Cameroon trip report and general info on Central Africa
Cameroon trip report:

A couple of months ago, I visited one of the least documented countries for a week, Cameroon, and decided to write down my experience. It’s quite an extensive read, more like a journal I guess, but its intent is to give you a feel of what daily life in a bottom African country is like, including the small nuisances and so forth. I’ve written plenty of datasheets, but those are better left for people really understand the country completely. At the end, I discuss some findings on central African culture based on this trip but also on extended periods in the region in other countries. Hopefully, some might find these useful!

For your general understanding, Cameroon is central Africa as far as I’m concerned, although some might see it as West Africa. It is located beneath Nigeria and above Gabon, Congo Brazzaville and Equatorial Guinea. To the east, it shares a border with Chad and Central African Republic. Currently a large part of the country, the English-speaking part is off limits due to separatist rebel activity. The climate is tropical, with temperatures above 30 degrees and high humidity.

Trip report

Day 1: 

I arrived in Douala on a regional flight, quite late at night and didn’t plan on doing anything else than getting settled that night and make sure I was good to go the day after. I was the only white guy on the flight and as usual in Africa, 80% were men and the few females that were there were mostly overweight African women that most likely were from good standing and had many children.

Upon arrival, the other passengers were eager to get out and showed their lack of patience by getting up immediately and trying to get out as soon as possible, without respecting the passenger seat order. As soon as they are out of course they walk extremely slow and block the passageway, but hey always good to rush and be rude in an airplane, right? Will I ever see signs of civilization on a plane I often wonder? It is doubtful.

As soon as I got out and got my luggage, I was happy to see a few stands of mobile operators right there at the airport arrival lounge, allowing me to buy a local sim card. A friendly girl did just that for me and once the SIM was in the phone, she just needed to text another guy from MTN (the other carrier was Orange) to activate my SIM with a code. It took them close to an hour just to do that as the other guy apparently decided to just stop working for a while and there was no one else to do it. While I waited for my sim, the whole airport cleared as no one seemed to be arriving anymore. The first signs of African inefficiency had arrived.

I booked an Airbnb in the central Akwa area, where I was told the main social life was happening. I had rough directions so grabbed a cab to get there and advised the driver to notify me when close so I could call the landlord. We drove through the chaotic traffic of Douala where moto taxis drive in any direction they please, no helmets required, no traffic rules in place. After a 20 min drive, we were driving down a dirt road with food and item stalls on both sides, with shitty ghetto houses and dirt piling up alongside the road. The driver told me I could call the landlord as we were close. There was no light anywhere and just scruffy looking guys on the street making noise. This couldn’t be near the center of the city right? The car stopped, I made the call and a young guy arrived to pick me. He was the ‘brother’ of the landlord. I got out in the dark with all my belongings and he directed me to pretty much the only multi-floor concrete building in the street. We had arrived. I asked him why there were no lights and if this was in the central Akwa district? He said power was out in the whole area since several hours and that indeed we were ‘close’ to the center. I made clear that I was not planning on staying in a place without electricity and that this area is not what was advertised. He called the landlord who agreed to bring me to a hotel for the night and tomorrow we would see if electricity had returned. 

Another 15 minutes later I arrived at a hotel in a similar area. I just wanted to get a shower, some food and some rest. At this point, I thought the landlord surely would get me a nice place on his dime to make up for the issues we encountered. The first room I received had no working light and air-conditioning. I went down the three stairs with all my luggage and demanded another room. The second room also didn’t have a working light. What kind of mess was this? Finally, the third room seemed to have working air conditioning and light. I was covered in sweat through hauling my luggage up those stairs three times. There were no towels and the wifi was not working, no surprise there. 

I asked one of my IG contacts in Douala how this area where I was residing was. It was called Deido. Her reply: watch out, it’s a gangster area. Great! I took a walk around and to my great surprise saw so many people outside everywhere eating, making noise, drinking and just going about their business. There was no decent looking food place to be found, but I wasn’t too hungry anymore either way. Several people on the street shouted after me “he le blanc’ or tried to get my attention. A few ugly street prostitutes around as well. I decided to check two nightclubs on the main street there to get a feel of the atmosphere. It was Sunday night around midnight and I had imagined that in a Christian country everything would be dead. Both were completely packed containing a hundred to two hundred people, with maybe 70% guys and no white person in sight. Noisy, but ok looking in general. The waitresses immediately came standing next to me and asking what I wanted to order. No thanks, I hate it when that happens. In Africa, in every place you go, you are immediately surrounded by low wage workers that are ready to receive your money and push you for any possible buys. It doesn’t help that most places have about twice as many workers that they would actually need if they were anything close to efficient. Many eyes were on me and it wasn’t gonna be a place where I could just casually blend in or make some small talk with some locals. Quality of the ladies was low as well. I called it a night.

Day two:

Early in the morning, the landlord confirmed to me that electricity had not returned and that he would refund my money, preferably in cash. I had a quick look on Airbnb and there was no longer anything available of reasonable price in a decent area. The cheapest hotels in Douala go for 50$ a night and that includes only a very basic room with no decent amenities at all. This trip just got a bit more expensive. 

I went looking around with a taxi in the center and eventually settled for one of those rooms. It would become another source of frustration in coming days, but I had no other options. The ‘brother’ of the landlord arrived and had the money in cash to refund me. The landlord intended to pay me back the full payment minus what he had paid for the hotel minus the costs for Airbnb. No way! I disagreed, had another fight with this guy over the phone and eventually, Airbnb came to my aid and refunded the whole payment and gave me a small voucher as an apology. 

The rest of the day I finally got to focus on many of the girls that I had been texting on IG, tinder, badoo and even facebook. The first girl came over and looked ok, but average. A good point less than in her pics as is common. I didn’t waste any time and soon had her half naked on my bed when the inevitable (in central Africa) question came up. Are you going to pay me? My online profiles clearly mention that I am not looking for that, but girls don’t read. I told her, after some fondling of her nicely sized tits, that I was not looking for that kind of girl. She got dressed and wanted to leave, asking me for taxi money. I told her she wasted my time and I didn’t owe her anything. She then proceeded to suck my cock which was nice and surprising…for a while. After she was done, she now demanded money for that, well in excess of taxi money. After some more drama, I gave her the equivalent of 14$ just so she would get lost. In other parts of the world I would not do that, but after living in Africa for a while, you realize most of these girls have nothing to lose and they will do whatever they need to do to fuck up your day or more just to get a few dollars out of it. 

The second girl I was trying to hook up with looked damn nice on her online pics. A curvy body with light brown skin. This one however was polite enough to tell me in advance she needed money. Once again I explained to her that I don’t need girls like that. Surprisingly she was eager to keep the conversation going, told me she understood my position as I was ‘a cute boy’ and seemed lighthearted, so I told her let’s go grab some ice cream. She came and once again was not as hot as expected. She also had a big scar on her arm. She explained that just a week ago she was in a moto taxi accident and was still recovering. The taxi driver died she said, like it was the most normal thing in the world, and in fact it most likely is over there. No fucks were given for the taxi boy. After ice cream, we went back to my hotel, because the 30+ degrees in central Africa combined with the humidity are just too much to handle. On the way there, two junkies started harassing my girl telling her she needed to give money since she was with a white guy. They looked fucked up and my girl was getting nervous so I let her walk and stopped with these two guys and showed them some aggression so they would back off. She was impressed that a white guy was not scared of junkies like that. 

After this small encounter, arriving at my room, it was obvious she wanted to fuck, but didn’t want do it completely for free as she had arranged her hair (new wig) especially for meeting me. Whatever, I wasn’t happy with the time being wasted so told her I would give her some good taxi money. It was worth it, because she fucked like a queen and was enjoying herself a lot as well. She was grateful and left with a smile on her face. A third girl came later at night, but by then I was not really in the mood anymore. She was nothing to write home about, although her body was nice. We just talked, I squeezed the tits a bit and send her home after. She didn’t really know what to think about it. Most of these girls are considered top notch locally and are used for men to be desperate and willing to do anything for them. The white guys that live there are generally older, rich and losers (mostly French off course) and have completely accustomed to just paying for any type of sex. The Arabs are the worst as many girls have testified to me. The Chinese are just asocial dicks but they throw money around. None of the expats that live there for a long time do anything to combat the pay for play dynamics and especially in resource abundant countries this creates inflation of price making girls think they are worth something they are not.

Day 3:

I was about done with Douala. Every girl I met was a whore basically. The streets are filthy, garbage everywhere and you can’t walk a street without getting harassed by some beggar, junkie or a vendor of some crap. I tried looking for decent prospects all over, but there weren’t any good spots. No shopping malls, no parks, even the supermarkets looked bad. The continuous chaos of traffic and noise from everywhere also didn’t help. It was time to check out a new spot and although I had planned to go to the beach town of Limbe nearby and to the small city of Beau, where I could climb the Mount Cameroon, my plans were not realistic. Every person I spoke too told me that the area was too dangerous for tourists. Rebels had orchestrated several attacks in and near those towns and their separatist movement could well see a white tourist as an opportunity for some media attention. Climbing a mountain would be completely out of the question as it is often good rebel hiding territory. I decided to go to Kribi instead, the ‘other’ beach town, a bit further away, but in the French-speaking government-controlled part. 

One of the boys from the hotel wanted to help me so offered to accompany me to the bus station, to make sure I got the right deal. Nice of him I thought. We took a cab and just about when we arrived, the bus was full and the handler at the front immediately offered me a seat to get moving right away. The hotel boy refused and said it was a scam and I needed an official ticket from inside the office. I followed his guidance, but it was a big mistake. I waited 10 minutes inside to get a cheap ticket and when I went outside the bus was filled up completely and took off. The handler took off and shouted to me “I told you”. What followed was nearly two hours of me waiting in blistering heat in a shitty tiny bus station waiting for the next bus to fill up. I was sweating my ass off and there was nothing to do. All this trouble to save a dollar on an ‘official’ bus ticket. Damn. On top of that I got to sit next to the typical over eager African wanting to meet a foreigner and trying to make conversation every five minutes. The worst part of living in Africa is that you don’t trust anyone to be genuine anymore. So many times, you get bothered by people who in the end just wanted to make profit out of you in some way, that even when a normal person with good intentions (of which there are plenty) talks to you, you immediately assume the worse and try to avoid the contact. It also made me realize that there are hardly any introverts in Africa. I wonder if they even understand or know the concept.

Several hours later I arrived in Kribi and where I expected a small picturesque beach town with plenty of foreigners and restaurants, it turned out to be different. Hundreds and hundreds of locals swarmed the beach boulevard in complete darkness. No lights except for car and moto lights passing through. After settling for a cheap (50$), but a fairly ok hotel, I went for a walk. It was so dark and chaotic that it was hard to even distinguish the good-looking girls. I was the only foreigner around and all eyes, as usual, were on me. It took a while for me to find a decent spot for food, nothing fancy at all but at least with seating space and a normal menu. The food was quite average and they made me wait at least an hour to serve me some unpeeled shrimps and platano. 

I went back to my hotel room as it was late and was ready to call it a night, when I opened my badoo account and found a message from a girl nearby eager to meet me. I told her to come to my place as all places were closed already and she agreed. This girl happened to actually look better in real life than on her pics. She had a nice feminine energy around her and a beautiful smile. The perfect ass came as an expected addition in these parts of the world. 

Once inside, we made some small talk and with the bed the only option for seating, it was easy to get some initial kino going on. She wore a short dress so I could grab those legs at first chance. She got heated up real fast and within 15 minutes of her arriving, I went for the kiss and the obligatory ass grab. She didn’t waste much time and was happy to start with a blowjob before letting me take her for a ride. No talks of money, no dumb shit and just nice feminine sexual energy. This girl even had a job what do you know! Perhaps there was still some hope for this country. She left soon after allowing me to have a nice rest.

Day 4:

I don’t travel exclusively for girls, but also like seeing new places, learning about culture and going into nature once in a while. This day I dedicated to visiting a pygmee (you know, those short indigenous guys) village and waterfalls. I decided to take along the girl from the day before as she had shown good behavior, seemed pleasant enough and can assist with logistical issues. 

We took a cab and maybe 10 minutes after reached the start of the river where a bunch of guys were waiting with their canoes for tourist arrivals. Foolishly I didn’t negotiate price beforehand, because I just had an argument already over it with the cab driver who wanted to wait an hour for me there at the spot for 30$ which I refused. Trying to get away of him I went with a canoe guy as fast as possible. It was perhaps a good 25-minute boat ride and although you are in the jungle in Africa, there wasn’t much to see. Vegetation is real thick and there weren’t any animals to spot. The boat itself was quite uncomfortable as well but I used the time to hear out the rowing dude on the local culture etc.
Once at the village I got to meet the village head, some of his brothers and some of the women of the tribe. The village consisted of only 3 small shitty houses and they had almost no material possessions. I’ll leave some more info on their culture for an extra note.

After returning to the starting point of what was maybe in total a 1,5-hour visit, I took my girl to see the waterfalls and we had some time to relax on the beach there, which was quite scenic. She also wanted some seminude pics so we went a bit further up the beach where she could sit on rocks showing off her bare ass. I considered fucking her there in the open, but this little boy was hanging around watching me every move. Cockblocker! 
At this beach area, for the first time I saw some other westerners, most likely French people who were living there as expats. It made sense that they had all their mansions and more fancy hotels outside the city/beach town and tried not to mix with the local too much, just going to beaches that were almost empty. The Cameroonian elite for sure did the same, which explained why there were no decent hotels or restaurants to be found near the city Centre. 

Both the waterfalls and the pygmee village came in sort of a package deal, so after this, I went to see the local guy to pay what was due. I expected him to try to rip me off, but he made sure to have no respect whatsoever and ask a ridiculous fee. He wanted a 100$ for him and even made a small payment note, while all he did was row the boat for under an hour. I paid some money to the pygmees separately (10$) and also to the second canoe that took me to the waterfalls (2$, very short boat ride). He was there with maybe 6 or so other local guys and it was just me and my girl. I told him it was outrageous and that he was stupid to think I would get scammed that easily. To my surprise and frustration, my girl kept quiet during this talk and didn’t really seem too eager to take my side. I wasn’t sure what to do at this point, but no way I was going to pay such a sum, so I stood up and made my intention clear that I was going to walk away. He started talking to the other guys in his local language. To my luck, at this point, I spotted a group of Cameroonian tourist girls that did the same ‘excursion’ as I did. They were six of them, so I walked towards them and quickly asked how much they paid for the whole thing. They replied 40$ for the six of them. With this useful info, I returned to the original guy, threw 20$ on the table and told him that’s all I’m paying and that he is an asshole. I walked off and past his buddies, with my girl trying to keep up with me. I was angry that she didn’t give me any support and dropped her off a bit later at her place. 

It was an interesting trip, but such stupid scam attempts ruin the moment a bit. I went for some rest and had a decent meal afterward.

Day 5:

Not much was going on that day. I took it easy, went for swimming in the ocean and walked around the beautiful beaches. I looked for some nice girls during daytime, but didn’t find any. A fat girl opened me on the beach during daytime and gave me her number, but that was it. I went for a stroll also at night to check the nightlife as it was Thursdays. The 3 clubs I checked were decent, but were only half filled, not one foreigner around and all had group table setting, which does not provide for easy socializing. I decided it wasn’t worth my time. Maybe if drunk I could make it work, but I would leave it for another day. Places like this might be cool if you have a group of friends, can get some beers in and then wait for opportunities with the local girls, but as a foreigner on your own you get really tired of having to go out like that after a while. 

Day 6: 

There wasn’t much more to see in this beach town so I figured it was better to head back to the city and try to catch some of the nightlife there. Once again, I had a horrible hour and a half wait until the bus filled up, in which I was crammed together with all the locals. It was basically an African sauna as long as it was not moving. No decent girls either, they don’t seem to come out during the day. The bus filled up to about double of what should be its capacity. During the ride, I kept busy by watching a bit of the Cameroonian landscapes and see what the people were like in the villages we past. 

Once back, I reached the hotel where they didn’t understand that I made the payment online and left me waiting a good amount while trying to reach the owner who could confirm that indeed I paid the room already. Wifi was not working either. I had a girl come over, this time I knew her off IG and she seemed to be quite popular with many followers and pics in which she showed off her tight body. She was English speaking as well which was nice, since the French got annoying after a while. We had some interesting talks and she was overall a pretty nice girl. She came dressed classy as hell as well as she had planned to go to a concert afterward. It made me think she might be an up class girl, which would be good. Nevertheless, I helped her out of her clothes a bit since it was hot as always. Once she was naked and I was fondling her body a bit, she looked at me with a face saying “well, what are you waiting for”. If any of you guys thinks this is the moment I grab her and fuck her, you probably haven’t been to central Africa, as this is not that moment. This is the moment where she wants you to tell her how much you are willing to pay to get inside her. I tried to convince her, even fingering her, getting her dripping wet and making her moan, but girls here don’t care about that. Too bad, she can fuck off then and go to her concert. I laughed it off with her, but was happy that she gave me a nice sum up of the local girls with regards to sex (see note).

At night, I went to the most popular disco in the city for foreigners called Orange metalique, owned by a big Belgian dude. I grabbed a cab on the street and it was filled with 3 other girls that were also heading there. Taxi sharing is the norm in Africa in case you are wondering. Once we reached the place, I walked in and headed to the bar for a beer. The girls who I joined in the taxi followed me and asked me if I was going to offer them also something to drink, after all, we all came together right? No thanks. When I ordered my local beer and was asked for 8$, I was glad I didn’t fell for that stupid trap.

The club had a nice layout and most of the girls there were stunning. They danced like only black girls can and had all the good meat in the right places. Several of them took a seat next to me and made some conversation. The only other guys in the club were white expats, most of them by themselves or accompanied by a local girl. It didn’t take a genius to figure out this club was basically like a whorehouse and this notion was confirmed to me by all the girls that came for a chat with me. They said they didn’t usually see younger decent looking white guys here in Cameroon. They explained to me that literally every girl I saw, including the bargirls, are for sale for prices ranging from 50 to 150$ on average. This, however, did not make this club any special. Other clubs are the same, except the girls aren’t as hot, might be a bit cheaper and there are Cameroonian guys around as well. Pretty much every girl that goes to clubs in this part of the world is basically a whore. I stayed for a short time, had some more drama with a girl I met that just wanted to ‘hang out’ a bit without pay, but in the end, did want to get paid for food and taxi and I had to manhandle to get her out of the hotel.

Day 7:

I woke up disillusioned with this whole trip. Of course, I was prepared to see that Cameroon was not the easiest country in the world, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. The city itself was shit, the people were generally annoying, transport was bad, hotels were overpriced and nearly every girl I met was only interested in hard cash. I can consider myself an African veteran, although young of age still, so you can imagine for someone without experience, this place would be quite the challenge. Unless off course, you have top dollars for the 200$ a night hotels and fancy restaurants. 

On top of this, the hotel I had booked with continental breakfast included told me that today they didn’t have any eggs, nor fruit, nor fruit juice for the breakfast, so they just gave me some bread and jam and a coffee. Wonderful! They would buy it the next day they said. The fact that they can go outside, walk 50 meters and buy all those things and get back to me in 10 minutes wasn’t really considered it seems. After all, there were only 5 workers standing in the hotel lounge doing nothing and I was their only client at the moment. A bit short on capacity for egg and fruit buying. 

I stayed in most of the day watching sports on TV and reflecting on this trip. It was going to be my last day here. I also had planned some other trips in the region, but I was questioning if it would really be worth it. It is the price you pay sometimes being an RVF pioneer. The frontline is where the people take hits.
Around 6 pm, I decided to give it another try after all. My phone was still blowing up from all these girls online on IG, tinder and badoo, many of them good looking, but surely, I was not looking to waste more time playing their same stupid game. I told all of ‘em that I disliked their culture and their attitudes towards sex for money and watched to see how they would respond. One girl seemed understanding and had more the looks of a good girl. She was also a girl that had her own clothing business so I figured I might as well call her over.

She came, we had a drink at a nearby bar that surprisingly had to close early, offering me the perfect excuse to come back to my hotel (which she insisted beforehand she doesn’t do with strangers). We chatted some more and after a while, I went for the bang. She had a nice body and was really into it, although it took some overcoming of last minute resistance. She ended up staying the night as well as it was too dangerous for her to go home that late. A second normal girl this week! I was pleased but it didn’t take away my general concerns about this country and their (lack of) culture.

Day 8:

I wrapped up and took off with a moto taxi. The motorbike broke down during the trip on the highway, but was eventually able to continue to reach the airport, making strange noises indicating a severe mechanical problem along the way. I survived another African shithole.

General observations on Central African culture:

On female-male dynamics in Central Africa:

The attitudes that I described a bit through this trip report are quite common in Africa in general, but especially in Central Africa. I had no trouble whatsoever getting many non-paid lays in places in East Africa, but something about the central region makes it a lot worse than the rest of Africa. The countries that are confirmed very focused on these money for sex dynamics seem to be Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, DRC and most likely also Congo Brazzaville, Angola, Chad and Central African Republic. I have yet to check out the smaller countries in West Africa.

I spoke to many girls about these issues and can try to identify some roots of this phenomena. First of all, many are ex-French colonies and white guys are just seen as money sources. Very few of these ladies actually think they will land a European guy, marry him and have a nice life abroad, so without this hope, their first aim is to just get quick money out of them. The French (and the Belgians) supposedly have always treated their colonies as shit so there is not a lot of mutual respect between them and the locals, which transcends to any other white folks around. The fact that they speak French and have shitty internet generally also makes that they have almost no access to Hollywood culture. These girls are not seeing ‘The notebook’ on repeat. They stick to their own local culture mostly, in music and in film. The Nigerian movie business, for instance, is massive and it’s not that focused on romantic dramas as we are used to in our movie theatres. Since their education is very poor and there is almost no vertical mobility in society through actual capacity, none of these girls give a fuck if you are smart, creative, athletic, etc., since the local guy with those characteristics is still eating fufu every day and is not able to support his family.

Second, these countries have almost no decent employment and polygamy is frequent, which leaves an astounding number of young good-looking women left as single mothers, since also condom use is still in the early stages of adoption. These women don’t have much options to survive as the economies are shit and dominated by corrupt elite nationals. The only way they can survive is by selling their body, because in Africa nothing is for free and their kids need education, health care, food etc.

Many of these countries have resources however, creating this insanely rich group of elite people, that however can only marry through family and tribal relations. Off course these guys are not going to fuck only their already fat wife with 10 kids, so they are much in favor for a system where any hot girl can just be picked up for what for them is pocket change. The master-slave dynamic still resonates to these guys who basically see their countries as their playgrounds for whatever they feel like. The loyalty and concern of an African corrupt elite does not go to his fellow countrymen, only to his family and perhaps his extended tribe, so they don’t care at all that their countries are shit and underdeveloped and have no qualms for using local women as their personal toys.

Furthermore, what surprised me a lot is that these whores see the white women as sluts. In their mind, there is nothing wrong with selling your body for cash. The viable options for them is doing that or entering a long-term relationship with intent of creating a family where the man provides. There is no in-between option. The local guys going for the long-term option will have to swoon these girls for a good amount of time, receiving no sex at first (unless they pay) and only when it is demonstrated that they are serious (through taking them for dinner, helping with groceries, hair extensions, bla bla, so still paying), they will get some. Any women that gives up the pussy for free then, in their minds, is a traitor of the system. They get angry hearing me say that I got sex for free from a local girl, as it undermines their survival system. Unfortunately, because of this cultural dynamic, many of these girls also grow up seeing sex as a trade and not as fun and this comes through in their performance. They are culturally trained to not get aroused by it and just see it as a favor for money. A woman that admits she loves to fuck for free will get destroyed by her friends as she is giving away power to men. This does not take away that they know how to move their body and give a top blowjob, but don’t expect to see a girl here get emotional over sex.

A final point I wanted to make is that underage sex is very common. Once a young girl is ‘ripe’, older local men will approach her and offer her money for sex. Family pressure and her own material focus will make her give in to it, creating a situation where girls from 12 years and older start having sex with men from 40 and above. If you look at aids statistics in detail in some of these places you will see it is concentrated with girls between 15 and 25 mainly and with old men. These men in general have no respect whatsoever and abuse is common, since they are above the law anyway, so you can imagine that many of these women are growing up with a certain hate for men. Furthermore, a large group of underprivileged young men are also getting screwed over, since their hottest classmates are getting taken by corrupt old guys and they are not getting anything (unless they go to even younger girls). A larger group of frustrated men creates violence and a higher incidence of rape. The end result is men hating women and women hating men and a high percentage of psychological disorders in those women (see for instance the new Congo Brazzaville sheet from Mundele where he talks about incidents with Congolese women).

On game:

You might have figured by now that game is not really a thing here in Africa. What matters is money and status. The best thing looks or tight game can do for you is lower the price a bit. A young guy with great looks and smooth talks will be left standing whenever that 65-year-old guy that likes to throw around money comes in. By the way, picture a group of the top elite in Africa in your mind. And now picture a group of 20-year-old poor as fuck guys playing football on a beach in Ghana. Which of these groups has great abs and muscular ability? Which of these groups get all the girls? Athletic bodies are the norm for poor guys in Africa. It is better to be fat and wealthy, because that means you eat well and don’t have to do physical labor. 
The whole process of dating is also undermined completely. Given the elements that I explained, why would any guy take a girl to a nice restaurant or to go watch a movie (unless he has the intent to marry her someday)? It won’t do you any good. She won’t fuck you afterward so it’s smarter to eat alone and save the money until you have enough to just pay the girl for direct sex. 

The exceptions:
There are exceptions, but it is difficult to find them. Your best bet are highly educated girls that studied abroad. Basically, daughters of families related to the corrupt structures. Sometimes these girls went to study in France or Spain, got a feel for that type of culture and are seeing the local culture as no longer something they wish to participate in. Nevertheless, these are rich girl so you will spend anyway, but on other things like dining, travel etc. Sometimes you find smart girls that are not rich, that are also not following these local customs. Some of them work with NGO’s or foreign companies and got exposed to other ways of thinking. Daughters of expats are also an option, but forget about Chinese girls and arab girls. They are more protected than nuclear installation Rarely, you will also find a girl that just loves to fuck so much. She will most likely be a whore, but since she is also a nymfo she is willing to fuck good looking guys for free as well. Either way, options of good girls are hard to find here.

On the Pygmee culture:

I got the chance to talk a bit with these guys in their village and learned some interesting things. First of all, the men are hunters and the women are gatherers just as back in the day. Most time of the day the men leave and go hunt in a pack, using spears as weapons mainly. Every village has a tribe leader but the tribe leader that lives the furthest away in the forest is considered the top leader. He is somewhat of a shaman as well, in deep contact with nature and he has the most extensive knowledge about plant medicine. They say he knows when people or a threat is arriving hours beforehand because the forest advises him. 

Society is polygamic, the tribe leaders always have several women (sidenote: they were ugly as fuck, did not try to get the pygmee flag), but they on occasion pass them down to their lower ranked comrades. It’s very incestuous as well since they are such a small group. Standing is mostly determined through heritage and age, and perhaps slightly through hunting skills. The pygmees live very modest. Their houses can barely be called that and are only for the women. The men sleep outside together around the fire on the dirt floor. They have sex outside in the forest in spots that are more comfortable. The only things they occasionally buy from our society is rice, cookies for the kids, whiskey and cigarettes. They know what guns are and how to use em, but prefer to keep hunting with spears. 

They say they rarely get ill and people live till very old age. A woman that was present there was supposedly 97 years old. The Cameroonian guide agreed that the Pygmee have superior health and live a lot longer than the average Cameroonian. They do not visit hospitals or use medicine as they mistrust them and also because they don’t have legal papers so are afraid they will get arrested. Plant medicine is far superior according to them and they say each illness has a cure in the forest. War between tribes used to be common, but not anymore as they are fewer in numbers and also occasionally intermingle (women going from one village to the other). They have their own language and only 6 guys from outside their society speak it, one of which was my guide. Overall, they seem to live very simple lives with simple diets, rules and hierarchy. Their days pass mainly in the same routine. There was also garbage laying around their whole camp, so even though they are in touch with nature, they don’t value cleanliness and according to my guide they often go a week without washing themselves. The few clothes they wear are dirty as well and run down. 

General conclusion on Cameroon:

Overpriced, severely underdeveloped and lacking in decent options for tourism. On top of that there is regional violence, you need to speak French and flight connections are pricey and difficult. Avoid!

Final words:

I end with two quotes from RVF member Anastasis to Beta from his datasheet there which is still the best info on Africa: :

“Places to avoid:
-the entire French West Africa, with the exception of Abidjan and maybe Dakar. This may seem like a huge blanket statement but it's true. 
-All of central Africa ... DRC, CAR, Gabon, Burundi, Rwanda and Cameroon. Nothing to do here. Huge shitholes with no life and spirit. “

“Central Africa is the least developed and most backward part of Africa. I know Somalia gets a bad rep around here but at least Somalia is interesting. In a dusty, tribal, crazy sort of way. Central Africa has no history, no identity. They were pretty much hunter-gatherers and foragers until about 150 years ago. They're not much better off right now. The gorillas over there are more interesting than the people. Plus you got malaria, yellow fever, sleeping sickness, river blindness, dengue fever and every other tropical disease along with ridiculous food prices .... like a single pound of tomatoes costs $3 in the DRC. Yes ... that's US dollars. The DRC is a huge, fertile, resource rich country that could feed the world, supply the world with minerals, timber, rubber, cocoa, coffee, tea you name it. “
Well that was an enjoyable Sunday afternoon read. Thank you, Rottenapple.

In one respect, you fit into the culture. Namely, don't hesitate to raise your voice and stand your ground. Understand, of course, that life is cheap there (the dead taxi driver), so don't go overboard with feistiness. Africand, like little children, wear their hearts on their sleeve. One minute best friends, the next minute someone broke the other one's toy and they are threatening murder, the next minute another shiny object shows up and everyone is laughing again.

>>what surprised me a lot is that these whores see the white women as sluts. In their mind, there is nothing wrong with selling your body for cash.

Tut, tut, how old are you my boy? You weren't actually wife-seeking, were you, so the only thing I see wrong is the price. Did I read correct? $150? There's the problem, right there. But like I noted above, you don't seem to have difficulty shouting when you don't like something, so shouldn't be an issue for you to bargain down to something realistic.

Finally, you know, deep down, you're itching to go back for a second helping of Africa.
Wow.That was a read even though I had to skim through some parts.I've thought about an Africa trip in the future but it seems more worth going there for the touristy stuff than girls.I think the internet at least in my opinion exaggerates the women in certain African countries.I could tell from browsing some dating sites that the beautiful African women you read about and see in videos are a hard to find minority.It seems it will be easier to get laid if you had the low expectations of the types of guys you mentioned.Something I see online with African women that was disappointing is the amount claiming to be Christians yet their profiles show a preference for white sugar daddies.I have no problem with their religious beliefs or them looking to find someone more financially stable but the way it's presented is contradictory and entitled.
This is what travel is all about.

Quote:I considered fucking her there in the open, but this little boy was hanging around watching me every move.

I experienced that countless times in several sub saharan countries. Fact is that westerners are still a rarity especially in rural areas and the mere sight of a tourist becomes a highlight for the locals.
An efficient way to get rid of them is to give them a small amount of money. I recently gave a small group of kids the equivalent of 2$ and told them to get a coke for themselves in the village. They willingly took the money and ran away. A similar approach works with adults. Give them the money and ask them to buy the drinks at the nearby kiosk.
Great details.
In the quote at the bottom though, it is suggested that Rwanda should be avoided - but I seem to remember you had a positive experience there?
That was a great read, thank you for writing the report. Read like a tale of William S. Burroughs visiting Morocco or perhaps the very early days of Vice.

Given what you've described of the sexual dynamics, I'm surprised you were so 'principled'. And as another commenter pointed out, the prices the women quoted seem outrageous -- isn't it a poor country (the GDP per capita appears to be ~$1,500 USD)?

I'm now curious about your adventures before Cameroon. Makes me want to add African countries to my travel list. My primary fear would be contracting some incurable disease from a mosquito.
Don't worry guys, I've got plenty of Africa experience and there are strong differences between countries. This was just Cameroon experience, as a country my least experience so far. But, I will post my other datasheets as well soon and I have some new ones who are in progress.

@ourobouros: Yes I think Rwanda is great, but I wasn't gonna change a quote from another valuable poster. I'll elaborate more another time.

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