard to pros and cons. A spell checker would be a good idea though to tighten it up, and maybe lose the uniQUE spelling and just say shag, or lay, or whatever as those are not exactly profanities anyhow.

  • jayteeniftb

    AllGirlsAreLikeThat. You just don’t want what you already have,

  • Stef

    I like this new author a lot because he’s got game AND ambition.

    American girls are sloppy and fun.

    They’re like a side effect that you put up with while you’re making $$$ in the USA.

    Keep writing dude!

    • asdfk

      Thanks bro

  • John

    I never comment here but feel the need to weigh in here. I just came back from a 4 month trip to Asia (second overall trip to Asia) and I come from one of the worst states in America for women: New Jersey. I’ll tell you why I prefer the Asian women. I personally like the passiveness and a woman over there making a guy feel like he actually has value. Basically, I feel like I can be myself at full potential more than in the United States with women. Women here have bitch shields up pretty high and get offended if you even try to talk to them sometimes. I don’t like the open rudeness/bitchiness of an American women and more importantly the sheltered/entitlement attitude of them. Honestly, I just think Asian women know the game better, know more about respect for human beings, and actually still possess feminine qualities. I think I’d rather do an LDR with a Filipina than try anything with an American woman.

  • American girls are the most feminine, slim, wife-material girls on the planet. I’m proud to say I grew up in the US of A!

    Lol but yea grass is always greener

    You can’t really judge any set of girls or a country without living there for a year+ or more (so that you can see the negatives, too – there will inevitably be some)