Meetups: Are they worth it? Lessons learned.
(02-23-2020, 03:50 AM)Cattle Rustler Wrote: I've had good experiences with meetups. Cool dudes, became my friends, talk with them down the years. Met some dudes in Dallas, others in Houston, and a few in Mexico City. They had their shit together and some were fearless fucks given haha. Some dudes message me but honestly I'm a lazy fuck so sometimes I forgot to respond.

The only bad experience was my last meetup. Dude was sky high in rep points, I looked up to him based on his posts and value. We agreed to meet. Dude was a total fucking dick in person, quite condescending only to brag about doing the same minutes later. Wasn't sure if I was getting trolled or if he was being serious so I just kind of go along with it to see his intentions. Then he comes big dick swinging by one upping. Now at this point I'm holding myself back from bitch slapping this nigga around, the legal consequence would not an issue at all for me. We part ways. I go home with a bad taste on my mouth and now knowing my patience has a new unprecedented limit just to avoid forum drama.

I joined RVF because I thought it was cool to share stores and shoot the shit, not learn to be an mPUA. I'm not the "lets go sarging brah, watch me to do my yad stop" but rather chill and see if anything drops I do leaps better online. One dude I know only meet ups folks if he knows someone in common, and will ask if the stranger is cool or not. Seems like a good way to vet someone.

Name drop him!!!!

I'm on the same boat of awarding reps to people that agree to meet up. Or you have to show your face on Zoom. We can't have any LDNs, Gmanifestos, Nasa Test Pilots, Christian McQueens here. 

Worst case scenario you meet someone like CR did you cut it short and leave.
Sometimes I've been in typical RVF/Swoop bang destinations and I look around and think probably half the foreign guys here are posters or lurkers. One time I was in a restaurant with a girl, I see two guys there talking about chicks so I ID'ed them as RVF probables, turns out they were because I met them the next day.
I've met some cool guys but I've also met quite a few that seemed like they were on the spectrum.

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