Miami Beach 2019 Mini Data Sheet
I had to attend a work related social event in Miami Beach so I invited a friend that has a client in Boca Raton, FL to split a condo for a week so we could check out the sites and do some gaming. This is a quick report, aimed toward the newbie who has not been to Miami Beach and is considering going there and only covers my direct experience. We typically looked for restaurants with a bar that facilitated social interaction. The TL;DR version is to save your money and go someplace else

The first thing to understand about Miami Beach is that it is an island, and a separate city from Miami. In the 90’s the fashion industry was ascendent in Miami Beach, or more specifically, the southern portion of Miami Beach known as South Beach, with dozens of boutiques, fashion brands, and models walking up and down Ocean Drive all day long. Gianni Versace famously chose to live in Miami Beach. This Miami Beach is long gone. There are some models left, but they usually come in for a day or two to do a shoot at a hotel or the beach and then they are gone.

As late as 2006 MTV did a reality tv series on models in South Beach called 8th and Ocean. However, the reality is that in 2019, South Beach is a tourist trap for out of towners and what is left of the old fashion and model scene has moved into more hidden enclaves and basically left Miami Beach.

Miami Beach can generally be divided into North Beach, Mid-Beach and South Beach. We stayed in mid-beach as it was cheaper and we couldn’t find a two bedroom condo in South Beach for our dates. There is a free trolly that you can use to get around if you want to save on the Ubers. I used it several times when I had the extra time to wait for the trolley. Miami Beach has a mobile app where you can see the routes and actual locations of the trolleys which makes it much easier to catch them. If you are focusing on Miami Beach then you can get around by walking, Trolley and Ubers. No need for a car.

The high season for Miami Beach is the winter, we were there in early May, basically the end of the season, but there were still a lot of people and parties going on.

There also used to be a huge club scene with well known house music DJs coming to town, especially during the Winter Music Conference now known as Miami Music Week. We found one house club that had a good sex ratio, named “Do Not Sit on the Furniture” that we used as a venue change from the bars we were going to. However, most of the good places are one time nights and pool parties now.

So, the worst news about South Beach is that the famous main drag of Ocean Drive is lined with tourist trap restaurants serving large sugary drinks to ham-beasts wearing thongs with mesh dresses. It appears that every “I don’t need a man” social group of fat black ladies from Atlanta goes on an annual pilgrimage to South Beach and gets hammered until they are doing their finest twerkfest up and down the streets of South Beach. Now, if this is your target market, then you have found your mother lode.

We did go to some ‘famous’ restaurant called News Cafe on Ocean Drive but it was shit with crappy overpriced food. I did open a group of Spanish chicks from Barcelona and probably could have partied with them as they were chatty but I didn’t push the encounter.

Here is a good blog post from a dude talking about South Beach:

The Beach
Miami Beach has a long beach facing the Atlantic with a boardwalk and walkway where you can walk and check out the local action. You can walk for miles and peek into the resorts to find out where the action is. I went walking/running/working-out (It has a small muscle beach) down the path on a few days by myself and one day with my wing. It was the most reliable way to encounter a lot of people and get some interaction after receiving an IOI. I met a couple of chicks this way while rolling solo in workout gear. However, when I was with my wing, for some reason we let out a ‘cops’ vibe or something and really didn’t get any IOIs but a couple of people that were selling dime bags ran off and said something to the effect of they thought we were cops haha. I have no doubt that if I spent a couple of weeks going up and down the boardwalk and beach exercising that I would end up dating a few girls as this was the area where I had the best reception when talking to people. It also seems to weed out the ham-beasts as they stay to the tourist restaurants on Ocean Drive and thereabouts. I remember a thread on RVF where Linux mentioned that he pulled a chick off the beach. I don’t have the bodyfat level to do beach pulls at the moment but it is probably worth a shot if that is your game.

At the southern end of the beach it curves around and there is an outdoor bar at Smith and Wollensky’s that my wing and I went to once. This was the last day we were there otherwise I would have hit that bar a few more times.

There is a language center in South Beach, or the north part of South Beach, EF International Language Campus, 2469 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140. Jesus this place was full of serious talent. However, there didn’t seem to be a way to hangout there without being perceived as a creeper. Especially for two dudes in their late 40’s. There was honestly more ass there than anywhere else I found in South Beach. All foreign students learning english.

Espanola Way
There is a street in South Beach named Espanola Way where there are pricey restaurants, mostly targeted toward tourists where we ate several times, it was one of the few places that I actually did see models, however, the layout is not conducive to game as there are very few bars where you can post up and chat people. If you had some serious ability to open, you could do cold approaches in the street there. I did not receive any IOIs as far as I can remember, on Espanola Way.

Lincoln Road Mall
My wing and I went shopping on Lincoln road mall and he found a shirt to level up with the $300 boutique shirt I was wearing and then we went up and down the Mall going to bars. The only one that had a nice bar where you could open girls was Meat Market Miami Beach (915 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139) we chatted up some girls and we mentioned we were going to Do Not Sit On The Furniture and they actually showed up there later that night.

We also spent some time in Finnegan’s Road which had some hot waitresses but the rest of the crowd was typical sports bar dudes and couples.

Lincoln Road Mall is area is worth some time to explore but is mostly chain clothing stores with a number of overpriced restaurants with a mix of tourists and locals.

The Miami Beach Edition
The Miami Beach Edition (2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140) is a hotel with a bar and pool table that had some serious high class action. I was dressed well and I felt I could have brought it up a notch. I didn’t spend enough time there but if I go back will put this place in the nightly rotation.

Other Hotels and Parties
We hit up bars in a few well known hotels with much disappointment. Eden Roc was dead, 1 Hotel looked promising but wasn’t really happening. I think the Fontainebleau Miami Beach might be a place to checkout. Oh, one place that did definitely have good parties but we never made it to was The National. I talked to a couple of people that had been to parties there that said it was lit. Follow Oscar G (was an acquaintance of mine a long time ago) for intel on good pool parties and house music venues in Miami/Beach. Oscar has a Monday night at Coyo Taco that was cool and it has a bar where you can chat up chicks, 2300 NW Second Ave., Miami. Here is one of the promoters for pool parties:

The City of Miami
We went over to a few places in Miami to check out the neighborhoods. We went to Little Havana, to a place called Ball and Chain which didn’t have much action during the week. If you have good salsa game this is a place to go. Check their website for nights with salsa and I think they had a ladies night.

We went to Brickell during the week and found a ladies night at Blackbird Ordinary (729 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130). I found it by talking up a girl at Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita (1000 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130) which has a rooftop bar for the after work crowd and probably has a good crowd on the weekends. Brickell has shopping and some good men’s boutiques and is basically an office/professional zone. Probably worth more time.

If you are going to be in South Beach for more than a week I would recommend getting a one month membership to Equinox,, as it is the most premium gym in the area with a serious social scene, as told to me by a couple of attractive fitness chicks and I did go check it out, otherwise Crunch Fitness has day passes ($35) and weekly passes and a good gym scene. There is a minor-league muscle beach in South Beach where I worked out a few times and did get a couple of IOIs.

I am quite sure that there are people that have spent more time in Miami Beach and know other venues so please add in the thread.

Personally, I don’t think I will ever go back to Miami Beach as the cost/benefit ratio is not really there.
Nice datasheet. I want to spend some time there. There is a part of me that wants to move there, if I have to be working in USA. The flights to latin america are direct and cheap not to mention a lot of hot latinas. I'm seriously considering looking for a job over there.
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Went there in 2003 for Spring Break, it sounds like nothing has changed that much since then. I thought that I was just some stupid kid who always "missed the party bus" as Dave Attell used to say. From this, I would prefer to spend my time in regular Miami or Key West if I am going in that direction.
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(05-29-2019, 05:45 AM)20Nation Wrote: Nice datasheet. I want to spend some time there. There is a part of me that wants to move there, if I have to be working in USA. The flights to latin america are direct and cheap not to mention a lot of hot latinas. I'm seriously considering looking for a job over there.

If you are involved in Latin American business then this place is the hub. I was in a startup based in Latin America and they relocated to Miami to be close to investors and to have access to all the flights to Latin America. Same for Open English which was in Venezuela and moved (before shit was really that bad) to Miami after they got a $100M investment. Spanish is spoken everywhere in Miami and I spoke probably as much spanish as english while I was there.

If I had a business that could bankroll me then I might live there, if I was going to LatAm a lot, but otherwise the cost doesn't seem to be worth it. Again, if you had a social circle there then it would be game changing. I think I could boot up a social circle from the tech startup scene there given a month or two, but I don't see myself living there.

JolietJake: yeah, I constantly did feel like there was a secret party going on somewhere and I couldn't find it.....then realized that yeah, the good parties are all private and cost $25/$100 to get into and you have to find out well in advance. The street life/clubs are just busted in South Beach. Even Miami had that feel to a point. But if we had a good, current Data Sheet on Miami then that could make going there more efficient for fun and gaming.
I love Miami, one of my favorite cities to visit. I don't have enough up to date info for a datasheet, but a few pointers from my most recent experiences.

Hotel pools/bars - These usually have great ratios and are underrated places to meet really good looking girls. My favorites are The Delano, SLS, Fontainbleu, and 1 Hotel, in that order. They usually clear out by 1am as people head to clubs, but between 9 and midnight they can be a goldmine. You should dress up (blazer is a borderline must) and drinks will run $20 a pop. Beyond that, there's little downside to starting out your night at one of these spots.

Clubs - I've been to Story, Space, and E11EVEN. Liv is the top club from what I've heard (+ the women in the lobby of Fontainbleu are absolute stunners), just pretty difficult to get into if you're not rolling with girls already. Story reminded me of a typical Vegas club with a better ratio. Space is ratchet as fuck, but if you just want to get laid, it is difficult not to pull there. E11EVEN is a glorified strip club, though if you're with a good group, it can be insane. In my experience, Miami clubs aren't the best ROI except if you're really looking to party hard.

Downtown Miami/Wynwood - One of my favorite bars in the world is Blackbird Ordinary in Brickell. I've been there multiple times and always had an incredible time. It's open really late and even at 4am it is going strong. Meanwhile, Wynwood is pretty hipster, though you meet a good variety of girls and it is pretty easy to start a convo.
Just got back from Wynnwood and Brickell. I never go to South beach cause it's a tourist trap.
(08-20-2019, 11:41 PM)Christoff Wrote: Just got back from Wynnwood and Brickell. I never go to South beach cause it's a tourist trap.

Brickell and Wynwood are almost just as big of tourist traps these days, to be honest. Don't avoid the beach just because of that. But technically lots of the good new stuff on the beach isn't in "South Beach" as it's slightly above the proper divide or South Beach and Mid Beach. The places there are good too.
Miami is great for nightgame. especially a club called "Liv" and "story" gotta prebook on the internet days in advanced to buy a ticket. and might need your passport to get in.

daygame in Lincoln street I wasn't impressed compared to EE. 

was only there a week in model season in march. espected to see lots of models on the beach and on the street but didn't see many. beachgame was better in Barcelona to me. but they were all in the clubs like liv and story. so daygamers might be is disappointed. theres a huge mall called aventura sucked because there wasnt many girls in it and takes ages to walk around the space compared to girls is awful. 
but if your into daygame and wanna hit Miami cause you've never been there give it a go but id stay 2-3weeks as it may take some time to find a girl you like or maybe its just my type of girl I couldn't find much of.

you can go to the bahamas by ferry which takes about 3hours gotta book 24 hours in advanced + the boats at 6am. so plan ahead.

cubas next door. 90miles from key west.

key west was disappointing I much preferred Miami. you can see hemingways house. if you go key west id plan to do it when theres an event like the naked painting where girls have there tits painted. don't know when its on but think its once a year. id come during that if I was to go again. 

maybe tinders good i didnt try it back then.
As someone who has, off and on, lived in and around Miami for decades, I think this thread encapsulates the region quite well.  I would add that the tipping point for Miami towards the negative was in 1997 when Will Smith released the song Welcome To Miami.  Before that song and video, Miami tilted towards the exclusive.  Models, actors, and cool people flocked there seasonally to enjoy its charms.  After the Will Smiths hit, it became "accessible" to the uncool, the uncouth, and the masses.  Miami is now overbuilt, and it still has trouble accommodating the high season visitors from around the world.

My suggestions for fun Florida travel are:

Fort Lauderdale:  It is considered higher end than Miami and not quite as expensive.  The smartest travelers opt to stay in Hollywood, FL or Aventura then hang out in Fort Lauderdale rather than staying in Fort Lauderdale proper.  The restaurants are higher quality, the services more genteel, and there is far less raunch, although Fort Lauderdale Beachfront clubs get a taste of that crowd.

Tampa:  Tampa is a tad cooler than Miami in the winter, but that is offset by the fact that women are hotter and more friendly, and the prices are a fraction of Miami-Fort Lauderdale.  Tampa has overtaken Miami as my favorite South Florida haunt.  The women appreciate the affluent, out of town visitor and there is a smaller town hospitality there.  St. Petersburg and Clearwater are even more cheap and just a bridge away.

Jacksonville:  I simply LOVE Jacksonville!  It is a tad more "southern" than the other major cities south of it and that pays dividends.  It is chock full of strip clubs, conventional clubs, but they tend to be spread out.  The only downside is winter months can be cool to downright chilly at times, but it is worth the visit still.  Daytona Beach is only an hour's drive south and that is worth the experience for hard core partiers only.

Pensacola:  Winter time is hit or miss in terms of weather.  It can be either windbreaker weather or winter jacket weather.  But it takes just peanuts to live there in terms of cost.  A hotel of $99 a night would be 200 to 300 or more a night in Miami during the high season.  Mobile Alabama is a 40 minute drive away and New Orleans is about 2 to 3 hours away.  Don't overlook Pensacola if you want to stay in Florida for a long time and actually afford it.

Key West:  I love Key West but it is even more expensive than Miami during high season.  Hotels tend to be older and crappy and you will pay out the rear for them.  However, it is so much fun and you will encounter the friendliness people in America in Key West.   There is a subculture of LGBT that runs all throughout Key West but it does not bother you unless you go looking for it or to their popular places.  Most of Key West is oriented with drinking and letting loose in ways you never could anywhere else.  One bonus about Key West is the service industry is dominated by Eastern European chicks.  If you like Russian, Polish, Serbian, or Ukrainian girls, you can meet them aplenty in Key West.  They are hotel receptionists, wait staff, strippers, and retail clerks there.  There is a little known bar that caters to the Eastern European crowd (mostly girls) on one particular night of the week (Wednesday or Thursday). 

Naples:  I have not yet explored Naples, FL but I will next summer.  It has a reputation of an affluent city which a lot of girls that come there to both work and meet rich guys.  After I spend a few weeks there, I will be happy to give a lay of the land.

So the bottom line is think about every place BUT Miami on your next trip to Florida and you might just come away pleased, surprised and not quite as depleted of cash as you expected.
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