best cities with hottest black girls 7+ range
Hey guys looking to put a list together of cities that have the highest consistentsy of hottest black girls in the world. 

il start:


ive heard but cant confirm:

new York
san diego
addis ababa
New orleans
cape town
Cali (Colombia)
Cartagena (Colombia)
Jamaica - Kingston

whats your experience...?
Atlanta has a rainbow

NYC has them in the Bronx Brooklyn Queens but fewer in Manhattan and states island.

Miami very few.

Houston some.

I would not think Boston or SD would have many.

Atlanta has a rainbow

NYC has them in the Bronx Brooklyn Queens but fewer in Manhattan and states island.

Miami very few.

Houston some.

I would not think Boston or SD would have many.
What city on earth has any sort of significant % of women that look like beyonce, selita ebanks and halle berry?!?

Having said that, if I was wanting some chocolate, id probably head to the DR or Brazil.
I would imagine they would all be in Africa. But out of the east coast US, DC is very nice, mainly due to the Ethiopians and other immigrants.

to be honest i don't find selita ebanks or halle berry attractive. this is more my cup of tea. 
Take L.A., San Diego, and the entire West Coast off your list for being the top place. West Coast is has hot Asians, Whites, Persian chicks. Chicago isn't good either. NYC not memorable at all for black chicks (Manhattan / Queens / Brooklyn). Yes there may be dime black chicks in any of the above especially mega cities, though in day to day life you don't see them out often.

Texas in general has much hotter black chicks out and about from the little I was there than all the above. Haven't been to Atlanta - heard good things.

Note - I don't hang out in black neighborhoods or black clubs. Do hang in diverse clubs and bars though.
You can definitely add Cali, Colombia to this list it’s a great city to meet really cool black chicas, caleñas are my favourite. Another place is Buenaventura which is 3 hours away but its pretty dodgy there with violence so I wouldn’t recommend to newbie travelers who don’t speak Spanish well.

I had a good time in the DR and would definitely go back and also hit up the north coast of Haiti, apparently Cap Haitien is a nice spot with interesting French colonial architecture and a big walled citadel.

Brazil and a couple of places in Africa are also on my radar bit those places are a huge pain in the ass to get to.
With a couple of exceptions, I don't really like american black girls. They can be hot, but I would strongly prefer the personalities of any latinas and even African girls. For booty, I never saw more than when I was in Haiti. For best personalities, I would say the black girls in Colombia were my favorites. The only thing about Colombia is that you have to go to certain cities to really find them in bigger numbers like the places Scotian mentioned. But even when I was in Cali, I didn't see a ton of them walking around, because they are usually in the poorer areas.
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Ya Cali is a bit segregated, you wouldn’t think there’s a big black population if you just stick to the richer areas like Granada or Ingenio but once you get out of those areas you will notice more blacks, there’s a couple of areas that are basically no-go zones so you have be careful in Cali. I once took a taxi to a barrio to visit a black chica and the driver wouldn’t go in, he dropped me off a few blocks away and warned me to be careful. It was a bit rough but I survived lol.
Where can you find chicks like Chantel (90 day fiance) besides the states? The DR?
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