Two Weeks In Mexico
Scotian San Miguel de Allende is pretty high up there at over 6000ft, it's really popular with gringos but I think it's mostly retirees or older expats. I've never been there but I've heard good and bad things. Most people fly into Leon and then take a bus.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to share it, but screw it.

I'll tell ya where I'd go- Zihuatanejo. Little place on the Pacific Ocean. Know what the Mexicans say about the Pacific? They say it has no memory. That's where I want to live the rest of my life. Warm place with no memory. Open up a little hotel, right on the beach. Buy some worthless old boat, fix it up new. Take my guests out charter fishin'. Zihuatanejo.

Get busy living or get busy dying, that's what I say.

Yeah man Shawshank redemption, once in my life i wanna go there... With my friend. Andy and red. See you there.
I could definitely spend my winters fishing in Mexico, I think that may be what I end up doing. Spent a couple of nights in Guadalajara, nothing much to report, I’m off to CDMX today I hope the traffic isn’t too insane!
The size of Mexico city is impressive. Don't try and use the underground anytime near rush hour, I remember getting on thinking there is no space for me and realistically another 20 people got on near my door over the couple stops.

If you like fishing, diving, whale watching etc than I would really recommend you check out the the Baja Peninsula. It's definitely off the beaten path for most Mexico tourists. Most Canadians/Americans head to Cabo right at the Southern tip to the resorts, but the rest of the area all the way from Tijuana down is all pretty much the 'real mexico'.

The major town down there is La Paz, which has about 200,000 people and is actually a pretty nice town right on the water. Lots of beaches around. It's one of the wealthiest towns in Mexico per capita I think. I saw alot of BC and Alberta plates down there as quite a few old pensioners live down there in the winter. I flew from CDMX to La Paz and then bussed up the Coast to Loreto and hung out there for a few weeks.

Landscape wise it's pretty much straight hilly scrubland with the odd fertile valley where they farm with irrigation. Looks abit like the Okanagan/Kamloops area i thought. Along the coast are lots of small little fishing villages usually with some nice beaches with decent surfing if you are on the pacific side, and on the other side there are lots of great diving spots and secluded islands that are fun to explore. The Sea of Cortez is apparently one of the most diverse places on earth when it comes to sea life, and tons of whales and sharks actually use the waters as breeding grounds. When I was there in the fall I snorkeled with whale sharks which was pretty fucking cool considering those fuckers could basically inhale you whole but they are real calm and relaxed and not at all aggressive. I never did any fishing out there but a few guys i met out there said that all you have to do is go to the docks and hire a guide and he will put you on all sorts of fish. Good hiking too and you can rent a car and fuck off with some hot Latina and camp out on the beach somewhere out in the middle of nowhere too. No many people out on the Baja.

It's definitely a much slower pace out there than in CDMX and when I get a chance I will definitely head back that way.
I met an RVF buddy in Puerto Vallarta who I had met years ago in Colombia, he drove down to La Paz from Los Angeles on his motorcycle then took the boat to Mazatlan and onto PV, he said La Paz was a great city and he really like Baja Sur so it's definitely on my radar, thanks again for the tips Northernpike.

I'm back home now, the two week trip was pretty nice although it was getting pretty hot and humid at the end and the rain was picking up so I was ready to go. I ended up spending nine nights in PV, two in Guadalajera and three in CDMX. Here's a further breakdown:

Puerta Vallarta: I did a lot of chilling here, which was the main purpose of the trip but still got out fishing (which sucked, especially compared to my 2013 trip) and scuba diving, which wasn't great either because I didn't see and big turtles and manta rays that the region is known for but that's just how it goes sometimes. I did meet up with a nice Tinder chica and spent a lot of time with her as she had a car and took me to Sayulita, Playa De Gemelos and a few cool bars, restuarants and clubs. I did a week on a resort, it was decent too and very easy to stay at and the location was pretty good too as it's right in the city although a twenty minute walk from the malecon. UBer was cheap there and I used it a lot.

I didn't do much in Gdl, went out with a local chica one night and hit up a club on Chapultapec, nothing too crazy. Met an RVF member there who was a pretty chill guy, we spent the afternoon together talking about traveling in Latin America and eating tacos. It was damn hot there so I didn't do much walking around. Gdl is an ok city but I have to get out and see more, it definitely seems like more of a car city though, very spread out.

CDMX was great but I mostly stayed around Roma Norte which is a pretty cool nieghbourhood, I chilled with another RVF buddy I met previously in Colombia and visited another buddy in a city two hours away. I also got sick there from street food so lost an entire day, I definitely plan on going back to CDMX, that city deserves more time, it's so big and has a ton to offer, I'll be referring back to this data sheet with all of the useful intel to plan for my next trip, which may be next winter and I'm considering driving to La Paz and onto PV, we'll see.

So overall, it was a a good time, Mexico is a great spot and an easy place to get to from Canada for me. I still have a lot more exploring to do there and these quick two week trips are pretty easy to do, even a last minute one like this one. The chica in PV was great, since it was a short trip I wasn't focused on numbers or even quality so much but she was cute and easy to be around, Mexican girls aren't Colombia level attractive but they are a lot of fun and it's always fun to have a local guide, especially one with a car.
I matched with a hottie in PV thinking she lived there, I find out she lives in Tepic, a huge shit hole apparently but I wouldn't mind checking it out of curiosity. It's a decent sized city but I never hear anything about it.
Tepic could potentially be one of those pussy paradises, I matched with girls from there and there were so many hot ones. IMO if you have good Spanish and are not afraid those kind of unknown places have extreme exotic factor and can be nice
(01-15-2020, 06:13 PM)ElizabethArnold Wrote: Your photos always inspire me!

Tits or GTFO.

Ah, memories. It's just like the old RVF. Banhammer incoming!
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Another place worth checking out which I’m surprised was never discussed at the old RVF is Tlaxcala (the city and the state). The place is famous for P4P (pay for play; i.e. prostitution), but the civilians (non-prostitutes) I knew from there were quite easy.

In terms of having a baby with a Latina, when daddy is white and the lady has brown or green eyes, the babies will be perfectly Caucasian. Even with a dark skinned morenita with black eyes, the resulting babies will look white, albeit with very dark eyes.

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