Sim card / ride share app thread
Hey swoopers just wanted to start a thread to pool our collective experiences with convenient spots to grab sim cards and low hassle ride sharing apps. Figured this might help others save some time especially for those that are on short term trips.
Lima, Peru 
Sim card: I went to the Claro store on Av Jose Larco 652. I paid 35 soles for the sim card and I think 1 GB of data.
Ride sharing: Uber is available. I also used Taxibeat since some of the locals recommended it. Wait times are about the same but Taxibeat was slightly cheaper. I used both no issues.
Barranquilla, Colombia
Ridesharing: Credit to TravelHardcore for the  tip on INDriver from the Colombia thread.
Medellin, Colombia 
Sim card: Initially I bought a sim card at the Exito near the Laureles station but there was no one to activate the service. I found a phone repair retailer nearby that sold Claro service. I forgot what I paid for the sim card and service but it was pretty cheap.
Ride sharing: Uber is available BUT the experience was very dodgy. Some of the drivers would get lost and then cancel. I also got some nervous drivers because technically it is illegal in Colombia. The taxis were also dodgy. I got some really cool guys but then others wouldn’t give back change.
Mexico City, Mexico
Sim card: I went to the Telcel in the airport. I paid 229 pesos for the sim card and 1.5 GB of data.
Ride sharing: Uber is available and no issues.
I don't bother with SIMs unless I'm going to be in a place two weeks or longer. Most the time make use of free wifi, or ask the AirBnB host if I can use their phone if need be.
I have a chatsim that I use for my whatsapp, I pay a small amount per year for it... like $20 I forget but anyway I keep that as my whatsapp number so whenever I pop in a new SIM all the contacts can whatsapp me with the same number still but if I want to call or use data I have the local SIM card.

It is supposed to work for whatsapp only in a bunch of difference countries using the local cell towers but I never got it to work.

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