The Approach Thread
Today I approached a nice mixed Russian-Kyrgyz girl, who spoke broken English, but I could talk to her a bit in Russian some words and she understood some words I said in Polish. It is really great how close Slavic languages are from each other.
She was polite, called me interesting and we made back-handed compliments to each other (I sometimes do it without really thinking about it). I approached her because she looked kinda Latina but the closer I got to her and longer I talked to her, I asked her if she was from Southern Kyrgyzstan, region of Osh. She was indeed and surprised that I guessed it right.
She let me touch her hands and she was nervous about some exams, so I gave her a small shoulder massage. Usually when women let me do it, chances are very high for me to get a kiss and then the bang. It also gives you some power over her, where you can 'adjust her' and she can feel more comfortable around you.
She is half-time studying, half-time working and seemed like a nice girl. Her mother's family is Muslim, while her father's family is Christian and she herself is Christian too. I know religion is a topic one should avoid, but here in Kyrgyzstan you better talk about it. Chances are if she is very Muslim, she won't have sex before marriage. But as it is the case with my main girl, who was raised Muslim, but considers herself not Muslim, you can find some Muslim women here who will fuck you without problems. I got the girl'snumber and we agreed on seeing us. Let's see if that's the case, because she said... she would text me. As we know, this is usually a nice phrase of saying no. But I am open for surprises.
This thread should be renamed to ''Foothunters Approach Thread''.

Love reading your approaches.

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