Seeking arrangement/sugar daddy game
Living in a big city in the NE, all the college girls are slowly coming back to town, will pick up dramatically on Tuesday. I got a very cute 22yr lined up for tonight. These girls working all summer are bored as fk.
There are so many dumb girls in that subreddit. Wow.
sugar daddy game is about fucking women indirect via money. your paying her for sex in different ways. e.g paying for her dinner. taxi's whatever. 

if you don't want hookers #1 FILTER/SCREEN. have good game. guys with money and bad game attract golddigers/hookers.

you could say indirectly dan bilzarian is a sugar daddy but he also has game. some women fuck him for him, others for the lifestyle/fame he provides being associated with him.
The same chicks I've encountered on regular dating apps (i.e. Bumble, Hinge) are also on Seeking. These chicks are working every possible angle.
Yes, if i match a chick on Hinge, i check SA to see if she is there.
Got a date with a hot, 22, feminine, sweet personality, petite asian chick last Sat night off SA, took 20 minutes. Cost: 2 drinks. She'd been on there 2 days, so always start with the newbies.

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