Invasion of Southeast Asia by Fisto

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Invasion of Southeast Asia
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Invasion of SouthEast Asia by Fisto


I am currently sitting in the Admirals lounge at LAX waiting for my flight to Bangkok.

It is my intention to stay there for only a few days before invading Cambodia.

Invasion of Southeast Asia

Goals for the Invasion

1. Cambodia has been written about quite a bit, but it’s mostly about Shoring (gaming whores into having sex for free) and that’s about all.  It is my intention to explore this country more.  I believe there may be some hidden gems here.  Also, the girls that are “good” (not whores) are either so poor they never leave the house, or they are “HISO” (high society) and are tough to interact with.  I plan on finding both.  The ruins of Angkor Wat in Siam Reap is another must see place for me.

Invasion of Southeast Asia


2. Vietnam, my short time in Saigon allowed me to learn a few things; Vietnamese girls are not easy, and are possibly the most loyal of all Asian girls once they love you.  I have an idea about how best to game the local women which I will write about later but it is much different than it would be in say, the Philippines.  I am also considering doing a motorcycle trip up the Ho Chi Minh Trail from Saigon to Hanoi.  There is also some unfinished business I have with a girl that worked the front desk of a hotel I stayed at in Saigon.  We have been in contact for the past year.  We will see….

Invasion of Southeast Asia

3. The Philippines, on my one and only trip here I absolutely killed it (pics NSFW).  It was not uncommon for me to bang three new girls a day for days at a time and then still work in regulars.  What I didn’t do was explore the country very much.  This time around I plan to explore the rest of the country, specifically the dangerous and little traveled Muslim controlled areas such as Zamboanga.  I also want to go to lesser visited beaches such as Palawan.

Invasion of Southeast Asia


Most people know that I was a former Army Ranger in 2nd Battalion.  As such I am willing to conduct this invasion by land, sea, or air.

Invasion of Southeast Asia

(God I hope it’s not the sea, motion sickness is my Kryptonite)

Invasion of Southeast Asia


Buses, Planes, and Boats are going to be used.  The good thing about Asia is the flights are usually pretty cheap.  I booked a flight from Bangkok to Phom Penh in Cambodia for around 60 USD.

Lodging – Hotels will used in Cambodia, and because of the laws regarding women not being able to come back to your room in Vietnam I will be getting a short term apartment.  In the Philippines I plan to spend the first month or so exploring the country before heading back to Manila and getting an apartment for a couple months or so.

Girls and Types of Game

Naturally, I expect to meet girls in all sorts of venues like nightclubs (night game), malls (day game), and online.  In the past I’ve used both and with great success (dateinasia is free but the quality is much lower in general).  This time I have been pipelining women from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines here.  I originally just signed up for free to check out the quality of girls in various cities, but after getting a bunch of messages first, I said “screw it” and went and pulled the trigger (rationalizing that if I just spent 20 bucks on Starbucks and In and Out burger), I don’t mind paying it to line up some good looking gals for when I arrive.

Invasion of Southeast asia

Other Objectives for said Invasion

In Cambodia, I plan to link up with RVF member and blogger Beyond Borders for the purpose of getting truly embedded in the cities and the reporting accurate information about what to expect, what to do, and where to go.   I also plan to release a couple ebooks about subjects I have written on like Self improvement/Game/and Adventure.

Getting back into superhero shape.  I have been drinking too much for too long.  I just don’t feel well and it’s time to start another long term positive feedback loop.   So far I have been off the sauce for about 4 days.  I’d like to keep that going for another 2 months.  Pretty ambitious but it’s time to change things up again.

I’ll try to stay in hotels with gyms when possible and my budget allows (Cambodia is cheap) but I’m sure I’ll have to implement creative measures to actually get fit, and not just maintain.


In Cambodia I’m going to try and keep things around 50 USD per day or below.  I imagine I’ll spend 25 dollars a day on a decent hotel and the rest will go towards food, travel expenses, dates.

In Vietnam I want to keep things around 70 USD per day.  I’m hoping to get the short term apartment for around 40USD and the rest will go towards the same thing as before.  Food, Travel, and Dates.

The Philippines, for the first part of my trip I intend to stay in Manila for about a week to rebang some girls I was close to as well as a few that I’ve pipelined.  Since I know what Manila has to offer I don’t intend to go out much during that week.  I’ll just be catching up with a few friends during the day and chilling. A decent Manila hotel I expect to run between 50-70 USD per day, with the usual expenses running around 30 – 40 USD.  After leaving Manila and getting out of the more well traveled areas, I expect to be spending much less. Probably closer to my Cambodia budget.

invasion of southeast asia


None.  I’ll be doing whatever I want and making plans on the fly.  If some place is interesting I’ll stay, if not I’ll move on.  If something comes up and another country not mentioned is more appealing (like Indonesia again) I’ll go there.

I expect this trip to last more than 3 months.

Invasion of southeast asia

Packing List

I’m running the standard packing list.


High.  I’m happy to be going solo for this trip.  I plan to give some live updates as well as drop some next level data sheets.

invasion of southeast asia

Stay Tuned!

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I’m Fisto, I like to think of myself as a modern day adventurer. I have a roving foot, a desire to write, and a bit of a drinking problem, so having a blog seemed like a natural progression. Cheers.

  • Keanu

    Look forward to reading/seeing pics of the adventure. How old are you?

    • Fisto

      Mid 30s, I look like a mature 29. “robust” if you will 😉

  • Rick91

    Fisto invades SEA part 2. That will be a thread worth reading.

  • Kangaroo

    Awesome, looking forward to your future posts.

  • Seth

    Will you ever hit Eastern Europe?

    Why is it so many military vets like Asian girls?

    I grew up in the Southern US (I’m ashamed of it it is a stagnated place) and people are brain washed to think ethnic women are not as good as white women. I obviously don’t agree with that xenophobic crap but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I ruminate about it- can you educate us uptight white guys in the benefits of ethnic women. It’s like a hear a voice in my head saying proliferate the white race don’t mix breed. I turned down a 9 black girl because if it- I kick myself in the ass for that.

    • Fisto

      I’m definitely planning on Eastern Europe.

      Here’s the thing about black girls….for me personally, I don’t care how hot they are, if they start acting ghetto and low class, its a turn off.

      Actually put that down for all girls.

    • Klensa

      Fisto…I should be in Makati in July. Most likely staying at Oxford Suites on Burgos. Will you be around? Like to buy you a drink & a cigar? Let me know…cuz I appreciate all the posts! Epic! Btw…I’m not into the Eskimo Brothers shit! LOL

    • Fisto

      If I’m there then for sure!

  • Chaos

    Awesome Fisto, I’m sure it will be epic like last time.
    You should really do the motorbike trip from Hanoi to Saigon. I’m sure it will involve some hassle but that trip would be 100% epic and a great adventure aswell! If everything goes well, I will be on my way to SEA myself after a month or something. This motorbike trip between Saigon- Hanoi is one of things I really wanna pull off.

    • Fisto

      The motorbike trip needs to happen. It would be something you remember forever.

  • Brisey

    Looking forward to reading your updates! How would you compare your recent adventure to SEA? Any preference on the 2?

    • Fisto

      I was just ready for a change, plus I feel like there’s a lot more to see and do in SEA than the first go. I like it here.

  • BW87

    Look forward to reading about this trip!

    You mentioned laws regarding women not being able to go to your hotel room in Vietnam. I was in HCMC for a while in 2012 and did bring girls to my hotel room without any problems. Were these laws recently created? I ask because I plan to go back there as well sometime in the future.

    • Fisto

      You got lucky BW87, it’s agains the law for girls to go back to your room. Some hotels will let you though. It’s hit or miss. When I was there last year I had several hotels that wouldn’t let me bring a girl back. Sucked.

    • BW87

      Damn that sucks. Guess I did get lucky.

      On one occasion I didn’t have a hotel room for the night yet so I went to a random hotel in the middle of the night and let the girl bargain for me in Vietnamese. Maybe this way they are more likely to allow it because they might think you are a couple or something.

    • Fisto

      You may be right. At one hotel I went to, they didn’t let me bring a girl in. Then another night, they let another girl in….I have no idea the rhyme or reason, but I do know it’s technically illegal.

    • Klensa

      Most hotels that charge around $10-20/night will let you bring the girls in. Also, speaking the language helps a lot! Saigon has been great. Most Vietnamese girls are very family oriented & will not sleep with random dudes, especially foreigners because they believe it brings shame on the family, which is number one on their list. Not saying it’s impossible, just saying that you need to work the “in a relationship” angle. I’ve done successfully, but, then again maybe because I speak the language. 🙂

    • same deal in Laos. Illegal to bang the locals but yeah some places you’ll have no issue.

  • American Born Filipino

    Would SEA girls be hard to game if you are Filipino? I heard theres a fair bit of racism vs filipinos in those countries (besides from the Philiippines haha) bc many filipinos work as imported menial laborers

    • Ted g

      I wish I had a solid answer to you. Honestly it depends on who you ask- Ross Jefferies pua sells $500 pick up courses and has testimonies of Indian Hindu guys saying they used their skills to get nice American blondes-maybe you want to look into it. If its crap get a refund.

      Search the Roosh V forum for answers in that.

      Off the hip I read Roosh Vs life work last night and he said Tallin Estonia had opened minded girls to minorities. Riga does not they use the foul word “nigger” often there its the Russians who act this way and the black millionaires I’ve met would laugh at their deplorable condition and chalk it up as white trash being ignorant as a Latino I’d agree.

      I have a feeling women in all the major cities in SEA will be more open to you than small towns- so in the Phils try Manila. Naughty nomad raves about Boracay- personally I wouldn’t want to binge drink 7 days in a row and would rather go a spot with great food surfing diving etc so Bali would be more my cup of tea.

    • Fisto

      ABF – As you say, there is a reputation, I’m sure good looks, game, and confidence will make up for any perceived lower value.

    • Klensa

      Great posts! Look guys…I’m Asian American from SoCal & been to the Philippines a couple of times. I’m telling you that what Fisto says is absolutely true! If you are confident & don’t have a Vagina…You will smash as much as anyone! I go for 10 days at a time & do my work online first for the hottest girls & then do some more work when I’m on the ground. My best have been 12 in 10days. As a matter of fact, I have 3 models that message me regularly. My point is…be unique, confident, act like you’ve been there before & remember… perceived wealth (even if you’re poor), you are waaayy ahead of the game to any competition they have!

      Being an American is like being a rockstar, no matter your race!

    • Dave

      The most important thing you can ask yourself is-
      What kind if woman do I truly desire?

      This is the kind of woman you should pursue with all out intensity. No hesitation, no excuses, etc. Don’t let all these artificial barriers created by society stifle your happiness. I honestly have just helped myself by helping you. I only want a kind gentle natured white woman with fair skin who would make a loving Mother the rest is just a waste IMO. I’m old school and can’t help it.

      A Jewish rabbi once said he respected the fat balding middle aged man who went after the young smoking blonde if that was what his heart truly desired. He didnt let fear derermine his behavior. Go after the desires of
      Your heart man. If you like Pinays go all out- no hesitation like the Robert Deniro character in Heat. This works in real life too- I’ve been in some bad neighborhoods with my piece before and had a no hesitate mentality- people can sense it and when I get that way and maintain my mind frame they back off because in that mode I am about my safety and self preservation.

    • JDR

      Well, you’ll never know until you go there yourself. Honestly these questions are just mental masturbation. How would a white dude like Fisto really know if a filipino is going to do well?

      You could test the waters, so to speak, by buying a subscription to FilipinaCupid or Cherry Blossoms or VietnamCupid and noticing how many % of girls reply back.

  • straightshooter

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to the Phillipines after telling people how to use their girls.. It doesn’t matter how tough your are…common sense says that authorities, dads, boyfriends etc arent going to like you very much and want this to continue..not very smart

    • JR

      Women choose who they are going to sleep with. You share your morality. Here’s what I believe-

      In all honesty, the best choice would be to repent of your sins, marry a woman at a Church, and love her and maybe start a family. Personally, I’m not out for sleeping around- too many diseases, psychological scars, moral degradation, and spiritual separation from God. I struggle like every man and say this out of love. I’m very lonely and do respect foreign cultures where men and women aren’t alienated from each other and nature itself like corporate brainwashing controlled androgynous wage slave system America.

    • straightshooter

      Yes I agree but preaching about “smashing girls” to others and boasting about using them like he has …will VERY likely catch up to him by authorities or someone in the countries he is bragging about. I would bet money it will be in the Phillipines by authorities. I am not saying i want this to happen to him but He has clearly crossed the line and he must have enough brains to know it..

    • Rick91

      The fact you see sharing stories about banging girls as bragging is a clear sign your in need of some pussy and are also a dumb cunt.

    • straightshooter

      HEY go fuck yourself you ignorant turd

    • Fisto

      Why don’t you explain how writing about my experiences in SEA is going to get me in trouble with the authorities? Are you mental?

    • Fisto

      I’m perfectly happy, I do appreciate where you’re coming from though.

    • Fisto

      Authorities? Are you joking? What laws am I breaking?

    • Balboa

      You “wouldn’t feel comfortable”? I guess that’s why you don’t do it! But I assume Fisto “feels comfortable” so he does it.
      I think Fisto feels comfortable doing whatever the hell he wants, and as a result he has an awesome life.

  • Deshutes

    2nd Battalion-
    How were the girls in Seattle?

    What’s your take on NorCal girls? Man Diego?

    I’ve been to SoCal- I think all the San Gabriel Valley girls and Santa Barbara (place kind of has a backwards rich snob vibe) girls were reasonably attractive. Inland Empires good for chicas. OC girls had high bitch shields- Definitely prefer LA and the valley to the Kohls In and Out and Starbucks infested IE and OC.

    • Fisto

      forget seattle. I agree with your take on socal

    • Deshutes

      I have no NorCal intel-
      What’s your take there especially Sactown and Chico…

      I know Pdx sucks.

      What do you think of my Vegas and Phoenix breakdowns?
      Vegas- lots of prime fine 22 yo bottle service girls, cheesy tourists, washed up cougars, rough low end stripper semi pros, nice foreign beauties, and hiso girls, some regular burb girls that are kind of vanilla but ok. Summerlin is best for local talent.

      Phoenix- Ed Hardy bro land, Scottsdale peroxide trophy wifes, half Mestiza corn fed mega titters, Tempe frat girls that are some top flight German DNA, regular mestizas, and vanilla mid career white girls.

      Perhaps a Fistos West coast outlook could be on the horizon. I definitely respect you as a man for being ex military and pulling no punches in your writing. To me with wrters its like rock music- the audience can’t vibe as well with someone who is not authentic.

    • Fisto

      I appreciate you saying that. Again, spot on with Vegas. Phoenix I can’t say but the short time I was there gave me the same impression. A lot of hot girls in Scottsdale though.

      Chico is a badass town. I’ve partied there on numerous occasions at different points in my life and have always had a great time. A lot of fine women for sure.

    • Deshufes

      What about the Bay Area?

      I met some girls from SFO in Santa Barbara and thought they were decent quality but I haven’t been you get some guys who say San Fran’s girls suck but I doubt these guys have been to weesh ass places like Ohio, Tennessee, or Georgia.

      Seattle is a half ass metro like Atlanta IMO My grumpy Chicago Italian side is coming out but man there are so many shit holes out here. No wonder Roosh moved to Europe.

    • Fisto

      And there you have it. It’s why I’m out.

    • Deshutes

      Lol fisto

      you and McQueen are some of the best out here

      Dude I’m so buying you some rounds one day.

      I caveman closed a busty blonde runner girl in a sports bra top and tight shorts on a campus today- she let me hug her and I told her I will see her soon.

      What things could I text her or do to get the bang fast?

      I’ve here chatting endlessly on the phone is a waste of time and the last time Inwalked around the campus I cared what girls thought this time I read McQueen and Mike from Danger and Play and just walked around thinkin of choking and pulling these girls hair and they would swoon when they looked at me- little cute blondes.

    • Fisto

      I’d call her. Don’t waste your time texting. She probably won’t answer, leave a message.

  • mayee

    noooooooooooo dont go to zamboanga! i dont want u to get killed bcoz i am living vicariously through u! hehehe! have fun!

  • eddy

    Where is THC going?

    • Fisto

      I have no idea what his plans are.

  • Brianmark

    What happened to Central and South America? Are still touring there first?

    • Fisto

      The whole trip ended up leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll return when I have more Spanish.

    • Brianmark

      Are you guys going to finish the reports from the countries you visited. My friend cancelled his trip to CA & SA too early. He didn’t enjoy it that much.

    • Fisto

      Yeah, I’ll be putting out reports soon.

  • Stephen

    What kind of budget are you working with if I may ask?

    • Fisto

      You mean besides what I wrote down?

    • Stephen

      Well you’ve been traveling around for a long time now, right? I’m just curious what kind of a roll a guy needs to quit his job and travel around and live comfortably.

    • Fisto

      Well, I am keeping my monthly expenses to around 2k per month most of the time, but the way I made my money is outlined here

  • Single Mans Paradise

    Great itinerary! I need to get down to the Phils one of these days. I’m actually in Phnom Penh right now. Off to a great start with the ladies here! Hit me up if you want to grab a beer.

    • Fisto

      Sounds good!

    • Ly

      Filthy Edomite.

  • chris

    Fuck you! I hope you die of aids. I came across one of.your blogs and was totally disgusted of what you wrote. You’re an egoistic, full of himself kind of person. You think you’re the God’s gift to women, youre effing ugly! Go rot yourself!

  • Ly

    You’re another filthy Edomite invading and spreading your disease in SEA and all over the world. You and your filthy Edomite friends are absolutely sick to the bone.

  • Rodney Anderson

    Hey I was just reading one of you old posts, 2nd bat, nice, I was in 3rd bat back in the day. enjoy the stories. making my own as well.