How to Fuck Different Colombian Girls Every Night Naked Pics

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colombian girls
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 How to Fuck Different Colombian Girls Every Night Naked Pics

colombian girls

During my last trip to Colombia, I was with more Colombian girls than the total number of days of my trip. In fact, after traveling the world, I have been with more stunning Colombian women than any other nationality. You can read about some of those adventures with Colombian girls here.

In Colombia, I have found myself with models, girls with big, perky racks, girls with such sexy asses, girls with stunning faces and combinations of these amazing characteristics. As I continue with this guide, I will also be sharing with you some photos of my actual Colombian girls (NSFW) who I hooked up with.


Hot Colombian Girls

Colombian chicks are some of the hottest in the world (check out the map of the hottest women in the world here), don’t believe me, you will see in the nude pics I took myself or check out these videos. Before deciding if Colombian women are the type of girls you want to be dating, see for yourself:


Optional but recommended: Learning Spanish

Colombia is a Spanish speaking country and the better your Spanish is, the better you will do with women. However, there are also many English speaking Colombians that want nothing more than to find an English speaking guy to practice with, so it’s not at all a deal breaker. Those girls are actually some of the easiest girls to hook up with because you know they are already interested in foreign culture.

Still, you can’t deny the perks of learning the Spanish language:

  • Spanish is the easiest language for an English speaker to learn.
  • Spanish is the official language of more countries than any other language by far.
  • Spanish is becoming the second language of the USA

Every person in the world should choose a language to learn and Spanish is becoming so valuable that it should be one of your top choices. If you want learn to speak quickly, I would recommend the Michel Thomas Program.


colombian girls

 Step 1: Where to meet Colombian Girls

Best option: online dating

Colombia happens to be one of the few countries in the world where online dating is REALLY good. Because of this you don’t want to waste the opportunity to get online and start meeting stunning Colombian girls.

The best website, where you will get the most attention and the fewest flakes (girls that don’t show up to the date) is this website. There are no decent free options for online dating I’m afraid, other than using Tinder when you arrive.

If you do not have much experience with online dating, my book Elite Online Dating will be a good investment.


Online Dating Tip: Pipelining

A very nice trick that isn’t talked about enough is pipelining. That is, before you go on your trip to Colombia, you start meeting these curvy Colombian girls online. What will happen is that you will have a lineup of girls ready to meet you before your plane even touches Colombian soil. You should choose your favorite girl to greet you at the airport. Then, she will most likely accompany you back to your hotel and… just like that… you are alone in your bedroom with a sexy Colombiana.


NSFW pictures from MY trips

colombian girls colombian girls

Second best option: Day Game

Day game means that you meet Colombian girls while you are out doing the normal day to day things. For example, day game would be meeting a girl in the street, in a coffee shop, the grocery store, etc..

One of the best ways to start a conversation with a girl during the day is to pretend to be lost.

“Perdoname. Estoy un poco perdido. No recuerdo donde esta mi hotel. – Excuse me. I’m a little lost. I can’t remember where my hotel is.”

or you can ask for help finding something

“Perdoname. Estoy buscando un centro comercial por aqui. Tu sabes donde esta? – Excuse me. I’m looking for a mall around here. Do you know where one is?”

Or you can just go for it. Walk up to her and introduce yourself.

“Hola. Soy 20Nation. La verdad, te ves bonita y tenia ganas de hablarte. – Hi, I’m 20Nation. The truth is that you are cute and I wanted to come talk to you.”

Colombian girls are very friendly and they take compliments much better than girls from Western countries so don’t be afraid of just going for it.

If you want more advice on day game and what to say you can check this out.


NSFW pictures from MY trips

back to colombia

Final option: night game

Your final option is night game or to meet girls at night at bars or clubs. The reason that this is the final option is because it isn’t easy to pull girls from bars and clubs in Colombia. Why? Because Colombian women usually go with huge groups of friends and family and don’t want to be seen going home with a gringo. However, it’s still very possible, so don’t let it stop you from trying.


colombian girls

Step 2: The Date

Now that you have met the girls, it’s time to set up the date.


Setting up the date with Colombian girls

When setting up a date, try to get her to commit right away to a date and time. This stops her from continuing to push off the date. Then, you want to find out her schedule, wait an hour to a day, then ask for a date during a time when she said she will be free.


NSFW pictures from MY trips

colombian girls colombian girls

Choosing the date

When you choose the date, I am a strong believer in choosing a place where you don’t spend more than a couple dollars on the date. The reasons for this? Well, first I am a budget traveler and I want to cut down on expenses as much as possible. But the most important reason is because once a girl thinks you are trying to buy her, not only will she lose attraction for you, but she will become much harder to bed.

This is especially true in Colombia where the average girl won’t be as wealthy as Western women. They could try to see what all they can get from you before giving up sex.

The next thing you should remember is to choose a date location within A 5 MINUTE WALK of the place you are staying. That is VERY important. The reason for this is so that you can make any number of excuses to get her to visit your place.

“Pero esta muy cerca, solo dos minutes caminando. Solo pasamos por alla por un momento. – But it is very close, just a two minute walk. We will just be there a moment.”


On the date with Colombian girls

On the date, just say positive things about yourself in the form of stories and be fun (guide here). Don’t be afraid to compliment (Colombian girls love compliments), but don’t do it too much because too much can kill the attraction.

On the date you should think of a good excuse to go back to your room. One example is:

“Mi celular casi no tenia bateria. Lo necesito por trabajo. – My cell is almost out of battery. I need it for work.”

Then, explain how close you live and how it will just take 15 minutes to charge.


NSFW pictures from MY trips

colombian girls

Step 3: What to do once you are back in your room

Colombian girls are very sexual, so this part usually isn’t very difficult. You may run into one that won’t sleep with you on the first night, but most will. Getting them to sleep with you is a simple matter of touching them, kissing them, turning them on and going for sex. There are many more advanced tactics you can read about on this website, you can check out some of those here.


Is Colombia Dangerous?

I have found Colombia to be like any big city in USA in terms of danger. That is, if you are in the wrong area at the wrong time, you could get robbed or worse. So what do you do? Stay in the good areas. I have never met anybody who followed this and had any problems in Colombia. Danger in Colombia is overblown. The government has spent the last few years making this country very safer and as a tourist, you get the VIP treatment.



Many of you may be interested in Colombia because of drugs. I’m not a big drug guy, but I have met quite a few in Colombia. They go there to get drugs like Cocaine at 1/10th of the price and hook up with the local Colombian women. It’s not a bad life.


colombian women

Now you know what to do, time to do it

There are literally millions of smoking hot Colombian girls that are hoping to find a Western guy. These girls are sexual, curvy, have plenty of tits and ass, hot faces and fun personalities. There is nothing stopping you from having the same amazing experiences that I have had. Get things moving; start pipelining(meeting girls before you arrive) and planning for your trip to Colombia now!


Read about all of our adventures in Colombia here (15+ articles)

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  • Liam

    Hypothetically if you had to pick only one region and look of girls for the rest of your life to be around would it be- EE, SEA, or LA?

    • In the newsletter I answer a lot of this question. But for me personally, it’s tough because they are so different. EE has the most stunners but they are hardest to bed. SEA is the easiest but it’s a sea of average looking girls and imo harder to connect with these girls. LA has curvy women with amazing bodies and stunning.
      I like European culture the most because it’s most like what i’m used to, but i hate european winters. Not an easy question. I don’t know the answer. But I think i prefer LA and EE over SEA. I don’t go notch hunting like i used to.

    • European guy

      I wonder if you don’t get tired of the routine when you are banging for example 31 Dominican women in 25 days, Must be exhausting

    • It is exhausting, but in a good way. There is a reason that that its 31 women in 25 days and not like 400 women in 365 days. It’s really fun to go “notch hunting” but it’s also fun to date girls and get in mini relationships if you really have a connection. Balance 😉

  • Franz Saint-Fleur

    Ummm… not sure what you mean

  • gps

    Does this work for vacationers or should I say i’m living there or on business?

    • You will do better if you say you are staying there for a bit.

  • George

    When is the best time to visit Colombia? As in weather wise. Thanks

    • I think most of Colombia it doesnt matter because it’s so close to the equator. But I do know that along the Caribbean coast you want to go around December to May because the other months there can be some insane flash floods.

  • Damn 20, every time I see your pics from any where in Latin America it makes me want to head back down South as soon as possible.

    Question…Do you think you’ve found the best spots in LA (DR, Mex, Colombia, etc.) already or do you plan to venture out into other countries in LA soon? Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Paraguay all pique my interest and are on my list.

    • Yeah if you are coming from the West, Latin America is like heaven

      I think I have been in the best spots, but I still want to see peru, bolivia, ecuador, chile, argentina and brazil. In the future I will plan a big trip seeing those places.

    • Have you heard good things about Bolivia and Ecuador? I want to go to the Galapagos, but nothing else in those countries does much for me.

      Peru, Brazil, and Argentina are certainly on the list, but no interest in Paraguay? The online options seem limited, but it could be a “dark horse” type of country for budget travelers…

    • To be honest it just never came to my attention. Could be a dark horse, but I have never heard anything mind blowing. Ecuador I will go to on the way to peru. I want to have a deeper understanding of all the latin countries in part to be able to understand more on the women of the world for swoop. I have heard a couple good things about bolivia in terms of out of this world value, but very unattractive women, but those are things I want to see for myself. Ecuador seems just off the beaten path and it’s not out of the way.

    • 20, yeah that all makes sense. I’ve heard a few good things about Ecuador, but not much about the women. Peru is where I’ll be spending a lot of time in 2015 due to the benefits a blonde haired man can get there and the good surf.

    • Should be awesome. Although I’ve heard the women aren’t so attractivev

    • Manuel Paraguay

      Paraguayas are FAAAR more attractive than girls in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and esp. Bolivia lol

      Remember that the country is located next to Argentina, so women don´t look much different. I´am actually GLAD there is no tourism here (because its dirty here), but its still THE hidden Gem of LA in terms of women.

    • Justin

      20nation ….you should ditch the 1-10 scale for girls looks …Its better if you just do 1-3….You put less emphasis on hot girls

  • Kdog

    Bro I dont want to hate, but almost every chick i see on this site is always a 5.5-6.5 and dark (low class in S.A). Not that I can see their faces, but even their lingerie is old and tattered, or they have stretch marks etc. The clicks you use for illustration are smoking (like the one in the red swimsuit). Do you find being a ‘budget traveler’ is the reason your quality suffers and limits your access to higher quality girls?

    • Light skinned girls won’t let you take naked photos after sleeping with them once (as often).

      Nobody that has actually seen the actual girls thinks that (THC, Scotian, RooshV, and many others). But their are poor girls in the in my 100+ notch trip to LA, yes. Of the 100 or so girls with pictures I have uploaded on here, I can’t think of one with stretch marks.

      Not trying to brag, but I can get any quality I want.

    • Andy

      whats Scotian?

    • De La Flor

      The chicks that do allow you to take pictures in different countries are the poor ones. In the US most women will allow you to take pictures of them due to the fact that they are more comfortable sexually (I not saying US women are hoes but….) I have try to take naked pictures of the foreign women I have been with and the 8s and up stop me. The pictures I do have of them are with them in clubs and they are fully clothes. Also I am a budget travel as well. My question to you is why don’t you post your own story with your own pictures?

    • peter long

      Sounds like h8 bro…

    • Jade Milburn

      So this site is sexist and racist now

  • Markos

    The girls in your pics look like standard paisa girls. I’ve been in Medellin for a few months. I’ve had no trouble picking up 6s and 7s, girls that might be 8s in USA. But what I really need to learn (or aquire) is how to get the really amazing ones. Every day in Medellin, I will see about 10 women that I feel like I could slaughter a village for. I have not had that feeling in other countries. I suppose I’m into enhanced curves. Is game enough or does one need to be loaded? The 9’s and 10’s, one in about 50 girls, are insane.

    • Yeah there are some real stunners. I was able to hook up with 1 really attractive girl in Medellin, but most of my time I spent in Barranquilla. There, I had it figured out. A huge part is being fluent in Spanish and leveraging your exotic value.

    • peter long

      There are no 10 s lol get them off that pedestal

  • Damnes

    have u bern to jamaica?

    • No I haven’t. I haven’t heard many good things about it either.

  • Sam

    I hope you don’t mean that when you “were with” more colombian girls than days you were there that you actually “slept” with more colombian girls than the amount of days you were there. If you mean just the number of dates. Cuz if ur saying lays I’m gonna call bs

  • Manuel Paraguay

    Good information. There aren´t that many stunners on CCupid though, but on LACupid there you have at least a broader selection of any Latin country. The really hot women simply don´t need to put themself on a Dating site to see if they are beautiful. For example, barely any Paraguayan woman registered there (almost all average attractive), but so many gorgeous women here during Daytime !

  • Timothy Dannenhoffer

    Seems so douchey to talk about women you essentially acknowledge that you are just using. That coupled with the fact that you are probably getting hotter chicks than you deserve because they are poor and looking for a way out makes you seem like a slutty travelling dirtbag.

    Maybe I’m somewhat envious but even if I was doing what you’re doing, if I were single, it wouldn’t necessarily be about quantity and I wouldn’t be bragging about being a traveling womanizing dirtbag. I’d go with good intentions, look for one that seems right (try on a few perhaps!) but keep my mouth shut.

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  • desrovum

    Would be so epic to do this. But I’m so socially awkward and anxious around attractive women.

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