Gaming Dallas
I've been in Dallas a lot over the years. Here are my thoughts about gaming Dallas, especially if you are visiting from out of town. (This is a repost from one of my comments on the RVF Dallas thread).

As a person who has been off and on in Dallas for extended periods of time, crashing on my friend’s couches all over the city—I have some differences of opinion.

You are correct about cars. It is sprawled out, but if you are living somewhere, you should put yourself within 10 to 15 minutes of 90 percent of the action you’re wanting to catch… Why is that? I’ve found Dallas to be tremendously insular, so you essentially need to be close to your circuit of places, your crowd.

I never found myself in the suburbs despite a friend who was a black gamer telling me to visit them (for the record, he lived in uptown).--As an aside, I'll explain how he succeeded in game, in such a white city. He lived in uptown in a high rise apartment with a good view, he drove a BMW, he dressed really preppy, and frequented preppy places. He always, I repeat always, would daygame, nightgame or use dating apps, and target the white girls that were into black guys, which I guess was a lot surprisingly in Dallas. His routine was always the same, make a connection, and take her out for drinks and tex mex in his car, he would drive to them wherever they were, throw around some money and get the girl buzzed, then take her back to the apartment for an afterparty with champagne, and maybe weed (I have no idea). Worked well for him. He slayed. He was also super status conscious and always frequented same places, and was best friends with all the wait staff, so they started to pipeline for him basically.---- Maybe the suburbs are viable if you are into daygame, MILF game, or bored suburban girl game. Thus, I cannot comment on Plano and others. The only time I’d find myself in such places was when eating ethnic food (pretty frequently), or when going to hookah bars, there are a lot of good ones in Richardson, and a lot of UT Dallas kids go there. As far as gaming… I never gamed hookah bars.

I do think Dallas is a southern city. It is probably the last major one so far west…. (Good case to be made about Ft. Worth though). People in D are stuck up and clicky. For me that’s fundamentally un-southern.

Speaking of numbers, I found very few people in Dallas that were from East Texas (maybe out of shame they’d never fess up to it), Louisiana or Arkansas. Some may fit the stereotype but others assimilate into the preppy Dallas/ Highland Park Stepford Wife subculture… I find Dallas girls to be pretty boring, in no particular order: frozen yogurt, going to basic ass concerts, high level of basic bitchiness, hiking/ jogging (in particular: Katy Trail and White Rock Lake), obsession with Tex-Mex which is retarded because Dallas’ strong suits in food is not tex mex, but rather real ethnic food, bbq, and southern food; overly status conscious and materialistic; clickey as already mentioned; and insular. It can be very hard to build a solid group of friends there, and you will find that such groups are very reluctant to leave their comfort zones even though the live in the 4th (or 5th) fucking biggest Metro area in the US.

They do dress well.

To be honest, you may be finding American Hispanics hanging out with whites but that’s it. Many whites do not hang out with asians or blacks, but this is all anecdotal. This all goes doubly for whom the women associate with. Sadly, I would characterize many places as “white” unless they are very well-known or popular places.

Uptown- Among my friends we’re having an ongoing discussion about the downfall of uptown. We agree it peaked sometime in the past 5 or so years. The thing we agree on is that it has lost it’s luster, other areas of town have become better, and that game opportunities are not as good as they once were. We also agree that there are less hot women there for some reason.

Katy Trail- Is a trail, so I see know way in Hell you can daygame here. You would be better served at the highland park mall, or Clyde Warren Park, or even the Arts or Design District, or hell— even being at one of those large outdoor bars that are so frequent in Dallas.

Plano- I can’t comment on it

Knox-Henderson —This is a restaurant area with some scattering of bars. It is largely subsumed by uptown.

Highland Park- You are probably referring to the Highland Park Village. There is a Starbucks there, that you can game in if you have big balls— hottest girls I’ve seen at a coffeeshop ever. Full stop. Many SMU or from the area. There are bars in the Village (attached to restaurants) and you have options to game here, but the girls are hot, and so on.

SMU- I wished you checked it out, it should have been on your radar. This is where your 18-22 yo hotties are, and you should have visited the SMU bars on upper Greenville or the haunts the SMU kids hit in Uptown. Campus with some of the highest quality women ever. Also, you should have visited the coffeeshops around it, as well as the casual dining and frozen yogurt establishments.

Downtown— I used to spend almost all my time downtown. There is a small park across from the old Hilton where people mill about, a lot of times with dogs. That’s a good spot to check out. Also, the Joule hotel and the bar/restaurant cluster around it. Jetsetters and celebs maybe you will spot. Downtown is not worth being frequented to be honest.

Oak Cliff/ Bishop Arts— For people from east of the Trinity this is adventurous to them. Gentrifying quickly. If you can find hip places (I’m too lazy to name them off), that are getting buzz on blogs, Dallas Observer etc… go for it… You’re trying to think like a preppy white girl trying to have fun and get a buzz while experiencing the other side of Dallas. The only clustered area you could call it, would be Bishop Arts. Never spent much time there… Rest of D yields better returns.

Lakewood- I always liked the vibe, some older women, very nice area. Some cool dive bars I used to go to a lot. Wish you saw it.

Oak Lawn- Is one of the largest cloisters of gays in the US, and thus I spent very little time there. Girls apparently go to a gay bar/ club called S4, but I’ve never been.

Addison- No comment.

Lower Greenville- Things may be changing there but worthy of a visit. There are bar/ restaurant cloisters there and lot of hipsters and it is walkable.

Deep Ellum- I think you made a mistake not going. It is still on the up. It is diversifying, and I spent a lot of time here. Especially the nightclubs/ and nightclub-like bars. Also the patio bars. There are so many people on the streets. There are shittons of music shows. And everyone is in the back smoking… So easy to game here or meet chill people. I used to crash in my friend’s studio apartment here, and had the time of my life. You should never miss DE, especially on weekend nights.

Katy trail by the way is a place you go to get daydrunk with your group of friends, and other places like it.

Foreign girls in Dallas are in suburbs or within their clique. You will never realize how diverse the city is, if you just hit the Dallas proper hotspots.

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