Keeping your trophy room
When I was young, I saw a short documentary on TV of an old player.
He had many books with pics of women, and with each women he was telling a different story.

For men it's typically to be proud of our conquests.

In times of Facebook, Instagram an WhatsApp, it's very easy to save pics of girls you have been with.

Personally, I have a dropbox file where I keep from  each girl the 2 or 3 best pics. Some real hotties have 4 or 5 pics.

I save the pics with their name and a number, because I forget names easily.

Now and then I browse in this map.

-I wonder how you guys keep your personal trophee room? Or do you think it's a stupid idea?
Dropbox Pro membership Big Grin
Drop box is a good idea.

I just save my sextapes on... xvideos Big Grin
#half kidding
I would say invest in a hard drive. In the US it costs 60 bucks a good one, but it's worth it.
No sight can take it down, physical and secure and you will have it as handy
Yeah I have a nice collection with a lot of the girls I have slept with. I try to get at least one sexy pic or video with each girl. My collection has grown quite large and have had to spend some money putting it in a secure online place. For me it's great looking back, if I didn't keep pictures of videos of my times with the girls I would have forgotten so many. Now I look back and relive my trips via nostalgia. My collection actually helped me a ton while writing my last book on South East Asia. Going back and remembering all the girls.
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The pics and videos I have are just scattered on my phone's photo roll (this is why girls can't hold my phone while I'm showing pics). 
I also use the notes app to keep track, every new lay is an entry in the list. 

I write the name followed by 3 icons: 

  1. The flag icon of her country
  2. How I met her (Sun: daygame, Moon: nightgame, Globe: online)
  3. The recycle icon if I rebang, the 1 icon for ONS
It's the only way to remember. I was still forget girls so I started adding a short description or story about the date (with remarkable observation, quotes, etc.)
(02-28-2017, 04:28 AM)Wdubz Wrote: Dropbox Pro membership Big Grin

Couldn't agree wit you more on this one!! I have the Pro as well and it helps to save those DM's
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(03-02-2017, 08:12 PM)TravelHardcore Wrote: The pics and videos I have are just scattered on my phone's photo roll (this is why girls can't hold my phone while I'm showing pics).

Kind of funny that you are mentioning that, I also get sometimes panic when a girl is grabbing my unlocked phone Big Grin

OP: Great topic! Keeping track of your success is essential to measure progress. Of cause it’s also nice to be nostalgic, too.

I am using a simple text file where I write down the notch number, name, a time stamp, location, than a face/body/personality rating, and of cause also some sentences freely formulated. I adopted the system partly from the "Holistic Game" website, which I discovered after they got a lot of bad press in the media. They had one post where one of the guys broke down all of his lays, and it kind of inspired me. Additionally I safe pictures in a folder with their names and time stamps in the file names.

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