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The India Thread
(03-19-2017, 01:37 PM)20Nation Wrote: Whoever says Indian girls don't have ass are very wrong

They are dead wrong. Dat ass to waist ratio is off the charts!
Last Day 20

On 20's last day we decided to go have 1 beer and shisha. But we really have a moderation problem. That one beer turned into twenty. Suddenly we socialised with a crazy Swedish guy who claimed he could find us coke. Our good decision taking skills were long out the window, so went out to score some blow. 

His connection didn't follow through (luckily?). By now the bars were already closed so got in a tuktuk and started cruising around town buying more beers. We went to drink them at the Gate of India park. Suddenly 3 cops show up and gave us a hard time about the public drinking. They wanted us to come to the station. We ended up giving them some money and they left us alone. 

Not sure if it was a legit policy or if this was another form of ad hoc "foreigner tax" but pro-tip: if you're an obvious foreigner, stick to not drinking in public in India. 

North-Indian Girl

India's been really great. I was pleasantly surprised in all regards. I didn't experience the "culture shock" everyone raves about and the girls were way better than I had expected. 

It was mainly a great travel experience, but I met some great girls too. Delhi is for me the best location for girls, not only for the logistics but the vibe of the girls I met as well. 

My last days I spent with my Delhi girl and another girl from North India. Girls from North India look completely different, you can't even tell she's Indian. A mix between Tibetan and Indian, I thought to look was similar to some Indonesians.

All in all a great first experience of India. A good balance between traveling and girls. If you want to go for the girls, I recommend spending more time in either Delhi or Mumbai with good logistics (AirBnB apartment).
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Would you see yourself revisiting?
I would say yes, but not for a long time. With women, it's not super difficult but also not great. What's special about India is the unique travel experience. Although I did have some great girls...
(03-19-2017, 01:37 PM)20Nation Wrote: So in my week in an apartment in Mumbai, I slept with 4 girls. One of these girls, had an ass that belonged in Latin America. Whoever says Indian girls don't have ass are very wrong:

[Image: image-1.jpeg]

@ brianmark we uploaded something from that day on twitter I think. We split up now. I am in Malaysia (just got the flag) and THC is still in India.

That hip to waste ratio is insane! I didn't think you would so good in india. Nice job!
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India has over 1.3 Billion people.. so that being said there was a pretty good chance of finding a woman like that. You just have to look in the right place like 20 did. Good Job buddy she looks amazing, I am pretty sure there were more like her. Cool
Life is too short for the bullshit and mediocrity!!
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