Equatorial Guinea 2018 datasheet
The first parts will be mainly general info on the country, which might interest some of you from a sociological point of view. The second part will be more specific including details on the women. 

About me

I’m a young guy from the West in my early thirties, well-traveled all over the world, especially in notorious shitholes. I’d say I’m above average in most things (intelligence, looks, status, game etc.), yet not exceptional in anything in particular. I’ve had no problem getting girls in any place I went in the past 10 years. I have ample Africa experience as well, which makes that I am not easily phased by some of the things that happen there. 

Equatorial Guinea – a strange country

Equatorial Guinea is, without doubt, one of the strangest countries on this planet. I imagine most of you know absolutely nothing about this country and this is not a coincidence. The reputation of this country is that it is the ‘North Korea’ of Africa. Visas are almost impossible to get, unless you are American (due to the oil contracts), and there is no tourist industry present here. Many of those travelers looking to get a visa stamp of every country in the world have failed to achieve their goal because of Equatorial Guinea. The reason is simple, this country does not want any visibility to the outside, because it is one of the most absurd and corrupt places on earth. There are also not many reasons why anyone would want to visit this place if it were not to be involved in the oil and gas industry. It is also the only Spanish speaking country on the continent.

Geography and climate

Equatorial Guinea consists of two parts. The island of Bioko, where the main capital of Malabo is, located off the coast of Nigeria and Cameroon and the mainland with the largest city Bata between Cameroon and Gabon. All the government infrastructure is in Malabo and all the elites live there as well. The climate is extremely humid and hot. Temperatures vary around 30-35 degrees Celsius and humidity often goes above 90%, which is very unpleasant. Expect to be sweating your balls off when going for a walk at mid-day. Besides the two main cities, there are some smaller cities like Mongomo, Evinayong etc. where basically nothing happens ever. 

The overall demographic trend is all youth leaving the rural areas and the smaller cities to go to Bata/Malabo which makes the rural areas massive abandoned shitholes.

Political and Economic climate & Some statistics

A classic example of a country where abundant oil reserves have wiped out all other sectors. This country relies completely on oil money, which accounts for 85% of GDP. Due to this fact and the previously dropping oil prices, this country is the second worst economic performer in the past 5 years in the world after Venezuela, with a decrease of about 25% in GDP in the past years. It has no real other industries, which means that almost everything is imported. Imagine eating fruit in Africa and it all (well except pineapples/bananas) comes from Spain or neighboring countries!?! Nevertheless, it remains one of the countries in Africa with the highest per capita GDP, although this wealth is concentrated in the hands of very few.

The president is currently if I’m not mistaken the second-longest ruler (dictator) in the world. He has been in power for 50 years now. The whole political elite consists of friends and family of the president. Most notorious is his first son, who is a known IG playboy and has been covered by western media several times. He has an outstanding arrest in several European countries where they seized his 300 million $ yacht and a massive mansion. He was just in the news for arriving in Sao Paolo with suitcases packed with very expensive luxury watches which were seized. In this country, he is known for flying in whores from all over the world with his private jet, having massive orgies and abusing girls. The population considers him a psychopath and everyone fears the moment the current president dies and will hand over power to this man.

Besides the president and his family, the Chinese seem to have a lot of power here. Equatorial Guinea has the best infrastructure in the whole of Africa. The road network is almost perfect (although few people of the general population own a car, so they are generally empty) and the government has massive ministries and other infrastructure projects. Some which were not completed due to the oil crisis. An interesting example is that they build over a 100 fancy mansions for each president of Africa when they organized a big meeting in the capital. These mansions were used once and have ever since been left vacant. Another particular case is the city of Djibloho. This city was meant to be the new capital and is made in the middle of the jungle in the continental part. It contains a massive 5-star hotel, a complete university, several huge ministry buildings etc. The problem, however, is that they did not finish the project and that no one really lives there. So now, we have an artificial capital which has costed billions in the middle of nowhere and there is no one there, a ghost city full of luxury in the middle of the jungle in Africa. 

Equatorial Guinea, as I noted before, is in the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world, right there with the DRC, Somalia, Venezuela etc. Infant mortality is also among the bottom of the world although GDP per capita is top in Africa. The people have the lowest average IQ of all countries in the world. It is estimated to be between 55-70 on average. Spending on education and health as a percentage of total public spending is possibly the lowest in the world. 

There is no independent media present in the country. The government controls all forms of communication. I waited to post this datasheet until I was out of the country, since it is possible government agencies are monitoring these things and it could have severe repercussions. 

The main issues facing the population are high HIV incidence (6.3%, concentrated in young females and old men, more on this later), very high malaria rates and poor health services overall causing high levels of mortality. People also abuse alcohol a lot, resulting in bizarre and fatal car accidents. 

Price level & utilities & transport

Oil and corruption make that this country is fairly expensive. Expect to pay between 800 and 1500$ for a decent furnished apartment. A good meal will easily cost between 20 and 30$. A quick meal in a normal ‘fast food’ joint will be around 7 to 15$. Internet is very slow and extremely expensive. I’ve been quoted 600$ for a modem and installation and 600$ monthly for a 1 mbps connection, just straight up ridiculous. Facebook is blocked in the whole country and WhatsApp gets blocked on occasion, although it seems these things are better now. The president receives 30% of all internet speed of the country. Water is generally free for those living in the good areas. Electricity is also very expensive, easily above a 100$ a month. There are no real shopping centers in this country. Decent clothing or electronics are very expensive. The only thing that is quite reasonably priced is road transport. There is no public transport though, but taxis can be had for 2-4$ within the city. Flights are also very expensive and the service is abysmal. I have had so many flights canceled without any reason given, without any warning. Just arriving at the airport, ‘oh sorry sir, that flight is canceled, there is another one in the evening’.


It’s a small country and the military is one of the main investments of the government. The country is basically completely locked down. They receive support from top military from countries like Russia and Israel (so I’ve heard). Whenever there is political tumult, they shut down all the roads, the internet, etc. There was an alleged “coup d'etat” past December 2017 that no news outlet in the west reported on. The perpetrators (supposed rebels from Chad and CAR hired by elites of the country) were captured directly when entering the country, possibly tortured/killed in the jungle and that was that. Whenever the president passes, he is accompanied by a military escort with SUV’s even equipped with anti-air attack guns. 

This being said, the country is relatively safe for African standards. There are issues with getting robbed, but less so than in neighboring countries. There are no active rebel groups and generally, I have not felt very unsafe here. There are growing concerns though on youth violence and gangs, due to the very high unemployment and the social/cultural conditions. You can hear off youth mobs fighting each other with machetes while on drugs for instance. As a foreigner, most danger can be avoided, but getting robbed at knifepoint is always a threat.


Food is pretty awful. In the cities you can resort to all the imported stuff from Europe and the middle east. Full alleys of crap food, mainly packaged, sugar loaded and frozen. Forget about having a healthy diet here. There are some overpriced restaurants where you can get somewhat decent food. In the towns, the people eat bushmeat. This means your options are monkeys, beavers, snakes, pangolins and other rarities. If you are lucky you are close to the sea and there will be some sort of fish. There is no agricultural sector so don’t get your hopes up for beef or pork. Imported chicken is your best option if its available.

The people & local culture

Never have I been in a country where the people are so strange. Generally, people are not friendly or social. When greeting someone, you often receive no reply. They also seem to be quite angry and pessimist. You get the impression that many people are really dissatisfied with life. Foreigners are viewed with a lot of suspicions and you don’t get the impression you are very welcome. As often in Africa, people try to get money out of you. 
Religion is still practiced a lot, but many times through corrupt preachers or healers that charge money to get rid of demons or to miraculously cure health afflictions. Most people believe in witchcraft and voodoo. Many will tell stories of obscure things that happen or how someone got cursed or had a spell put on them. Certain areas people won’t go to because of the spirits that live there etc. 

People mainly pass time inside their houses watching foreign novelas from Nigeria, Mexico or Turkey. The music is mainly from other countries in West Africa. The sports teams all suck, although there is a lot of talent, but they are just selected based on connections. 

There is just one university in the country and the level is very low. Anyone with money will go study abroad. There are no libraries. There are some cultural centers (one national, one French and one Spanish) where you can do something, but only in the capital and activities are rare. People are extremely lazy and time is not of importance. Many people do absolutely nothing in their lives and are also not that dissatisfied because of it. No one will understand if you are rushed or want to be punctual. 

There is 0 culture of intellectualism. People don’t read and knowledge is not really valued. It won’t help you get anywhere in society either to be smart or to have studied something.

Where to go and what to visit

The capital city with about 300.000 people. Not much to do here, but the national park is nice (gift from China) and the paseo maritimo (seaside boulevard) is also well made, but no one is there. The city center is quite shitty, except for a small plaza with the cathedral. There is a very fancy hotel with a private beach called Sipopo at about 2 minutes’ drive.

The largest city with about half a million people. Here the city center is more concentrated, which makes it a nicer city than Malabo. The pasreo maritimo actually has people and you can find restaurants and supermarkets all within walking distance. The city beach is lousy but more accessible than the one in Malabo.

-Other cities & areas
None are worth it to go to. In the insular region you can go visit some nice beaches, for instance, Ureka, which is probably the nicest place in the country. I imagine there are other pretty spots, but with the roadblocks, the lack of public transport and/or tourist industry, it is hard to know where they are and how to get there. Supposedly the island of Corisco and Annobon are very paradise like.

Social life

-White guy factor
Since most foreigners here are either Arabs working in trade, Chinese working in construction, Cubans working in the health sector and Westerners working in the oil industry, you can imagine foreigners don’t have a particularly good reputation here. Most oil workers are older, veteran guys who live in their compound and don’t mind paying for the girls. Chinese don’t mix at all with the locals and the Arabs just use the girls for P4P, nothing else and also have some of the worst attitudes you can imagine. The Cubans and other Latinas are the most normal perhaps, but they also don’t really mix too much with the Africans, since their girls will stigmatize them if they hang out with black chicks. Look wise you don’t have a lot of competition here, but it doesn’t matter that much. Government media is stacked against foreigners and you have the general Spanish type arrogance here, which makes that people are not overly interested or impressed with a foreigner. 

-Other expats
All of them have their closed off social circles, whether it be the Arabs, the Americans, the Chinese or the Cubans. If you don’t belong to any of these groups, then it will be very hard to have somewhat of a social life. Most expats are older, have families and are experienced with living in shitholes. Especially the ones that stayed there for a while, you can note that they lack energy and spirit. They are mainly there just to get their salary and that’s it, counting their days to get out. There are no real expat organizations or organized activities, except for playing football and tennis.

The locals you meet at the few fancy clubs or restaurants all pretty much belong to the elite. Although their wealth is not achieved but gifted just for being part of the family or connected to it somehow, these elites still seem to think highly of themselves. They often have a European type mentality, with arrogance and closed social circles. It is very hard to become friends with any of the guys or to date one of their girls. They are almost never approachable, mainly stick to their private luxury places and within their own social circle. When talking to them, you notice they are uneducated and many are assholes having lived a life of privilege.

Those that belong to the vast majority, the poor, have better and friendlier mentalities, but since there is a big lack of social spaces, it is also difficult to engage with them. In addition, the social differences are so big that they mainly see you as an opportunity for material gain. Honest and authentic relations become very difficult. You can make conversation with them at the market or just on the street, but you will soon notice you have nothing in common. They have no idea what the world is like, have received close to no education and are basically just trying to survive and get on with life. They don’t read books, don’t know western music, don’t see western movies, have no idea about worldly events, etc. What will you talk about?


Girls are not very pretty in Guinea overall. Especially in daytime, it is rare to meet a very attractive woman. At night you do see some very pretty women, but they belong to two categories: the unapproachable arrogant elite or whores. Generally, they don’t have pretty faces, nor are stacked in the front. However, I must say the assess in this place might be the best in the world, unreal sometimes and all natural. Almost every girl in this country has a good ass and some have just plain incredible assess. It is the only thing they have going for them. Nicky Minaj would not be anything special in here. Older women become fat also pretty soon because of unhealthy diets. Not on an American level, but worse here than in many other African countries, where obesity is still rare.

-General attitudes & sex
Eq.Guinea has a society based on polygamy. It is accepted and normal for men to have a lot females and although less, for women to have several men (kept hidden). Besides this, sex is purely transactional. Being a whore (to our understanding) is the standard for women in this country. That means that you can basically fuck every woman (outside the elites) in the country, without too much hassle, but also that you nearly always pay. The notion of love does not exist here. A man gives money to a woman for sex, that is the base of gender relations. It doesn’t matter too much if she really needs the money or not, that just affects the price a bit. You think you have game when you ‘daygame’ a woman on the street and she gives you her number. You then take her out and manage to get her to your place. Without too much trouble you get the lay. Wow well done…nope…time to pay up. 90% of girls at bars are ready to leave to your place without too much issue, but you must pay. Even ugly or fat girls will not fuck you for free. You SMW might be 4 points higher, you might be a wealthy young handsome man with a great future, yet you talk to the ugly fat girl on the street and she will go with you…if you pay.

So basically, game doesn’t really exist here. There are two things that matter. How much money you have as well as your status, and your looks. Looks do matter somewhat, because the same girl will charge a 100$ to the old ugly guy and only 40$ to you. If you fuck her really well…you can establish some kind of mini relationship where you don’t have to pay all the time. But no matter what you do, you have to provide for the girl in return for sex. Every girl in this country outside of the elite (so 97%) will have this mindset. You should also never expect to be exclusive with any girl in this country. When a rich elite guy comes along and offers enough money, then she will go. Generally, I've gotten with girls and when they notice after a first date (and lay) that I was not gonna offer them more than taxi money and am not gonna be their provider, they drop out. 

Many girls here are mentally fucked up and it is only logical if you think of it. A young girl around age 12, as soon as she will start to develop her body will get the interest from older men in the neighborhood that have power and money. Since very young women are highly desired here, these men will use their power early on to sleep with them. The girls are mainly defenseless. Their family will need the money, she will need it, often she has no other options in life, doesn’t go to school, there is no job market, so what does she do? Well, she lets herself get fucked by the older guy. After him come his other friends and other men though. There are no real systems or effective laws for protection so imagine a poor but pretty girl at age 18. She will already have gone through a bunch of older men, with no love involved. These men are often in a position where they can abuse her in any way they want without any consequences. An ugly girl is not better off, she will just go through the same stuff but by older men that are not rich and give her less. 

A friend of mine there is a high school teacher, he said he almost never in several years had a student come to parents meeting with both parents. He said it is almost unseen for a young adolescent to have both a father and a mother figure.

Let’s take the example from the viewpoint of a young guy now aged 17. School is a waste of time, because there is no real job market to get into anyway. Everything is decided by who you know and if you are from a poor family you are fucked. You have no money to go out, all the hot girls your own age are going with old men in power for money, so you also have nearly no access to pussy. There are no social areas so where can you go to have fun? You are restricted to playing football or just hanging around. Your hormones are racing, but you have no outlet, no prospects for a better life. If you rebel, you will meet repercussions at the hand of the military or the police and they can be harsh. Luckily, you don’t really know how shit your life is. You don’t know what the rest of the world is like, your buddies are in the same position, you are used to poverty… You just become lazy, alcoholic and try to do something to at least make sure you are getting fed. Those that do rebel join youth gangs use shitty drugs, abuse women and probably won’t live too long. The others join the military at a young age.

The most normal girls you can meet and have fun with will be immigrants from Nigeria, Cameroon and Gabon. They might still have somewhat of a normal mindstate. Talking to them, it’s funny sometimes, as they will also acknowledge the absurdities of the locals. Although you might not have much in common with them either, somehow you can both laugh at the locals who have an even more fucked up culture and through that find common ground. These girls are much more pleasant and have at least basic social skills and a general pleasant attitude about life. 

Types of game

There are few options available for nightlife. Mainly because the overall population does not have any money and the elite have their own social spaces in the top hotels and within their luxury houses. Forget about infiltrating their parties. The result is that soon you will be a known face in the few available spots, in which the majority of the girls are prostitutes. As explained, money for sex is the standard in this country so you can almost forget about picking up a girl and have sex with no further expectations. 

Daygame is difficult because there are so few places to go to. There are almost no social spaces. No big public squares, no shopping malls, few parks, no movie theatres, no public pools, no libraries, etc. The only options are the market or supermarkets, the national park and the boulevard along the sea. The national park is beautiful, but not that many people go there, since you need a taxi and there is an entry fee. The boulevard has the same issue of being outside the city center in Malabo. 

On the plus side, the few times I have approached girls on the street (often very random and direct, since there is no other way), they have given me their number without a problem. However, due to limitations in options, I’d say daygame is shit here.

Tinder is nonexistent. The majority of the population has no access to the internet. There are some girls on Instagram, but very limited and they are not easy to find or they will have a profile, but will reply in two weeks when they have a connection. Badoo is the most used option for getting girls, but the quality is very low and you have to put in a lot of effort for nearly nothing in return.

My Personal experience

If you made it through reading all of this, you probably can imagine, I didn’t exactly like this place. My social life went from something close to perfect to nearly non-existing. You really have to adapt a sort of monk state of mind, focusing on introversion. Reading books, going to the gym and doing other sports, focusing on work etc. Nevertheless, it is hard. I’ve really challenged myself mentally and I now know a lot better where my limits are and what things and which people I value the most. I wasn’t too much of an idealist anyway, but living in a place like this makes you understand how ugly society can become when basic rules we have in the west are not respected and also how different people and cultures are. I invite the man who says that all cultures are equal or that all people have the same worth to come spend some time in Eq. Guinea and see if he will maintain that position. Most of you guys already know this obviously. Sometimes, living in a place like this, and then reading the absurdities of the west where someone got offended by words or felt victim of injustice for nothing is just laughable in comparison. For many of the entitled or delusional people in the west some weeks in a place like this might do some wonders. You do also learn to value a lot more certain basic elements of what constitutes (or constituted?) our society and which our ancestors fought for: democracy, free speech, laws for protection, etc. you see what they are meant for more clearly when living in a place that does not have these elements in place. 

Overall evaluation
Massive shithole, don’t go unless you get paid a lot and don’t stay too long or life will pass you by.
Fantastic datasheet, really interesting.

What was your reason for being there?
With such a high aids rate, was that ever a worry for you while meeting girls?
With the high prices on imported goods, do you think there are any opportunities to make money there outside of the oil industry?
"I must say the assess in this place might be the best in the world, unreal sometimes and all natural. Almost every girl in this country has a good ass and some have just plain incredible assess. It is the only thing they have going for them."

Where are pictures? You know the saying right? a picture = 1000 words
Another fascinating report from Rottenapple. Someday he should package together excepts from journals of his African travels as an ebook or ebooks. I'm assuming he is keeping journals. If not, try to reconstruct events, especially dialogs with locals.
(06-30-2019, 12:58 PM)Rottenapple Wrote: The most normal girls you can meet and have fun with will be immigrants from Nigeria, Cameroon and Gabon. They might still have somewhat of a normal mindstate. Talking to them, it’s funny sometimes, as they will also acknowledge the absurdities of the locals.  

Why would anyone choose to immigrate to a place like this? Sounds like there are no jobs, no opportunities and everything is fucked up. What would attract anyone?
(06-30-2019, 02:08 PM)glugger Wrote: Fantastic datasheet, really interesting.

What was your reason for being there?
With such a high aids rate, was that ever a worry for you while meeting girls?
With the high prices on imported goods, do you think there are any opportunities to make money there outside of the oil industry?

I was there for work, else you don't get a visa as a European.

And yes aids was definitely a concern, especially when I fucked this girl I picked up on the street and later it turned out it was a full blown whore that just didn't charge me. I had some scary weeks then waiting for the test (aids doesn't show up directly in your blood). 

There is opportunity there in theory but also almost all big businesses are controlled by the family of the president. Other than that it's not a place where you can just get in and start something. Very slow bureaucracy, corruption, very lazy people if you need workers etc. And now in a massive crisis. 

"Another fascinating report from Rottenapple. Someday he should package together excepts from journals of his African travels as an ebook or ebooks. I'm assuming he is keeping journals. If not, try to reconstruct events, especially dialogs with locals."

Thanks for the compliment, I have more writings indeed and maybe one day yeah. I also have plenty of girl encounters written down, some hilarious others tragic

"Why would anyone choose to immigrate to a place like this? Sounds like there are no jobs, no opportunities and everything is fucked up. What would attract anyone?"

Well, their GDP is still much higher than that of Cameroon or Nigeria. For hot girls, there is opportunity to be a whore and get paid by the corrupt elite. For others, sometimes in the service industry since Ecuatoguineans must be the laziest people on earth. Even the First lady chooses to only employ foreigners in all her businesses. The others are mainly immigrants that remained after they came here about 10 years ago during the oil boom, when money was thrown around all over the place. A majority of immigrants have left since the crisis began and now even the last foreign enterprises are preparing departure.
Interesting datasheet.

Makes the place sound like the Philippines pushed to the extreme end of the corruption/mismanaged/poverty spectrum.
This is one of the best data sheets I've read in the last three or four years. 

I had a colleague from when I was working in Thailand who took a job in that place. He was a physics teacher. He was going to be on a 2-month on, 2-month off deal or something (this was 2012 and I don't quite remember--- it was a fly in, fly out deal). He was going to be teaching physics to oil workers (for some reason). They were going to pay him USD 90K per year. He got the job through a guy who'd been at my school the previous few years who'd taken a job there--- a 6'6" gay Australian dude.  I would have gotten more details but the physics guy was a fundamentalist Christian who incessantly preached to you and washed his clothes about once every two weeks. The dude straight up stunk. Thai staff made fun of him (Somehow, this guy had a cute Thai wife and kid).  I wonder how he fared in Equatorial Guinea with even fewer creature comforts and no Spanish ability. 

Like your data sheet, the whole thing is just too weird. There are places on this planet that defy our western expectations, but still function.
Pics bro?
Another great datasheet! Thanks for the insight.

I doubt Rottenapple will show pics in here. Taking photographs is not the best idea in a paranoid country with so much military and police.

I insert some pics which I found on the internet...

[Image: DSCN7898edit.jpg]

[Image: 2011_EquatorialGuinea_Childrenhouse.jpg?itok=-kxpvlqZ]

[Image: Malabo_Mercado_Central.jpg]

[Image: market-in-malabo-selling-bushmeat-malabo...d104061483]

[Image: vehicles-drive-along-a-main-thoroughfare...d523443210][Image: 465829720_master.jpg?sharp=10&vib=20&w=1200]
For those curious, this is the dictator’s IG Playboy son:


Great datasheet btw, very fascinating.
Those pictures are actually not a bad representation of the country.

Pic 1: typical market in the smaller cities or villages with bushmeat in the open
Pic 2: the normal houses in the barrios. There are no real slums here like in Nairobi or Johannesburg.
Pic 3: Central market of Malabo I believe
Pic 4: More bushmeat, I won't touch that shit. Also, you can see the non-hygienic conditions, meat like that can lay outside for days with bugs all over. All animals here get hunted down, no one cares about endangered species. One of the favourites, for instance, is the pangolin.
Pic 5: Malabo 2 area, here you see examples of the Chinese infrastructure, very good roads with almost no cars, the buildings you see are government buildings. All the ministries have such modern buildings, although not all of them are finished. Some massive infrastructure projects are left unfinished as I mentioned.
Pic 6: The central cathedral
This leads to another question... How does bushmeat taste?
(07-05-2019, 08:14 AM)Beentheredonethat Wrote: This leads to another question... How does bushmeat taste?

I've never eaten African bush meat but the Canadian version can be great especially moose, elk and caribou.

Great datasheet Rotten Apple, you're the most well traveled in Africa guy that I know of, hopefully one day I'll meet you over there bro!
Rottenapple, a very refreshing and honest write-up.

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