Which forum members have you met offline in the real world ?
Which forum members have you met offline in the real world ?

This is my list from RVF.

Many of these guys have the same username on swoop, however a few may have adopted a different username here, or not be on swoop at all (yet):

1. Suits
2. 14rwnr
3. Gmac
4. Abuamerican
5. Crudeloyalist
6. Valentine
7. PapayaTapper
8. The Beast1
9. Hardy Daytona
10. frenchcorporation
11. kimbo
12. RedPillUK
13. Benoit
14. Agreddor
15. cosworth
16. threeofdiamonds
17. Snowflake
19. ElJefe1
20. Soyouz
21. naughtygaijin
22. Poker
23. Denzel
24. CJ_W
25. TigerMandingo
1. thrive
2. stefpdt
3. Bigfoot
4. DT94
5. FilipSRB
6. Nola
7. SuperiorClimber
8. Beastlord
9. Zmaster
10. PainPositive
11. ZoroZingzzz
^^ Dragan ?? ???
^^ Rocha ?? ???
Lextheimpaler, Digitalnomad, Defguy and other people from the New York world tour in 2015.
Not counting RVF members..

-An aussie dude who's handle here i cant remember
None. Don't want to catch autism
(06-27-2019, 02:47 PM)JayRothschild Wrote: None. Don't want to catch autism

[Image: Kczqj.gif]
(06-27-2019, 06:12 PM)Suits Wrote:
(06-27-2019, 02:47 PM)JayRothschild Wrote: None. Don't want to catch autism

[Image: Kczqj.gif]

Quote:All a young autistic need do to begin his research is open a tab in his web browser.
[i]But beware, brave adventurer, when you step outside your door.[/i]
Autistics desperate to learn the social skills intuitive to neurotypicals are faced with a frustrating paradox, at times amusing, yet more often tragic: [b]Those who know the least are also the least equipped to differentiate between helpful and toxic advice.[/b]
One such niche that aims to teach social skills to the unenlightened is the [b]Pick-Up Artist[/b] (“[b]PUA[/b]”) community. In this post, we will explore the world of Pick-Up Artistry, and how it both aids and cripples autistics.
For those who may not be familiar with the PUA community, I will use the Wikipedia definition of a “pick-up artist”:
Quote:[i]A man who trains in the skills and art of finding, attracting, and seducing women. Such a man purportedly abides by a certain system deemed effective by that community in his attempts to seduce women.[/i]
The PUA community exists for two distinct reasons, one legitimate, and one vaguely (and often explicitly) sinister:

  1. To teach the socially awkward and naïve how to navigate social situations and become confident in their romantic pursuits, and

  2. To teach men how to easily have sex with women.
Many of those who read and make use of PUA literature are in the first group; these are well-intentioned individuals who just want to learn how to make friends, find romantic partners, and feel more comfortable socializing. But more often than not, self-styled PUAs are entitled misogynists who view social interaction as a game for all the wrong reasons, approaching romance as a battle to be won or lost, disregarding the feelings and desires of the women they manipulate and reducing them to objects.
It has probably already occurred to you why a discussion on the PUA community is relevant to the plight of autistics struggling to teach themselves social skills.
There is a startlingly fine line between the two major mindsets present in the PUA community, and a socially disabled autistic with little natural intuition for these kinds of social codes can easily become swept up into The Game and indoctrinated into the second group.

Man I love meeting autists in person. It's like that scene in limitless where he realizes he's no longer bound by social conventions or operant social conditioning.

[Image: Limitless-te03vj.jpg]

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