How Hot are Latvian Girls? My Trip to Riga, Latvia

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latvian girls
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How Hot are Latvian Girls? My Trip to Riga, Latvialatvian girls

In the middle of Russian study and book writing in Ukraine, I decided to take a trip to Riga, Latvia. I have talked to many fellow travelers about the sexiness of Latvian girls, but it was time I went to see for myself.


Latvian Girls

Coming straight from Ukraine, a country with extremely hot women, I was neither blown away nor disgusted by the women. What that means was that the women were almost as hot as the women in Eastern, Ukraine. Since Ukrainian women are some of the hottest women in the world, I would say that’s not bad at all.


Blonde Latvian Girls

Riga is home to the blonde parade. I had heard a lot about how blonde the locals are in Latvia, but arriving there it seemed that they were only slightly more blonde than the girls in Eastern Ukraine and quite a bit less blonde than the girls in Finland. Still, plenty of blonde girls.


The Hottest Latvian girls are Russian

Another things I noticed during my time in Latvia, is that the hottest Latvian girls considered themselves Russian. About 50% of Latvians consider themselves Russian. The Russian Latvian girls are slender, tall, where sexy clothing and high heals and are just hot. The native Latvian girls however, dress much more like Western girls and don’t have the bodies that the Russian ones did.


Busty Latvian girls

The other thing that stuck out to me, coming from Ukraine, was that the girls seemed much more busty. As a boob man, this was something I was very happy to see. After talking with a local, she ended up telling me “If you see a girl with big boobs 99% chance she is a Russian girl, that’s what they say.” Again, another way Russia’s immigrants have boosted the attractiveness of Latvian girls.


Overall Thoughts on Latvian Girls

They are hot. In fact, if I only counted the Russian Latvian girls, I might even say they were slightly (very slightly) more attractive than the girls in Eastern Ukraine. There is no higher praise I could give than that. However, the native Latvian girls do slightly bring down the hottness of the girls. The upside to the native Latvian girls? These girls seem to have really cool and fun personalities.


My experience with Latvian, Girls

While in Ukraine, I started pipelining ahead of time on Tinder. I did my typical online dating routine that I’ve done thousands of times and ended up with a girl who was dying to meet me. She was a cute girl with blue eyes, black hair and pale white skin, looked a lot like snow white, but a bit less attractive.

On my first day in Latvia, I arrived at my AirBnb apartment after a walk through the city. As soon as I sent a message, my Latvian Snow White was on her way to see me.

She met me outside of my apartment and gave me a tour of the city. As we walked through a park closed to old town, I kissed her for the first time. An hour later we ended up back at my place. We were making out in the kitchen, then making out on the bed. Then, her top was off revealing those pale breasts.

“I can’t,” she said. “We just met.”

“We’ve been talking for a week,” I said and continued into my LMR routine. I tried… and I failed. But I wasn’t about to push so hard that I would blow up my chances. “See you later,” I said with a charming smile as she left my apartment.

While I lay in bed, exhausted from my trip I got different messages from her about how fast sex was. That she wanted it, but it was too soon. I read through the messages.

“Can you stay the night tonight?” I sent.


That night around 10 pm she arrived at my apartment. At 11 pm I was inside of her and had my Latvian flag. It was one hell of a beginning.


latvian girls

Adventures with Snow White

Snow white was not a Russian Latvian. This meant that she was much more Western in how she saw the world. It meant that she wasn’t quite as feminine as the other half of Latvia, but it also meant she was really fun to talk to. I thought about pursuing other girls, but the sex had been good and the company equally good… I just wanted to hang out with her.

The next couple days I spent with her, my favorite of these days was the day she took me to a gigantic palace outside the city. She picked me up in her car and we explored the Latvian countryside. We hadn’t meant to do so much exploring, but I fell asleep and, as everybody knows, you can never trust women with directions. When, we arrived at Kadriorg Palace, it was absolutely beautiful. Would recommend other visitors to check it out. It was a cool trip with a cool Latvian girl.

latvian girls


Checking out other Latvian Girls

After spending nearly all of the beginning of my trip with Snow White, I decided I needed to get a better bearing on the local women. I turned on Tinder and got some matches, one with a particularly hot girl (one of the hottest I had matched with in some time).

I arrived in old town a bit early. Old town is pretty, with old caste-style buildings. I preferred the old town in Estonia, which seemed like a slightly better version, but still couldn’t complain. While waiting I decided to do a quick approach on a busty blonde girl.

“Excuse me, do you speak English?” I asked bombshell.

“Nyet,” she replied in Russian. I started talking to her in Russian. She talked to me for a minute, but then informed me that the reason she had been standing there was that she was waiting for her boyfriend and he could arrive at any minute. Well, it was worth a shot.

I stood at the meeting spot, waiting for my date, knowing that there was no way she would be as hot as her photos. Then, she walked up to me… just as hot… if not, hotter.

From that moment on, it was like a dream. We walked around old town then went to a bar and had a couple beers. This girl, a tall and slender brown haired girl, was not only smoking hot, she was fun to talk to. I had spent the last 3 months in Ukraine, where I had gotten dates with girls this hot, but never had any been so enjoyable to talk to.

She was from Moscow, Russia and was in town visiting her aunt. This girl laughed and joked with me and had interesting stories to tell.

It was the most enjoyable date I had been on in a long time, maybe even half a year (and for a guy like me who goes on at least a hundred dates every year, that’s saying a lot).  At the end of the date, I walked her to her bus stop and kissed her moments before she had to get on the bus.

She had to go back to Moscow two days later, so I never got any further. But I still talk to her quite a bit, if anything visiting Riga, Latvia had shown me what huge possibilities the future holds… Russia 2017.


On to Lithuania

Latvian girls had been great, but the next country of Lithuania, was the country I had been more excited for. I had heard great things about the women, and they are basketball crazy (like myself), That Story coming soon.


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  • Lapochka

    I live in Latvia (but come from the UK), just on the outskirts of Riga, and I agree, the Russians here are the superior beauties (my wife is Russian, which is one reason I ended up here).

    Russian people in general are friendlier and cheerful than the cold, distant, robotic Lats. However, the Russian stunners nowadays seem very much only interested in hooking up with wealthy Slavic guys, of which there appears an abundance here going by all the luxury cars on the substandard roads, so any young Western guys are in for a rude awakening if they think an American or British passport will impress them. Maybe 10 years ago (like when I met my wife), but now now.

    One other point: it’s far more usual to see short guys with tall girls here than anywhere I have been in the West. Just an observation…

    I’m not a player and hope to never become one, but I had to comment in the hope someone might find it helpful!

    • Hmmm good points Lapochka. Player or night, you know the city well.

      It’s interesting that your viewpoint comes from the Russian side and mine more from the Latvian side. It’s also strange to hear Russians called cheerful and friendly and not cold and distant (how they are really well known). I think it depends on what you compare them to. Compared to native latvians maybe cheerful and friendly, compared to Latinas, cold and distant. haha

    • Lapochka

      Certainly, it’s all relative. The Russians (and I include my wife) are generally distant (until they get to know you) compared to most English-speaking Westerners, who tend to be naturally more open.

      One other point: the Latvian language dominates everything here to a crazy degree, with Russian deliberately suppressed by the government. If you come here as a Russian speaker, be prepared for resentment from the Lats for speaking it to them.

    • I’ve noticed a similar thing here in Ukraine. Some girls really open up and become warm.

    • I can relate to what you are saying; I am also a Brit and I have had an apartment in the suburbs of Riga (Imanta) since 2007, where I have spent a lot of time. And you are absolutely right, being British or American is no advantage whatsoever now, even if it was once. They are after all members of the EU now, and don’t need a meal ticket to escape if that’s what they want to do. It’s far more preferable for them to meet a wealthy local guy and I see no appetite for “westerners” any more. They give me the impression that they are pretty happy and content in their own world and if they weren’t, they simply wouldn’t be there. In fact if I were still single (I’m married to a girl from Belarus now) I would concentrate on Latvian girls who have already moved to the UK as they clearly aren’t holding out to meet a wealthy local guy and are more accustomed and open to mixing with foreigners.

  • Cecil J

    20 do you agree-
    The Russians that aren’t Mingers in the face do tend to have decent sized tits something many Ukrainians lack. The more Russian an area the bigger the girls tits but the more provider game and Russian cultural and language knowledge are required.

    • Yeah that has been my experience

  • Max

    Hi 20
    2 questions
    When u bang for the first time a new girl do u have oral sex with her ? I mean you bang tons of chicks, aren t u afraid about sexual diseases ?

    The second one is do u enjoy banging girls thru the world as much as 3 or 4 years ago ? Like everything you might be bored. What is your secret to keep some motivation ?

    Thanks for that good article as usual. Cheers

    • Thanks Max

      These are good questions. I don’t do oral unless its a girl I am actually dating. Same goes for condoms except if a girl seems very good girl (although I went through a crazy phase with condoms). It keeps stds away pretty much.

      I would say yes, that the novelty can wear off a bit. But when it comes down to it, sex is built into us. If you want to feel like you are 17 again just go no fap. If you want a change you can go from Ukraine (tall model white girls) to DR (busty and big ass brown girls) to asia (skinny tiny girls). The change is what keeps stuff interesting for me. Also challenging myself. As I get older, my standards start going up. So these girls are more work and require more game. The challenge makes it fun

    • max

      That’s the limit to have sex with tons of women you don’t really know, it’s pretty risky to have oral sex .
      you can do it when the girl seems clean but I think it’s more probable to get STD’s in poor contries than in Western countries…maybe I’m wrong, what’s your opinion about that?

      Otherwise, you could write an article about what you bring in your backpack when you travel, it would be really useful cuz you got a huge experience.

      at last, for a guy who had never been in SEA , what’s the best country to start (integration, easy to get laid, good security & sanitary situation) between Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand (Philippines looks dangerous theses times) ?

      thx 20

    • max

      PS : and is it a problem to have an average english like me

    • you should be ok

    • I don’t think there is any change in poor countries from western countries. Girls in western countries are many times sluttier. But girls in poor countries have worse medical. It evens out. If anything i think its worse in western countries.
      Yeah phil is a little crazy. Thailand is always a safe pick. but honestly you cant go wrong with any of those 3.

  • Sollya

    You are pathetic! How do you dare to call this dating? No wonder why all the girs you get on are 18, 19 or so, still young, insecure, with big hopes for her future guy and a scam like you just comes and plays with that.
    Think you’re doing a service for other dudes how to get in as as many hot holes as they can? What a superficial shit you are, I hope you have a daughter some day and you wish she’d never met idiots like u! Pheh.
    Please visit a doc. and mental help too. Do at least somehting good for the planet Earth. You shit.


    • sanjay rastogi

      Yea, True Dear . I support you from India.

    • Brian Pommy

      Calm down sweetcheeks. If Western girls were not such complete pieces of shit then we would not be looking elsewhere for life partners. Western girls are entitled, arrogant and just plain ugly. So suck it up princess.