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(02-23-2021, 06:10 PM)Blake2 Wrote: I browsed that forum recently just to see where it's at. Here is a quote that made my day:

"Again this is clearly stated in Genesis 6.

A few years back a special ops group was attacked in Afghanistan by a giant and sustained casualties."

Yes, they is now a thread about giants (big people) and how they exist according to Orthodox Christianity. No further comment needed...

Interesting mix of biblical mythology and hollywood war porn.
(02-17-2021, 01:11 PM)Blake2 Wrote: Roosh simply expected too much out of life. Take for example a programmer I know from Australia. He quit his job in his mid 20s and moved abroad to Eastern Europe. Sounds a bit like Roosh, eh? But this is where things take a different turn: He met an attractive 20 year old Ukrainian girl, got married, and has a nice family. He worked as an English teacher for a few years, but now does something more tech oriented. He earns about 2000 dollars a month and has a small apartment in a quiet part of town.

You don't even need to go down the English teacher path. I was told of a classmate of a classmate, also from the same country as your programmer acquaintance, who made regular trips to another EE country (a Baltic state) while based in a nearby country (in Scandinavia) for an internship, met his gf there, finished his studies, moved back home with her, eventually wifed her up and bought a house together. 

I get that the Roosh milieu strongly isn't in favour of bringing your foreign wife back to your Western country, but we'll leave that out of the equation for now.

Professional skills are so globalised these days that as long as you have a laptop and a brain, you have no excuse to be another English language teacher, and being able to engage with your adopted environment means that you can be so much more than being another Roosh.

(02-23-2021, 06:10 PM)Blake2 Wrote: "A few years back a special ops group was attacked in Afghanistan by a giant and sustained casualties."

Is this about that six-foot Parsi Applebee's waitress I banged back in 2006?
Roosh is his own worst enemy. It's not the liberal media, left wing politics, Donald Trump, feminism, eastern European women, or whatever excuse he has. He is his own worst enemy, and no matter how many countries he's traveled for his sexual escapades. He had no choice but to confront his inner void within him, and it haunted him wherever he went. Most likely he has a personality disorder or a mental health condition. He failed at living a hedonistic life and failed at having a conservative family household because he never confronted his demons. He lacked objectivity in obtaining certain goals since he was blinded by his own neuroticism. But I'm glad he went down the monk path, since it's the best option for someone who doesn't want to seek therapy but needs it. Hopefully, he heals his trauma and becomes his own best friend.

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