How To Bang 3 Women a Day in the Philippines

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Philippine girls

I have slept with 51 Philippine girls from May 5th until July 5th.  Some will say “that’s easy” and in some ways I would agree.  But when you have that sheer volume of women, that many interactions, that many shit tests and battles with last minute (sometimes hour) resistance, you realize a few things.

I would say more than half of these bangs came from online game.  I used This Website, it really is a goldmine.  If you are a decent looking guy, and have any social skills, you should be getting the interest of a lot of women (I think it’s a good idea to sign up for a free account with your photos to get an idea of how much attention you will get or if you want to see the types of girls that are there.  Prepare to receive a lot of messages).  In the Philippines, you are the prize.  It’s probably how cute girls in the states feel.  Women, 100’s of them, messaging you to meet up, offering their numbers without asking, and begging you  just to be their friend.  I’m not talking about 5’s and 6’s, I’m talking about women that would be lorded over back home.

I think every man should experience this volume of girls for their inner game development, banging so many  pretty girls doesn’t get old, and it helps to lose that tendency to put a very hot girl up on a pedestal because it’s no longer uncommon to get a young beautiful girl.  Or 30 of them.



Every girl, without exception, writes these words to describe herself; “Sincere”, “honest”, “loyal”, “simple”, “sexy”, “faithful”, “cute” blah blah blah the list goes on in that vein.  They also write what they want and it’s always “To find my one true love” “A committed long term relationship” “No players!”

I feel I can say this with some authority, these girls are 100% lying to themselves and to you.  ALL of them are talking to multiple men, probably hopping from one bed to the next as they get “pumped and dumped” and they DO NOT see a conflict between this behavior and what they SAY they want in their profiles.

These girls aren’t “bad” people, they are simply unaware of what they are doing, and don’t recognize their actions as being incongruent with what they say they want, in fact, go ahead and apply that to all chicks but these girls in particular.


Truedat (another guy who was living in Manila) had several Philippine girls swearing their undying love and loyalty to him.  One was online, one was a gorgeous model I met while out.

In both cases they folded, but the story I’m telling is about the online girl.

This girl was really cute.  She didn’t even look Asian, more Spanish or Latin. I messaged her asking to catch up and she agreed.  Truedat and I were in constant contact the whole time and this girl is literally sending him messages about how much she loves him WHILE on a date with me.

I bring this girl back to my place and smash her.  She’s telling me she loves me by the end of the night.

I leave this girl in my apartment to go out saying “I’ll be back soon”, I wind up picking up another girl and taking her to a hotel.  Truedat’s girl stays in my apartment until 4 pm the next day waiting on me because she was “afraid for me”.  Meanwhile shes taking photos of herself, IN MY BED and sending them to Truedat.

He asks her where she is and she tells him her “sister’s condo”.

She comes over another time and we are screwing with her when we know where she is.  It’s always some “miss you baby I’m with my sister” BS.

She ends up leaving her watch at my place (I have a whole drawer full of stuff, bikinis, sunglasses, earrings, you name it.  Once when a girl spent the night I wanted to go swimming the next day, she said she didn’t have a swimsuit, I whip open the drawer and hand her one .  She looks at me weird and I say “now you have one, boom”)

Shes messaging me about bringing her the watch to which I am obviously not even considering.  I tell her she can just pick it up next time she comes over.

I get ahold of Truedat and we devise a plan.

This girl goes over to his place and is messaging me things like “miss you baby”.  Truedat smashes her and afterwards they have a nice long heartfelt conversation, he walks her to the elevator and before the doors close he hands her the watch she left at my place.  God I wish I could have seen the look on her face.

In summation, these girls are liars.  They operate on emotional whims more than any other group of women I have witnessed, but because of that, you gain valuable insight into women in general.  It’s the raw, unfettered, operating system of all women.

Game Methods

To get these kinds of numbers with online game you are going to have to have a system.  These Philippine girls ALL want to be little online chat buddies and that is the quickest way to fall into obscurity with them.  A typical message from one is “Add me on ym, my id is xxxx”

I have a method now, for every girl that is near enough to Manila (or wherever you happen to be) that either has messaged me, or “shown interest” by clicking the button, I will send a message along the lines of “I’m really busy but if you’re interested in meeting leave your number”

Usually they will reply back with their number.  On occasion they will ignore this and just say something like “How are you?”

This gets on my nerves and I tell them so “Well right now I’m annoyed that you didn’t leave your number, I’m not interested in chatting on this silly website”

“ok sorry here’s my number xxxx”

These girls respond to strength and you dictating the action. LEAD LEAD LEAD with them and they become submissive.  Show weakness and you have lost them.

The hotter ones will not “show interest” nor will they message you, they will view your profile several times.  To these girls I’ll write something like “Hey don’t come around my profile and not say hello! ; )”

This will more than likely garner a “Hello haha”

Then you go back to your default message of “Right on, well look, I’m not on here much and I’m pretty busy, if you want to meet leave me your number”

It’s that simple.


20Nation has a system that I have built up on.  You will literally have so many numbers that you will forget who is who and because I don’t like to clutter my phone up with a bunch of names, I will usually just send a message saying “What’s up Ayan, this is Fisto” and then run standard text game.  Points if you call, though they are  unlikely to answer at first and usually voicemail isn’t set up or even an option.

This allows me to scroll up and know their name if I need to.  I just assume at this point that she’s hot if I bothered to message her.  If we make plans then I will save her number and give her a 1-5 rating next to her name on how much I want to fuck her.  Since scheduling is such a huge issue this rating comes in handy when you have a conflict between two girls who want to meet at the same time and you have to give one up. So for example “Christy Manila 5”

After I bang them I give them a 6-10 rating next to their name on how much I want to fuck them again.  If they are not an 8 or above I will not bang them again unless their is some feature about them I really like. “Christy Manila10”

Also, keep their number so you don’t accidently agree to meet up with a girl you’ve already smashed.  Trust me, you will get them mixed up if you don’t have a system in place.



As I said before, your free time, physical capabilities, and desire will be the factors in how many new “notches” you get.  For me it wasn’t uncommon to sleep with 4 or 5 girls in a day with two new notches and three maintenance bangs.

The blueprint I tried to follow looked like this, 11am date, 3pm date, 530 pm date, 9pm date, go out at night and try to pull.

The problem with these girls is that they are always either late or very early.  I have had one girl up in my room while another one is waiting for me in the lobby.  If this happens, and it will, firmly tell them you told them to be there at X time and you will be there when you can.

Generally I would say I have to go workout and ride the elevator down  with them to the 6th floor where the gym is and say goodbye.  Then I would immediately ride the elevator back up to my place and do a quick clean up (but not too much, a hair here and there is good to have) before going down and taking the new girl on our “date”.



These are not actual dates in the classic sense, when you are talking to these girls it’s important to convey the “take it or leave it” attitude.  Don’t be a dick, but also don’t let them decide where to go or what to do.  Often they will try and invite themselves to dinner or drinks, or both,  to which I always reply “did you just invite yourself to dinner and drinks? haha”.

Normally this will embarrass them and they will ask what you suggest and you can decide what to do.  Sometimes they will insist and I will say “I only take my girlfriends to dinner, I’ll meet you for a drink at xxxx at xxx time”.

At this point I’d probably be pretty annoyed with her trying to score a free dinner and I’d say “I’m not your white ATM”.

This lets her know that she’s crossed the line.  She will either agree to meet on your terms or she’ll be pissed and you have to next her.  I’ve found that you will hear back from them days, sometimes weeks later.

In regards to daytime dates I have worked with several different routines and this is what has worked for me.

Typically I will convey that I’m very busy with work (to which I have been mysterious about and refused to answer, “That’s an in person conversation ; )”  but if they’d like to meet I’m going to take off for a couple hours to go swimming.

Often they will reply that they don’t feel comfortable going to my home when we first meet.  I tell them “I don’t live at my pool lol, that’s 40 floors up”.

This gets a laugh and usually you can get them to come over.

Coffee dates – This one is easy.  Tell the girl you’ll meet her in your lobby and walk from there to Starbucks, I always have my phone’s battery nearly out and after building comfort and rapport I’ll just say “I need to charge this stupid phone, come walk with me”.

 As long you keep your frame and give off the comfort vibe, she is going back to your room.  .

At night I usually have them meet me at a bar close to my hotel, I will say I have to meet my lawyer later but that I’ll meet her for a drink if she likes.  This will lead to her coming back to your place under the plausible deniability that she can’t get in too much trouble because you have the false time constraint.  The real beauty is that after you smash her, you can leave because you have to keep your appointment.

At any time the girl is coming to meet you at your place,  I recommend waiting in the lobby with some groceries like gallon waters and other little things you need daily and saying you need to take them up.  After that it’s over if you have decent closing skills.



Daygame is something NO ONE does here, cute girls are everywhere, in the malls especially.  Philippines Girls often become so overwhelmed when you start speaking to them that their English goes out the window. Continue being pleasant and hand them your phone number.

You will hear from them within 15 minutes or so through a text message saying “hi”.  What THC and myself do is simply write a bunch of numbers on scraps of paper and hand them to girls after the approach and sometimes even without saying a word if we are both walking in opposite directions.

Never leave your hotel looking like shit, girls are everywhere.



This is where you will run into your top tier girls, in Manila there are quite a few high end clubs.  Relatively speaking, you will spend very little money.  Getting a bottle is paramount to attracting fine/higher status women.  In Manila when you get a table, there is a minimum amount to spend.  A standing table is the most cost effective way to have status within the club, be noticed, and see what’s going on.  Usually it’s 5000 pesos for a standing table which will get you a decent bottle of Vodka and mixers.  I will sometimes invite two girls to go with me and then run my normal game right in front of them.  These girls are possessive and competitive and that makes for a great combination when you’re out.  You are more desirable since you have women basically validating that you’re a wanted man.  Other girls WILL try and get your attention, shamelessly flirt back and get numbers.

This is the system that has worked for me and it was developed on the fly.  There is still room for more efficiency and optimization but if you follow these guidelines you absolutely WILL kill it. 


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I’m Fisto, I like to think of myself as a modern day adventurer. I have a roving foot, a desire to write, and a bit of a drinking problem, so having a blog seemed like a natural progression. Cheers.

  • Crush

    Hey fisto,

    Great stuff. Do you think this technique works as well in BKK as Manila?

    • It works but to a lesser extend as Manila, your exotic value being white is higher there. Bangkok girls are more spoiled as there are much more farang (white foreigners) available to them. E.g. the girls on ThaiFriendly act more like princesses compared to Pinay girls on dating sites; still not anything near how white girls in 1st world countries behave though. So you have to adapt this strategy a bit.

  • 20Nation

    Great Post Fisto. It really brings me back. I especially like the charging phone excuse to get them back, I think I’m going to give that a try.

  • Fisto

    In BKK you are going to have a lot more frustration with the girls. Their English is generally at a much lower level and they really aren’t very bright. You’ll ask them to get a coffee and they’ll reply “I don’t drink coffee”. You’ll find yourself thinking “Jesus Christ, coffee is hardly the point!” Actually there just offer to get icecream, they all love that but then you’re going to be far away. Thai girls are even more shy. In practice the same plan will work, you will just have a harder time with the language barrier,and the fact that in BKK, you are not as much of a prize as Manila. You’re competing with a lot more farang.

    • Funny you said that about the coffee. I think some Filipina chick has been reading your articles. One messaged me on a site in Cambodia a few months back and after about one message invited me to coffee then and there. I was neck deep in work and not that attracted to her, so I gave some lame excuse like I’d already had coffee and didn’t want to get jacked up, and that I was super busy. Her reply was along the same lines – that coffee was hardly the point, that I could have tea or whatever. I still juked her, but your comment gave me a laugh.

    • Robert Honsbeek

      Hi Fisto, I’m curious, can you please let me know how many of these 51 girls you had anal sex with?
      And if any, where there Filipino girls who proposed this themselves?
      How would you rate the general sexual skills of Filipino girls to the skills of girls from Europe/USA/Australia?

  • Kieran

    Some really useful advice in this post. Thanks for sharing, and nice blog.

  • Don C

    Good stuff, Fisto. Love the details and the sly tactics.

    In my home country I see loads of filipino au pairs on online dating sites. They all write stuff like you mentioned – i’m a simple girl, like to stay home and go to church.

    I dated one of them, but she just seemed too shy and innocent to be worth the hassle. Freaking out when I kissed her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a virgin.

    I just haven’t bothered with them since, though to be honest there are quite a few stunners online.

    Would you say that some filipino chicks are cut from a different cloth or are they all horny deep down? Your post make me believe the latter.

  • Fisto

    Don C,

    There are absolutely a lot of virgins. They are still very horny deep down. You can bang them the same day also once you meet them, you just have to press on through the LMR.

    Personally I share your feelings and would feel bad about banging a virgin just for the notch but they are adults as well.

    If I were you I’d go after them. They can be some of the most affectionate and sweet girls you will ever meet. Just remember they are also crazy.

    • dale

      No! your’e crazy!!! White guys like you can never be trusted… lucky you we have this “white guys are pogi” mentality or else you will not be getting any shit from them ( the girls)…

      I am a filipina and I am very pissed with this kind of behavior.why don’t you just be contented fucking your own women in your country..

    • John

      coz we like bangin ugly midgets from your country

    • Ahmed

      I’m reading all your ugly comments about Filipinas, John. And you know what, me and my group are trying very hard to find out about you. Pray that we will not find you here in the Philippines bec if we find you, we will bring you to Mindanao and read about what you are saying and butcher you there complete with video for your family. Or we can do this in your room. We promise you that! And to you Fisto, better watch out. You’ll never know when one of our women will slit your throat. You are already marked. It’s our penchant to rejoice and see the dark red dirty blood of sex-starved foreign nationals free flowing on the floor and soil and that adds up to our dignity as Filipino Muslims fighting foreigners for you are the dirtiest of all men. Pray to Allah that we will not find you. But then we will look for you. Inshallah!

    • kickabitch

      What does pogi mean? Fyi I’m not white

    • Dave

      Not very impressed!!! Sounds like you are not a good enough looking guy to do this in yout own western country. Trust me I know I played your same game in Orlando Fl. for years when I was younger.I live in Philippines now and not all women here are like that. Only the prostitutes and bar trash in Manila. Get a life dude!!!!!

    • jimmy b bake


  • Don C

    Alright, I might need a larger sample size to make any conclusions yet. I’ll give it a go and report back to you.

    I don’t have that many qualms about deflowering them. It’s more that I’m just too lazy to deal with massive lmr and awkwardness, so I just navigate around all the chicks with the typical ‘good girl, player go away’ profiles. You know, in most cultures you can assume that a hot, single 25 year old girl is experienced, but less so here it seems.

    Well, from now on it’s gonna be ignore and plow and we’ll find out.

    Keep up the good stories.

  • El_Tirechangero

    How do brown-skinned guys do there? Does it give an advantage with the brown girls there? Did you see any white chicks in Manila? I met one from Europe once and she liked me.

    • truthbetold

      Dont know but i do know many use whitening products to be white as its considered a good thing and status, the whiter you are. I would assume that carries over to white guys.


      yeah my ex fiance there was always using whitening powder and powdering her face ……the day she slapped one of her first grade students and told her she was stupid and other words in visayan ….after the girl ran away i asked her why she did that and she said siya ay itim and i asked what that meant she said she is black… that was it I was done with that racist bitch
      i found out later that cunt acted in a porno movie and never told me yet she acted like she was a sweet lil virgin….nope she was trash scum and evil ….not for doing porn but for being a lying cunt

  • Jon

    Great report. Would you say the same dynamic applies for Jakarta? Sounds like you had quite a time there as well.

  • Fisto

    It applies in regards to your desirability, but you will run into trouble because of the language barrier. Other than that, yes, you can set it up that way. If/when I go back I’m going to put that plan into action.

    • Anonymous

      What area in manila and how much is your daily expense and rent for app

  • anon1

    new to the site, liking your reports. only question is, how come all the pics dont load up?

  • Anonymous

    edit: seems to be just a chrome issue actually. not sure why not one of the pics are clickable or viewable

  • Adam

    Will this work as an Asian-American male? As solid as your game is, don’t you think that the fact you are a white foreigner prize in these countries make it a lot easier and the girls a lot more receptive from the outset?

    Definitely not dismissing your skills since they are considerable, but do you think I would have to work a lot harder to get initial attraction solely because I look Asian and not white?

    • Fisto

      Adam – I met a lot of Korean guys in the Phils that were killing it. I should also point out that I met a buddy there in Manila that is a lawyer, comes from a great family, and was getting laid maybe once every few months. THC and myself started hanging out with him and he started getting laid 2 times a week within DAYS. At one point, we were at a club and he just wouldn’t listen to me when I told him to just tell one girl to leave. I actually pretended to get pissed off at the girl and said to my friend “get her out of here! I dont’ even want to see her face!”. He took her home and banged her.

    • Adam

      Hey Fisto

      Thanks for the reply man. I have beginner to intermediate game and have some success in NYC, so it’s not like I’m a complete AFC. But, you and the guys on this blog have such epic game it’s a little intimidating, to be honest.

      From what you wrote, it seems being a foreigner, of any sort, can help with a sub-set of women. Overall though, game is game is game.


  • Fisto


    You will find that when you really start working your game consistently, you’re knowledge will grow exponentially.

    I think the Phils is a great place for any guy to really hone their skills and build confidence.

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Hey man, interesting writeup. I like your no-bullshit mentality, where I am very similar. Also, it is interesting to hear about dating life in the Philippines – I’ve been thinking about going there and you definitely dont make it sound less interesting!!! 😉
    Thanks again buddy.

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  • Fisto

    Boy Toy

    You gave me a great idea for another blog post haha.

    I’ll write up a data sheet on it.

  • Carlos

    Thanks for your information, just got about 6 dates on arrival to Manila and Subic, looking forward to visit Philippines in 2 weeks…;)

    • Ross

      ANYBODY can get a date in Subic. I bet they’re with hookers.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Fisto im planning on going to manila next
    in oct any advice on which hotels will be the best to be in close proximity to the ladies??

    • Fisto

      Stay in Makati or The Fort. Outside of those areas is too sketchy.

    • John

      Stay in Greenbelt 5 makati. Prince Plaza II is perfect – very close to restaurants and bars. The price per night is $56 – studio with full kitchen

  • Jordan-Rodney

    So what are the best citties for meeting girls, im from Wyoming and stumbled on this post cuz ive heard a lot of how fun the philipines can be, and know absolutely nothing about the philipines, I just know that angeles city is like the prostitution city, or so ive read online lol like I said I know nothing of any of this really. what would you recommend for a city for me to go to?

    • I think Manila will be great for you if it’s the first time you go to the Phils. It offers all, nightlife, plenty of shopping malls, etc.
      Cebu is another choice for you.

      If you go to the second tier cities your exotic value will be even higher though, but you’ll have a little bit less comfort (not much to do during the week)

    • Go to Manila and/or Cebu

    • seaport sucker

      Cody, Laramie, and Cheyenne, good hunting grass-hopper ! you COW-BOY COCK-SUCKER! Enjoy your FIRST RODEO!

  • Jordan-Rodney

    and also I was gonna ask, what website did u meet all these girls on?

    • You can use DateInAsia (it’s free) and Filipino Cupid (paid), but it’s good value for money.

  • Mean Girl

    I wonder if these are just Author’s illusion as Don Juan or Giovanni Cassanova.

    • Fisto


  • Mean

    You can bang me.. I’m from Manila Philippines Call or text me… Mean Miranda… 09491307620…

  • Daniel Stevenson

    prick ! 🙁 why not marry one or are Filipino women too good for you !

    • Fisto

      Marry one and miss out on 100s? Nah….

    • pedro gil

      lol you put the pigs into shame. keep it to yourself whatever escapades you had. with your voracious appetite for flesh why would you share your food w everyone. . if you can’t respect these women, respect the men who actually found a wife from those dating sites. no, I didn’t married one of them. iM just another filipino man who feel pity with our women and our country.

    • Fisto

      We are all adults capable of making adult decisions. You should thank me for teaching you how to get laid since most pinoys couldn’t sleep with a girl to save their lives. Youre welcome.

    • Dakookz

      Dont listen to them Fisto, men are men and even we r married we need more girls on our lifes

    • Fisto


    • THriLLaH_KiLLaH100

      I came across this shitty page from searching up tourists visiting Greenhills Manila. Bitch go back to you own country and fuck your own women. The tone in you post gives me an impression that you think you’re too good for these girls. You just generalised all the filipina girls as easy to get girls. Well the ones you just ‘cracked’ are just bitches. Thats right. The ones you fucked are bitches, cause you can’t afford to get a real filipina girl who respects herself and will not go and sleep with a guy she just met. And the fuck you talking about filipinos finding it hard to get laid for? We are real men who can fuck girls better than you can.
      You are just a visitor. You have no right to talk shit or whatsoever about us filipinos.What provoked me to reply on this shitty post is the way you said “At this point I’d probably be pretty annoyed with her trying to score a free dinner and I’d say ‘I’m not your white ATM’”. Fuck, even I could feel the embarassment the girl must have felt. You just dont do that to ANY girl man. I’m brown, and I wouldnt do that to a black or white or yellow chick. You are not a man. You are just a boy who can’t treat a woman nicely. Your were probably raised by your mother in the ghettos that’s why your attitude stinks like hell. Where you from? England? Are you a gypsie? Or are you one of those typical white americans who have shitty attitude? The way you talk, you think you are higher than these people. You think you can just use them and throw them away afterwards then you broadcast them on the internet telling guys to participate on this ‘silly game’. Fuck you’re a retard you know that? And before you say Im just another filipino guy who cant get a girl, well I’ll let you know now that I’m not that guy. I have a girlfriend who I love and loves me back? Do you know what feeling that is to be loved by someone? NO YOU FUCKIN DONT. To have someone you can share your secrets with as well as have sex when you are in the mood is just the best love a partner could ever give you. I hate the way you treat our women and think of them as just reusable items and only used when wanted. Please, do leave our country and go fuck your own bitches. Funny, now that I think about it, you probably cant get a girl in you country so you are forced to get girls who only want you for your money.

    • THriLLaH_KiLLaH100

      My point is you should not generalise all the women in Philippines. These bitches you fucked should not be compared to the good girls. I’m not trying to defend these bitches. They deserve to be called bitches for being picked up that easy. Not because you fucked 51 women in about 2 months or 1 (i dont know), does not mean that all women in Philippines are easy to get. In fact if you compare Philippines and America, there are more sluts in america. Ever watched those prank videos on youtube? Those are good examples.

    • Hey Jo

      99% of Filipinas are much better than the trash (women) we have in our countries but that 1% provides us with enough hot pussy to keep us happy.

    • Al_SA

      Very well said , just don’t waste your words on this sick creature he doesn’t worth it. I personally don’t believe most of what he’s saying here. I’m not from your country but visited Manila once and have many philipinos friends therefore I disagree with most of the crab written in this article.

    • John

      we are gonna keep cumin to your country and keep fuckin midgets to death. One of them might be your wife lol

    • seaport sucker



      Wow. Can’t believe this was like 2 years ago. I don’t even know anymore what I was blabbing about. I just read everything and I agree with your supply and demand statement. I kinda see this situation in a different way now.

    • Hey Jo

      You miss the point totally Thrillah. Guys like us come to the Philippines because we don’t want a girlfriend or wive like what you do. When we are young we also want a girlfriend but later for some reason (maybe we see through the deception of women generally) we seek casual encounters and the Philippines is great for that. As a Filipino you cannot see the nature of many of your women but we as outsiders looking in can. In our culture we don’t have young women that will date, marry and fuck men 30, 40, 50 years older than them and so we take advantage of this desire for a better life of many Filipinas despite who they have to fuck or suck and use that. We know that they are using us to get a ticket out and we also know that they don’t love us, but instead love our money that would later go towards supporting her family; we don’t have this system in our culture either where the guy is expected to provide for the extended family like we are their personal ATM. So, because we know of this scam on the part of sexy young Filipinas, we play them at their own little scamming game and in return we get to pound their little pussies because they will do anything to get the pin code to our cash. Don’t blame us, don’t blame them, blame the corrupt nature of your country and the desperation it brings upon girls to have to do this. I do it but I don’t like the situation of these girls but I will always cheat someone who is only out to cheat me. Besides that we are men with strong sexual urges and as the bitches in our countries treat their pussies like a commodity that is far beyond our wealth or social position, we instead exploit the minority of desperate/ bitch women that you have there. Blame it on capitalism, on the break down of social order and the loose ways of women today and on the hyper-sexualised nature of men as a result of the over-sexualised nature of the media which leads western men to think about little more than sex every second. As a Filipino you will never understand the minds or lives of us foreigners as you haven’t lived our lives the same way we haven’t lived yours, we may watch much of the same tv and think we are the same but culture and society is much different, the breakdown of our societies, (not yours) has turned into these hyper-sexualised men who see no shame in screwing a different girl daily despite what the girl’s intentions are, blame that on our society. Therefore I don’t advise you to preach to us. I personally feel your anger and hatred of this but this is another example of societies ills and why blame us when it’s a matter of supply and demand. Both sides are equally responsible. I personally think that where many Filipinas go wrong is that they expect us foreigners to be a naive about this point as you Filipinos are, but we aren’t, we play them at their own self-interested game.

    • Ross

      I’d guess the thing you’re laying the most would be your hand!!! At least you have a choice, right there, left or right.

    • ro

      That’s the reason why women think of men as dangerous species that must be avoid. If you want women to trust men again, stop being so proud of your perverseness.

    • John

      Dude, I am Filipino and as it may sound degrading, I completely agree with you. Many Filipino women are so gullible in dating sites. I joined Filipino cupid last september, and I could have banged at least 20 women during my three weeks stay there but it was extremely diffiicult. The nicer and cute ones are possessive, they stick with you like glue but there are lots who claim themselves as the “typical conservative filipina” – on the outside but when you get them going.. oh boy.. you are in for a treat. I am married and I still bang as many women as I can. Here’s my style. I would send them a message (on filipino cupid) .. just a simple hellow, how are you. We would exchange few messages and I would bombard them with humor. As soon as they feel comfy, I would tell them I am already married, and explain to them that it’s best that I would be honest with them. Boom! This thing really works if you’re married, and you get a really nice and decent girl, too. Unfortunately, I only spend two weeks and a half at a time in Manila, and I could not possible bang 20 women in 17 days, lol.

    • dale

      I don’t buy it…

    • Hey Jo

      Continue living in ignorance Dale. Women are no different the world over but it’s always the foreigners that get all the women because these women can open their legs without being shamed or hassled by guys from their own countries. The same happens in my country I’m sure. Don’t judge a woman by what you see on the outside. Many women lead double lives.

    • jimmy b bake


  • James

    Any tips on what you put in your profile or it doesn’t really matter?

    • Fisto

      Unfortunately few of them seem to read the profile. I had “If you aren’t in Manila, I am not interested in talking”. You will get a bunch of messages from girls that are interested in being pen pals.

    • Flint

      when are you in manila?

    • Fisto

      I’m not certain yet.

  • Ann

    Lol! thanks for this article.Now i know how to avoid this tricky game of playboys! 😉

    • Fisto

      Ann, I will be coming back to Manila, let’s meet up and I will teach you exactly how to spot guys like myself from a mile away.

    • USA

      Fisto, I see many wankers here in Manila like you. You are a true nerd in your own country for sure who has only verified this fact by the shit you have written above. Classic flogger

    • Fisto

      I take offense to that. There is only one wanker like me. You should read more of my articles to get a sense of the person you are talking to. Also, I am going back to Manila soon. Let’s grab a beer.

    • PoisonIVY

      Clever move to start, you really know what you are doing 😉 let’s see if she will bite the bait.

  • Dakookz

    All what u wrote is real Fisto, thanks so much, ive just signed up on filipinocupid and payed my fee for platinum member, im the average looking guy but im getting number after number, girls just mailing me without asking even showing me their addresses . This sunday im arriving on the philippines and dont know what to do with so many dates i already have, thanks man u rock

    • Fisto

      Glad to hear it!

    • gps

      Dakookz, in your profile do you say I’m visiting, live there, or I’m gonna be moving there? Wondering if these girls will meetup if they know you’re only vacationing.

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  • Tony

    Hi Fisto,

    Great article, thanks 🙂

    Getting a girl up to your apartment is one thing and I’m guessing the easiest part. Once she’s up there how do you close the deal? Please tell us the steps/process you use once you’re up in your apartment with her and you’ve put your phone on charge for example (if you used that excuse to get up there)



    • Fisto


      If you keep with your frame, remain relaxed and have properly built rapport and comfort, things will unfold naturally. I don’t really have a specific technique in this matter.

  • Anjo_alexis

    great, thanks for posting this you give me brilliant idea.

    • Fisto

      You should read my other articles on how to make a slut loyal.

    • Anjo_alexis

      well i think its hard to be loyal when your partner is not. can use some psychological tricks but girls are good in mind games. don’t be too sure., anyway. this article very helpful for a girl like me. 😉 reminds me its never safe to trust a man. lol. i’ll spread this to my group too.,

    • Fisto

      That’s all you learned? Here’s another idea: How about you stop being like all these online girls and meet a good man in person. Stop being so slutty and easy and a quality guy won’t just fuck you and leave you.

    • Anjo_alexis

      aw why thank u so much. women are natural slutty and for being easy it depends how on the attraction. the success of meeting someone in person or online depends on the intention of the two individual. here’s another idea. try not to date dumb girls its corrupting your mind. and learn how to set expectations, the silly script of your game sounds funny to me really. lot of work and lot lies. doesn’t make sense.

    • Fisto

      It works. Silly to you or not.

    • Anjo_alexis

      sure it will work cos they are gullible. you fuck 3 girls a day. great. hope ur not just proud of the quantity don’t forget quality. ahm…

    • Fisto

      This may surprise you but I became very close to a few girls when I was there. I’m looking forward to returning soon.

    • Anjo_alexis

      >_< GOOD LUCK…


      this is hilarious. ive been here almost 4 years and 1 key point that has been missed by people posting in the defense of these women is that they dont need defending and they dont want pity either. these girls are not just happy with this life style they actually enjoy it and choose it. guaranteed these girls are seeing more guys then the guys are seeing girls. the only difference is the girls are bare faced lying saying to the guys ” i love u” bla bla bla then leaves his house and goes to the next guys house and then the next guy and then the next guy ect. so in normal circumstance i would agree that treating girls this way is wrong but in this particular situation the girls and the guys are equally as bad ( or happy) as each other as they both go searching for this and they both get exactly what they want . so its a waste of your time trying to defend some1 who doesnt want ur help

    • Ross

      Exactly. Fisto thinks he’s cleaning up, super cool foreign dude, doing his worst, but he’s not scoring as much as the chicks. Idiot fisto.

    • Ross

      Fisto? I should have picked that up earlier. That’s what you’re banging, your FIST o.

    • enthusiast

      Me too. Im gonna start telling people i know to be careful of this kind of chauvinist white guy.
      I don’t believe half of what he said in this blog anyway. He was just boasting to make him feel good. He must be a loser in reality.
      But not all white are douche bag like him. They are still guys who are nice.

  • Dickem

    Reading comments below…The reason you all are successful is that you are white, foreign and have lots of $$$$ which these ladies are graving for…even the virgins… which I don’t see mentioned here

    • Fisto

      That’s the case in every country Dickem.

    • john

      Dickem, I am filipino living in New York and I am not rich at all. I never gave anyting to the girls whom I met. I am not good looking either. It’s all about your personality and how you present yourself. Some guys, including the good looking, just doens’t have social skills and their personality sucks that why they couldn’t get a girl ANYWHERE, not only in the Philppines or any third world country. I

  • Damn Fisto – that part about how to secure the number was golden.

    I don’t have much experience online and haven’t had much success with it when I tried – I assumed just because I was in target-poor locations. Yesterday I was fucking around on popular dating site that I just realized had some local birds. Messaged with this girl just trying to spark a convo.

    She ignored me but visited my profile. Today when I saw that, I tried a hail mary and sent her the “you just going to look and not say hi” message. Obviously, this was a bad way to use that, but not to many options on there, so gave it go anyways.

    Sure enough she messaged me back this time.

    But the convo was really fizzling out and she hadn’t replied to my recent message. I looked up your guys’ online dating articles because I know you know your shit, and this time I sent her a message that said something like “looks like you’re busy and I am too. If you want to meet me leave your number blah blah this silly website” like you suggested.

    Obviously different scenario once again.

    Instant response. “Yeah so busy today. What you doing here?”

    I went with your advice again. Told her all I was doing at the moment was being annoyed she didn’t leave the number. Boom – sends back “oh.”

    Then in a follow-up message sends me the number.

    Obviously not a guaranteed lay-up yet, but I found it interesting how it worked even while breaking all the rules (messaging her multiple times when she hadn’t responded, etc).

    Looks like I better pore through some more of the online dating stuff you’ve dropped at the RVF.

  • Diane

    I can’t believe I’ve read this! Haha. You have a nice game going on, but I think this is just sick. 51 women in just two months?! Before anything, you must know that I’m not saying this to defend my fellow Filipinas—because, at some point, some of them might actually deserve it so to knock some sense into them (especially the girl who left her watch! That was a dick move of her). But the fact that you think so highly of yourself sickens me. You think that all of us Filipina praise white men so much when in fact some of us actually don’t give a fuck. I just feel degraded that we’re being generalized. You’re so good at objectifying and playing with some of these women, you’ll never know that maybe 1 out of those 51 actually loved you.

    • Fisto

      Diane, of course I’m speaking in general, it would be impossible to write an article about every specific filipina. And I got very close to a lot of girls there. We still stay in touch and I can’t wait to see them.

    • John

      All women from Philippines I met and I mean ALL who got married to a white man divorced him after a few years and got a ‘settlement’, money and a passport of course (They never divorce before actually getting a passport). Now if you call that ‘love’ then I call it gold digging and yeah whoring too!

      So without generalizing I will go back and have sex with as many as I can and I don’t care about what you or anyone else thinks or says or feels about my opinion or this article.

    • Ferzi

      Let is take an intelligent discussion on the subject rather than loosing our temper.

      John is right in that these women are gold diggers. But he is wrong in generalising as only SOME of these women are gold diggers, specially the younger ones. Why? because they are not genuinly interested in love or relationship, but forced to use it as a way to get out of their poverty zone. Now when we burn the woods, all wet and dry wood would burn, right?

      This is not about Filipinos, but something that is happening all over the world. This is mainly due to the way a young girl thinks. She doesn’t want to commit at early stage of her life, but then she doesn’t want to live poor either. And she doesn’t want to study and climb the ladder one step at time, as some independent career oriented women do. She wants to jump to the top of ladder with minimal efforts even though that should be at the cost of a naive man’s life being wasted. What is the morality difference between likes of John and likes of these women? None of them follow the moral as their interest is what counts. These gold diggers would never be able to hit on likes of John, but a man who doesn’t think, behave, or act as likes of John. So one might start thinking that D`twin’s rule is applying here … the song would survive and the weak is to be sacrificed. Fellas, unfortunately this is the kind of world we are living in whether we like it or not this is the reality of our world whether we like it or not.

      According to a recent study in US, women are very good acting for love and stay in a relationship while planning their divorce at the cost of their man’s life. She would patiently stay in the relationship until the right time, and bingo. They divorce when they get what they have patiently been waiting for. Why should someone believe that Filipinos are an exception?

      I agree with another post that we all are to blame for whatever happens to us. I never blame others for scamming me, but myself for being stupid/naive. The life is full of people who want to take advantage of others. Everyone has mask and you never know who is your friend and who is not. This could be likes of John, but also likes of those gold diggers who destroy many good and loyal men’s life for achieving their financial goals, as John rightly states they are called gold diggers.

      Gents/Ladies, I said all these based on the facts and experience. I am more than happy to take part in an intelligent and rationale discussion about this subject.

      I can say everyone in this thread had many valid points. But there was a clash as everyone was looking from a different aspect, hence different view.

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  • Fido

    I did go on the Pino site,no pics,in my 50`s,got about 10 e-mails/messages an hour.It is insane I couldn`t keep up with it. Great advice here,I make a lot of mistakes,but there are so many on there it is good practice.Answers from 18 to 60 .Paid 1 month to be able to reply.Taking down contacts will go in Nov.3 messages while I`m typing this!! There are scammers,they are easy to spot,change name and country eg.Great site I am a fan thanks

    • Fisto


  • garychambers

    You know reading fisto article sounds like bull shit ..I am just jeaslous I only did banged 40 girls in 3 month..It gets hard to juggle when u have a regular girl. please take note of what fisto says..Filpino are good people they have good personality and a calm nature,but by far they are the dumbest people on the Planet. Don’t fall in love with these girls..why would you..I see many of my USA Friends will long term girl but people always ask me why am I single….Why would you want a long term girl when there are 1000 upon 1000’s of girls. If it is an age thing people worry about then don’t..I really date a girl older than 22 and I am 45 years old..currently with an 18 year old from Quezon city. Philippines is heaven if you want a new pretty girl every week or even every day. Often I would have at least 30 to 40 girls wanting to meet me. Sometimes I have to rest my dick one day as I can remember banging 5 girls in 1 day. Filipino girls will tell you they love you and miss you after one day,take note I live in the Philippines and yet to meet a honest filipino girl in 3 years….I am also fed up of hearing not all filipinos are the same..Trust me they are…I have a rest bar in Boracay and a condo in quezon city. the philippines from a western work takes a long time to adjust but if it is pretty girl you are after then this is the place to be. I have now become to love the Philippines but still have to go back to England for some sanity every 4 or 5 months.

  • Etuast

    I’m a Filipina and I find this post utterly repulsive.

    To the author- You are one fine man– NOT. I suggest that you should go see a doctor before you turn into a hopeless case. The choice of women to do such intimate acts with people they just met is vapid. But to feed on this stupidity is inhuman. To simply let your sexual urges get the best of you does not make you a man– it makes you a child desperate for love and attention. I do not understand what satisfaction you get from these loathsome acts and I hope that one day when your youth has dwindled and your charm had fade you’ll find someone who would accept you regardless of your atrocious acts. I had wrestled about the thought of pointing this out but it seems like you need a reminder: Maybe, one day, in your death bed you’ll reminisce about how many women you “smashed” but wonder why there’s no one cradling you during your last moments alive.

    To those who would visit the Philippines just for this “game”- You will find women with lost souls. Feed on them as much as you want and “hone” your skills but I assure your pleasure will fade but the damage you’ll leave will last beyond a lifetime. I mean can’t you be satisfied with fapping and not exploit women? Deal with your own problems. Please.

    To those who thinks Filipinos are so dumb- Let’s test your theory. I would appreciate dissenting opinions. Let me annihilate all your “intelligent” arguments and let’s see how dumb Filipina women are.


    • Fisto

      You have a fine vocabulary and you’ve made your opinions known and I respect that, but what exactly are you wanting to debate about? You havent actually contested anything except to say not all filipinas are dumb. And I agree with you. Is there anythibg else?

    • Hey ladies

      Annihilating your argument is actually quite simple.

      You said yourself you don’t understand what satisfaction we get from these “loathsome” acts. That’s because you aren’t a man, and to us these aren’t “loathsome” acts.

      No, we can’t be satisfied with fapping, duh. If we could then we wouldn’t be putting in all of this work.

      Psychological stimulation is important for men during sex too. If it wasn’t, then every man would only fap and not have sex. If any man had the choice, he would rather have sex with almost ANY woman than fap by himself. The only reason men fap instead of having sex is that it takes less work and temporarily removes the physical desire (which is uncontrollable), but does NOT remove the psychological desire (which is also always present). Men who are highly sexed are happier than men who aren’t, and that’s because they are satisfying this basic psychological desire that ALL men have. Many men will admittedly say that the physical sensation from masturbating is actually better than when having sex.. but the PSYCHOLOGICAL stimulation is so powerful that sex with a hot woman beats masturbation, every time.

      For the men who don’t want a committed relationship, sex with multiple women is the only way to satisfy this most basic and powerful of male physical AND psychological desires.

      There are many reasons some men might not want a committed relationship. He might still crave variety (which is how men are naturally programmed, I’m sure you know that). He might not be at a point in his life that he’s ready to take on the responsibility of supporting another woman (many young men are in this kind of situation), or a FAMILY. Many men also just do not trust people, especially not women (and not without justifiable reasons), so why invite one into your private life? Men know also that a committed relationship with any woman in our modern world means that marriage is inevitable. Many smart and rational men with business sense (non romantic type men) know that marriage is a bad business decision, so they decide to just forget about relationships completely (or lead women on in a relationship knowing in the back of his mind that it won’t last) because they know what they lead to – marriage. If this kind of man has the time and money to get sex from a variety of women to satisfy his most basic psychological and physical desire, then he probably will. If he has money, he might pay for it. If he doesn’t (like most men), but he has the valuable currency known as time, then he will employ “game” tactics like the ones mentioned in this article to get these women into bed for cheap/free.

      There are many other reasons why many men wouldn’t want a committed relationship, but I think you get the idea. And these men aren’t bad. You have no right to judge any of them. You don’t know their stories. You don’t know their current situations. And finally, if you want to blame someone, then blame God for making men and women the way they are (if you believe in God, I don’t).

      It’s just life. Life isn’t fair. It’s not fair that a man should have to choose one woman and deny his urge for variation, because society propagates marriage in a serious committed relationship, and people just eat that shit up. Which forces men who don’t want marriage to mislead some women who want marriage in order to get them in bed. That’s just one example of how the inherent unfairness of life fucks everything up and causes men and women to disrespect and lie to each other. I could go on about this subject forever…

      And I hope you understand now why men can’t just fap and be happy to make you happy.

      The world doesn’t revolve around our whimsical wishes.

      And I hope you understand men a bit better now.



    • bonedog69


    • aaabbbccc


    • thewgbs

      hey gago. i fuck many pinays too. they are all sex addict. i fuck them almost everday. its fun in the philippines


      it’s not just filipinas it is world wide ….. but you have to pull back the curtain ….. go to church to get laid is what everone all over the world says …. and it is true ….its that nasty desire to fuck like a porn star but afraid someone will know ….. once you realize almost everyone is doing it and you see past the curtain then you begin to enjoy life and stop being afraid someone will call you a slut or a player….. I’m seriously looking for couple good keepers but they have to be the right ones …. if you are a girl under 25 and ready to live literally live life and quit being a scared little timid rabit email me but be ready to obey and learn


      by the way most of you do not even know what gods laws are concerning sex marriage and women obeying men ….. so don’t act all high and mighty ……if you want to keep your man you suck him and do what pleases him even if you don’t like it you smile and make sure he enjoys it …. that is being non selfisfish…. a girl that will not do anything her guy asks will soon be crying because he is seeing a girl that does

    • user

      hey you guys get them pregnant and leave them so shut the fu-k up you flip


      ain’t that the truth but you have to call it right ….the girls think they have to act like they are innocent virgins when the guy wants a sloppy wet bj and messy facials … they act like they think they should and because they don’t climb on top and ride like they are in a rodeo the guy loses interest …… girls seriously this shit of laying there and acting like you never had sex b4 is driving the guy to the girl that loves sucking and pleasing …… i was with one filipina that told me she was a virgin when we had sex she just lay there and act like its hurting …. her pussy was loose and big sloppy …. well later i found out that she was the worst liar ever that girl had acted in a pornographic movie and was a serious fuck beast doing anal ass to mouth even double penetration and 4 guys cum all over her face ….. well truth is if she had told me and had actually tried to please me i probably would have kept her but she lied she stole money and was just a greedy shit …. so she lost me and was because of the lies not because she fucked 4 guys at one time she was going at it one dick in her pussy one in her ass and 2 in her face she kept switching and sucking it was actually kinda hot seing her that way ….. when i told her i knew she denied it but in the video she was wwearing the necklace i bought her and had the same scar … duh …… if she had just said you want me to do like that with you she might have been with me still email me girls you will love it


      yes you are that or you are gay and if you are gay you are worse

    • JohnnyGood

      How would u like it if men like u treated ur sister or daughter like u treat these fillipina women. Ah! Now the shoe is on the other foot! The point is, these women ur so classily “smashing” (a classy word by an ignorant mindless coward) are human beings. Why do people marry? Love. Mutual respect, admiration, dignity, interests, etc… What if one if ur ego-driven, and therefore, animalistic smashing sessions leads to the birth of ur child? The love u could have had from that child would outweigh all the ego sex u could have w/ a million unsuspecting women! Yeah, they are unsuspecting fir if they knew the truth they wouldn’t let u “smash” them. To deceive someone to get sex is disgusting. Period. In the end u r only deceiving urself.

    • JohnnyGood

      What I mean by “outweigh” is that the satisfaction of having parental love for ur child would be more fulfilling than infinite mindless, heartless sex. U watch the child grow up. U guide the child. U nurture the child. U get and give affection. U protect and teach the child. The child returns ur love, looks up to u, admires u, wants to be like u, etc. What’s waiting 4 u at the end of a loveless sex session w/ someone u deceived?

    • Sake Samurai

      Filipino Girls are NOT stupid, they know that SEX is coming,, DECEIVED MY ASS its more like they are HOPING it will happen, So What’s waiting 4 u at the end of a loveless sex session, Complete Satisfaction, a little less talk and a LOT more Action !

    • miakodaskynova

      Johnnygood, you are responding as a cuck!


      well ill tell you my sister at the age of 13 when i was 15 she raped me …..she threatened to cry and tell everyone i raped her unless i had sex with her …… women are more filthy slutty whores than they like the world to know …… women cheat more than men but hide it better …….i can tell you so many stories of women young and old alike that are total whores …. its okay to be a girl that loves fucking many are addicted to sucking and anal too …. men do not have the corner on being sexual …. and any filipina that wants to try a big white dick 19 cm …email me see what happens if your the right one and obedient maybe you stay forever

    • Sake Samurai

      How would I like it ! Well there is NOTHING to like, I have 3 daughters, they have had sex, YOU CANT STOP IT, I have TRIED! Females are made to FUCK ! That is Nature. So I dont think about it! I Fuck girls, and other guys fuck my daughters, that is a fact of life! Quit trying to be a moral mangina ! Another thing Women who are NOT in Control are OUT of Control ! Grab YOUR Balls and BE THE MAN ! Treat women with respect, but that does NOT mean you cant have sex with them ! I NEVER force them , they are all consenting ladies, willingly to have sex at thje drop of a hat! Don;t hate the Player,.. hate the Game! Its been going on in Asia for thousands of years and is NOT stopping any time soon Thank GOD!

    • KenTaro



      no they aren’t but many women are hideous inside

    • Izaya Orihara

      Blah blah blah, didn’t even want to finish reading all that shit or I’ll have trouble wiping it with toilet paper. Seriously, if you want to have sex with different partners, then don’t marry. Feel free to have an orgy with strippers or volunteering sluts. Spread your sperm cells to the world to give the world more morons than it already has. But don’t generalize all the men and stop saying ‘us’ and ‘we’. Because the truth is, not all men are as dumb as you. Go and continue thinking with your other head, seeing as your head from above doesn’t seem to have a brain.
      Cheers! (And here’s to hoping that natural selection won’t skip you again 😉


      you just lie to yourself what i say is truth

    • Aj

      Id agree to you Dude!!!^^

    • brendankiwi

      youre one sick dude! really sick– get help serious– you’re in chains led by the stinky flesh– really you cannot love unless you see with your heart all the woman– GET HELP


      you have no clue what love is lol….I know what it is and to find a few girls that know what love is is a difficult task lol

      truly today women are lying filthy trash that paint their face and lie putting on a fake dog face….

      And you do not know me or what else I am about ….and you are to shallow to try to find out other than my openess in telling you what truths i have spoken …..very few people like hearing an honest man speak

      if you are filipina and want a honest true man email me and find out more about yourself than you will ever know

    • Regnery Cruz Jr

      Lol all your comments are utterly pathetic, you are the kind of man that other men avoid, cause you sound like a desperate cuck. Women want sex, is simple to understand really, after all we are the same specie. However women have to put a vail on them self so people dont label them, men don’t have such troubles. The fact you say you got raped by a smaller person proves you lack any manly testosterone in your body. At the end of the day you are just a sad pathetic cuck that probably finds more love in a ts than a woman. I have been to the Philipines, I have had my fun there, but i don’t brag about It like a little bit looking fot attention, is also easy for me as im a young man with an athletic body and ripped apps, cause i want my women to have an experience they can think about with gusto and know they were safe and loved when they were with me.

    • TyloRen

      hahaha damn this comment section is just too funny to read, all these blackknight trash dogshits acting all alpha when the actual truth is you guys are broke as fuck beta shits who can’t get laid in your own country and think it’s alot easier to get puss smashed in PH, cause you simply get denied back at home like beta cucks.. and acting all supreme race when you guys are actual toilet cleaners who can’t afford a better vacation trip to another country other then 3rd world country. Beta cucks exposed.

    • John

      He smashed bitches like you with a big fuckin mouth like yours. Now stick to what you do best *(suckin dick that is) and shut the piehole.

    • Yannick

      John, go back to your fabcave. This is clearly no place for you.

    • John

      Yeah I bet it’s the right place for lil dicks like yours.

    • bayman61

      Best watch your mouth john. Big man behind a computer in your momma’s basement naked.

    • John

      listen Halal bitch, why don’t you go fuck some sheep as you are used to it? Lol

    • John

      Yeah I bet it’s the right place for lil dicks like yours.

    • Robert zaccheus

      Here comes another scumbag brimming with intelligence and class!

    • John

      says ‘classy’ Robert zaccheus. What fuckin name is that?
      and why a ‘classy’ man (class my arse)like you even bother reading ‘low’ articles like these then? huh?

      Go back to your banana tree and leave pussy to men, stupid lil kid.

    • John

      says ‘classy’ Robert zaccheus. What fuckin name is that?
      and why a ‘classy’ man (class my arse)like you even bother reading ‘low’ articles like these then? huh?

      Go back to your banana tree and leave pussy to men, stupid lil kid.

    • jel

      u need sex rehab! jerk!

    • aaabbbccc

      you need sex.

    • John

      and you too. the only difference is that all you get is dick gayboy, piss off now

    • John

      Exactly! He should join us in the Philippines lol

    • bayman61

      You’re not in the Philippines. Stop your lying, wanna be man. I think you’re suffering from penis envy.

    • John

      You need a big black donkey dick up your shitty arse lil pussyman. Fuck off now.

    • John

      You need a big black donkey dick up your shitty arse lil pussyman. Fuck off now.

    • Izaya Orihara

      Dude, can you first take care of the dildo that’s sticking in your asshole? And how did you manage to get out of your cage again?

    • John

      says the one inch lil dick of a man who uses 2 fingers to wank his worm lol

      You sound like you have plenty of experience with dildos. I bet you arse is still sore from the one you had deep in your stinkhole while replying to my message.

      We’ll still show up in Philippines and fuck the gold diggers to death while you play at home with your lil sorry excuse for a dick.

      That’s right Izaya dude. We win, coz we’ve got it BIG.

      Goodbye biatch 😛

    • Izaya Orihara

      Its amazing how you could still reply when my HUGE dick is still stuck in your mouth. I guess nothing really stops that stupid mouth of yours from delivering unwanted stupid opinions. You could probably BJ two dicks with a third one still stuck to your asshole and you would still be talking. Amazing zero gag reflex…must be really handy for a little yapping bitch like you.
      Happy sucking!

    • John

      You amaze me with your wild imagination which is more than likely based on your life experience.

      Come on Asian lil dude. Come straight and tell us the truth: You are a lil Asian homo who gets his kicks by being an internet keyboard warrior when in real life you have a little Asian body, a little sorry excuse for a dick living a boring life, probably working as a delivery boy at a local Chinese.

      SO, get that dildo out of your arse and stick it in your mouth and swallow that nasty ass juice of yours.

      Lil dick man


    • Izaya Orihara

      Not sorry for the late reply, I have a social life you see. Unlike you, who probably piss off everyone that meets you with your tiny head that matches your tiny dick.
      And what a hypocrite. Accused me of having a wild imagination, but then made up a story on the spot about my “supposed” life. By the way, great details. Did you derive it from your real life, by any chance?
      And what’s up with the ‘hehe’? Laughing at your own joke? That’s just pathetic, dude.
      And here’s my life story: I’m a pre-med student who is probably younger than you but definitely smarter than you, and came across this article in the net. Saw your reply, thought it was stupid, and decided to have a little fun. And no, I’m not a delivery boy. Far from it.
      Hope you choke on your own cum, because no one is probably willing to do you and swallow that poisonous shit.

    • John

      says the little man from Asia with his lil dick and his lil career as a nurse.

      You can only make me laugh lil dude

      keep us entertained plz 😉

    • Izaya Orihara

      Okay, I stand corrected. You’re not just stupid. You’re already way beyond that, in some abyss where dumb creatures like you dwell in moronic thoughts and moronic ideas and moronic activities.
      I was trying to understand your primitive thoughts, I really did. But I’ve lowered myself far down enough in your level, and its just the end of the line for me. You still have a basement of dumbness there, but this is just as far as I’ll go.
      One last tip for you though, so maybe some of that stupidity will be erased: Not all pre-med students are nurses. There, here’s to hoping your stupidity will lessen a little bit.
      And sure, I’ll keep you entertained. I hate animal abuse anyway. If humoring you and your inner bitch is making your dickhead face happy, then why not.
      After all, its the least I could do for leaving you running last on the race to evolution.

    • John

      hey keep playing with your lil sorry excuse for a dick and keep that dildo up your ass it will make you cum, without it you can’t even experience your weak orgasm lil shit.

      we well STILL go back to Asia and fuck all the lil whores who are dying for BIG farang dick and you will still be working at a Hospital as a NURSE.

      Lil dick, no-balls asian shit – fuck off now

    • Luisozoico Raíz De Menos Luis

      too racist and full of hatred; get help, it can be cured.

    • John

      Yeah I did receive some help, no worries… And now that I’m feeling better I’m going back to Asia to fuck some midget size little hores!
      WHat are you going to do about it dude???? Exactly! So why don’t you shut the fuck up.

    • Luisozoico Raíz De Menos Luis

      maybe you will since one can just get what falls within one´s reach. I hope however some day you meet the minimum human requirements to experience finding love, or why not sex, because the other person likes your charm or your character or whatever virtue YOU have developed yourself and not just taking advantage from the privileged status of the “white, with muscles, with money” stereotype as a heritage from European and American invasion of other peoples by means of weapons and dirty schemes cause that´s shallow and sad 😉
      ps: sorry for disappointing you by not shutting the fuck up, but it takes more than a furious shout. You can always delete my comments like happened with the first one i wrote.

    • betaloversinthecommentsection

      dumbfuck you can’t get laid in your own country that’s why you have to go to the philippines, if it wasn’t for traveling you’d probably only lose your virginity by incest raping your sister which might actually be the case. Im glad im a filipino living in europe with a white girlfriend. Please be my guest, keep going to the philippines and hopefully fuck the girls infested with AIDS while i keep on taking care of the girls back where you live and potentially even your mom 🙂 Whiteknight dumbfuck beta

    • John

      yeah I prefer your country where you can buy anyone with money including your midget size monkey looking wife who gets fucked in the ass for 5 dollars. now go fuck yourself with that dildo you’ve got hidden in your closet little dick asian shit. No matter what you do and say we will still come to your country and sperm your bitches. Enjoy some US fat ugly dick in your ass bitch!

    • John

      dream on little midget. White girls don’t even look at dog looking, pint size asian dudes with a worm between their legs like you unless if she is ugly, fat and blind in which case she is all yours lol

      BTW going back to your country in May. I promise you not to forget to visit your mother and get her to scream your name while fucking her stinking ass

      Go fuck yourself now.

    • betaloversinthecommentsection

      and btw u having a 4inch dick isn’t considered big since you probably are the average white trash 🙂 small dick toilet cleaner go back and mopp the floor of your fast foods you fat ugly U.S fuck

    • John

      eat dog shit and die monkey looking weak asian little shit

    • betaloversinthecommentsection

      i had alot of fun in this comment section, dogshit piece of trash born from an incest raped mother, i take a pleasure taking a massive steaming dump inside her old saggy vagina every night

    • Luisozoico Raíz De Menos Luis

      Get help, John, seriously

    • The Aquarian

      before you criticize these men for sleeping with a bunch of Filipino women.
      you should tell these little self hating whore not to spread their legs to the first white guy who gives them any type of attention!

    • John

      that is right dude. I second that +++++++++++++++++++++++++

    • John

      that is right dude. I second that +++++++++++++++++++++++++


      its not just Filipina it is all women

    • Дарко

      I am sorry that you had to read this and sorry in the name of all man in the world for the comments that people left bellow. Have a good day.

    • L13

      dude-please STFU-who are you to judge? a priest? piss off you sanctimonious twat

    • fart stick

      Filipina women are just as dumb as any other woman. You’re all inferior to men, get over it.

    • KMO

      “I do not understand what satisfaction you get from these loathsome acts and I hope that one day when your youth has dwindled and your charm had fade you’ll find someone who would accept you regardless of your atrocious acts.”

      That’s not were I thought that sentence was going at all. Well played.


      yeah well you have f’d up beliefs indoctrinated into you by a feminist broken school system ……Philippines own history was tribal and very sexual … is literally the number one thing of importance in the world ……you are probably offended by my reply to his post ……the real truth is that females are literally sluts and i love that ……every comunity i have been in in the philippines the girls are running around fukin any man that might provide a future ….. very common to sit at Dyipni) bungalow and have a girl ask how big my dick is or hear the women talking about the white guys probably got a big titi in visayan …..they dont know i speak kaunti bisaya…….many times hear older women say if they werent old ladys they would like to try … so yeah when people are in private and don’t think you know what they are saying the sex talk happens and girls and old women are worse than men ……i remember once sitting there only older women they were talking about being young enough to have me chasing them …. when i reached over and took one of their hands and said in bisaya want to feel how big my cock is …. they all laughed at her and i said in english then it’s okay im not a shy little boy and any one of you that is not married want to come to my bed tonight …. of course i was just messing with the and being flirtatious but i said id and if the ugliest one of them wanted to ride me i would have kept my word …. however 3 of the 5 were single and took turns putting their hand up my shorts to hold and stroke my dick ….. and believe it or not one of them bent over and pulled it out and sucked it in front of the other women i told her if she starts that she has to finish and swallow …. it’s funny how people are so repressed about their sexuality until they are older … i had one of those women invite me to meet her daughter …. because i was honest she said and that she would like her daughter to learn early the pleasure of sex and maybe have me as son in law ……. it’s not crazy when you realize people all over the world are sexually frustrated and want to be free about that and once you break the ice ….. i can show you videos of women acting wild … women of all ages and appearances …….. I only have sex with beautiful women …. and beauty is not just the face and body ….. i meet so many model looking girls that are mean and evil anyway my email is in the other reply if any filipina wants to learn to enjoy the joy or even get serious and do thae family thing if they are serious about either give your email your kik your chat apps and your phone number and where you live …. maybe you are the jewel i am seeking


      oh by the way i take care of and support my children and any filipina or any girl that wants to have a fil-am baby ill support them

    • Sake Samurai

      WE are all adults here so lets Talk about Reality! Here is your answer, That is because YOU are a Female, So as a Female you are trying to explain to me a Male about my Cock, How can YOU when YOU don’t have ONE! ! IF you had a DICK You would understand! Its life and that is the way it is ! I get Filipinas every day who want to have sex for what ever reason, I AM A MALE and SEX IS WIRED IN OUR DNA. You show me the Pussy and I will Lay the pipe, or Plow the field. In the olden times before a Field was planted, a couple would go out in the field , the woman would lay down and spread her legs, the man would lay on her and inset his dick into her and have sex, as a Fertility ritual to ensure a Good Harvest, thus it was called Plowing the field !~ I am a MALE, I know my JOB Designed by Mother Nature, YOU are a Woman DO YOU KNOW YOURS ? Men are given that STRONG Desire because it is called PROCREATION, and IF WE DIDN’T have it our species would die out! BUT NOT every guy wants a family or Kids, BUT the DESIRE is still there! So Etuast, IF you would like to have a BIG Foreigner to make you throw your Head back and suck wind upon insertion and Put a smile on your face then let me know ! YOU do not understand what satisfaction us males get from these Natural & Beautiful acts, I wish YOU could be a MAN for just 30 minutes , Fucking a HOT Filipina and all of a sudden like a Volcano you Blow your wad deep inside her ! And sometimes to a GUY it is so intense it hurts and actually feels like HOT Lava, but the sensation is like a DRUG that we cannot resist! YOU MY Little Filipina WOULD NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION AGAIN ! Also for the MOST part Asian have the tightest Vaginas in the world, and remember Happiness is a Tight Pussy ! What more can I tell you, as a Male I LOVE YOU Ladies, and I thank GOD everyday that there are Filipinas ! You are trhe BEST in this world!!

  • miles

    That’s the easiest way to have HIV here in Phil. FYI, Its already rampant. Before you stick your dick into a vagina. Both of you should get HIV test first. Good luck! Haha! Save yourself from a lifetime of nightmares,.be smart, please. And to the dear blogger, banged so many women? Do the test smart man. Lmao!. You are welcome. 🙂

    • Fisto

      Miles, you are wrong about two things, firstly straight people rarely contract HIV. The way it is spread is from homosexual intercourse through anal sex to a bisexual man who then infects a woman. A straight man has a very very low chance of contracting HIV, even when engaging sex with an infected woman.

      2nd, the phillipines has a blessedly very low percentage of HIV especially compared to its surrounding countries. In other words, you don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Guys please get tested.

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Hey ladies

      As for it being “rampant”… Philippines is one of the lowest rate HIV/AIDS countries in the world, at less than 0.1% of the population, whereas the US is at 0.6% of the population, according to the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the CIA.

    • dale

      LOL. in reality it is more than not just rely on that kind of info because there are a lot of unreported cases to DOH about HIV because they feel so ashamed about it. My friend’s friend died because of it but it was not really reported as aids because the person itself refused medication..

    • TommyTCG

      there is no cure as the virus was designed in the US military labs in Georgia, US to thin the population.

  • DB

    That website is totally insane. If you can close on 10% of what hits on you, there is enough for plenty of fun – but then there are a few from Ghana as well.

    Thanks for the tips. I will follow them.

  • Matt Abolins

    If you were trying to save money on dates by taking them for drinks instead of meals, then why choose coffee dates for day time dates? I heard that Starbucks or Bo’s Coffee there is over 275 pesos for a cup of coffee, where as a typical combo meal at Jollibee’s for example is just 90 pesos.

  • johnjacob

    You sir…. are amazing. ive been trying to talk to girls online. Now im just like fuck it leave your number, Im busy. i got stuff to do, aint got time for this

  • James

    First of all you are a real big idiot !
    Second im interested to know, what you gain from having sex with all these women ? I would get totally stressed both physically and emotionally by this

  • Deano

    Mate your writing style is great! love the blog going to bookmark it i am heading to mannila near the end of the year so it was a great heads up for me!

  • UlanB

    Hi Fisto and thanks for the great blog post. Im going to Manila this week and will try to follow many of your advice. Many questions of course but mainly Im wondering which kind of girls are easiest? Is it educated, middle class girls who may have a more modern perspective on sex before marriage? Im not too keen to push a girl into my hotel room if shes a deeply religious, poor virgin who might not even enjoy having sex w me, Im afraid to abuse the fact that shes in some kind of awe of me and therefore very submissive and god forbid even too afraid to express that she doesnt really want to. Any advice on this? And is it also part of the game not to hint anything about having sex when u head for the hotel room? I mean would that scare them away? is the idea that the _want_ to have sex but their double standards makes it impossible for them to express it in words?

  • PoisonIVY

    Great article!

    Will spread this so girls from the Philippines will have an idea when it comes to Online Dating Website. 😀 😀 😀

    P.S. they are not really into WM they just into the size of your wallet 😉

    Have a nice day everyone!


    • Janik Litalien

      What woman isn’t?

  • dude

    Sorry Fisto. I tried your online strategy, and I don’t really get any girls messaging me. Do you have to be white for this strategy to work? I am Asian.

    • John

      Dude, I am filipino. I have been a member of Filipino cupid since July of 2013. I went there in September last year and banged 5 girls in two weeks; and came back in March and banged 4 girls.. in three weeks. I am more into qualitiy than quantity. I would like to wine and dine them, not just pure banging. I could have gotten at least 25 girls if I wanted to. Your profile should be well-written and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, use humore. I am not good looking at all. I would say that I am a 4 out of 10. And mind you, I never used MONEY to get laid. It’s all about your personality and smooth talking. You gotta fuck their hearts and minds, and everything will just follow naturally.

      One more thing. of all the 5 girls that I banged, three of them knew that I had other women.

      It’s also B.S. when some people here claim that they are just after your money.. that’s bullfuckingshit. None of the girls I banged asked me for money. Treat them with respect, or like a princess, be brutally honest with them, and show a lot of affection (or love), they will fall for you. Just don’t treat them like a piece of rag. That will only work with prosti’s or club whores. Some girls just like to have a good time with good company, and good sex here and there.. just like men do.

    • Robert zaccheus


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  • Glen

    1. I’m all for banging LOTs of girls, but I can’t see why you would want to bang 3 per day just do you can go brag about it online. Why not just date as you please, get out of the city, travel, go site seeing, have more enjoyable relationships, etc.? I’m talking relaxing and enjoying instead of breaking your brains for no reason.
    2. We’re talking about a country where girls will date men no matter how old fat and rotten they are, most are prostitutes, and they’ll fuck for as little as $6. There’s nothing special about what you are doing.
    3. If they only like you because you are white and rich, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of doing it just to boost your own ego and make you feel macho?
    4. If it costs P5,000 for a table at a bar and P300 for drinks at Starbucks, you do the math over the month. It’d be cheaper to get prostitutes. In both cases, none of the women like you for who you are anyways. So why would it matter? Of course unless you just needed to do it “right” so you can go brag about it online, that’d be understandable. It seems to me that you are also under a similar illusion as a typical married man. You aren’t going for prostitutes, but you still have to pay for it.
    5. No offense intended. Having lived in Phil for some time I must say, the ego boost only lasts so long, until reality sets in when you see 19 year old girls dating rotten fat old men “because he has a good heart”. You aren’t special. Even if you were getting lots of girls in USA because you are good looking, it still doesn’t make you special. They’ll never love you for who you are. Get over it and find a different reason to be happy. Maybe just fuck because it feels good? Sounds good to me!!!

  • Ross

    And you’re a stooge for Filipina Cupid??


    GaGO KA!

  • kaye

    the guy who wrote this is a JERK!!!…I wish all the girls in the Philippines would read this so they can stop fooling around with this bastard (bastards)…And I also wish that the white guy mentality would be over here in the Philippines….

    message to those who wish to come here just to fuck a lot of women:

    FUCK OFF u fuckin bastards!

    go fuck your own women!!!!!!…

  • J

    All the harsh criticisms of this post rest on the notion that sex is bad. But sex is not bad. Ergo having lots of sex is not bad.

    • Robert zaccheus

      It is not about sex per say but the indignity these women are put through to satisfy the selfishness of this idiot!

  • balboa

    Wow, what a man . You are a punk to me . I am a Marine Veteran and I pray you walk across my path one day soon as I will be over there again donating time to the needy. I have been to Vietnam in the war , lived in Thailand and the Philliippines and have always helped the people and yes had a girlfriend but not being a punk like you.

    • misanthropytoday

      This pussy

  • Fista

    Bastard!!!! No respect for women at all… As if you do not have a mother! Fucker!

  • zephyr

    Hey fisto and thc,

    Bro will this technique work with a normal filipino guy? Because i think youbeing a white foreigner is a big bonus.

  • bob

    republika ng pilipinas mahal namahal namahal kita ! babae most maganda mabahit matalino ay nko salamat diyos sa bayan ko !

  • BRY ‘onTheSLY

    THIS POST ROCKS N’ ROLL WITH IT ! I am 45 and high Flying with your methods….AND, NO TIME FOR HATERS, CRY BABIES, COCK BLOCKS AND PM’S BITCHES with ATTITUDES,,, WOMEN GAME MEN..MEN GAME WOMEN…BEEN THAT WAY SINCE Adam and Eve…Eve is the one that got Adam to Eat A rotten apple

  • BRY ‘onTheSLY


  • Yannick

    Hi, I’m Yannick from the Netherlands,

    I don’t agree with your way of speaking about woman.

    I just came back from a
    holiday in the Philippines for 3 months.

    I think it was striking how many older western guys were walking around with these young philipina woman(potentially prostitutes), this is one of the not so bright sides of the Philippines,
    but at least they were getting paid to be used as a sex objects by these men,
    sex tourist.

    Not like you the author of this story, who objectivises woman and just sees them as a number necessary for his own little confident boost game, this story disgusted me. Trying to encourage other pathetic cunts to raise their numbers up in the Philleppines,
    for what?? To make a lot of kids? To feel loved?

    I agree that it’s human
    nature to breed with as many different genes as possible, but the way you
    describe these woman sickens me.

    You make it look like you were taking candy away from a baby,

    in return I like to think you were losing little pieces of your own self-value and self-love with every woman you slept with for
    that little piece of confidence you gained and will lose as soon as you get back home.

    I had a great time in the
    Philleppines, didn’t have to go online to get in contact with real Philipina
    woman. My opinion is that the Philipina’s I met were: Warm, caring, a bit shy
    at first, serving(too much for my taste), good sense of humour and beautiful.

    I really hope it works out for you in the long run and that you might find what you are looking for, just don’t kick to many already lost souls further down in the ground in your little “adventure”


  • luis freddy

    Diane said “at some point, some of them might actually deserve it so to knock some sense into them”.
    Well, I don’t think that gives the post’ author the right to “punish her” because of a behavior of hers he finds wrong. After all, isn’t he himself looking for just sex with zero emotions involved? Then why be upset or want to take revenge on her?

    My aim is not doing a moral criticism; I am just suggesting you reflect about this because I think that can help you avoid hurting people’s feelings (I have made lots of mistakes and hurt people’s feelings too, that is why I now see it differently) which will in turn help you have more meaningful relations.and enjoy some things you probably haven’t experienced at any of those 51 smash encounters.

    I’m a man too. I’m not much into long lasting relationships, like hooking up and casual sex like anyone else and I make lots of mistakes in my interactions with women and in all social interactions in general, but…. I think a basic level of empathy towards sentient beings is necessary. More than this, in sex there has to be feelings (maybe not exactly “the will to marry and grow old together with everlasting loyalty). I have had a number of casual sex encounters and in the least case there was a minimum mood of complicity or comradeship. You may think this is unnecessary for you and you may be right…in a short term. To me, sex without attachments and without love is perfectly fine as long as there is respect, empathy and things like that. If you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, I mean.

    ” The real beauty is that after you smash her, you can leave because you have to keep your appointment.”
    Come on dude, doesn’t it sound to yourself like “long life robot sex and efficiency; down with feelings and all things that reduce performance”?
    In a sense, though, t was interesting to read you because you are sincere (towards the readers).

    Good luck in getting to learn what empathy is about.

  • UrTheScumofTheUniverse

    Discovered this blog by accident. I’m not suppose to comment here because doing so will add SEO value to your blog which will actually help you further with your stupid escapades. But what the heck, I’m going to say this anyway—wow, you are full of yourself. The women that you’re probably fucking are so poor and have no sense of dignity but instead of uplifting them, you just fed on their hopelessness. No wonder all you get are pussies and no real lovin’.

    But the time you’re 50, I can picture you like those old white ugly fat guys parading with those skinny girls. Never come back here and exploit women like that. PH has enough problems of its own.

    Oh btw, my friend’s gynecologist friend said that everyday she had a MINIMUM of 20 patients see her for STD-related diseases. While the rest of the world have it turned down, PH is still one of the few countries that has an increasing number of these diseases (perhaps due to scumbags like you who did nothing meaningful to this country but spread diseases) that goes unreported. So yeah, I hope AIDs and STDs is going to bite you in the ass one day and (hoping that’s very, very soon!). And please don’t have kids one day, there’s too many lousy people out there already.

  • .

    You’re disgusting.

  • ro

    Its obviously a made-up story to promote his/someone’s website. To all the retards, sex-desperate men who believe in this shit = never go full retard.

  • jill

    i’m a filipina and all i could say is.. “WOW” your the man dude! for those filipinas who are over reacting if its not you who is being banged here and he is not really generalising because he was talking about those girls looking for someone online.

  • Robert zaccheus

    You have to be the lowest of low among the animal kingdom! May God have mercy on your pitiful soul!

    These girls have proud brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers who care and love them just as in your family!

    You are totally oblivious to the dirt poor Filipinas who are desperately trying to survive as they venture out to find good husbands to improve their lot. Instead you with your evil and vile actions use them then betray them, stealing their dignity, and to make matters worse you are boasting about your exploits as a unconscionable predator.

    The sad thing is that in the process you will very likely encouraging many others to do the same. You are totally shameless and think absolutely nothing about slandering Filipino women making it even more difficult for them to overcome the grave problems they already face.

    Someday if and when you have daughters or granddaughters and beyond, I hope for their sake that they never meet a scumbag like you.

    Do you know how much mental pain and suffering you have caused some of these girls who are in their submissive state only because of the crushing poverty in their lives? You did nothing for them but degraded them!

    Hope someday one of them will reward you with a nice souvenir that will keep on giving for the rest of your life, for then you will appreciate the suffering of others and possibly show remorse and perhaps save your own soul.

    What you are doing simply cries out to the heavens for divine justice!

    • Tim

      Sounds like you’re imposing your cultural values on these women and objectifying them to feed your own moral hard-on.
      From what I’ve heard Filipino women aren’t as concerned with money as you make them out to be, they just like to have a good time and live for today.
      Maybe they don’t want to be viewed as dirt poor rat saint gold-digging whores who are scratching their way out of poverty by fucking every Westerner they meet.
      Maybe they just wanna have their fun like everyone else, and enjoy their lives.
      Maybe you should just fuck off.

    • Angel D


  • jean

    hmm i should be really ugly or looking weird not to be able to meet anyone there…

  • Women will be women. This was a great read. Thanks for the advice.

  • kickabitch

    I hope more of you filipinas read this so yoh can know the true nature of your “white man”. Better be careful, some of them are good people but many are sick perverted nasty evil creatures. This is why filipinas should go after black men. They will treat you like a queen. I’m a black man and I don’t care about agirl’s past, or who she’s been with, as long as she’s a good person and is faithful to me I’m happy. I don’t need all of these 100’s of girls to “smash”. That shit is for little kids in my opinion and I’m only 28. This guy is 50 years old and talking like he’s 15. Thats what you call a pervert.

    • danny menzies


    • kickabitch

      Exhibit A ☝

  • disqusa001

    Pity this guy. walang ka kwenta kwentang artikulo mula sa walang ka kwenta kwentang tae este tao.

  • Honey

    Shit Fisto am one of the women you “smashed” i hate to say this but- i actually have hiv love you!

  • Alex

    Pure sex addiction. Plain, simple, sad, purposeless and wrong.


      Whom are you to determine purposelessness for another?

      I don’t understand. He would be a good ‘moral’ man if he was slaving away for a boss, at home unhappied with a wife and children? I think a lot of people are seeing the desillusion of their own education, cultural background, morality and beliefs fed by them through cultural systems such as the family, the state, school-systems and neo-Religious values.

      The world is a jungle, always has been. You guys watch to much news and believe ‘the west’ or any other place on this world is ‘civilised’. Well sorry but i guess capitalisms unquenching thirst for satisfaction of wants and needs is blowing huge holes in conservative and traditional pretty pictures. Watch the matrix again, take some acid and wake the fuck up please.

      Fisto; love your site, and your philosophies. You seem like a red pill kinda guy, Leading by example; empty words and cheap talk is easy, action is key. All the haters here only prove to me (24 year old) that they have no clue and a shitty life and can’t handle your reality, since it reveals their own powerlessness and weak choices.

      To the haters i would say; Learn how the world works instead of projecting your image onto the world. You can choose to be like Ghandi, or Nelson Mandela or whichever highly moral person you want, to satisfy your moral codes and make the world a better place. Or just become a silly troll on some random site, all talk and no action. Define your own actions, and don’t waste time on moralizing others (it may seem like i am doing the same, but simply stating that i feel that doing so is a waste of YOUR LIFE, start leading that instead of projecting on others, it never works.

      And also, to all people claiming these PERVS don’t know love, how the hell do you know? Maybe he is providing these woman with more love and honesty in a short time-frame than so many bullshit marriages and arrangements we see in the world. (And if this is indeed sex addiction, then maybe the authors also still have a road to travel.) If you gotta rain on someone else’s parade, you must have very little yourself. Fix that, instead of crying murder and hatred like an angry mob.

      Just my 2cents.

      I truly believe we are no different than many centuries ago, instead of having sticks fire and swords, we have cars, the internet, and ipads. But our psychological make-up is most likely the same.

  • summer

    I used that site for over a year and did not meet anyone in person who was interested with me in that site. Yes, there are a number of filipinas who are fascinated with white guys but I think there are people there who does look for their other half genuinely and I feel sorry to that person if you did bang her. In the end it is up to you if you will fall for their tricks, that’s why you have to get to know them. but the hell, you are not after dating in the first place



  • MabantotAtSupotMgaAmerikano

    Feel na feel mo namang gago ka? PUSH MO YAN. DI MO KINAPOGI YAN. PAKYU TANGINA MO, MGA KANO KAYONG MGA HAYOP KAYO. Sana napunta kayo sa impyerno kasama sa #squadgoals ni Satanas. UGOK KA, KALA MO KUNG SINONG POGI PANOT/KALBO NAMAN. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Fucking asshole. “ROVING FOOT”? More like “roving dick”. What a piece of stinky shit.

  • kissmyassAMERICANS



  • Sonali Chandna

    I think to directly go into banging will be quite a thing, but surely to meet Filipina women it is possible these days through dating sites like MeetOutside, as a lot of relationships are born out of the online way. It is fast, takes only a little time, this goes both if one is from that country or happens to be there, again there should be no problems in the inter people mixing for any sort of a meeting, as the river flows both ways for this sort of an arrangement.



  • Dave

    Just as I said “MISTER INSECURE WITH MOMMY ISSUES” you should go back to the US and see how good you are at your little game. But im sure you dont have the looks to do so.You can only get your thrills by exploiting poverty stricken, uneducated, probably underage
    girls. You are a piece of shit that give us Americans a bad name. I would be happy to meet you in Makati sometime. I will give you my contact number or email if you like.JUST REPLY DUMBASS!!!!

  • Дарко

    Hello, thanks for the update! I would like to ask something related to the website (not related to sex). It is true that after you create profile there in one night i got like 40 messages (really surprised), however, you can’t respond to any of them if you are free user. Can you give some advice how to got around that without paying (putting your credit account details to some random site)? Thanks.


      it happend to me hahaha. So I am using tinder. It is cheaper, but I am not sure if girls there are desperate enough to give her pussy away easily. I have had more than 100 matches in Tinder but most the girls don’t reply back. I have a bunch girls on viber, but most of them doesn’t seem really into the conversation. I am having a real conversation maybe with the 10% xD.

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  • Janik Litalien

    Hi Fisto

    Kudos for an amazing post which does a great job at rounding up and exposing both white Knights and hypergamy to the light of day.

    The first would love to get laid as much and the latter have no hesitation to drop panties for dhv and this is why their replies are so agressive.

    They can lie to everyone but themselves

  • James Smith

    I had 4 in one day so I have you beat there. And the Filipina Cupid website you gave is crooked as hell. Fake profiles and all. IT’S BUNK. NOBODY needs a website to bang in the Phils.

    • pipeds

      Yeah… it’s really easy if you go for women who do nothing in their lives than to flirt with guys especially foreigners. Oh, also, thanks for availing our country’s prostitutes 🙂

  • pipeds

    Hmm… you can hardly find women who are really beautiful on dating sites like that. Most of the time, you’ll only encounter women with 7/10 below face value. Also, most of this women have nothing to do with their lives and spend their time on this dating sites and are especially on the lookout for foreigners that will give them financial assistance. That’s why foreigners can easily get someone to hook up in this country. You can try the bars and clubs to find women who are really hot, sexy and educated.

  • znon

    51 women? That’s oddly specific. Why do you feel like you need to sleep with that many ladies? Wouldn’t a few women 51 times suffice? I not hating on the actual sex act itself but the fact that you felt as if you needed to hump and dump these chicks is alarming. Is it because they are not quality enough for a second “date” (unlikely), or is it you?? Perhaps it has more to do with who you are as a person, insecure and clearly controlling. Not trying to bash on you here but maybe you should talk to someone about this. The emotional damage you have obviously runs very deep. Respectfully you should should reach out to some sort of mental health professional.

    • Brett Guyer

      The guy is a moron with a problem the general rule by any high quality male is quality over quantity. This guy is a low class male that can’t get women in the US so he has to go to a poor country to try and take advantage of the girls there. and he probably has some sort of sexual dysfunction or sexual disorder or fetish where he needs to sleep with a bunch of different girls to feel like a man.

  • Ly

    Absolutely disgusting. You’re a filthy Edomite. Low quality man.

  • KenTaro

    Sorry… But the majority of Filipino girls are ugly and short. Not something I’d add to my hit list. But if it’s what you need, bottoms up!


    Is this site still alive? I am going to Manila and I am trying to achieve the same! I singed up for, but they charge to send messages. I just don’t want to pay 79.98 USD for 3 months so I am using Tinder which is cheaper. I have a bunch of match (> 100 I think) and I am trying to talk to as many girls as I can, but sometimes I feel they are kinda aloof. So, I wonder if Tinder can be used for the same as maybe girls from filipinocupid are more desperate to get married than girls from Tinder.

    What do you think, guys?

    • Back when this article was written, Tinder didn’t exist or was not famous at least. I’ve since not been to the Phils to try out Tinder myself. In Colombia I do notice a difference between Tinder sluts and girls on ColombianCupid. The seem to be less flakey. Tinder will give you a lot of leads on it’s own probably. So it’s up to you if you got the money to spend on it. I’ll update the article when I’m back in the Phils and can compare both.

  • luis

    This is to me an extremely disgusting sample of machismo, racism and scary materialism.
    Machismo because you consider women objects without feeling, autonomy or dignity. The excuse you use for this is too poor. It’s incredible to hear you appoint yourself a short of moral judge who applies punishments to others on the “ground” of what happened to you and your friend with someone who was cheating on him… I recommmend that you liberate yourself from the self awarded “responsibility” to judge others.
    I have lived in the Philippines and are more or less familiar with the idiosincrasy, social problems and struggle of this culturally rich, continuously exploited country that has been regarded as an object by imperialism since several centuries ago.
    I don’t aim to give lessons of morality, etc and am as weak as anyone when sexual needs are concerned. I adhere free love/open relationships -philosophical reasons- but cannot conceive having sexual relationships with someone you don’t have any feeling for or you are not planning to contact after the sexual intercourse. I consider people who doesn’t show a minimum respect towards other human beings wretched ignorants who can’t see beyond the ultra materialist culture of the immediate and the disposable, of which the author of this article seems to be a perfect example.
    I had several partners while living there in the Philippines. Of course not as many as the author. I can’t imagine myself telling a partner to disappear from my place because the next spare part is on her way. I have stayed in contact with every single person I have had sexual contact with and kept friendship in the least case. Can you say that about the dozens of persons you have used as objects?
    You could read something about colonialism, neoliberalism and the reasons why people in the Philippines and in many of the countries you have listed on your list of trophies are in need of money and sometimes don’t know other way to fulfill their leisure necessities beyond materialistic consumption at a mall or establishing the particular kind of symbiosis with a “white atm” that you experience during your trips to places in the world you regards as colonies.

    Besides, from a statistic point of view it’s hard for me to believe that all the 51 people you slept with were really your type. I haven’t lived in any city in the world where I have even seen, let alone got close to meeting, 51 women I really have a crush on. You may be one of those who don’t care the face very much. You sound a lot like you regard women as little more than a vagina and some flesh around to carry it.

    I recommend you to try to see things with a broader point of view and try to refrain from treating women in ways you would not like women in your own family to be treated.
    Thank you

  • Bayethe

    Just been to the Philippines myself. March/ April. I Spent 10 days and I banged 4 woman during my stay. 2 nights in Sotogrande hotel Mactan with a lady who flew in from Cagayan de Oro, once I shipped her back, I met up with the second one in Gun- Ob and we went to Panglao island in Bohol for 3 nights. Banged her every night too. Once back in Cebu, I stayed at the Sotogrande again for 2 nights and banged another from Tacoban before my final 3 nights at the Movenpick hotel with a local one from Mambaling in Mandaue city.

    Websites like dateinasia and cebuanas are a gold mine. Just line up the dates properly and it goes as smooth as clockwork. I even used a fake Skype account and fake name when I opened up the dating websites. So none of them know my real name. Closed down the profiles and Skype account once I got back.

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  • tortugaChan

    Filipina Women will suck White Cock even a first date. They cant help it. Local FIlipino men are weak and put these bitches on a pedestal. “Chupa my titi”!


    man Ur shit seems to be working .. 5 are already in the pipeline.

  • Uke17

    There’s nothing about this article that’s good, it’s a sexist generalisation of all Filipino women that provides only the information that you should lie your way between beds.

    I have no doubt that the author has std’s.

  • tony

    most of what you wrote appears true and not uncommon in manila’s red light districts. how ever i have been living as an expat in the Philippines for thirty years and i assure you that the average filipina girl is decent and as good as they come. yes they are open to relationship regardless of a foreigner’s age or looks but they dont jump from bed to bed. and yes in the provinces there are plenty of young virgin girls who will remain faithful and loving to you as long as you wish them to be

    • Brett Guyer

      Thanks it’s good to know jerks like this guy haven’t completely ruined it for the rest of us. What a total loser he is and he clearly has a mental disorder. That’s why he has to go to the Philippines to try and take advantage of girls.

  • Marty

    How does texting work there? Do I take my US phone and give them that number? Or do i need country codes and prefixs or whatever? Or do I buy a phone there to use while on vacation? And do i need codes or prefixes to text locals?

  • Shawna Bradford

    I’m from the US and find this extremely disgusting you’re a disgrace. Please understand not all men are like this piece of trash.

    • enthusiast

      Yes! He put shame to his race!
      I know a lot of American and British guys who are nice, kind and respectful and have a strong and happy marriage with their Filipina wife.

  • Icyblairmond

    Wow 51?Have you had yourself tested for HIV/STD?Oh for sure you had and oh its positive!Haha.

  • Icyblairmond

    Thanks for the post.Will share this to all my Filipina friends;) I find white guys attarctive because I think they are fun, emotionally stable, hate drama and ofcourse we like their looks, those whiter skin,pointed nose,blue eyes, their height and built doesnt like drama etc but guys should i start hating you now? I remember everytime i see white guys before iwas like “damn he looks good”.Now its weird cause they all look creepy now.What happened?haha.OH I think its because of all stories ive been hearing about dirty white guys roaming around the Ph looking for hook ups?

    • enthusiast

      Same here. I thought white guys are creepy until I met a British guy in HK and he is a good man.
      Also most of my relatives in the USA have a white husbands and their marriage are strong. My aunt is married to her husband for more than 30years Now. And you can still see the love and respect they have for each other.
      Unlike the author of this blog.
      Women should stay away from him.

    • Brett Guyer

      We aren’t all like this jerk he clearly has a mental disorder and goes to the Philippines to try and take advantage of women. Please don’t think we’re all like him I’m from the US and think women in the Philippines are very attractive but I wouldn’t go there and brag about trying to do what he does.

  • Ronin

    Thanks for the good read!

    As to Etuast – you don’t have to participate.

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  • Marum

    Amazing! A lot of men look at the ladies as conquests. (Whatever that means) My first serious GF was from the Phillipines. Half Spanish, half Tagalog speaking lady from the place. Her dad owned plantations, back in those days. She and I were madly in love/lust with one another. We probably did more loving in a week than you would in six months. Five lladies a day is impossible. (unless you a 30 second Wham bam Thank you Ma’am) We used to make love every day, for as long as we needed. I was capable of keeping an erection for quite a few hours, and my lady was always up for it, if not the instigator. One thing I observed, is that the ladies are very small. My lady was only 4.5″ at first, and after 2 years had only increased to 6.5 maximum, after yywo years. So, I used to do the opal sex thing for up to an hour first so she had several orgasms first, then I would enter her. I was always so careful with my lady, but she was well worth it. All we ever wanted to do was get married and have lots of beautiful kids. However circunstances (life) prevented us from getting married. But I guess you don’t view ladies that way. I have only had about six ladies in my life 1 Filipina, 1 Columbian, a coupolew of Filipina casual GFs, and 2 Australian, one of whom I married. All paled in comparison with my Filipina lady. A hint. If there is a large disparity in your physiques as there was with us, Use the Tantric teachingss to make love to her. Just do not “bang it in” and really hurt her. Sometimes you can go without having an orgasm, until she is utterly exhausted. Other times you can have four or five ,to make her happy when she is entertaining you – either orally or on top. A great pillow-book was our favourite, the Ananga Ranga. Find yourself a great lady, and follow the teaching of the poet. They even descibe how you should act and talk to each other. It may seem like play acting at first, but it becomes normal after a while, and seeks to keep your desire for each other red-hot. @Etuast.If you read this, or any other Filipina lady. I hape I restore your faith in Aussies at least. I am over 10″ long and never hurt my lady unless she begged me to. Western men do not have to use their endowments as a weapon. A lot of them do brag about how they can make asian ladies scream. Mine used to scream more during oral sex than when I made love to her.

  • Luisozoico Raíz De Menos Luis

    Hi. To me, this story inspires me not envy, not anger… rather sadness. I admit this kind of testimonial could have made me feel unhealthily envious had i read it during the times i had no experience in casual sex, specifically in casual sex during world travel (this shows i´m not a monk preaching moral things here), and may have had an idealized, unreal image in my mind. Now i have experienced something similar to what you describe here (just similar in a sense; very different in the ground though) and it was just one more human experience, including frustration, contradictions, excitement, satisfaction, and all those ingredients that make human experiences human…which, in contrast, i can´t find in your story.
    It´s just a personal opinion, of course. Not trying to make anyone think like me via arguments.
    This is why i started saying that sadness is the main feeling your testimonial gave me. I find it sad to bear such a low expectation and concept about the human being. There is a problem concerning how we perceive themselves and the others here. To me (again, this is just a personal view) the way you talk about “filipino girls” (as if they were a homogeneous clan or something) strongly reflects a mindset where being a white guy coming from the “first world” and taking advantage of some phenomena that you only find in some countries and not others-poverty, broken family structure, destruction of ancient life styles and value systems via colonization- plays a fundamental role. Filipino traditions and philosophy was destroyed by Spanish and American colonization, vertical international relations never became horizontal, and, as is the case across the colonized world, life is for many people in the exploited and war-torn countryside, in urban slums, etc just “trying the best we can adapt to what has been imposed on us”. Neither the Philippine´s labour force and natural resources being totally kidnapped by local and foreign exploiters or the country being a de facto colony of the US with lots of invader army bases across the country are facts we can consider separately from the peculiar way many people regards white guys in the Philippines and other countries in Asia and across what economic and military powers considers its backyard world.
    That is one of the biggest problems of today´s world in my opinion: we in the “first world” are over-stimulated, lost interest, curiosity, have become a sort of machines programmed to consume “use and dispose” “goods” and have lost the ability to tell human beings (and other animals) from “commodities”. Of course not everyone is affected by this to the same degree, but your testimonial seems to be strongly affected.
    As i said, i´m not a priest. I have experience human contradictions when it comes to love, friendship, intimacy, casual intimacy, etc. but every encounter involved for me a human story. Intimacy with no feelings feels cold and sad in my imagination. In reality, i have never experienced touching, kissing each other, etc with no feelings, mechanically. I´m not saying i don´t want to have intimacy with anyone i´m not in love with previously. That can happen; we have physical needs. But i can´t imagine sharing something as special as sex, kisses, touch, etc, with someone and not developing any kind of feelings (don´t mean having grandchildren together, but some feeling of at least complicity, affection or whatever). That happens when you consider others human beings, not goods for materialistic consumption. That allows you to stop considering yourself a “consumer/to be consumed” object and start accepting yourself a human being too with all its complexity.

  • KanoGirlHunter

    Filipinas on dating sites are used to been gamed and the majority will want some money taxi and expenses all in under 50 dollars if your in a City. If your after a wife or partner a province girl will cost more long-term.
    Maybe have some fun for a year until your dream girl turns up.
    Pinalove is the fasted moving site and the girls are fast and easy to its best not to game them more than a couple of weeks in advance or they, ll be gone they do not wait. You can bed an online girl in Cebu or Manila in an hour or so from contact. You can line up 10 and maybe 2 will come good they are playing the field to. Filipinas are moody and it just depends on their mood sometimes if you get a reply be polite always and if they are indecisive move on quick ie next them.
    Never fall for the online shit scammer who wants money for any reason. No service no favour is the golden rule.
    Filipinocupid is good also and most people find a partner or wife their seem to have higher quality girls though you may find the same girl there also. The most beautiful girls will get snapped up so you must be pro-active always ! stay on your game rarely do they approach you if they are red hot.
    Be blunt tell them your visiting the Philippines in a short while and could travel to their city especially to meet them and ask for their number.
    It is true you can end up banging 3 a day if you wanted to exhaust yourself. You may get lucky and find a keeper. Some people have luck in the malls and I’ve missed golden opportunities by not having a phone number to give out at hand. You get some very beautiful overseas foreign workers home for a short while and they tend to be around 30 and still fresh. Ask the online when they are going home and meet them if they fit your timetable they’ve had no sex for ages and are rampant.
    You will get the odd disappointment with girls posting very old pictures and they turn up and are fat its up to you to cam them but that’s time. 18-24 is a good range with no kids.
    The Philippines is number 1 in Asia for girls for fun or finding a partner. Good luck.


    God said a good woman is as rare as a precious jewel
    I am a miner looking for couple more gems to keep
    don’t complicate it now i’m not into fucking every filipina i see only the quality ones … looking for few keepers ……and 2 or 3 at a time is pretty much the norm…..i believe in polygyny and intend to have 3 or 4 as my wives … not married legally but i am looking for keepers that want kids and a forever future….. So I am only looking for filipinas that will do anything I ask and do their absolute best to please me 2 3 or 4 at a time……..almost all of them are down to try a threesome …..i do not lie to any of them and tell them if they tell me even one lie they will never see me again….if they want permanent then I expect them to sign a prenuptial agreement with no nuptials….everything is to be on my terms no exceptions …..and i don’t play games …. i do not date any girl over 25 and always have 2 girls or more with me …..the girl that is with me actually ask other girls to come to bed and join us ……there are a lot of filipnas that just want to try a white dick and if they are cute and nice n obedient they can suck or ride but if they enter my place they are told they obey and do everthing i ask of them ….they know that if they say no i will tell them to leave…..truth is they really want to get nasty they want to try everything and a lot want it rough and ask for rough … i have never been into rough stuff but being with filipinas i have had to learn to do the hair pulling ass slapping and even choking and rough face f’ing…..almost every one wants to try anal ….they really do want to be dominated ……i think that it is these girls know that a dominant demanding man is more successful and this is true…….i have had some longer term same 3 girls im my bed for 4 to 8 months ……lot of girls are only a few days and many many are kicked to the curb for lying …..i really have been looking for 2 to 3 to make babies with and be forever ….the problem is that many only want to learn to screw many are only about money (this is the biggest bunch)….I’m very well off and one of my rules is they never ask for money or they are curbed …..they ever lie they are curbed ….. they ever say no they may be curbed …..i would sat the average girl stays around for about 2 weeks ……i tell them they are not to be gold diggers but if they want to learn to if we become serious i will teach them business or to trade stocks as i do……3 girls have actually taken the interest to learn how to trade ….. i even funded their start ……crazy but they were all 3 with me at one time and when they left they thanked me and 2 of them cried but they were going back to their families and did not want to go with me to my place in thailand to live…..that is a big problem in the philippines girls don’t want to leave their families and start a family ……its cultural and its from being spoiled ….one of the three i taught trading was going to go to college and i just couldn’t convince her that she was making more trading than the dean of the college ….she didn’t need college she only needed the internet and google and to travel.. I’m still in touch with 2 of those girls online as friends those 2 are always telling me they miss how i was the right mix of strong and gentle …but they also say they miss my big titi ……now everything i have said here might sound like I am a player and a man whore ….but these girls will tell you different ….. they all got what they wanted an education and they all learned how to be a great woman and wife…….i have a girl message me every moth telling me how they are grateful for me teaching them how to be a proper woman and how to be happy without feminist idiocy … a lot of them have told me after being educated by me that they now understand why a woman is to obey her man and how their trying to dominate and be boss is just not right and against Gods plan……I am still looking for 1 or 2 keepers so if you are under 25 and seriously interested email me at you might be the precious jewel and im who you belong with ……..only email me if you are really ready to obey I get a lot of email so do not expect a reply right away….oh by the way send a pic your name phone number and where you live or i will not reply

  • John

    What a load of complete garbage. Come to the Phillipines and you see the reality of it. The foreigners with old unattractive Grannies or hardened hookers the wrong side of 28. Almost every attractive girl is with a local very skinny guy wearing a baseball cap,who looks about 17.

    • Shawna Bradford

      This guy was basically just “smashing” prostitutes and I think he’s full of crap anyway.

  • 2ez2predict

    hahaha damn this comment section is just too funny to read, all these blackknight trash dogshits acting all alpha when the actual truth is you guys are broke as fuck beta shits who can’t get laid in your own country and think it’s alot easier to get puss smashed in PH, cause you simply get denied back at home like beta cucks.. and acting all supreme race when you guys are actual toilet cleaners who can’t afford a better vacation trip to another country other then 3rd world country. Beta cucks exposed.

    • 2ez2predict

      And btw that so called “game”, you probably took that game inspired by pedophiles handling lollipops to kids but instead you write your number on a piece of paper because girls are obviously more gullible when they are butt ugly. Cause that’s all you guys will ever get. Sloppy slum sweaty infested pussy

  • Shawna Bradford

    This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read in my life. Please understand most men that visit the Philippines aren’t like this disgusting piece of crap loser.

  • Sauron666

    I am not nearly as horny as this guy I guess, but I have dated, let’s see, 9 filipinas so far. Only one of them did not suck/fuck on the first date, and that is because we were chaperoned and that is because she was only 17. Except for one of them, who I’ll discuss in a second, these were all completely normal girls, not at all prostitutes or anything remotely like that. I have never met any girls who fell in love as fast and as hard as some filipinas do. Never. The pattern that I observed repeatedly was, you’d be chatting/talking for a couple weeks and they would either slowly fade out or BAM! they would suddenly go from “a bit interested” to “crazy interested”.

    * * *

    So about that one girl: super hot but a yucky experience. We went on a trip for 4-5 days. It seemed like true love at first. But after a few days, she would alternately be crazy crazy sexy as hell but then tampo/cold/distracted for no reason. She was constantly on her phone and laptop. I couldn’t figure it out. I wondered who the heck she was talking to. So I downloaded a keylogger, emailed it to myself, borrowed her computer for 30 seconds to “check my email”, and the keylogger was loaded onto her pc. Within a day or so I had all her passwords and I could not believe the number of guys she was in contact with. And discussing absolutely hardcore sexy stuff.

    That really really pissed me off. I just absolutely saw red. Posted tons of pics of her online doing her bjs and such to me, and got some hilarious comments back (she was only 35kg and the thing looks pretty comical in her mouth!). Turned out that most of her conversations with men were conducted over WhatsApp. As you may know, WhatsApp allows you to download/archive all of the conversations in full. So I did that, then I emailed ALL of the conversations to ALL of the guys. Suffice it to say that all living holy hell broke loose! I thought one or two of these guys might actually find her and kill her. Over the 6 years or so since, per her FB page — doesn’t use her real name but still the same nickname — she has had plastic surgery, and put on a bit of weight, and seems like she’s up to the same old thing except that she’s very haggard looking now. Anyhow, that was super harsh, but she deserved every bit of it.

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