How to Flirt the Right Way – Videos that Help You Be Funnier

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how to flirt
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 How to Flirt the Right Way – Videos that Help You Be Funnier

how to flirt

There are many ways to flirt, but I would say there is only one right way to flirt. This way is with humor, the reason it is better than other ways is because it can be used in pretty much every situation. I recently came across a Youtube playlist that is full of videos by Craig Ferguson. He is a comedian I have been watching for years and a huge reason I watched him was because he knows how to flirt the right way.

He spends every show talking to an attractive girl and turning the conversation into fun banter. He is an absolute master at this (too much self depreciating humor for me, but who I am to question a master). He is married to a super model and in these videos you can watch as these girls he interviews (half his age) swoon while talking to him. This is truly the best way to learn how to flirt.


77 Video Playlist of Craig Ferguson Showing Us How to Flirt the Right Way

If you watched the entire playlist, I will bet you that if you go on a date right now, the date will go MUCH better than normal. This playlist is hours of watching a master flirt at work. It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you want more advice on flirting and talking to women check out my book: The Perfect Conversation


Bonus playlist for body language 

Here is another playlist that dives into different alpha males from TV and movies. You will notice that most of these clips are on my list of movies and shows to watch to get better with women. Overall, the advice is solid. I’m a very big believer in the power of body language and vibe, so it’s worth focusing on.

If you want to learn from me directly you can read my book: The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language

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  • Delivering great advice as always 20! The better my game gets the more I receive the compliment “I love your energy” or “I feel so good around you”. The first compliment is, in my opinion, the best compliment a man can receive. Keep crushing it!

    • Thx 199. Yeah it’s a good thing to hear

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  • Johnny

    -How do you get a girl you approach cold on social media to bite?

    Ill try to add hot girls on Facebook and Id say only 1/4-1/3 at best of them add me. Then they do the 20 questions- do I know you? Where are you from? What do you do?

    Another thing I see is every mofo on Facebook when a girl posts a photo is like- “Youre so beautiful”, “Marry Me”, “Youre stunning!”-they all sounded retarded to me. Its not like they’re getting anywhere going “Beautiful!” like 250 other clowns on a photo. The bouncer, legit player, popular local musician, connected bar tender or local drug dealer will be the guy making that chick sweat and moan not the fanboys on her FB.

    -Whats the right way to react to a hot girls photos she uploads? It cant be the shit all those fanboys do.

    -A from stranger on social media to bang would make a great blog or ebook.

    • on facebook, likes are important. Also you have to build the image of an exciting and high value life. That’s how you get girls to start chasing you. Every post should be thought about and you should add lots of attractive girls and get them to like your pictures.

  • Kevo4ever

    20 thanks for adding so much value to my life. I’m meeting with someone later. Going to use this playlist and become a demigod of flirting lol

    • GL. Hopefully this story has a happy ending

  • Michel

    Wassup 20.
    A very improtant question which is breaking my mind for a while and need your advice. When a girl say’s she needs to pee while im pounding her, it means she is about to cum right? or is there another reason for saying that? Should I stop and let her pee? I did it 1 time and let her go pee but after that I lost the momentum and my erection… I am scared that she will get mad at me for not letting her go pee, she sounds really serious. Or does it mean that she wants me to stop pounding her pussy hard when she says she need to pee? What can it be ? Or should I just Ignore it and keep fucking that pussy hard, and harder?

  • yas yas

    Hi, i can’t open the first video, check please. Thanks.