The Approach Thread
You real gio from rvf?
Only IOIs this week for waitresses and travel chicks -- raised eyebrow and smirk here and there.  My oldest daughter (25) was out for a holiday and we ran around the town.  Yes, we painted the red door black -- in a way.  I can't wait until she is off of my insurance :-)
@Giovonny, I see some critiques for your approaches:
-Youre going for the kill way too fast.
-Youre complimenting too much. You're pedestalizing them from the jump. Make a compliment that is more personal(her smile, pants, vibe, etc). If you have to go overt about her looks say "I thought you were kinda cute and I wanted to say hello."
-make some more observations/teases
-if the set goes well, say "you seem pretty cool. Let's meetup and get drinks sometime." If she responds well, say "cool, what's ur number?"(assume the sale vs asking for it).
(03-15-2020, 10:56 PM)Red_Pill_Brotherhood Wrote: You’re going for the kill way too fast.

I agree. I like being aggressive. It’s fun and interesting. But you’re right.

(03-15-2020, 10:56 PM)Red_Pill_Brotherhood Wrote: Youre complimenting too much

I know. I’m just getting warmed up. I like being direct. 

(03-15-2020, 10:56 PM)Red_Pill_Brotherhood Wrote: You're pedestalizing them from the jump
Yes, I agree. I like to sexualize without pedestalizing..
Thanks for your input.
I have mainly gotten laid through dating apps in my life and some night game, for all you daygamers who have had daygame turn successful lays, how long was the initial approach?
(03-26-2020, 12:41 AM)Here Are Words Wrote: I have mainly gotten laid through dating apps in my life and some night game, for all you daygamers who have had daygame turn successful lays, how long was the initial approach?


There was a time when I was a daygame wannabe (an autist). During my work break I'd eat outside and spam approach women in the streets. I did that for maybe 4 months, 2 or 3 times per week. It had a very low ROI and was time-consuming. I think I fucked only 4 girls from 150 approaches. All those 4 girls were foreigners girls who just happened to be open to local dick. So I dedicated 40 hours to only get 4 lays with foreigner girls. Not only a loss of time and money, but moreover you feel like a pussy beggar.

After this experiment I never really got my heart to do that autist stuff again. I've only approached women randomly when the stars were aligned and the girl seemed open to be approached. The ROI is much higher. Maybe I fuck 25% of girls I approach this way because moreover it's very targeted to my expertise market (East asian girls) and only if I feel she's open.

Take this month for example : I arrived to a new city for my work, still had not approached any woman. I was walking around near the beach, enjoying my day after a good workout session. Saw this hot Korean girl walking past me. I was on the phone but I turned around and followed her. She stopped and saw me. Smiled at her, hung up my phone and said she was cute and I wanted to say hi. Fucked her the next day.
Let's compare this post with the original Giovonny from RVF.
(03-15-2020, 08:53 PM)Giovonny Wrote: Russian supermodel..
me: u must be going to a modelIng job

Hot blond, looked about 21 years old..
me: you’re so pretty, u should be a model 

Sexy white woman in yoga pants..
me: which is your favorite of those cities on your bag?

Beautiful blond, beautiful body, yoga pants..
me: you’re so pretty, Im rich and I want to take u out

Beautiful black woman, spectacular body..
[i]me: excuse me miss 
u are so pretty[/i]

Beautiful white woman walked passed me..
me: excuse me miss
me: you’re so pretty can I invite u for a beer

Hot latina standing on the corner..
me: u are so pretty

Sexy young latina with ass and toned stomach exposed..
me: excuse me miss
me: i’m sorry to bother u but u are so pretty and I know i’m a little bit older than u but can I try to take u out sometime please

The original Giovonny might say "You look nice" or "excuse me" when a girl was looking at her phone.  But he mostly relied on observational openers.  
I see a cute, thin, brunette walking towards me wearing those black tights that all girls wear..
me: hey i need a new personal trainer, can i hire you?
I see a hot little blond behind me..
me: hey be careful dont walk into the pole
I see a cute brunette in front of me, I speed up to walk next to her..
me: hey i love your skirt
I see a cute Asian walking ahead of me..
me: hey i love your moccasins

The format is identical, including double periods "..".  But walking up to women and saying "You look pretty" is lame.  Maybe Giovonni's posting skills are rusty.
Yes I’m rusty, I admit, I say lame shit sometimes, I like to experiment and push the boundaries, I like to have fun and entertain myself.. My game is not even that great, but, I continue to approach, approach, approach.. It’s fun and my reward is sex with pretty girls..

Hot, sexy spanish girl in tight jeans, dirty blond..

Waiting at the meat counter.. I stand in line patiently and DO NOT look at her..  

After a few minutes, she takes her food — and as she turns to walk away, we make eye contact.

me: how do u cook your steak?
her: oh Im a real cowgirl from argentina, I do the special blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah from argentina
me: wow thats amazing Ive always loved argentina
her: haha you lie
me: I met manu ginobili last year
her: no way

She was really sweet, we chatted for a minute, but I didn’t want to prolong the talk.

me: I better get my bacon
her: ok nice meeting u
me: bye enjoy your bbq

5 minutes later, I saw her in the soap aisle..

me: excuse me sorry to be forward but I’ll probably never see you again so I wanted to get your number
her: omg I’m flattered really but I got a man and its gonna hard to get rid of him lol
me: lol


Riding my bike along the Pacific Ocean, I see a sexy latina with a hot body..

I turn my bike around and ride over to her..

me: I had to come say hi, u look great, can I invite u for a drink sometime?
her: haha no sorry 
me: ok have a good day 


Waiting for the train, I see a beautiful, athletic, light skinned black girl wearing a colorful coat..

me: cool jacket
her: thank u
me:do u like mine?
her: yes I do
me: thanks. fashion is important 
her: yes it is
me: are u a fashion student?
her: lol no
me: what do u study?
her: psychology 
me: thats so interesting 

Blah blah blah 

me: hey do u wanna exchange numbers or something?
her: yes text me

We exchanged numbers, I texted, she didn’t respond. 


Beautiful, black woman in sexy boots

me: those are some bad ass boots
her: thank you
me: you must not be from san francisco 
her: why do u say that?
me: cause you’re dressed nice
her: haha Im from dc
me: oh that’s a nice city
her: its ok
me: what are doing in san francisco?

blah blah blah 

me: wanna get a drink
her: no thanks 


Beautiful, sexy, fitness chick in tight little shorts..

me: can I just tell you, you have amazing legs
her: oh thank u
me: are u an athlete?
her: sorry I gotta go 


Beautiful, college girl at the bus stop..

me: hey how are u? You are so pretty, I know I might be like 10 years older than u but..
her: Im under 18
me: bye sorry u look older


Hot girl in yoga pants with earphones in.. 

I open my phone and write a text in ALL CAPS THATS SAYS 



I show her my phone. 

She stops, reads the text, looks at me, smiles, and shakes her head..

Gio you're such a gangster bro. I wish i had half the nuts you do
I need to get back in approaching!

Are people getting laid in the midst of coronachan?

They have to be; but are dating apps an option.

With bars and unis closed, fear that I will have to start cold approaching again. Aren't women getting lonely without all the validation now?

What do you guys think?

I am bored out of my mind and apart from working on personal development projects I just have a shitton of freetime, and i am not super-challenged in the current job I have, and basically have a blank check to do what I want at work. I have a lot of social energy built up, but need to find a way to channel it into meeting women.
Pretty, young college girl standing in front of coffee shop..

I walk over..

me: hey how are u?
her: hi i’m good
me: do u work here?
her: yes I do
me: its such a nice day, u should do an outdoor coffee bar
her: ha ya that would be cool
me: you are so pretty, u would sell out of coffee in 20 minutes
her: haha ya right
me: I know Im a little older than u, would u think about dating a guy who is 35 (im 44)
her: Oh I dont know
me: what if I text u later and we see how it goes
her: u can just come see me and get coffee
me: ok good idea, see u soon
her: ok

I went by once and we chatted, it went well. I’ll go see her again.

Beautiful, young, white blond who looked like a model...

Standing in front of cool restaurant..

I walk by..

me: wow u are so fucking pretty, are u a super model ?
her: haha what no
me: are u from europe or something ?
her: ha no Im from sacramento 
me: did u marry a millionaire?
her: lol no i’m in college
me: u should drop out and become a super model
her: omg stop
me: Im just being honest
her: your sweet

She was very friendly and sweet. She was a small town country girl. She was incredibly gorgeous. In college at a small university. 

me: what are u doing down here?
her: Im visiting my sister, she works here
me: oh ok
her: here she comes now

I say hi to the sister and then excuse myself and ride away on my bike.. After a few minutes, I ride back over and re engage..

me: sorry to come back but I wanted to tell u it was nice talking and good luck with everything.
her: ya nice talking to u too
me: can I take ur number and text u later ?
her: I have to say it was nice chatting but im with someone my own age
me: yes of course I understand completely. anyways take care
her: u too 
me: bye

She was spectacular. She was a 10. No flaws.

Beautiful, Italian girl walking towards me..

I slow my walking speed and angle to meet her at the red light..

me: hi you are so pretty, are u european?
her: oh thank u yes im  from italy 
me: wow I knew u were different 
her: haha what do u mean?
me: just the way u walk and dress, I could tell u were not from around here
her: oh I see
me: are u a model?
her: no sorry
me: work for google?
her: ha no
me: what do u do?
her: I teach Italian
me: oh
her: Im sorry I have to run, I have class in 10 minutes
me: no problem. chau


I step onto an elevator and immediately see a gorgeous, well dressed, sexy, woman..

me: I love ur boots
her: thank u
me: u like mine?
her: I do
me: boots are important 
her: yes they are
me: do u work in fashion?
her: lol no
me: well u are good at it
her: ha thanks
me: what are u doing for lunch?
her: oh im not sure yet
me: im gonna smoke a joint if u wanna join me
her: its ok I have my vape-pen right here
me: oh shit u dont mess around
her: sweetie im from new york city

The elevator opened, we nodded at each other and walked off.

Beautiful, college aged black girl..

me: I like those Jordans
her: thanks
me: where did u find those

blah blah blah 

me: can I text u later 
her: no sorry

Hot, big booty, latina putting mail in the mailbox by my house...

me: hello
her: hey
me: you are fine as fuck
her: im 17
me: good bye

Hottie walking down the street.. I walk alongside..

me: that jacket is hot
her: haha thanks
me: I an expert in stylish windbreakers 
her: oh
me: yes look at mine
her: nice

We walk and talk for a minute. Nice girl.

her: Im gonna run into starbucks 
me: ok bye

Beautiful, upper class girl in working class neighborhood..

me: hi how are u?
her: hey
me: dont worry Im rich and I wanted to ask u out for coffee or something..
her: oh haha 

She looked at me and smiled, not sure what to say..

her: ur funny
me: what Im being serious

She turned away.
(03-28-2020, 10:10 PM)Giovonny Wrote: Hot girl in yoga pants with earphones in.. 

I open my phone and write a text in ALL CAPS THATS SAYS 

i like this idea, however, id write something less direct to avoid immediate blowout

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