NoJokeHoward Dies in Mexico City
(07-09-2019, 10:08 PM)Max RNR Wrote: How much are your packs up there now?  We are pushing 12 usd here on the central west coast usa.  I've been thinking about taking a jaunt up to Vancouver (or Calgary) in the next few months.  Never been to either.  Anything good to see or do?  I like the northern climes.

About the same price, Calgary and Vancouver are both pretty nice places to visit in the summer, if you drive between the two cities it’s a great trip but overall Vancouver is better.
"On Sunday, May 5, 2019 my son, Braeton Howard aka No Joke Howard passed in Mexico City, Mexico in his apartment that he shared with his girlfriend. We received a call that he could not be reached since Sunday morning. I had spoken video call with him that prior Thursday and he was in great spirits and happy. Other family members had spoken with him late Saturday night. It was very unusual that he was unreachable by family. As some of us spoke with him on a daily basis.

As the day progressed, still no answer. The gf was working at her business in the USA at the time. She called family and the maintenance people at the building to knock on the door. No answer but a strong "odor of gas" coming from the unit. The maintenance people shut off the gas for safety. Because he and his gf had changed the locks no one else had a key. Monday had arrived and The law said no entry unless by police. At this point we were in a state of panic because we thought he had died from possible gas inhalation or suicide, The gas odor was his decomposing body. The emergency unit knew the smell. It was Monday after 8pm that the locksmith, her family member, ambulances, medics awaited for the police to arrive. Once they arrived the locksmith opened the door. My son was found in the shower deceased in fetal position on the shower floor. He had been in a hot shower for over 40 hours following his death. Because of the nature of his body, evidence found and the neighbor incident - it was initially a Homicide Investigation. After a full investigation performed by the police there was NO FOUL PLAY whatsoever, involved. He died from a massive heart attack which I will disclose that information later in the story.

We demanded a full autopsy and toxicology report. We had to make a decision for his body within 48 hours, that is the law in Mexico. We could not go to Mexico because of passports, lack of funds, language barrier and personal safety. Devastating!!! His girlfriend flew back there along with her brothers to take care of this for us. We appointed her as our POA and we all worked with the units in the US Embassy of Mexico City, Mexico. Everyone was extremely helpful. We have complete confidence in the authorities handling of my son's death. He was cremated and she and her brothers personally brought his ashes and belongings with 1 suitcase back to us. This was all he had.

As weeks turned into months we still had NO concrete evidence or toxicology reports, death certificates, etc, until about 2 weeks ago. Now it is official. He passed from, "Acute Myocardial Infarction In a Subject with Organic Heart Disease". Up until this we thought possibly foul play, suicide or accidental overdose. Not actually knowing until we received the reports in Spanish. Luckily, we could get this translated. The pictures from the scene were in sealed envelopes. I wanted to have these for closure but will not look. In addition, NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL found in his system. Only an anti-depressant. To our surprise.

In months prior to his death he had complained of feeling fatigued and was doing everything to maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. He had complained of not being able to urinate. Saw a urologist after his hand surgery and he gave him meds to help him with that. They wanted to do testing with a tube inserted into his urethra and he left saying, "No thanks, I'm good". The was the last thing he googled at 8:26 am, Sunday, May 5th, 2019 was that he could not pee. Which may explain him getting in the shower to help that. He did however, smoke cigarettes and cigars, occasionally.

As his mother, I loved that he had a channel on YT because it enabled him to do something that made HIM feel better to share his life with you. I will forever be thankful of the time spent in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with him. Some loved him, and some did not. BUT YOU FOLLOWED him, thank you. He was my son. His family and friends loved him. He died happy and was in love. He loved his job at the UFC Gym in Mexico City, Mexico. We may remove his channel completely so that we can some how move on. If I see negative comments in any way they will be deleted and not fully read. You will be blocked. If condolences are sent, thank you so very much. For our own emotional stability we must believe the investigation and evidence, reports, etc. We need time as a family to grieve and this time is extremely still shocking and painful for us but wanted to update you on the nature of his passing.

My advice is that if you or family members travel to a foreign country please have your Embassy information and read about the event of a death. It is a nightmare in itself losing a family member but it is a torrential process in getting it finalized.

My son shared his life with you and that was, NO JOKE."
I am sure he would have wanted to go out with more of a bang.

I still watch his videos. Surreal.

Wish someone would make a tribute video to him with some of his best clips over the years.

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