Washington, D.C. Is the Thinnest "State"
Other forums whine about "fat Americans" in Washington, D.C.  But it is actually the thinnest "state" in the U.S.  The CDC website also has maps by race.

It is unfair to compare the city of D.C. to large states.  Other cities like San Francisco and New York City are probably be thinner.  There is also the confounding factor of race.  If San Francisco is half Asian, and D.C. is half black, then overall obesity might not tell you about the breakdown by race.  For example, if Asians are thinner than blacks, then D.C. might have thinner Asians and thinner blacks than San Francisco, but have a higher weighted-average.  Another map tells you that the thinnest blacks are in North Dakota.  Both of them. Huh

[Image: 2011-2017-overall.gif]

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