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Suppose I fly 1 US to Europe open-jaw round trip ($633 retail in 2019), and 2 one-way flights within Europe ($138 and $133 in 2019) and spend maybe $5000 on credit card total during year, since most payments in cash. Are these travel rewards cards worth the effort in a situation like mine?

Another issue is that I constantly have issues wth card verification. For example, my BankOfAmerica visa wants to send an SMS to my USA mobile number to verify usage of the card in Ukraine (to buy ticket wth Ukrainian International Airlines at their website). But my current SIM is Ukrainian. My phone number on file with BofA is a google voice number, so not sure why they are still using the old USA number. Help desk can't help me. Also had problems with Ally Bank debit card. Finally my Schwab debit card allowed the purchase to go through. I would hate to get one of these fancy rewards cards and then find out it's blocked all over the place.

BTW Incredible how hostile American financial institutions are to Ukraine. Ally, for example, initially refused to set a travel notice for Ukraine because the Treasury has sanctions on Crimea region of Ukraine. Idiot didn't read that the sanctions only apply to Crimea. Saw the word Ukraine and said no. Took me several hours to resolve this so debirlt card can be used at ATMs in Ukraine. Vanguard blocked access to their website from Ukraine for several years, though finally this year they allow it. On and on it goes. I have total of 5 bank accounts because of bad experiences in the past with ATM usage blocked for some arbitrary reason.

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